Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey Everybody,
This week finds new titles from Mikal Cronin on Merge, a new batch of Hozac jamz with Sueves, Repairs, Nun and the 20th anniversary edition of the debut Chrome Cranks LP as well as a new one from Bill Fay, a slew of Thin Lizzy Reissues and few more gems await in the list below…
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7in - Bad Axe - Coachman b/w Poor Man, Run (Ltd 300) A mere 10 copies left of the hard rockin' archival jammer from '73!

7in - Sneakers - Children Into People EP (Ltd 500) Early Perm release, CAVE side-project, 6 copies then it's OOP.

LP - Afflicted Man - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Official 2013 Reissue, Repress, Black Wax, Ltd 300) 19 copies of this acid fried punk record still lookin' for a good home.

LP - Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Tune in while you still can, under 10 copies to go.

LP - Heater - God and Hair (Regular Edition on Black Vinyl) Columbia Missouri's short lived DIY RNR summer jammer, less than 15 copies are still in the mix.

LP - Leather Slave - Leather Slave (Oxblood Wax, Ltd 100) 2 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl left, c'mon creeps, there's still time!

LP - MERX - 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea (White Wax, Ltd 100) Only 20 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl! Come up for air and grip a copy!

LP - Psyclones - Different Thinking People (Regular Black Vinyl) Just 2 copies left. Get weird! Think different!

LP - Purling Hiss - Purling Hiss  (Regular Edition Black Vinyl) Fully printed jacket version is still with us thanks to a warehouse find! Only 15 copies left of this now classic Hiss debut by Mr. Mike Polizze! Screen printed tour edition stock is dwindling as well...

LP - Rectal Hygienics - Ultimate Purity (Black Vinyl)
Just released at the end of this past February and already down to under 30 copies! Very fresh. Very freaky. Very gnarly. Hot! Hot! Hot!


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
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This Week's New Featured Releases and Reissues

LP - Mikal Cronin - MCIII

Limited Color Wax


Tape - Mikal Cronin - MCIII


 "On May 4, Mikal Cronin will return with MCIII. Marked by the lush arrangements, stunning melodies, and deeply personal lyrical work for which Cronin is now known, the album is also a deliberate attempt to simply “go big.”

As he did on his self-titled 2011 debut and 2013’s MCII, Cronin arranged and played nearly all of the record himself, including the tzouras, a traditional Greek string instrument he heard and subsequently bought while on tour in Athens. There’s French horn, saxophone, and trumpet. There are mood-altering crescendos and heartbreaking turns-of-phrase, guitars both gorgeous and pugnacious. No longer satisfied with the sound of “just one string player,” Cronin arranged parts for a full string quartet instead." - Merge

LP - Bill Fay - Who Is The Sender?


CD - Bill Fay - Who Is The Sender?


 "Ask Bill Fay about his relationship with his instrument and he says something revealing, not "Ever since I learnt to play the piano," but "Ever since the piano taught me..." What the piano taught him was how to connect to one of the great joys of his life. "Music gives," he says. And he is a grateful receiver. But, it makes him wonder, "Who is the sender?" Fay - who after more than five decades writing songs is finally being appreciated as one of our finest living practitioners of the art - asserts that songs aren't actually written but found. He recorded two phenomenal but largely overlooked albums for Decca offshoot Nova in 1970 and 1971. After 27 years of neglect, people like Nick Cave, Jim O' Rourke, and Jeff Tweedy were praising those records in glowing terms. Recorded in Ray Davies' Konk Studios, North London, Who Is The Sender? sees Bill expanding upon themes he has touched on from the beginning, spiritual and philosophical questions, observations about the natural world and the people in the city he has lived in all his life." - Dead Oceans

LP - Chrome Cranks - Chrome Cranks 20th Anniversary Edition


"The Lower East Side of 1994 wasn’t the Lower East Side of 1976. Or even the one of 1981. But back then, if you squinted hard enough under the pale, hazy streetlamps of Ludlow Street, there were still glimpses of ghosts to be had. Twenty years later, though, you could stand in the exact same spot and squint ’til your eyes were ground to dust and much of what you’d see was the glare of gleaming condos. Of course, ranting against so-called redevelopment, especially in New York, is the redundant errand of fools who no longer fit their leather jackets. In the 1990s, however, there were still vivid fumes lingering from those earlier epochs, stinking things up in all the right ways (piss, subway exhaust) and infusing the neighborhood with all the raw adventure and consummate coolness of certain suburban-Midwestern teenage dreams. Dreams that some of us were determined to bodily inhabit, adding our own voices to the mythic choir. It was William’s idea to move the Chrome Cranks to New York. I thought it was crazy. New York was way too competitive. Better to be, as they say, a big fish in a small pond. But of course that was a joke. There was no audience in Cincinnati for the stuff we wanted to play, and the bass and drums slots in the band—which was more of a concept then, really—were rotating doors of distracted, unreliable, or just plain clueless players. So in late 1992 he left to sublet his sister’s Manhattan apartment, returning to Ohio a few months later to record some tunes and help me move up.Once we were there, things happened fast. Jerry joined on bass, and the demo we’d made in Cincinnati started making a buzz. We found a drummer, Phil Rust, and began playing out. We signed to PCP Entertainment and released the “Eight Track Mind” single and a split EP/picture disc with Foetus (AKA Jim Thirlwell, among other evil guises). We replaced Phil with Charles Hanson and began converting our practice space, Funhouse, into a recording studio. Renovations to Funhouse dragged on longer than planned, though, so we recorded these tracks at Waterworks Studio on West 14th Street. Charlie was a good guy and a fine drummer with a long history (he’d played guitar in New Orleans punk pioneers the Normals), but he was conflicted about being in a band by then and it never really felt like he belonged—a feeling he shared, making his point by bucking our shaggy-haired image and shaving his head just in time for our debut album’s photo shoot. (Well played, sir.) But soon after he was gone and it all worked out for the best: We were lucky enough to snare the amazing Bob Bert and never looked back.

Until now, perhaps. And, since we are, I’m reminded of something someone said to me when I was still in Ohio, frustrated as I tried vainly to get the band going while digging myself an ever-deepening rut: “Dude, there’s a lot of shit building up inside of you. And when it finally all comes out—man, that’s gonna be something to hear.” So this record is the sound of it all coming out, at long last, after many years of festering deep inside. Loud and in your fuckin’ face, with these dirty downtown hands tightening their grip around your ripe, choking throat. The only way it could ever come out. The only way that feels right.

-Peter Aaron
Hudson, NY, 2015
For Bill Liest.
Recommended If You Like: Scientists, The Birthday Party, Pussy Galore, Cramps, Pere Ubu, Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Laughing Hyenas, Dead Moon" - Hozac

LP - Jackson Scott - Sunshine Redux


CD - Jackson Scott - Sunshine Redux


"Out of the modern musical abyss comes Jackson Scott, a 22-year-old artist living in Asheville, NC. Finding pure metaphysical euphoria within the depths of cassette recorders and guitar pedals, he enjoys the simple things in life such as playing music with friends and falling into existential voids. After touring extensively in 2013 for his debut album Melbourne, released on Fat Possum Records, Jackson returned home to record an album that he could listen to in absolutely any negative or positive state of mind.

His second album Sunshine Redux is a translation of this paradoxical psyche, a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from 60's flower power to 90's hip-hop production techniques. Veering from nihilistic punk rock explosions to gentle sonic nightmares, it is his most cohesive musical undertaking yet." - Bloodmoss Records

LP - Nun - Nun


"NUN – one of the most powerful bands Melbourne has ever produced, presents their dark-yet-somehow-vibrant vision of electronic pop with their debut self-titled album.

Nun’s sound flows from sinister drone-orgy and hyperkinetic synth-punk to saturated new wave worship by incorporating huge, gnarling basslines, shimmering analogue synthesizer, punishing drum machine and the most malevolent vocal presence since the Dalek.

From the first few seconds of opening track ‘Immersion II’, it is clear that the lean minimal buzz of their debut 7” Solvents (on cult Melbourne label Nihilistic Orbs) was merely one sparkling facet of a much more monstrous body of work. Their debut album veers from perfectly crafted electronic pop to intense industrial noise, with singer Jenny Branagan’s scathing lyrical vision always rising to occupy the central point of focus.

Song structures are simple, considered and direct – everything is fine-tuned to ensure maximum sonic devastation. Synthesizers spit juddering sequences over a dark melodic backdrop that alternates between sinister atonality and serene melancholy, while insistent percussion cracks time beneath Branagan’s formidable vocals which range from sweet 1980s pop and detached gothic intonation, to a terrifying yell as the music requires.

Nun’s unrelenting aesthetic sense penetrates every aspect of this record, resulting in a remarkably cohesive work of art. The music is danceable and poppy, it’s sad and incisive, it’s fun, aggressive and heavy as hell. Most impressive of all is its immense force; the effortless delivery belying an overwhelming sense of something very heavy and unpleasant looming just beneath the scintillating pop surface.

Prepare to be immersed.

Be sure to check out NUN in the Noise In My Head: Voices From the Ugly Australian Underground BOOK as well.


Recommended If You Like: Chrisma, Kas Product, Total Control, New Order, Second Layer, Grauzone, Black Bug, Nini Raviolette" - Hozac

LP - Paul de Jong - IF


CD - Paul de Jong - IF


"Paul de Jong is best known as the cofounder, cellist and resident found sound savant of the beloved, defunct collage-pop duo, the Books. Five years after that band delivered their final album, The Way Out, to much acclaim, de Jong delivers his first solo album. IF sets the Books' early albums (particularly The Lemon of Pink) as a starting point, and elevates that beguiling sense of wonder and amazement to genuinely transcendent new heights. De Jong's ability to find the musical in the mundane has always been uncanny - it is part of what made the Books so magical - and that gift is what makes IF such a marvelous curiosity, and such a true pleasure to hear. In de Jong's world, everything around him is a potential instrument: his mind-bogglingly vast collection of forgotten private press regional folk records, spoken-word oddities of indeterminate origin unearthed in discarded thrift store piles, and various everyday household utensils that we tend to take for granted. One man's trash is de Jong's tool to craft yet another treasure. Featuring a handful of friends and family as musical guests, IF steers a course from joyously eccentric folkpop to humorously inside-out jazz, resulting in a refreshing piece of outsider art with a replay value that's off the charts." - Temporary Residence Ltd.

LP - Sleep - Dopesmoker - Picture Disc 2xLP


"In 2011, Southern Lord was contacted by Sleeps’ Al Cisneros about the possibility of releasing a deluxe version of the classic Sleep recording: Dopesmoker. Cisneros wanted to breathe some new life into the old beast and finally have the original vision of the album fully realized. Southern Lord was overwhelmingly ecstatic about the challenge of taking the reigns of one of the most important recordings in the history of Heavy Metal! The Lord version features brand new artwork by long time Sleep artist, Arik Roper, who created something specifically special for the albums’ rebirth. The biggest difference between this new version and the old releases is the phenomenal remastering job by Brad Boatright . His vision was to enhance the original recording without changing it drastically. What he has done makes this epic opus sound invigorated, more powerful with renewed clarity and all-around unbelievably mammoth. His work was enthusiastically approved by the band and considering how focused, vigilant and protective of their masterpiece the band is, that is nothing short of a miracle! Also exclusive to the reborn version of Dopesmoker, is a unreleased live track of one of the best songs the band ever did, Holy Mountain. The cd version of the album is sheltered in a digipac with embossed artwork. Includes unseen photos and a "riff-chart" the band created in order to follow the epic journey that Dopesmoker takes us all on!

Second pressing of the 2X LP picture disc version of Sleeps’ classic, “Dopesmoker” album ! Featuring the now famous artwork by long time Sleep artist: Arik Roper who created something specifically special for the albums' rebirth." - Southern Lord

LP - Thin Lizzy - Fighting - Reissue


"Charged by the creative force of the late Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy combined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal.

If there's an album where the Thin Lizzy as we know them was born - or, perhaps more accurately reborn - then it must surely be 1975's Fighting. It was the band's fifth album in all, and the second with the line-up of Lynott (bass/vocals), Brian Robertson and Scotty Gorham (guitar) and Brian Downey (drums). Previous album, Nightlife served as the stepping stone to Fighting, where the group finally arrived at a style and approach which suited them, and gave Thin Lizzy a sense of focus and purpose for the future." - Mercury

LP - Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox - Reissue


 "Charged by the creative force of the late Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy combined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal.

Johnny The Fox is Thin Lizzy's seventh studio album and second of 1976 following commercial breakthrough Jailbreak. The album was written and recorded while bassist/vocalist Lynott was recovering from a bout of hepatitis that took him off the road halfway through the Jailbreak tour and as a rock album, it stands with the best of Thin Lizzy's output.

Released during the band's peak years of the mid-to-late '70s, Johnny the Fox highlights the twin guitar attack of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson and Lynott's burgeoning songwriting skills - revealing much more focused material while the overall tone is looser than previous offerings. Includes the all-time Thin Lizzy classic "Don't Believe a Word." - Mercury

LP - Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak - Reissue


"Charged by the creative force of the late Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy combined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal.

Originally issued in 1976, Jailbreak is Thin Lizzy's sixth studio album and commercial breakthrough in the U.S. thanks to the omnipresent hit singles "Jailbreak" and "The Boys Are Back in Town." Arguably the band's finest overall, Jailbreak is simultaneously tough and touching, barbarous and balletic.

If Lynott's poetic pretensions sometimes seep through, most of the album shows off his effortless command of power and economy. If heavy rock has a tendency to wrestle each song to the ground with brute force, Thin Lizzy were uniquely capable of the quick kill, the knockout punk, graceful as a boxer or bullfighter. Jailbreak is a testament to that!" - Mercury Records


LP - Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation - Reissue


"Charged by the creative force of the late Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy combined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal.

Originally issued in 1977, Bad Reputation is Thin Lizzy's eighth studio album and it finds the group teaming up with legendary producer Tony Visconti who gives the band a much leaner and tougher sound than earlier efforts. Rivaling Jailbreak as Thin Lizzy's best studio effort, the album climbed to No. 4 in the U.K. and is home to the hit single, "Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)."

There are bands that soundtrack a moment in time and then fade away ingloriously. Then there are those that, long after their demise, retain a sense of immortality. Thin Lizzy will always lie firmly in the latter camp!" - Mercury

LP - Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Blood Lust - 180 Gram



"Imagine the original Alice Cooper band jamming in a cell with early Black Sabbath and the Stooges, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats' fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem. From humble beginnings in the witchy flat lands of Cambridgeshire, England, the group has devolved into an international band of street creeps, burnouts and draft dodgers. In 2012 they unleashed the monumental, internationally feared and revered set of blood-curdling chainsaw anthems known as Blood Lust.

It is a fact that Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have, in recent times, become one of the most talked about rock bands currently in existence. The fact that no one even knew what they looked like until very recently is testimony to the enigma that surrounds this terrifying, yet extremely melodically minded cult. It is another fact that they have become one of the most collectible bands on the planet, with first press vinyl editions of Blood Lust fetching up to and over £700 on the collector’s market. Pretty remarkable for a record that is barely two years old." - Metal Blade Records

CD - Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was


 "Two of Constellation's acclaimed solo instrumental artists join forces on this tremendous new album of original compositions for horn and violin.

Colin Stetson has developed a unique and highly-acclaimed voice as a performer/composer, chiefly on bass and tenor saxophones, rallying an array of technical strengths and innovations to make some of the most captivatingly organic, darkly soulful and otherworldly solo instrumental work of recent years with his New History Warfare trilogy. The solo violin work of Sarah Neufeld has emerged more recently, and especially through 2011-2014, in the period between her primary band Arcade Fire's last two albums; she's forged a distinctive and evocative solo violin practice combining rock, folk, ambient and modernist sensibilities, culminating with her debut solo album Hero Brother in 2013.

'Never were the way she was' charts an expansive sonic trajectory with a multiplicity of structures and voicings that belies the fundamental economy of two acoustic instruments combining in real time. The resulting musical chronicle powerfully establishes its own spatial and temporal horizon; Stetson and Neufeld offer up an impressively immersive integration of composition, performance, timbre and texture. 'Never were the way she was' is a sum quite definitively and thrillingly greater than its parts." - Constellation

7in - MAMA - Night Shoot - Color Wax 2x7in Box


7in - MAMA - Night Shoot - Black Wax 2x7in Box


"Without being nostalgic retreads, Mama manage to evoke middle-western pinball summers of Bondoed ’81 Camaro Z28s, drive-in beer binges, and epic finger bangs under the bleachers.
“Night Shoot”—produced by George and Alex Szegedy from the Peoples Temple—has plenty of focused Lynott vocal and bass propulsion and dark Nielsen guitar hooks, but there’s an aggression to the sound born not of majoring in “Classic Rock” with a “Power-Pop Emphasis,” but rather of years spent honing their shit in the booze-sweat-piss-and-Adderall magik of the house-show circuit."
-Brian Costello" - Automatic Recordings

7in - Repairs - Decay b/w Cycle


 "That’s right, yet another crucial Australian single, from the blackend depths of minimal synth hysteria, and offering up the perfect chaser to the debut Nun LP. Rooted in an electronic nightmare set to overlapping Throbbing Gristle compositions, REPAIRS emerged with a cassette-only release on the upstart Captured Tracks label, which quickly slipped through the cracks back in 2009, but it was the debut 7 on Nihilistic Orbs in 2011 that really knocked us back into their corner. It all starts with that nervous little throb that evolves into a poisonously aromatic night bloom, drowning in an inescapable whisper, as each song emerges and hovers over you.

A deeply electronic sadistic minimalist sound, that’s as primitive as it is demonic, both of these new tracks bleed out of the speakers in slow motion, gripping your world in a vice, bending shadows back and forth until the madness creeps in. The pulsations continue long after the music stops, keeping REPAIRS in the dark, torturous corners of your mind, and carving out another essential release from the Melbourne underground.

Be sure to check out REPAIRS in the Noise In My Head: Voices From the Ugly Australian Underground BOOK as well.


Recommended If You Like: Throbbing Gristle, DAF, Suicide, Neu!, Moon Duo, Nun, LOSP, Data Bank A, Cluster" - Hozac

7in - Sueves - Liquid Hounds b/w Bricks 'N Bones


 "Chicago is clearly in the midst of a new rock’n roll revival, with floods of great new young bands ripping up the spots on a weekly basis, and rising to the top of that immense heap, are The Sueves. Punishing static hiss coupled with tough-as-nails riffs, careen down a belligerent groove, with immense, crushing noise that comes right to a halt, only to resume with even more thunder. Frontman Joe Schorgl’s vocals will get right under your skin, with such a classic scream already in place, and such an agitated delivery, he’s bound for the big time. I mean how else would your band sound if the guitarist from the electric eels was your landlord?

The Sueves blast forth with a blizzard of treble-soaked noise, and once Joe’s spidery guitar, along with Rob’s vicious bass lines, and Andy’s shambolicly acute drumming really kick in together, they just explode, and they’ve clearly got that elusive “tension” so many bands just can’t get right. We’re extremely excited to get this debut 7 out into the world, so don’t sleep on this raw and trashy debut single from one of Chicago’s top bands, busting right out of the gate and right nto your dreams and nightmares. –


Recommended If You Like: Guilty Pleasures, The Reatards, Baseball Furies, Chrome Cranks, MAMA, Gross Pointe, Flesh Panthers" - Hozac


Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Kingdom Come $49.99
Funkadelic Maggot Brain $74.99
Maximum Joy s/t $49.99
Legendary Pink Dots The Golden Age $49.99
Red Crayola Soldier-Talk $29.99
Joy Division She's Lost Control/Atmosphere $29.99
Red Crayola The Parable Of Arable Land $29.99
Magic Second Start $29.99
Negativland Points $29.99
D.A.F. Allies Ist Gut $29.99
Brian Eno Discreet Music $29.99
Toy Dolls Dig The Groove Baby $29.99
Cabaret Voltaire The Voice Of America $39.99
Effigies Haunted Town $99.99
Pere Ubu The Art Of Walking $29.99
Pere Ubu New Picnic Time $29.99
Albatross s/t $199.99
Black Flag Damaged $99.99
Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell El Corazon $29.99
MX-80 Sound Crowd Control $29.99
Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel $29.99
Faust IV $74.99
MC5 Back In The USA $39.99
Washed Out Paracosm (Green Vinyl) $29.99
T.Rex The Slider $29.99
Rolling Stones Exile On Main St. (All 12 Posters) $49.99
Cabaret Voltaire Red Mecca $29.99
Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill's Blues $39.99
Plasmatics Coup D'Etat $29.99
Bob Dylan Greatest Hits (W/ Giant Poster) $39.99
Riechmann Wunderbar $39.99
Chelsea Wolfe Pain Is Beauty $29.99
Slade Perfect $79.99
Shoes Black Vinyl Shoes (on PVC) $39.99
Terry Reid River $29.99
Gong You $29.99
Muddy Waters Electric Mud $49.99
Pharoah Sanders Karma $39.99
Gram Parsons Grievous Angel $29.99


La Dusseldorf Viva $39.99
Premiata Forneria Marconi Per Un Amico $49.99
Tumbleweed Band Hear to Stay $49.99
Michael Rother Flammende Herzen $39.99
Michael Rother Sterntaler $39.99
Pink Floyd Wall $29.99
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti $29.99
Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Paul Desmond Two Knights at the Blackhawk $29.99
Eno Moebius Roedelius After the Heat $29.99
Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa $49.99
Modern Jazz Quartet Concorde $49.99
Steve Roach Traveler $39.99
Rocky Motion Intention (red hexagon shaped wax) $29.99
Riechmann Wunderbar $39.99
Colgate-Palmolive Opportunity Unlimited $39.99
Paul Clayton Folk Singer $29.99
Bobby Brown Enlightening Beam of Axonda $29.99
Les Irresistibles Story of Baxter Williams $34.99
Psyclones s/t $29.99
Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland $99.99
Depeche Mode 101 $39.99
Adam Welcome Back $74.99
Dictators Go Girl Crazy (Test Pressing) $39.99
Durutti Column Without Mercy (Test Pressing) $74.99
Malcom Cecil Radiance $69.99
Cro-Mags Best Wishes $49.99
Barracudas Endeavour to Persevere (test pressing and 7") $49.99
Alice Coltrane Universal Consciousness $29.99
Funeral Funeral $99.99
Felt Goldmine Trash (test pressing) $74.99
Eastern Dark Long Live the New Flesh (Test Pressing) $39.99
F/i Space Mantra $39.99
Jose Mangual Jr. Latin Rhythm & Moods $29.99
Kraftwerk Computer World (German Pressing) $49.99
Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1980 $49.99
Hector Lavoe La Voz $29.99
Hector Lavoe Comedia $29.99
Love Da Capo $49.99
Mac Enuff of Tis Sh-t! $49.99
Elton Motello Victim of Time $39.99
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News $29.99
Need Obviously Four Believers $74.99
New Order Power Corruption and Lies (Test Pressing) $99.99
New Order Confusion 12" (Test Pressing) $34.99
Charlie Palmieri Latin Bugalu $49.99
Eric B. & Rakim Paid in Full $29.99
v/a Songs the Swahili Sing: Classics from the Kenya Coast $29.99
Ciccone Youth Whitey Album $99.99
Todd Rundgren Radio Sampler $79.99
v/a Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the USSR $39.99
Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound / Pa' Fuera $29.99
Horace Silver Quintet Doin' the Thing at the Village Gate $49.99
Bobby Rodriguez yLa Compania Latin from Manhattan $29.99
Sonora Poncena Musical Conquest $29.99
Sonora Poncena El Gigante Del Sur $29.99
v/a Folk Music in America Vol. 9: Songs of Death & Tragedy $29.99
TV Ghost Disconnect (ltd Yellow Wax) $29.99
Cal Tjader Aqua Dulce $29.99
Virgin Circus Comic Opera Kingdom $29.99



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    Charlie Overbey and the Broken Arrows
    6:30 PM * ALL AGES
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    6:30 PM * ALL AGES
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