Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey Everybody,
This week's list includes new releases from Circuit Des Yeux, My Expansive Awareness, three new Deep Distance titles, Dommengang, White Hills, some choice deadstock finds, killer reissues from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Blue Phantom, Jarvis Street Revue, Glass Family, ZNR, and a third installment of the Reverb Conspiracy compilation!  Peep the list below for further details…

Also both the Chicago and the Los Angeles shops are getting quality used LPs, 7ins and CDs in all the time so come on by either location and dig in, we're sure you'll find something you like.  A sampling of some of the used LPs showing up at both shops can be found in lists at the very bottom of this newsletter.


Thanks to everyone who came out for the CCR Headcleaner show at the Chicago shop on Saturday!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds show at the Los Angeles shop on Saturday!

Socialites are playing the Los Angeles shop on Saturday, May 30th at 6:30 PM.
Tickets are available for sale at the LA shop!


Have you been snoozin'? Lucky for you, there's still time to wake up. Many of the still in-print Permanent Label Releases are nearly sold out!

7in - Bad Axe - Coachman b/w Poor Man, Run (Ltd 300) A mere 10 copies left of the hard rockin' archival jammer from '73!

7in - Sneakers - Children Into People EP (Ltd 500) Early Perm release, CAVE side-project, 2 copies then it's OOP.

LP - Afflicted Man - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Official 2013 Reissue, Repress, Black Wax, Ltd 300) 15 copies of this acid fried punk record still lookin' for a good home.

LP - Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Tune in while you still can, under 10 copies to go.

LP - Heater - God and Hair (Regular Edition on Black Vinyl) Columbia Missouri's short lived DIY RNR summer jammer, less than 11 copies are still in the mix.

LP - MERX - 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea (White Wax, Ltd 100) Only 20 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl! Come up for air and grip a copy!

LP - Purling Hiss - Purling Hiss  (Regular Edition Black Vinyl) Fully printed jacket version is still with us thanks to a warehouse find! Only 9 copies left of this now classic Hiss debut by Mr. Mike Polizze! Screen printed tour edition stock is dwindling as well...

LP - Rectal Hygienics - Ultimate Purity (Black Vinyl)
Just released at the end of this past February and already down to under 10 copies! Very fresh. Very freaky. Very gnarly. Hot! Hot! Hot!


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
"Every Wednesday.  Black Boar - 1630 Colorado Blvd.  10-2am. Rock'n'Roll Partytime! With Lance Bummer and Special Guests. Drink specials. Excellent adventures, only.  Absolutely, no bogus journeys. Get down."


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LP - Devo - EZ Listening Muzak Record

Lance - Permanent Records Los Angeles

$149.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"The first Rykodisc collection of unreleased and/or forgotten Devo material consists of the band's re-recordings of 19 favorite songs in an intentionally schmaltzy instrumental style reminiscent of Muzak. E-Z Listening Disc is a not-quite-hilarious novelty for die-hard fans only." -

LP - Mummies - Party At Steve's House -Sealed

Liz - Permanent Records Los Angeles

$49.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

Ultra lo-fi blast of surf garage madness!  This is raw shiz!

LP - Wire - 154

Emily - Permanent Records Los Angeles

$49.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"Named for the number of live gigs Wire had played to that point, 154 refines and expands the innovations of Chairs Missing, with producer Mike Thorne's synthesizer effects playing an even more integral role; little of Pink Flag's rawness remains. If Chairs Missing was a transitional album between punk and post-punk, 154 is squarely in the latter camp, devoting itself to experimental soundscapes that can sound cold and forbidding at times. However, the best tracks retain their humanity thanks to the arrangements' smooth, seamless blend of electronic and guitar textures and the beauty of the group's melodies. Where previously some of Wire's hooks could find themselves buried or not properly brought out, the fully fleshed-out production of 154 lends a sweeping splendor to "The 15th," the epic "A Touching Display," "A Mutual Friend," and the gorgeous (if obscurely titled) "Map Ref. 41°N 93°W." Not every track is a gem, as the group's artier tendencies occasionally get the better of them, but 154's best moments help make it at least the equal of Chairs Missing. It's difficult to believe that a band that evolved as quickly and altered its sound as restlessly as Wire did could be out of ideas after only three years and three albums, but such was the case according to its members, and with their (temporary, as it turned out) disbandment following this album, Wire's most fertile and influential period came to a close." -

LP - Jon Hassell - Power Spot

Dave - Permanent Records Chicago

$49.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

" Power Spot opens with the surging, polyrhythmic title track featuring Hassell's sinuous trumpet lines and dense electronic percussion from one of the album's most significant collaborators, J.A. Deane. Ambient keyboard textures drone in the background and, together with the percussion, form a mesmerizing tapestry over which Hassell's trumpet glides and soars. Images of the African continent emerge from the cyclic rhythms and harmonic stasis; a meditative calm hovers behind the swirling surfaces. The opening title track clearly sets the stage for what is to follow. During the murky, down-tempo "Passage D.E.," Hassell conjures stillness from his horn, breathy clouds laced with echo. In "Solaire," the trumpet weaves through watery, transparent textures and pulsing percussion. "Miracle Steps" opens with brazen trumpet declamations accompanied only by irregular rhythmic patterns from the percussion. An evocative blend of quasi-elephant calls and train whistles, the solo trumpet eventually winds its way downward until it is quietly submerged. "Wing Melodies" recalls the surging motion and dense fabric of the title track. Multiple keyboard parts interlock with aggressive percussion while Brian Eno's stuttering bassline remains fixed. Hassell's exuberant trumpet solo is possibly his finest on the album. "The Elephant and the Orchid" recalls the slower tempo and darker shades of "Passage D.E," but lingers there for a rather long time. Ambient keyboard drones and weary percussion provide the accompaniment for Hassell's remarkably flute-like sound. The shimmering flutes of Miguel Frasconi are a welcomed addition to the gently concluding "Air." Throughout Power Spot, Hassell's distinctive "raga" trumpet sound is breathy and vocal. He accomplished this by singing into the trumpet rather than the traditional method of blowing into it. Furthermore, Hassell often harmonized his principal trumpet line in real time, creating chords from just one note. At the time, he accomplished this real-time harmonization by using "tuned" tape loops to create parallel harmonies in fourths and major chords. Released in 1986, Power Spot marks Hassell's only release on Manfred Eicher's ECM label. Recorded in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1983-1984, the co-production and engineering team of Eno and Daniel Lanois faithfully captured Hassell's musical vision while remaining unobtrusive. The larger ensemble sound of Power Spot expanded on Hassell's pan-global "Fourth World" music, which he began with Eno on the groundbreaking Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics album of 1980. While not as stunning as Possible Musics, Power Spot is nonetheless one of the most significant recordings from this utterly unique musician." -

LP - Bedhead - Beheaded

Jamie - Permanent Records Chicago

$39.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"It's not the style of music Bedhead makes that's unique, it's the band's approach to that music. The five members are masters of making an emotional connection through an approach that is careful and deliberate. At the heart of the band is an indie rock sound that can be traced back to the most pleasant material of the Velvet Underground. A trio of guitars lays down unexceptional, strummed accompaniments; vocalists employ a reserved sing-speak; the drummer maintains a lazy pulse. However, with Bedhead these elements are so perfectly executed that the music seems to play itself. Carefully plucked melodies rise up and soar out of guitar chords; drummer Trini Martinez quietly maintains a tight grip on the music's dynamics, opening up as the sound takes flight; each of the three guitarists (Matt and Bubba Kadane and Tench Coxe) exercises more restraint than would be expected from the average, individual axeman in a trio of guitars.
Beheaded opens with the deceivingly dark title track. One of the group's most awkward melodies frames the soft-speaking vocalist who hides among the guitar tones. After crawling through this territory, "Beheaded" opens up into a typically angelic melody. "Roman Candle" and "Withdraw" (both adding shades of slide guitar) recall the stripped-down sound of the group's 4-songEP19:10 (1994). On Beheaded, however, any inconsistencies and small shortcomings have been removed in the studio. Thankfully, Bedhead has always sounded like a group of five musicians in a room together, and Beheaded engineer Adam Wiltzie maintains that atmosphere throughout. Bedhead's sophomore full-length represents another stop on the road to slow-burning, soaring, indie rock/pop perfection.." -

LP - Outsiders - C.Q. (Jackpot Reissue)

Jon - Permanent Records Chicago

$19.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"“CQ” spans R&B, spacey experimental numbers, folk rock and a revved-up kind of punk that pre-dates the angular moodiness of what would become the no wave/post punk sound a decade later. This unpredictable stylistic approach, when coupled with across-the-board amazing songs, make this one of the masterpieces of late 60’s psychedelic garage rock, and a cornerstone album of the genre." - Jackpot Records

This Week's New Featured Releases and Reissues

LP - Able Tasmans - A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down - 2014 Reissue 2xLP


"Flying Nun and Capture Tracks reissue of the Able Tasmans’ 1986 debut full-length album ‘A Cup Of Tea and A Lye Down’ with bonus 12” containing the bands first EP ‘The Tired Sun’ (1985) and three bonus tracks.
Initially, hailing from Whangarei, one of New Zealand’s northernmost city, The Able Tasman’s where more than 1500km’s away from Flying Nun’s epicenter Dunedin. However, this never hindered involvement with the label releasing four albums and two EP’s filled with their own brand of sweet and crafty guitar pop.
Named after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman (who first discovered New Zealand in the late 1960’s) the band themselves were avid explorers limited only by their imagination. Their song writing and arrangement crossed lines between baroque and indie pop integrating field recordings and bringing keyboards to the forefront of their music. They are also the only New Zealand band to tastefully incorporate bagpipes into a song.
‘It was Flying Nun who gave us the chance to record. We remain grateful. I personally felt some pride in hailing from Whangarei, not a major center and certainly not southern, yet doing music that Flying Nun and its grand stable of thoroughbreds thought was something akin to good.” founding member Graeme Humphreys explains.
“Even as a dinky 3-piece with not a guitar in sight we were invited to tour alongside Look Blue Go Purple and The Chills. It was a massive vote of confidence.”
Now, after nearly two decades their debut album will be available again, with this new collection dedicated to the late David Beniston, the Able Tasmans’ original bassist and founding member." - Flying Nun / Captured Tracks


LP - Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer EP


"Animal Collective's 'Prospect Hummer' EP, previously only available on CD and digitally, is making its way to vinyl almost exactly ten years since its original release on FatCat. 'Prospect Hummer' was the last release to see Animal Collective operating in a largely acoustic singer-songwriter / freak-folk mode, and three of the EP's four tracks feature the sweet, distinctive vocals of cult singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan.

The idea for this EP germinated during a 2003 tour, which saw Animal Collective (playing as an Avey Tare / Panda Bear duo) supporting Four Tet across the UK. Having long been huge fans of her sole album at that time (the rediscovered 1970 gem, 'Just Another Diamond Day'), Animal Collective happened to meet Vashti when the tour passed through Edinburgh. Following this meeting, ideas were hatched and conversations began, culminating in the group selecting these three beautiful songs for Vashti to make a home in." - FatCat Records


LP - Bitchin Bajas - Transporteur - Import


"This spring will mark the Bitchin Bajas debut for Hands In The Dark with the 12″ EP Transporteur.

Here is a little intro if you are not familiar with the project started in 2010 as solo side project for Cooper Crain, guitarist of Chicago Krautrock heroes Cave. Since then, Dan Quinlivan and Rob Frye joined the band and Bitchin Bajas have got the public attention thanks to a perfect, extensive discography on quality record labels such as Bathetic, Permanent and Drag City. The trio play warm, instrumental, psychedelic and melodic ambient music, mixing minimal 60/70’s electronic with original acoustic elements: flute, saxophone, xylophone, woodwinds to name only a few.

On Transporteur, Bitchin Bajas show multiple faces, introducing 4 new songs showing as many different forms of the modern ambient genres, all perfectly produced and heavily loop-based for an utterly pleasant 34 minute journey in a timeless and spaceless zone. Then only shortly after the listener can open their eyes again and return to the harsh reality of their own life." - Hands In The Dark

LP - Blue Phantom - Distortions - Import


"This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television and radio. Funky Italian psychedelic sounds played by session musicians who were boat enthusiasts that sailed the Blue Phantom waters of the Mediterranean Sea searching for mythical sea creatures and recreating the sounds they would make on man made instruments. The drums snap like switchblades opening, the guitars howl like wolves, the bass hits rock bottom with a splat, and the keys open the doors to the soul. There's a distinctive heavy psych rock sound but it is complimented by library and soundtrack-esque moods which are in line with its early 1970's Italian heritage. In fact several of these tracks found their way on to the Jess Franco film "Sinner: Diary of a Nymphomaniac". Originally released on Spider Records, an offshoot of the Vendette label which was founded by Armando Sciascia. And who is the mastermind behind this collection? Mr. Sciascia himself. An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in Italy, France and the UK, and is highly sought after by collectors today. This reissue features the UK cover art. It's wild stuff and well worth checking out." - Acme Gramophone

LP - Circuit Des Yeux - In Plain Speech


 "Haley Fohr’s music strikes a unique balance between the personal and universal. As Circuit des Yeux she creates music that embodies the complexity of human emotions, juxtaposing tenderness and grief, ecstasy and horror, using sounds as representations of the emotional spectrum that we all experience. Fohr’s striking voice, an impassioned baritone, is the music’s centerpiece and guiding force. On In Plain Speech, Fohr is joined by some of the most progressive musicians in the Chicago music community; Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas), Whitney Johnson (Verma), Rob Frye (Bitchin Bajas), Adam Luksetich (Little Scream), and Kathleen Baird (Spires That In The Sunset Rise). Fohr cements her reputation as a fearless songwriter and inventive arranger with this stirring collection of songs that are both gorgeous and emotionally potent.

In Plain Speech represents the start of a new, more collaborative chapter for Circuit des Yeux. While previous works were solo affairs, not only in performance, but emotionally tied to a sense of confinement and place, these new songs were composed after a move to a collective living space, giving Fohr an opportunity to break free of the isolation that informed her previous albums. Fohr brought her community, literally, to the recording. In Plain Speech continues her collaboration with Crain, but it is her first recording with a full band, who are all leaders in Chicago's new wave of creative musicians. Her songs, while always potent when delivered solo, shine in this new band context. Companionship and solidarity are themes woven throughout the album. “Do The Dishes” is a meditation on sisterhood, and a message to other women to take risks, follow their passions deeply and to love themselves. “Fantasize the Scene” explores the idea of eternal friendship.

Extensive touring after Circuit des Yeux’s acclaimed 2013 album Overdue influenced the making of the album in several ways. On that tour, which stretched for months throughout Europe and the US, Fohr toured solo, no band, no tour manager, no driver, and in that solitude learned to commune with the audience in a way that she hadn’t ever before. That connection sparked in her mind a conversation with the audience, and many of the lyrics on In Plain Speech are directed at “you,” the listener. She also became acutely aware of disquiet, a pervasive anxiety, which permeated society in almost every city she visited. “I felt an uneasiness that superseded phonetic communication,” she writes. “Something dim is in the air, and it is looming large.” This anxiety creeped into songs like “A Story Of This World,” which is a call for change of priorities and values among the world’s leadership.

Fohr will tour with the musicians who play on In Plain Speech throughout 2015. If the band’s debut show is any indication, these shows will be lush and captivating, the band enhancing her already compelling performances. Fohr self-released her 2013 album Overdue, which was praised by NPR, Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, and more - an impressive display of support for an artist working on her own. 2015 will certainly bring many more exciting chapters in Fohr’s ongoing story." - Thrill Jockey

12in - Cosmic Ground - Deadlock/Decay - Edition of 300 on Clear Vinyl - Import


"Following January’s killer trio of Deep Distances’ trio of 10” EPs come 2 more incredible releases heavy on kosmische drone and motorik electronics.
The first of which is a mighty 12” from Dirk Jan Muller, a debut solo offshoot from German outfit Electric Orange. Whilst that project contains hints of electronics, Dirk airs his full range of vintage analogue equipment for his solo venture here. Incredible dark 70s Germanic psychedelic electronics heavy on nods to the Berlin School of Schulze, Froese, Tangerine Dream and Manuel Gottsching.
‘A’ side “Deadlock” is lifted from last year’s (CD only) debut full length, and opens with epic hypnotizing, trance like drones which peak and trough before giving way to an incredible sequenced rush of kosmische electronics. An incredible piece, tantalizingly good and no surprise that “Prog Archives” awarded the album it was lifted from, 5 stars out of 5, hailing it as one of the very best Berlin School styled LPs since the 70s.
The reverse, “Decay” was previously available as a download only to buyers of the CD and is equally magnificent. The label is proud to commit this one to vinyl for a first time here.
An incredible record, further cementing Deep Distance’s burgeoning reputation as THE place to head to for that authentic, revered Kraut / Kosmische groove." - Great Pop Supplement

LP - Dommengang - Everybody's Boogie


"Dommengang’s music is expansive and driving. The band’s songs are propelled by a killer rhythm section and fronted by Sig Wilson, a mainstay of the Pacific Northwest psych scene. He is joined by Brian Markham and Adam Bulgasem, themselves life-long musicians and connected to the DIY scenes on the West and East coasts. While the trio’s affection for electric blues and proto-punk bombast is clear, their music abandons traditional song structures and replaces their recognizable tropes with progressive frameworks. The band’s debut, Everybody’s Boogie pivots between gloriously inventive riffs and fuzzed-out experimentation, a combination so potent that the listener hardly notices that they rarely sing. Wilson has often taken the role of collaborator in bands such as Holy Sons, Castanets, and Scout Niblett, and his experience and skill are on full display on his first record as a leader.

Dommengang was formed in Brooklyn in the spring of 2014. Despite the urban environment that birthed the band, each member has rural roots, stretching from Alaska to Virginia to Oregon. Like kindred spirits Pontiak, that separation from big cities allowed them to develop musically outside of pre-ordained, and many times clich├ęd, styles that define traditional scenes centered around big cities. The few lyrics on the album reflect a feeling of displacement and the paradoxical loneliness that comes from living in the crowded environment of New York City.

Everybody’s Boogie was recorded and mixed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn over the course of four days in July of 2014. It was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs. Dommengang will tour the west coast with Holy Sons this summer, pulling double duty as the opener and as Emil Amos’ backing band, and will also play select east coast cities this spring." - Thrill Jockey

LP - Glass Family - Electric Band - 2xLP Reissue


"The origins of The Glass Family start in West Los Angeles. Jim Callon formed a band to play surf music and covers at frat parties to make some money. They went by a few different monikers at that point; the Carpet Baggers and the Soul Survivors amongst them. “Los Angeles at that time was a wonderful place to be," Callon said. "There were these pockets of communities all over the place. Everything [was] about what was going on and [what] we were a part of really had a good intention. It was people expanding their minds with LSD and marijuana. People just wanted to try new things and change the way that they were expected to live their lives." A few years later when the band members were at Cal State LA for grad school, they changed the band name to The Glass Family. They played all over Los Angeles, gigging at notable venues like The Troubadour, The Topanga Corral and The Whiskey A Go-Go, sharing bills with The Doors, Vanilla Fudge, and Love. By 1967, they’d secured a record deal with Warner Bros. Records, who released their record in 1968. Although it never became the hit that they’d hoped for, the more important result was that the Glass Family were a piece of the puzzle of the times: playing gigs with Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Bros, Canned Heat, Big Brother and The Holding Company with Janis Joplin, and The Grateful Dead. “The gigs we played with The Dead at The Fillmore were the most memorable. Owsley Stanley would walk around backstage and place little paper cups full of coke or punch dosed with the best Owsley acid. Then he’d walk through the audience handing out cups." 'House of Glass' is the impressive opening track, full of tension and convincing vocals over some 13th Floor Elevators style grooves; 'Once Again' and 'Sometimes You Wander' are nice soft-psych tunes; 'The Means' is an excellent hallucinogenic flying into the Beatles territory; 'Do You Remember' is not far from Pearls Before Swine. 'I Want To See My Baby' has nice fuzz guitar, and reminds one of Country Joe & The Fish's 'Death Sound Blues'. We've always thought that this was one of the better underground psych albums, so we're glad to see an official version hit the streets. Gatefold includes unique band photos and a biography of the band's experiences in psychedelic 1960s Southern California.

The first LP is a reissue of the band’s original Warner Bros. album. The second LP contains unreleased tracks—how the band intended the songs to sound. Initial recording sessions for the album took place in the summer of 1967 with Richie Podolor (producer for Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night) at the helm. Those recordings were rejected by Warner Bros. So the band went back into the studio late in 1967 and early 1968 with Podolor in hopes of creating something more palatable to the label folks. These later sessions are what eventually comprised the original Glass Family album, "Electric Band." The first Glass Family sessions from 1967 are what you'll find on the second LP of this release." - Maplewood

LP - Jarvis Street Revue - Mr. Oil Man - Reissue


"“Back in 1970, up in the cold North of Ontario, Canada hailed a group that had already had prophetic visions of the corporate, strictly-business, profit-driven, polluting, oil addicted, don’t let the environment-get-in-the-way-of-a-buck bullshit world that we currently live in. Their epic title track “Mr. Oil Man” spoke of 'oil being slick in the Gulf Of Mexico' and 'Mr. Oil Man, you’re killing all the fish again, you ruin all that water again,' fully equipped with sounds of splashing water and trippy effects. I could go on and on about how great the record is..." —Helios Chrome

Poised between Toronto and Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Ontario became the refuge for every touring band in Canada; a mandatory break while crossing the perilously vast Canadian Shield. No doubt, Canada’s vastness can be heard in much of the Northernly musical output. There is perhaps no better example of this than Thunder Bay’s Jarvis Street Revue. Their lone LP, leased to Columbia for release in 1971, leaves no one untouched by the band’s sheer avalanche of psychedelic heaviness, wasted acid leads and harrowing vocals. Every song is laced with a conviction born from the physical landscape they called home. Jarvis Street Revue spent (literally) a month of Sundays recording the album and bouncing tracks to create effects. “Chuck Williams was so freaked out, he used to leave the room,” Jarvis leader and Neil Young running mate Tom Horricks said. “It was so anti-establishment.” Creative and far-seeing... and not without some chemical support. The albums's (and band's) concern with the environmental—including bold statements on the use and abuse of the oil reserves, rapacious business men, and the depletion of Earth’s natural resources—were truly visionary. Heavy tip-on gatefold jacket. Insert has band history by Tom Horricks, plus photos, images of sheet music for several songs, and lyrics for the band's greatest statement, 'Mr. Oil Man.'" - Lion

LP - Listening Center - Cycles/ Other Phenomena - Edition of 300 on White Vinyl - Import


"The second of Mays’ new Deep Distance releases sees a more then welcome airing to the magnificent Listening Center “Cycles/Other Phenomena” LP. Previously released as a cassette only full length on NYC based, Danish music / design collective “This is Care of…” and following 45s on Ghost Box here.
The Listening Center is the alias of drummer and electronic musician David Mason. “Drawing primarily from influences such as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, lost film/TV soundtracks, and Kosmische Musik, Listening Center presents a patchwork of imagined pasts/futures, in which the listener can make his or her way through an undergrowth of dream-like melodies and electronic sound palettes which have the effect of being at one point reassuring, then unsettling.
Recorded exclusively using analogue synth technology (and the occasional tape manipulation), in live performance and recording, Listening Center keeps an eye and an ear on the spectra of alternative pasts and futures.”
A wonderful LP released as a limited pressing of 300 on white vinyl which will no doubt disappear in rapid fashion. Fabulous stuff, be quick!" - Great Pop Supplement

LP - MO - First Album (A Collection Of Publisher's Demos) - Reissue

$34.99 → BUY NOW

""First Album" is a very rare album, originally released in a small edition of 200 only copies. This is the first ever reissue and comes as a faithful reproduction for the label, the cover and the number of copies. So almost 40 years later, 200 more copies of this gem come out. Lisenced by Moe and boosted with one extra unreleased track. Moe Whittemore (aka Mo), was the founder of the Indianapolis 700West studios and the same-titled record label. Moe was responsible for recordings of Primevil, Zerfas, Buccaneer, Dan Modlin & Dave Scott, Sailor, etc... This album appeared in 1976, and as its subtitle suggests it was a kind of collection/promotional item for Moe's and 700West works. Moe plays on all the tracks the keyboards, piano and/or the homemade synth while a cast of fellow musicians (from Zerfas, Primevil, Peddler, Jubal, Sequoiah...) helped him to build this tough to define musically album. Psychedelic, acid freakout, space, funky soul, progressive, electronica, avant garde, folk, americana; Name it whatever you prefer and all together at once (if you want to be precise) and you have the right music style to categorize this one of a kind LP, which is really recommended to all the psych heads." -
Anazitisi Records

LP - My Expansive Awareness - My Expansive Awareness - Import


"My Expansive Awareness is a neo-psychedelic garage band from Zaragoza, Spain. The spacial sounds and loops of the band induce the listener into a trance. Their melodies, that have a pop touch mixed with distortions and energetic drums, reach different levels of sounds and sensations, creating a unique song style of their own. The band launched their first EP “Uroboros” in February 2014 and have shared
the stage with artists such as Vibravoid, The Underground Youth, Holy Wave, Dead Rabbits and Black Market Karma in Spain. Most recently, in October 2014 they started composing their first self-titled LP, which was launched in January 2015 by Analog Love." - Lisbon Psych Fest


LP - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream - 2015 Reissue


"Continuing the creative roll of Tender Prey and The Good Son, Henry's Dream showed the band in fierce and fine fettle once more. The biggest change was with the choice of producer -- David Briggs, famed for his work on some of Neil Young's strongest albums. While Cave later thought the experiment didn't work as well as he might have hoped, Briggs does a fine enough job, perhaps not letting the group's full intensity through but still capturing a live feel nonetheless. Cave himself offers up another series of striking, compelling lyrics again exploring love, lust and death. Here, though, some of his images are the strongest he's yet delivered, especially with the near apocalyptic "Papa Won't Leave You, Henry," which begins the album brilliantly as the narrator lurches through a landscape of storms, brothels and urban decay. Equally powerful, if slower and calmer, is Dream's lead single, "Straight to You," with Cave delivering a forceful declaration of love. It's the near equal of "The Ship Song," the same sense of beautiful sweep running free. Other numbers like "Brother, My Cup is Empty" and "I Had a Dream, Joe" showcase the Seeds' peerless abilities at fusing older styles with noisy aggression and tension. The former is especially strong, almost dripping with soft then loud musical drama. The quieter numbers aren't to be ignored, though, such as the string-laden "Christina the Astonishing" and especially "Loom of the Land." One of Cave's best songs ever, his portrait of a nighttime walk with a lover is Romantic with a capital R, with a sweet passion that matches the soothing performance from the Seeds, topped off with a particularly fine chorus." -" - Mute

LP - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads - 2015 Reissue


"Toward the end of Bad Seed (Ian Johnston’s autobiography of Nick Cave), a fleeting clue is dropped about a new song Cave was in the process of writing at the time. With the working title of “Red Right Hand II,” it relates the tale of a father of three that murders his entire family - the very same scenario laid out in “Song of Joy,” the opening track of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 1996 album Murder Ballads. The references to “his red right hand” and other Miltonian citations sprinkled throughout link the two songs; but the gory details in “Song of Joy” make it clear that Cave had left behind the baleful romantic brooding of Let Love In, and this was to be a more bloodthirsty successor.

Reaching back to Birthday Party days, Cave’s lyrics never suffered for lack of violence. Proto-murder balladry weaves throughout Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ oeuvre in the form of both cover songs and originals; but the notion of a flagrantly slaughter-themed album had been on Cave’s mind for a while. “It actually started as a joke,” he explains. “The idea of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds dedicating an entire album to murder appealed to us in some way.”

Despite the album’s appalling subject matter, Conway Savage points out, “It’s always been loosely referred to in the band as a ‘comedy’ record.” Not only is the album rife with dark humor, some tracks positively radiate an inappropriately joyful mood. A virtual open invitation was extended to sundry family and friends to drop by the studio during the recording of the album. Co-producer Tony Cohen recollects seeing “probably more than twenty people sitting around the floor, shaking things and banging things and having a laugh.” Mick Harvey remembers a brisk, unfussy attitude towards getting takes: “We just trundled through everything and listened to it two days later.” Cave observes that “We learned a lot from that record: that the recording experience can be playful.” Martyn Casey affirms, “It’s a party record.”

Despite all that, Cave maintains that the underlying objective was “to make a record that would piss people off.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cave’s plan backfired, thanks at least in part to the cavalcade of guest stars invited to participate: Shane MacGowan, Anita Lane, PJ Harvey, and most notably, Kylie Minogue. Murder Ballads remains Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds biggest worldwide success to date. The single “Where Wild Roses Grow” reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart, breaking the Top Ten in several European countries, and was certified Gold in Germany and Australia. MTV even nominated Nick Cave for their “Best Male Artist” award that year; but the nomination was withdrawn at Cave’s personal request." - Mute

LP - Parliament - Clones Of Dr Funkenstein - Sealed Original Stock



"After "Mothership Connection", Parliament couldn't be stopped. The outerspace theme really struck a chord with the public, and they tried to duplicate that success here with their creative concept, having Dr. Funkenstein be the mentor of Starchild and producing a bunch of clones to spread the funk. Most agree that "Clones..." (1976) is the P-Funk album that has it all. The horn arrangements on "Gamin' On Ya" and "Children Of Productions" are nothing short of amazing; a rich, complex, swirling stew of sound, arranged respectively by Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley. Listening to the silly squeals and burbles on "Dr. Funkenstein" itself is pure fun with sound, while the good doctor's speech is scientific craziness. As one voice says out of nowhere, "Kiss me on my ego!" Prominently features Glen Goins, one of the greatest vocalists in modern music. The first lines of 'Funkin' For Fun' are an eerie foreshadowing of his tragic death, scarcely two years later, at age 24, but "Funkin'" is a joyous celebration of life, and like the album, represents P-Funk at its absolute best."

LP - Tommy James And The Shondells - Travelin - Sealed Original Stock



"The last album (1970) made by Tommy with the Shondells is also considered by many fans to be their best. It s without a doubt their edgiest, recorded with very few technical effects ('gritty and grainy, like dust in your mouth and sand in your boots,' says Tommy). By the time of this album's 1970 release on Roulette, Tommy James and the Shondells had morphed from the garage/frat-rock of 'Hanky Panky' to the pop psych of 'Crimson and Clover' to the gospel-soul of 'Sweet Cherry Wine.' For this last album as a group, they reduced the psychedelic quotient from "Crimson & Clover" and experimental flights of "Cellophane Symphony" and muscled up some heavy rock 'n' soul. Opening with the near-instrumental title tune, the sound is funky progressive rock, complete with a lengthy syncopated organ-and-drums breakdown and even a short drum solo. The heavy sounds continue with James effectively refashioning himself into a soul shouter and blues crooner. Mike Vale propels the album's second single 'Gotta Get Back to You' with his bass line. The band's mid-60s garage-rock roots turn up in the 'Little Black Egg' riff of 'Moses & Me,' but topped with a processed vocal that's very end-of-the-decade, and the bluesy 'Bloody Water' borrows the guitar hook of 'Tobacco Road' and roughs it up nicely. The album's pre-release hit, 'She,' is also the tune that fits least with the album's heavy vibe. Co-written with Richie Cordell and bubblegum kings Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, the lush ballad is a throwback to the Shondells' earlier work. James and Bob King's originals were significantly more grown-up and gritty than the pop songs the group recorded a couple of years earlier, and suggested the expanded horizons James would explore in his solo career. Traces of the group's earlier studio experiments are still to be heard here, but with the psychedelic fog lifting, the focus is more firmly on song craft."

LP - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love - Pink Vinyl


CD - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love


"The threads of our past never unravel, they hover like invisible webs, occasionally glistening due to a sly angle of the sun. On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together.

Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band's already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity. Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson's vocals reach powerful new heights. "It felt good to be rebelling against the typical view of what an artist is today, a curator," he says. "It's more about being someone who makes things happen in concrete ways. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren't quite like anyone else's. I think that's much more subversive."

While legions of artists show fidelity to the roots of psychedelia, Unknown Mortal Orchestra shares the rare quality that makes the genre's touchstones so vital: constant exploration." - Jagjaguwar


LP - Various Artists - The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. Three 2xLP


"From the very start in 2012, The Reverb Conspiracy was a catalyst moment of the European Psych Nouveau movement. It brought together young bands from all over the continent, sparking a creative and professional synergy among many European artists. A turning point was probably the first Reverb Conspiracy Tour, which most of the bands from the compilation joined to perform a successful showcase a-la Stax Records in the 60s, in many European capitals, including an epic three day sold out festival at the Shacklewell Arms in London. That was also the year of first Liverpool Psych Fest. Since then, Psych festivals and new bands have been sprouting all around the “Old World”.

The fifteen outfits taking part to the third volume – including Goat, Lola Colt and Singapore Sling – are representative of the impressive diversity and quality of a scene that is much broader than its definition. While all of them are certainly inspired by Psychedelia, each one of them incorporates different elements of Blues, Folk, Rock & Roll, Stoner, Kraut Rock, Electronica, Noise, Ambient and more. All is impeccably delivered in a pure and honest DIY approach that is reminiscent of the early days of the Punk era.

A double album, the Reverb Conspiracy Volume III will be limited to 1200 hand numbered copies, white vinyl with gate-fold cover. On top of that, there will also be 1000 CDs available.

For the third time, the cover was created by iconic Icelandic artist and band member of Dead Skeletons, Jon Saemundur, aka Nonni Dead." - Fuzz Club/Reverberation Appreciation Society


LP - Various Artists - Saved And Sanctified - Songs Of The Jade Label [Numero]


"The rawest DIY gospel ever resurrected. The West Side of Chicago was just an annex of the deep rural South for Gene Autry Cash and his flock of recent Old Dominion transplants looking to cut their fiery, unadorned sounds indelibly to plastic. His Jade label absorbed those God-fearing artists: family bands with wailing kids and barely amateur groups sourced from local parishes, infused with reverberations of country and western and deep soul. Glinting authenticity shines from every track like a diamond in the unpolished rough—each group completely convinced that salvation comes through song." - Numero Group

LP - White Hills - Walks For Motorists (With Bonus 12in Drives For Pedestrians)


"White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper-conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. That progressive aesthetic is at the heart of White Hills’ newest album Walks For Motorists, a radically stripped-down record that emphasizes rhythm and groove. The album bursts forth with a new kind of intensity, one born out of laser-focused precision and detail-oriented songwriting. Possibly surprising to fans familiar with the Hawkwindian guitar squall of earlier albums, the songs on Walks For Motorists began as a keyboard melody or bass line, and several songs on the album don’t even feature guitar at all. This is propulsive, open music, surreal to its core but made to inspire people to get out of their seats and move.

Walks For Motorists was recorded with David Wrench (Caribou, Bear in Heaven, FKA Twigs, Owen Pallet) at Bryn Derwen Recording Studio in Bethesda, Wales which borders the Snowdonia National Forest.  The band had 24-hour access to the studio, which allowed them to work whenever inspiration struck. Wrench’s expertise producing and mixing electronic music was an essential asset when perfecting the crisp tones heard throughout the record. This is the first album the band has recorded outside of New York City, and the vast, rolling Welsh landscape that surrounded the studio influenced the album’s uncluttered sound. Walks For Motorists is also White Hills’ most diverse album to date. Fuzzed-out rockers sit comfortably next to kraut-infused grooves, and there are more vocal contributions from Ego than ever before.

White Hills has been developing an entirely new live set focusing on new music, and will be playing many major festivals in 2015, including Roadburn, Primavera, and ATP Iceland. As anyone who has seen the band knows, they can command stages both gargantuan and intimate, and are one of the most legendary live acts in psychedelic rock today. The band’s relentless touring of the US and Europe has gained them a massive grassroots following worldwide, and even more touring is planned throughout 2015." - Thrill Jockey

LP - Zone Six - Love Monster - Edition of 500 on Splatter Color Vinyl - Import


"A full Eleven Years after their last LP -and openly admitting to being “lazy bastards” - Zone Six finally reconvene for a new full length for Deep Distance; in the process delivering the third LP for The Great Pop Supplement / Deep Distance labels’ extended Electric Moon family over the last six months or so.

“Love Monster” contains 4 mind shredding kraut / psych extended slow burners and feature the bands’ mesmerising, trademark metronomic bass and drum backdrop to formidable swirling, oscillating synths and guitar freakouts.

This is a monster, both in name and nature... the musicianship is outstanding from all concerned, the 'freakout' level is on a permanent, reassuringly acid drenched high and essentially what we have here is a blistering collection of psychedelic, kraut-infused space rock; and, yet again, Deep Distance has a real winner on its hands.

Dressed in a beautiful Lulu Artwork sleeve and on coloured wax in a pressing of 500, Everything from both label and artist goes in the blink of an eye so to snooze etc…." - Great Pop Supplement

7in - Silver Abuse - Fall From Grace - Original 1982 Stock On Schwa

Dead stock copies of the only EP from Chicago's legendary punks Silver Abuse!!!


"Silver Abuse is sometimes credited as being Chicago’s first punk band. It was founded in 1977 by Santiago Durango (later of Naked Raygun and Big Black) on guitar, Bill Mehan on guitar and vocals, Camillo Gonzales on bass and Bob Damrau behind the drums. The lineup was constantly shifting- starting with Durango leaving to form Naked Raygun in 1978. This opened the door for all manner of Chicago oddballs to serve time in the Silver Abuse ranks- from Jaqui Disler on vocals to Dave Purdie on keyboards and Donnie Krattner squealing on the sax.

The Chicago punk scene at the time wasn't yet segregated with genre-labels...the scene was still small and everyone knew each other. I use the term No-Wave to loosely describe Silver Abuse as they took a more nihilistic “fuck it” approach than the straight-forward punk that dominated the scene at the time. They delighted in irritating crowds with a deliberately experimental and atonal sound that was shat out with intentionally offensive titles. Their songs were mostly Dada-like nonsense (Cuban-Homo Farm, Pink Port Please and Dogs Laughed At Us) which were, as keyboardist Dave Purdie puts it, "mostly inspired by stumbling across three words that rhymed and slapping a few chords around them." Usually singer Jaqui Disler ad-libbed frantic rants based loosely on the song titles. Silver Abuse's conceptual approach to punk was akin to Electric Eels and Flipper; there were few like-minded bands in town at the time aside from Chicago's other head-scratchers, End Result." -


AC/DC For Those About To Rock (Still Sealed) $49.99
Guru Guru Dance Of The Flames $29.99
Alice Cooper Pretties For You (On Straight w/ Yellow Censor Sticker) $49.99
Lolita Original Sound Track Recording $29.99
Beach Boys Pet Sounds (Original Stereo Pressing) $74.99
Los Microwaves Life After Breakfast $29.99
Don Muro  It's Time (Still Sealed) $74.99
Iron Maiden Holy Smoke $39.99
Los Crudos Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras $29.99
Various Artists Three Minute Symphony $69.99
Bernard Herrmann Marnie Soundtrack $29.99
Fuzz s/t (Clear Vinyl) $39.99
Ministry With Sympathy $29.99
Fripp & Eno No Pussyfooting $29.99
Fats Navarro The Fabulous $74.99
Jimmy McGriff Groove Grease (Still Sealed) $69.99
Bedhead Beheaded $39.99
Fruupp The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes $149.99
Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel $39.99
Los Tres Reyes Con Cheito Gonzalez $49.99


Black Sabbath Black Sabbath (white label promo) $29.99
Deer Tick Black Dirt Sessions $49.99
Cabaret Voltaire Red Mecca $29.99
Can Flow Motion $29.99
Clinic Walking With Thee $29.99
Civil Wars Barton Hollow (Signed) $49.99
David Bowie The Man Who Sold the World $29.99
Miles Davis Nefertiti $29.99
v/a Cottage Chees from the Lips of Death: a Texas Hardcore Compilation (Still Sealed) $29.99
Chameleons John Peel Sessions (Still Sealed) $29.99
Francoise Hardy Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp.. $39.99
Heldon IV $29.99
Leyland Kirby When We Parted My Heart Wanted to Die (Part 1) $29.99
Mississippi John Hurt Today $29.99
Mississippi John Hurt the Imortal $29.99
Jimi Hendrix Band of Gipsies $29.99
McDonald and Giles McDonald and Giles $49.99
Lifestream Land of HU (Private Press Cosmic Folk) $29.99
Mummies Party at Steve's House (Still Sealed) $49.99
Major Accident Massacred Melodies $29.99
My Bloody Valentine Sunny Sundae Smile $149.99
Love Forever Changes $99.99
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back $29.99
Iggy Pop The Idiot $29.99
Metallica Master of Puppets $29.99
Pink Floyd Saucerful of Secrets $39.99
Ramones Rocket to Russia $29.99
Riechmann Wunderbar $39.99
Skinny Puppy VIVIsecVI $29.99
Suns of Arqa Revenge of the Mozabites $39.99
Michael Rother Katzenmusik $39.99
Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins $39.99
Sam Samudio Sam, Hard and Heavy $29.99
v/a RE:Generation $49.99
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother's Milk $29.99
Skatt Bros. Walk the Night (12" Promo) $29.99
v/a Sound of Hollywood 3 $29.99
Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc $29.99
Suicide Suicide $79.99
Alan Vega Alan Vega $29.99
V.3 Photograph Burns $69.99
Tom Waits Heartattack and Vine $29.99
Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub $29.99
Robert Wyatt Old Rottenhat $29.99



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