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AT P-REX !!!!!!!!!!!!

Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 19th!  The Chicago shop will be opening at 7AM and the Los Angeles shop will be opening at 9AM, so grab a cuppa joe and come dig in to the many 2014 RSD exclusives on hand!  

All titles are one per customer and first come first serve. If you wanna know what we have you gotta come to the shop to find out! In years prior the line out front has been stacked down the block so if you're looking to score something specific we recommended coming early! Happy Hunting!

Our buds at Dark Matter will be providing FREE coffee at the Chicago shop!

Check out the official RSD list here -

As always we have a bunch of killer bands playing at both shops on Record Store Day! Peep the list:

At the Chicago shop:
3pm - Plumb Bob
4pm - Quicksails
5pm - Mines
6pm - Unmanned Ship

At the Los Angeles shop:
4pm - Hoover III
4:45pm - Shrills
5:30pm - Froth
6:15pm - Shark Toys
7pm - Meatbodies
7:45pm - "The Barbarian Kings"

See ya on Saturday!!!

Permanent Records Update 4.14.14

record image
LP - Thee Oh Sees - Drop - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

In what seems like mere months since Thee Oh Sees announced their "hiatus", we are treated not only to a John Dwyer solo album (the awesome "Damaged Bug" LP) but also this platter right here, "Drop" - Thee Oh Sees' twelfth studio album since 2006 (not counting numerous singles collected and EPs of the 12 & 7-inch variety). As you might expect it's on Dwyer's label Castle Face, so listen up to what they're layin' down:

"Our lad John P. Dwyer has been lancing eardrums with Thee Oh Sees in an ever-escalating flurry of records for the past six years. Since the release of The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In announced a new loud era (and excepting a few momentary detours into home-baked territory—Dog Poison and Castlemania, for example), Dwyer and company have pummeled a bit harder each time out, cementing their reputation as a live force to be reckoned with and leaving legions sweaty and bruised in the process. Late last year, after years of relentlessly touring the world, the word got out… Dwyer’s moving to Los Angeles (fear not, still California!) and Thee Oh Sees are taking a much-needed hiatus with a shifting of gears ahead and a new album on the way. This is that album.  Drop was recorded in a banana-ripening warehouse (no joke) with hair-farming studio warlock Chris Woodhouse playing drums; it’s also graced with the presence of talented gurus Mikal Cronin, Greer McGettrick and Casafis adding horns and vocals. The result pushes the familiar polarities of the group farther outward than ever before. Opener “Penetrating Eye” might be the heaviest Oh Sees song yet, “Transparent World” and “Put Some Reverb On My Brother” foam with seasick fuzz, and yet the ballads, like the harpsichorded “King’s Nose” and the lush and stately closer “The Lens,” extend their oeuvre into mellotronic, far-out pop with delicacy and grace.  This schizophrenia heralds the man and the band into an unseen future in classic Dwyer fashion—restless energy harnessed into exquisitely crafted jams, with an emphasis on the pensive and the paranoid in turns."

After the pummeling and inventive ferocity of last year's "Floating Coffin", the measured attack of "Drop" seems like a step back (or at least a step sideways) for our fair heroes, but repeated listens are rewarded with many treasures; the weird squiggling synth lines and unexpected melodic twists on tunes like the hypnotic burner "Encrypted Bounce" and the stately, acid-bubbler "Savage Victory". "Drop" also has its fair share of barnstormers, like opener "Penetrating Eye" that sounds like a leaner and meaner version of the classic lineup (despite everything - sans drums - being played by Dwyer himself). If you're already a fan, this writeup is meaningless and you've already "DROP"d this one in your shopping cart (eh? eh?), but if you're on the fence REST ASSURED - "Drop" is well worth your time. We're digging it FULL ON and might need a hanky or two to wipe off the moistened areas after spinning this a few times. RECOMMENDED x INFINITY ~ DWYER 4 PREZ.

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LP - Geodesium - Geodesium - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Original 1977 Stock!!!

The ever diligent P-Rex diggers have unearthed yet another batch of original stock LPs of minimal synthesizer compostitions.  We were able to obtain the first two albums by the one and only Geodesium directly from the group's in-house label Loch Ness Productions.  Get the full scoop from the label here:

"GEODESIUM, the eponymous first album from Mark C. Petersen, consists of electronic music recorded at Fiske Planetarium from 1975 to 1977. At the request of many pleased planetarium patrons who had inquired about obtaining the music they had heard in the shows, Mark put together an album of the most popular selections. He used only two instruments on the album: the EMS Synthi AKS (a suitcase-sized synthesizer with a painted-on capacitance-sensing strip for keys) and a Mellotron, so the music is quite analog and 70s-sounding."

If you dig the Bil Vermette "Katha Visions" LP we re-issued in 2013 or Neil deGrasse Tyson's reimagining of the Cosmos series and hypnotic, meditative synthesizer space music then hop to it gang cuz these Geodesium records were made to be played at planetariums!  How much more specific can you get?  You want space music? Of course you do, so grab these pulsing platters of cosmic sonics immediately!  These will not stick around for long so act fast!  OUTTA THIS WORLD RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Geodesium - Double Eclipse - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Original 1981 Stock!!!

The ever diligent P-Rex diggers have unearthed yet another batch of original stock LPs of minimal synthesizer compostitions.  We were able to obtain the first two albums by the one and only Geodesium directly from the group's in-house label Loch Ness Productions.  Get the full scoop from the label here:

"Double Eclipse, the second Geodesium album, was produced in 1981. NASA used some of the selections during its TV coverage of the Voyager Encounters at Saturn and Uranus. It consists of nine electronically-realized musical compositions. Of the five original works, one is a clever bouncy tune featuring two electronic "dancers" and a synthesizer rock drummer. Two space-music-style pieces musically explore the inter-galactic reaches. Another work is a driving and intense rocker, and one is the world's first electronic-disco-bluegrass combination — a real toe-tapper! There are four transcriptions: J. S. Bach and Johannes Pachelbel for the classical music enthusiast, and two contemporary works by Wilke Renwick and W. Francis McBeth."

If you dig the Bil Vermette "Katha Visions" LP we re-issued in 2013 or Neil deGrasse Tyson's reimagining of the Cosmos series and hypnotic, meditative synthesizer space music then hop to it gang cuz these Geodesium records were made to be played at planetariums!  How much more specific can you get?  You want space music? Of course you do, so grab these pulsing platters of cosmic sonics immediately!  These will not stick around for long so act fast!  OUTTA THIS WORLD RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Protomartyr - Under Color Of Official Right - Limited Colored Vinyl - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Detroit's finest export these days might just be unruly rock n roll and not cars, and if you need proof of that look no further than Protomartyr's new lp, "Under Color Of Official Right", their second album and debut for Hardly Art. 
"Protomartyr’s taut, austere rock was incubated in a freezing Detroit warehouse littered with beer cans and cigarette butts and warmed, feebly, by space heaters. Despite the cold, Protomartyr emerged with a sound that is idiosyncratic but relatable, hooky but off-kilter, and economical in a way that elicits comparisons to possible antecedents like Pere Ubu or The Fall as well as local contemporaries like Frustrations or Tyvek -- all of which have combined here to make one stunner of a sophomore album, and the band's first for Hardly Art.  (All LPs include a lyric zine! All LPs also include a download code.)" - Hardly Art

AGREED!  This is one killer RnR platter, mixing equal parts gritty angular post punk, 80s guitar bruised college rock and dark melodic art punk into one melancholic and messy album that'll get its hooks in you right away.  Sure we hear The Fall and Pere Ubu, but also "Chairs Missing" era Wire, some 100 Flowers, a lil' Swell Maps and perhaps some Magazine or Bauhaus (a refreshing list of influences for sure). The sparse production, jagged rhythmic edge, earworming guitar riffs, and anthemic / dystopic songwriting all come together on their second lp in a succinct and urgent way that's been catching our attention here at the shop.  "Under Color Of Official Right" definitely hits that sweet spot back when PUNK and POST PUNK were one and the same: a time when underground RnR was still NOISY, RULE BREAKING, UNKEMPT, CATCHY and DANGEROUS like it always should be.   So yeah if yer a fan of angsty post punk, downer rock and/or rustbelt punk this new Protomartyr lp is just waiting to make yer ears happy.   CRANK IT UP CUZ THIS ONE HELLA RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Permanent Records Update 4.7.14

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Tape - Christmas Woods - Earthling Outlaw/Grotesque (Earthling Outlaws Encounters of Unknown Alien Landscapes) - 2xTape - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen listen

Our good bud Christmas Woods has landed back in the City of Wind for a spell and he stopped by the shop and flipped our lids with this exquisite hand made double cassette.  We've long touted Christmas' many talents: former skins man of Mickey and ferocious front man of the unequalled E.T. Habit and much much more.  Christmas gave us a teaser of what to expect on his previous outing, the completely self-produced "Severed Stranger" cassette that we described as " some mind blowing combination of Psychic TV, Chrome, Emperor and Crazy World of Arthur Brown."  Well on part 1 of this here double album "Earthling Outlaw", Christmas fine-tunes that sordid alchemy into further reaches of delightful weirdness.  And on "Grotesque", a self-described "sci-fi soundtrack sequel to earthling outlaw", Christmas supplies cosmic organ and synth passages along with sound effects to conjure eerie lost in space midnight movie vibes a la Mario Bava flicks merged with Carl Stalling trickery being manipulated by the Symbionese Liberation Army.  But folks, you really have hold one of these beauties in your own hands to truly appreciate the total package.  Christmas hand-made every single copy himself; the two cassette cases have been glued together and covered in faux snake skin vinyl, then a little pewter skull and crossbones pendant has been attached to the front and each one comes with individual inserts for both "albums".  The amount of time this must have taken to put these together so meticulously is absolutely daunting to fathom.  We're not sure of the total pressing run on these, but with this amount of hand crafting we're assuming there are VERY VERY FEW to go 'round so act accordingly.  This is a true piece of art.  Ludicrously Recommended.

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LP - US Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs - Hand Numbered Edition of 100 - Maroon/Blue Marble Vinyl 2xLP - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
LP - US Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs - Hand Numbered Edition of 400 - Black Vinyl 2xLP - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Chicago based I'm Better Than Everyone Records has issued the vinyl version of U.S. Christmas' 2008 release originally on Neurot Records as a CD.  Here's the band's background from Neurot Recordings:

"Originally formed in the summer of 2002, U.S. Christmas has steadily evolved into a full-blown psychedelic assault. The music cannot be ignored. It hurts people, physically and mentally. It stirs intense feelings of pain, frustration, loss, fear, and--occasionally--euphoria.  The band always plays at deafening volumes, and guitarist Nate Hall frequently uses multiple amp setups for a thick, layered sound. Rhythm section Tim Greene and John Presnell hit the low-end, and Matt Johnson often mans guitar and theremin simultaneously. Chad Davis is able to handle any musical duties at any time. Shows are chaotic and unpredictable, riddled with sythesizer and theremin spasms. Images are projected onto the stage, the ceiling, or performers themselves. Many a drunken bystander has been drawn to the theremin's magic antennae.  Their first recording, Prayer Meeting, authentically captured the sound of the band at the time, and the same can be said for Bad Heart Bull, Salt The Wound, and U.S. Christmas's latest full-length, Eat The Low Dogs. All four albums were recorded live, by the band, either in stifling heat or nut-shriveling cold. Snare drums rattle, amps hum and pop, dogs bark in the background. But that's the way it always sounds, and the band doesn't see any point in changing a method that works."

And here's what we had to say the first time around:
You know how Lemmy went from the greatest space-rock band of all time (Hawkwind) to the best metal band of all time (Motorhead)? Well, this North Carolina crew straddles the same divide, and quite successfully at that. It's some of thee heaviest stoner fare you're likely to hear, but doesn't dumb itself down for one single chord. If you dig Hawkwind, Motorhead, Neil Young and Crazy Horse or any of the latest heavy psych acts then grab this immediately!  Full on sonic attack!  Act fast cuz these are sure to jet outta here!  Limted and way, way recommended.

record image
LP - Iron Claw - Iron Claw 2xLP - $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Our pals over at Lion Productions have made a name for themselves by reissuing the creme de la creme of underheard jams from the Sixties & Seventies ranging from the softer to the harder ends of the spectrum. First they unleashed the Jerusalem record a couple years back, now prepare thyself for Scottish dungeonmasters IRON CLAW. Heed the roar of the Lion:

"Sixteen pulverizingly heavy early masterpieces of dirty doom metal, this is a can't miss package for all fans of heavy psych, proto-metal and the early days of doom rock." - The Ripple Effect. "This Scottish band are just ridiculously heavy and I think it's a travesty that the sixteen songs they wrote around 1970/1971 never got an official release until 2009. This whole album is just breathtaking." - Terrorizer. Official heavy-duty gatefold double album of early 70s Scottish underground heavy rock from Iron Claw, a band who were stomping around the UK with the likes of Black Sabbath, Hackensack, Pink Fairies, Juicy Lucy and others, but who never released a proper album. Iron Claw started their career in 1970 as (more or less)  the world's first Black Sabbath tribute band: they incorporated the entire first Black Sabbath LP and single into their live set! And as it happens, it was Iron Claw bassist Alex Wilson who unearthed the oldest known concert recording of Black Sabbath, a 1969 gig recorded by Wilson in Dumfries, Scotland! As time progressed, Iron Claw's live sets started to include many originals, as well as covers such as 'War Pigs,' 'Fairies Wear Boots,' 'Wicked World,' 'Green Manalishi' and 'Lady Whisky.' This collection of sixteen original studio tracks documents Iron Claw's existence from 1970 thru 1974 and includes extensive liner notes, lyrics and photos inside the gatefold and on a 12" insert; also includes an 11x17 poster. For fans of Tear Gas, Leaf Hound, Jerusalem, Ancient Grease, Toad, Incredible Hog, Elias Hulk! Newly re-mastered for vinyl and sounding better than ever!!  •First ever vinyl issue, taken from the original tapes •Old-style tip-on gatefold jacket + insert + poster •Newly re-mastered for vinyl and sounding better than ever!!"

Iron Claw rages pretty hard & heavy right from the needle drop, exploding outta the speakers in a puff of green wizard's smoke. Doom & gloom are the prevailing moods from song to song, cueing heavily from the Sabbath playbook, but eschewing all those sensitive piano ballads for MORE SONGS ABOUT EVIL SHIT. Absolutely killer & essential. If you like your riffs pummeling & sinister then allow u sto introduce you to your new favorite band. This baby is pressed up on two vinyl albums in the blackest of black vinyl , housed in a sweet looking gatefold jacket & includes not only an informative insert, but also an 11x17 poster! The grip of the Iron Claw may feel rough, but it'll never sound sweeter than this. TOTALLY FUCKING RECOMMENDED.

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LP - George Brigman - Jungle Rot - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YEEESSS!!!  The Obscure Oxide label has gone and reissued this legendary album of punk blues.  Take a quick look see at the thrilling story below and grab this sucker like yesterday cuz its not gonna leave your turntable for a spell:

"Released in 1975 by Baltimore teenager George Brigman, "Jungle Rot" was a self-produced slab of molten fuzz that had no chance of gaining an audience before the punk revolution. Conceived as a tribute to British psych-blues band the Groundhogs and their leader Tony McPhee, the album takes that bands' acid-fried boogie and warps it with primitive recoding techniques and the fevered isolation in which Brigman worked. The title track alone with its fuzz-damaged guitar pan and punishing four-on-the-floor rhythms is worth the price of admission, yet the rest of the album delivers equally inspired wallops of technical brilliance and blown-out acid shred. Predictably, the few hundred copies of the album that Brigman pressed quickly fell through the cracks and were promptly forgotten—until a music collector found a copy at a flea market in Maryland and started making noise about it. Reissued on disc for the first time in 2005, this is not only a lost classic, it’s one of the loudest, rawest, and most uncompromisingly great albums of the 70s. Brigman might have been a self-confessed Groundhogs fan, but this buzz saw concerto sounds like it was created by Iggy Pop’s more demented younger brother. Sparkling new vinyl version from the original tapes, mastered by John Golden; the sound quality exceeds the original (poorly mastered and pressed) release in every way. Comes with a color insert, and exact copies of labels and cover art. Hear Brigman sing—with an ear-to-ear sneer from beneath an avalanche of distortion—"Remember what your father said / When the weather’s hot / Talking about all the young girls / Beware the jungle rot”, and you'll wonder why Jungle Rot hasn't been shouted from the roof tops in every Blue Cheer, Groundhogs and Stooges-loving ghetto the last three decades.
"The music is as advertised:  gutbucket 1975 energy crisis blues, awash in FX and teenage hormones... (Brigman's) punk/blues approach also prefigured the White Stripes to whose fans Jungle Rot will appear to in particular.. it deep-mine(s) a moment that, because it has not yet been referenced to death, remains startling and vital." —Jon Savage, Mojo Magazine
"George Brigman has been popular for decades among underground music fans. he has an amazing voice full of snarl and venom, and uses layers of murky fuzz and phasing in the background. Jungle Rot is an original work that contains elements of psych, hardrock, and 1970's proto-punk, and it has garnered fans in all three fields. The lyrics hit the same renegade vibe as the music." —Patrick Lundborg, Acid Archives" - Obscure Oxide

We've long hailed "Microminiature Love" by Michael Yonkers as one of Permanent's all time faves and if you dig that one then this will be right up your alley.  Fans of the Bonehead Crunchers comps take note as well, George Brigman's unsung outsider masterpiece is one for the ages.  Gobs and gobs of fuzzed out distorto blues that just bleed with honesty and hard earned authenticity is what Brigman is bringing and his blistering psychedelic punk is as pure as it gets.  You can hear the long hair and feel the dirt under the fingernails as blazing guitar clatter spikes your eardrum like a prison shank hell bent on revenge and escape.  If you dig blown out bizarro gutter jams with layer upon layer of fuzz and a frenzied voice baring his soul then cop this Baltimore born rip-roaring classic now.  Absolutely Essential and Supremely Recommended.

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Tape - ONO - Diegesis - $6.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Chicago's legendary ONO triumphantly return with a new album entitled "Diegesis" out via Moniker Records.  This is their fourth lp overall (second of their current and fertile reincarnation) and dare we say best and most experimental yet?  So hold on to yer hats, get out yer wallets and read the glowing words from Moniker HQ below -

"Rarer than a phoenix is the band whose ‘comeback’ is more vital than its original incarnation. But ONO’s second coming has lasted longer and turned far more heads than their early-80s configuration ever did, and this harrowing LP shows a band at the height of its visionary powers. Their legendary ‘gospel-noise’ has never sounded so furiously focused, from the loping, industrial thwonk of Travis Wax Madonna to the corroded funk of Spare, reminiscent of Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad productions. P. Michael’s warped beats remain the adhesive, binding the band’s maximalist, gestural noisemaking—guttural bass, swooping guitar feedback, delirious chanting—while travis, more high-priest than frontman, dons his ritual white gown and presides over the sonic feast.   
But as always with ONO, the music is scarcely half the story. ONOMATOPOEIA BEFORE MUSIC was the band’s founding principle, and this conflation of language and noise has always been deeply, if not explicitly, political; Diegesis is their most aggressive, most militant document yet, digging unflinchingly at the unhealed wounds of the Body politic. BLACKPOWER.MOVE is a growling, onomatopoetic invocation of the MOVE bombing of 1985—one of the darkest and most shameful chapters in recent American history, in which the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on its own people, killing eleven men, women and children and allowing the resulting fires to destroy hundreds of homes. Language fails in the face of such insane tragedy; hence the screams, the sirens, the echoes of barking dogs and machine-gun fire, a dystopic soundscape held together by P. Michael’s squawking, insistent bass riff. More punishing still is the nightmarish CQCQCQ, part of travis’ ongoing, “savagely personal” explorations (as DJPTSD) of the profound traumas he experienced as a radio operator aboard the USS America in the late 60s. The final cut, a swelling, funereal rendition of Jimi Hendrix’ Burning of the Midnight Lamp, seems to offer a glimmer of redemption, but the album’s dark clouds never quite lift; an unsettling crackle remains in the air. Unquestionably a Major Statement from these untiring Chicago giants, Diegesis is a defining record that demands and rewards in equal proportion." - Moniker Records

On "Diegesis" the noise-gospel-punk-industrial whirlwind that is ONO gets concentrated into an even more potent elixir this time around; sure to break yer mind free from its trance-like state of everyday numbness.  Here the basslines are funkier, the samples more warped, the waves of guitar distortion even fiercer, the melodies more addicting and off kilter, all the while travis leading us through a gospel chanted transformation that will for sure open yer ears to the wider possibilities of music as a political, tonal and spiritual force.  ONO's dislocated place in the Chicago punk scene always lead them to interesting places, but on "Diegesis" they march further into the unknown, taking hostage the ideas of "Love Supreme" and "There's A Riot Goin' On" through "Trout Mask Replica" and "Metal Box" and pushing those sounds to their extremes, leaving in their wake the burnt up ideas you used to have about punk and post punk.  Just imagine if Throbbing Gristle, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, This Heat, Suicide and Pere Ubu all crossed paths in the middle of the night, exchanged instruments, band members and theories about feedback.   Seriously hypnotic, unclassifiable and mind bending, you just need to hear ONO for yerself.  AND RIGHT NOW!  The time is now for Chicago to share ONO with the world, and this is just the album that's gonna get the world hooked on their gospel noise.   SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Permanent Records Update 3.31.14

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LP - Cosmic Dead - Easterfaust (Import) - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Sound Of Cobra label strikes fast and hard with its latest release "Easterfaust" by Glaswegian heavyweights Cosmic Dead.  We flipped our lids for Cosmic Dead's self-titled debut on Cardinal Fuzz so read on to find out the thrilling tale from Sound Of Cobra about this here ripper:

"Since 2010, The Cosmic Dead have been exploring the outer reaches of Krautrock, doom and psychedelia, tasting the extremes of sound and fusing them into a single, all-enveloping web of stratospheric riffing, otherworldly ambience and kosmische textures that has spread itself across countless shows throughout all Europe
“For anyone who hasn’t yet stood before the Dead and their live homage to the cosmos, expect religious devotion to synthesised dreamworlds, subsonic grooves, guitaristic splendour and the vast, hypnotic sounds of Hawkwind and Popol Vuh eternally jamming in the Möbius strip of time and space”
Remember that satanic drug thing you didn't understand? Forget about it! Here comes the new breed and it's a fierce and fiery force! A creeping barrage of sound that embodies the spirit of heavy psychedelic freak-outs from the Godz and Hawkind to early Monster Magnet („25... Tab“-era) and Acid Mother's Temple to set you afire. Want some? Tune in, turn on, get burned!"

!!! More like Cosmic Alive!  "Easterfasut" is 2 side-long cuts of slowburn psychrawk astonishment!  Those above references of Godz, Hawkwind and Acid Mother's Temple are totally apt, but Cosmic Dead is no paltry rehash… this LP fuuuuckking smokes!  The playing is super tight and in the pocket, the tracks ebb and flow, and turn on a dime.  And these cats really know how to incorporate dynamics, things get slow and low when they need to, yet when things need to explode Cosmic Dead blasts off into lunatic fringe psychedelic wailings of the "highest" order!  Grab one of these immediately cuz this is a primal platter of all things great and needs to be on your turntable like yesterday!  SUUUUUUUPER RECOMMENDED.

record image
LP - Obnox - Louder Space - Green Wax - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Obnox is BACK and with a VENGEANCE!!!  Teamed up with 12XU Records once again, his latest joint is "Louder Space" and like we've learned before, you gotta PAY ATTENTION to what Bim has up his sleeves cuz the good jams just never stop.   But just don't take our word for it, read what Dangerous Minds has to say -

"It’s never happened before and it may never happen again—Obnox have recorded in a real studio. After an LP, a 2xLP, and over a half dozen 7”s recorded in a dumpy punk flophouse's living room on a let’s just say “experienced” half-inch tape deck, Cleveland OH’s biggest brotha Bim Thomas has tracked his new full-length at Columbus, OH’s Musicol Studio. Is “Louder Space” Obnox’s “Tallahassee?” Oh God, no.
That glorious rust belt/disgust belt grit and grime that makes the ‘Nox the ‘Nox is ALL there, good people. Call it Soul Noise, call it Splatter Gospel, hell, call it Urban Contemporary, who cares that it’s taken. From the lumpen stomp of “Primetime Sista,” to the boldly experimental anti-funk of “How to Rob ‘The Punk Years’” and “Red-I,” to the COMPLETELY SICK, fuzzed-out, industrial psych-blues of the jaw-dropping closer “Feeling Real Black Today,” Thomas’ punk spirituals satisfy the soul on “Louder Space” more than ever before. Obnox’s soul/punk fusion just keeps getting dirtier, more organic, and if this white boy may dare to say so, blacker with every go-‘round. You gotta get in on this shit, people. If you’re not on this train yet, it’s time. - Ron Kretch, Dangerous Minds"

YES!!!!!  We thought last year's "Corrupt Free Enterprise" was mind blowing, but HOLY HELL Obnox ups the ante even fucking more on "Louder Space."  With some extra time and better equipment at his disposal, this album is more potent, searing, hypnotic and heavy hitting than we even thought possible.  Bim's soul/punk/hiphop/garage explosion of influences is boiled down to a wall of sound so epic, fuzz coated, layered and warped that it sounds like nothing else.  Take the rustbelt R&B outta the Dirtbombs, the reverb gospel outta the Oblivians, the psych destruction outta Monoshock, the studio wizardry outta Madlib, the blues outta the Blues Explosion and the balls out crazy proto punk sleaze outta Rocket From The Tombs and you might get close to a description.  Maybe.  But really YOU JUST NEED TO HEAR TO BELIEVE and believe you will.

So if you still haven't checked out Obnox yet, the TIME IS NOW.  And if you have, man you're in for one tasty garage punk wrecking ball of a treat.   Seriously "Louder Space" is not gonna leave our turntable til summer.  And it's a sure bet to be on many of our top ten lists at the end of the year.   SO ACT NOW AND GET THE LIMITED GREEN WAX VERSION, cuz "Louder Space" is SSSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPPEEEEEERRRRRR RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!

record image
7in - Obnox - Used Kids EP - $5.99 - BUYbuy

More Obnox???  WHY YES OF COURSE!!!!!  WE CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH!!!! So luckily for all of us RnR junkies, 12XU Records is releasing a side dish of sorts to Bim's soon-to-be-classic "Louder Space" in the form of the "Used Kids EP."  You should already have yer wallets out, but read on if you need that extra nudge -

"Bim's new 'Louder Space' masterpiece was only narrowly spared double LP status, hence the hasty/confusing 33 RPM, flip-the-sides and interrupt the grind of "Used Kids", a new classic in the Obnox canon (though "cannon" works just as well in this instance). Big thanks in advance to Columbus, OH's Used Kids Records (1980 N. High Street) for NOT SUING US.
If you think Mr. Thomas' prolific nature is tough on your shelf space, spare a thought for all the inferior artists who he's humiliating on what seems like a monthly basis!" - 12XU

AGREED, and this part 1 / part 2 single is just gonna get flipped over and over again time infinity 'round these parts.  So yeah it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!! Not much else needs to be said.

record image
LP - Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Chambers - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Chambers - $7.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Our spiritual brethren over at Captcha Records are once again bringing the high quality vibes with yet another fine-as-a-diamond release from the impeccable Lorelle Meets The Obsolete.  Get the full story behind this blissful shoegaze churner directly form the label peeps:

"(The album is called ‘Chambers’ because, while they recorded it, they felt like they were in various enclosed places far from home and everything else.)
“Most of the songs came out of jams, while the tunes on the first two albums were structured either by Lorena or me,” explains The Obsolete, aka Alberto González. “It’s a really straightforward record. To me it doesn’t sound as hazy as the first two and, as it’s the first time we worked with someone else behind the board, it’s Cooper’s interpretation of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Then Sonic Boom cranked the volume up!”
He’s right. The result is a surprisingly direct record which, despite locking into a pulsating krautrock groove on ‘What’s Holding You?’ or getting lost in a fog of white noise on recent teaser track ‘Music For Dozens’, always retains a very human heart and soul. There is diversity too – from the slide guitar and driving bass on the out of control rave up that is ‘Sealed Scene’ to the narco-blues of ‘Dead Leaves’ and the folky, melancholy ‘Grieving’.
The big influences that came into play while making ‘Chambers’ were Austin psych- rockers Holy Wave’s ‘Knife Hits’ album and the Ty Segall and White Fence collaboration ‘Hair’, which more than explains the garage-rock sensibility that pervades here.
Also mentioned in their impeccable list of influences are Nico, Syd Barrett, Broadcast’s 'The Noise Made By People’, Albert Camus’ existentialist tour de force The Myth Of Sisyphus, Julio Cortázar’s short stories and Michael Azerrad’s snapshots from the US underground scene of the 1980s, Our Band Could be Your Life.
Thanks to the incredible ‘Chambers’, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete could soon be yours."

­Chalk another one up for the mighty Lorelle Meets The Obsolete!  "Chambers" finds the group in top form after seemingly endless touring honing their craft.  Pulsing rhythms, lysergic guitar trills and breathy entrancing vocals all combine to make a monster record of psychedelic shoegaze majesty.  These ten tracks of motorik groove finesse and flutter and tickle your earholes with washes of desertscape hypnotics and galaxy spiraling space rock as fine as they come.  Lorelle Meets The Obsolete are one of the many current killer groups hurtling through the atmosphere with their varied brand of interstellar jamz and we say keep 'em coming! As all things Lorelle Meets The Obsolete related, this one is ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

record image
LP - Spies - The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

STELLAR unheard New Zealand pop from The Spies, an undocumented piece of late-Seventies Kiwi-pop released courtesy of Siltbreeze! Read the gospel straight from label head Tom Lax himself:

"The Spies bear the unique distinction of one of New Zealand’s true missing pieces in the Underground puzzle. With no audio documentation ever seeing the light of day in their time (1978-79, Wellington), the band really did exist in a you-had-to-be-there bubble. Historically (as in, now) known as hatching both George Henderson (later of The Puddle) and Christopher Plummer (who also thumped heads in Shoes This High), The Spies possessed a lithe but keen awareness of both the Canterbury and DIY movements that were taking place back in Old Blighty.
The Battle of Bosworth Terrance imagines a bridge connecting Kevin Ayers and The Desperate Bicycles—a much-needed safe passage over a mysterious chasm you never knew was there. The fact that these recordings exist at all is nothing short of miraculous serendipity; the story is beautifully retold by Mr. Henderson in the liner notes. If you’re thinking forgery, theft, drugs and distinctive footwear (Alpaca boots perhaps?), congrats, the sniffer is working just fine. Besides the heretofore unknown music, also included are photographs, lyrics and text. It’s only taken 30+ years, but the larcenous abandon that was The Spies is finally willing and able to be heard, read about and seen for the first time.
Pressed in a one-time edition of 500 copies, The Battle of Bosworth Terrace includes a digital download card."

Siltbreeze is long past proving themselves to be a reputable source for all things NZ-related and The Spies LP is a worthy addition to the canon! A brilliant band, (who must have been amazing live) that does indeed bridge the gap between jangling, off-kilter pop smersh & dissonant, obtuse post-punk. We're hearing ripples of folks like Wire, Soft Boys, Pin Group, Shoes This High, Victor Dimisch Band, Young Marble Giants and the like; wafts of that unmistakable zeitgeist after the initial throb of punk lit fires under the asses of misfits everywhere. Everything WAS possible and you didn't HAVE to know what you were doing to create a masterpiece. DIG IT, but don't waste too much time - "The Battle of Bosworth Terrace" is a ONE-TIME pressing of 500 copies and are likely to disappear faster than you can say "Titmachine". RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Various Artists - The Emotional Cosmic And Occult World of Joe Meek - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Hopefully we don't need to convince ANYONE of the genius of Joe Meek and his undeniable footprint on the sound of pop music, but JUST IN CASE; may we present this compilation of Meek productions that span the spectrum of Outer Space-related weirdness to just plain strange otherworldly rock! Released in a miniscule pressing on the 'Chump Change' record label - READ ON:

"A trip through the productions of pioneering genius Joe Meek.  Here we have a mix of hits that have appeared on comps before and real out there obscurities.  Designed to be highly listenable.  Never a dull moment amongst these songs that cover subjects close to Joes' heart such as Vampires, Love (and the lack of it), Death, Outer space, the Human soul, Buddy Holly, and more.  Artists featured are The Blue Rondos, The Blue Men, Jason Eddie and the Centremen, The Sound Offs, The Moontrekkers, Johnny Leyton, The Cryin' Shames, Mike Berry, The Outlaws, Chick Lewis, Glenda Collins and even Joe himself warbling out a tune.  One time very small pressing so please don't sleep."

AMAZING. These tunes run the gamut from rockabilly-inflected R'n'R to cosmic instrumentals to straight-up weird pop tunes as only Meek could record 'em - this shizz sounds INCREDIBLE to our ears and is an impeccably curated set of tunes! Seriously DO NOT SLEEP on this one, as these aren't likely to be available for long - RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Cheater Slicks - Live Vol 3 - $14.99 - BUYbuy

Columbus Discount just unleashed the third installment of their ongoing live series from the mighty and unruly Cheater Slicks!!!!  And this might just be the best volume yet!   So don't ponder this one too long, and read on below - 
"CHEATER SLICKS Live Vol. 3 is comprised of two songs. Each has a running time of around twenty minutes. The A-Side track, “Thinkin’ Some More” was recorded at the Khyber Pass in Philadelphia PA in 1992. The B-Side track is a cover of the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray, recorded at the Summit in Columbus, OH in 2009. It was never in question that the Cheater Slicks are a great band. This recording illustrates why the Cheater Slicks are one of THE great bands. This records makes clear that the same strand of DNA that malfunctioned and made mutations like the Cramps, the Bassholes, the Velvets, Nervous Norvus , the Stooges, Suicide, et al also went horribly wrong and made the Slicks. This document, when taken with their other two live releases and their studio output, is the most compelling argument to date that the Cheater Slicks are one of the last bands that are unquestionably of the same continuum of the greatest rock bands in history." - Columbus Discount

AMEN!  If this kinda statement was made about any other band, we'd have to disagree, but the Cheater Slicks have been and still fucking are one of the most killer, loudest and talented garage punk bands to ever destroy our ears!!!!   And "Live Vol. 3" is just like having them play in yer living room whenever you want.   Two EPIC SIDE LONG JAMS that are more blown out, vicious and mesmerizing than anything else you'll hear all year long, this album just makes us even more fanatic about the Slicks.   And dare we say this version of "Sister Ray" will change your fucking life!!!   Fans of Birds Of Maya, the Oblivians, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, the Bassholes, Obnox and any like-minded RnR miscreants need "Live Vol 3" now.   There is no doubt about that.  RECOMMENDED L A M F !!!!!!!!!!!!

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LP - Nervosas - Nervosas (2xLP - Clear Vinyl) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Dark, frantic punk from this Columbus, OH trio! We scored a few copies of their s/t debut direct from the band themselves when they stopped thru town - released on Bloomington label Let's Pretend Records, read what they have to say:

"Dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk, punk from Columbus, OH. Like if Wipers, X, and Dead Moon were somehow one band. But forget comparisons, Nervosas is their own animal. 18 18 ender enders. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!! Go skate to this shit!!! (500 Double LP's pressed on clear wax! w/ screen print on the D side. Double sided screen printed inserts)"

Nervosas come out kicking with 3 sides of dark, scuzzy & agitated punk rock in the vein of The Wipers, 45 Grave or (early) Christian Death with desperate male/female harmonies piercing the cacophany. These guys keep it lean & mean, with concise, & memorable hooks too - Midwest punk (filtered thru the Northwest) at it's finest! This is the clear vinyl second pressing - still has the insert as well as the killer screened 4th side! Grab this fast, cuz it's likely to vanish quick-like - RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Night Terrors - Spiral Vortex (Import - 180gm Red vinyl) - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SHIT YEAH,  after reissuing their 2009 album "Back To Zero" on vinyl last year, our tight bros over at Homeless Records have unleashed a BRAND NEW Night Terrors album onto our unsuspecting turntables - "Spiral Vortex"! Buckle up and prepare to dive into the maw of the VORTEX:

"Melbourne horror synth heavyweights The Night Terrors return with their new album Spiral Vortex. Featuring the haunting theremin melodies of Miles Brown, plus an orgy of vintage electronics, Spiral Vortex sees the band build upon their post-prog roots to explore a broader universe of warped psychedelia, thunderous dreamscapes and dark cosmic dance."

Essentially the project of one Miles Brown, Night Terrors exude the creeping dread of vintage Italo horror business - we're talkin' Frizzi, Goblin, etc but laced with a modern whiff of folks like Zombi, Umberto, Espectrostatic, and the like.  NO GUITARS here folks, but the synths, bass and theremin more than make up for it, pulsing with a lyrical quality that makes this album sing like the soundtrack to a lost slasher movie - live drums too (provided by Damian Coward), that propel the whole thing forward more organically than the icy grip of a drum machine. If you're a fan of anything we've mentioned so far, don't hesitate and get this now - we've got the uber-limited splatter vinyl and they're ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to go quicker than the flick of the devil's tongue! RECOMMENDED!!