Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Everybody,
We're breaking into spring with an ultra limited one time repress of the Anals "Total Anal" LP we originally released back in 2009.  This time around it is an edition of 50 copies in screenprinted fold over covers.  Also this week we have new jams from Trouble In Mind with Hiiragi Fukuda and Lejonskaktet, a new ripper from Male Gaze on Castle Face, a new one from King Khan & BBQ Show on In The Red, a new tape of industrial noise from Clotting on Diseased Audio and some choice restocks of killer records we've raved about in days/weeks/months/years past!  … On to the list!

Also both the Chicago and the Los Angeles shops are getting quality used LPs, 7ins and CDs in all the time so come on by either location and dig in, we're sure you'll find something you like.  A sampling of some of the used LPs showing up at both shops can be found in lists at the very bottom of this newsletter.

Chicago Shop Whoseywhat'sits

We kept it quiet this weekend, but fear not, we have some great in stores and DJ nights lined up for May!  So stay tuned friends and fiends!

Los Angeles Howdayados

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Los Angeles shop on Saturday for the wonderful in store performance from The Rain Parade!

Charlie Overbey and the Broken Arrows will be playing the shop in early May!  We'll keep you posted!


Have you been snoozin'? Lucky for you, there's still time to wake up. Many of the still in-print Permanent Label Releases are nearly sold out!

7in - Exit - The Exit E.P. (Black Wax, Ltd 400) Still available due to warehouse find! Already down to less than 5 copies left documenting this ultra obscure late 70's Chicago punk band!

7in - Bad Axe - Coachman b/w Poor Man, Run (Ltd 300) A mere 12 copies left of the hard rockin' archival jammer from '73!

7in - Sneakers - Children Into People EP (Ltd 500) Early Perm release, CAVE side-project, 6 copies then it's OOP.

LP - Afflicted Man - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Official 2013 Reissue, Repress, Black Wax, Ltd 300) 20 copies of this acid fried punk record still lookin' for a good home.

LP - Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Tune in while you still can, under 10 copies to go.

LP - Heater - God and Hair (Regular Edition on Black Vinyl) Columbia Missouri's short lived DIY RNR summer jammer, less than 15 copies are still in the mix.

LP - Leather Slave - Leather Slave (Oxblood Wax, Ltd 100) Under 5 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl left, c'mon creeps, there's still time!

LP - MERX - 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea (White Wax, Ltd 100) Only 20 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl! Come up for air and grip a copy!

LP - Psyclones - Different Thinking People (Regular Black Vinyl) Just 2 copies left. Get weird! Think different!

LP - Purling Hiss - Purling Hiss  (Regular Edition Black Vinyl) Fully printed jacket version is still with us thanks to a warehouse find! Only 15 copies left of this now classic Hiss debut by Mr. Mike Polizze! Screen printed tour edition stock is dwindling as well...

LP - Rectal Hygienics - Ultimate Purity (Black Vinyl)
Just released at the end of this past February and already down to under 40 copies! Very fresh. Very freaky. Very gnarly. Hot! Hot! Hot!


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
"Every Wednesday.  Black Boar - 1630 Colorado Blvd.  10-2am. Rock'n'Roll Partytime! With Lance Bummer and Special Guests. Drink specials. Excellent adventures, only.  Absolutely, no bogus journeys. Get down."


Running out of room, need to clear some space, going on the lam? Regardless of the reason, before you unload your unwanted records and digital media, please bring them to us for CASH or STORE CREDIT!  One man's trash is another man's treasure and we treasure all sorts of quote un-quote trash!  Before you donate your stuff or have a yard sale, drop us a line.  We'll probably pay more (without haggling) than you'll ever get at a garage sale and often times we'll buy it all in one shot.  It doesn't get much easier that!  So remember, when you wanna sell your stuff, SELL IT TO US!  Please and thank you!
P.S. We make house calls for collections.  Drop us a line to make an appointment.

Permanent Label is Portable!

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When you buy a record from Permanent Chicago by an artist playing at The Empty Bottle, we can get you on the Guest List (with a few exceptions).

Check the full list below and hit us up:

This Week's New Featured Releases and Reissues

LP - Anals - Total Anal - 2015 Hand Screen Printed Reissue



Metz France seems to be teeming with great bands these days. Cheveu Feeling of Love Normals and A.H. Kraken are just the tip of this incredibly huge Metz iceberg. Many of these bands share members but they all have their very own sound. The Anals sound is similar to the aforementioned bands in their abrasive weird punk base but this duo is more obliviously influenced by the German industrial electropunk group D.A.F. (via the Brainbombs) than any of their peers. Their single on Sweet Rot sold out almost immediately and the demand prompted a repress. Now heres your chance to hear this unique duo?s entire recorded output. This anthology LP includes both songs from the single plus ten previously unreleased tracks.

LP - Hiiragi Fukuda - Seacide

Limited Color Wax


"Hiiragi Fukuda turned a lot of “heads” with his 2013 album “My Turntable Is Slow” - released on NY label Selection Records. For many outside of his hometown of Tokyo, Japan it was their first introduction to the guitarist & experimental musician. TiM hopes to carry his name into 2015 with the release of “Seacide” - Fukuda’s first foray into synthesizer music.

Orginally released as a criminally limited cassette on Sloow Tapes, “Seacide” is entirely instrumental & improvised, with Side A (the “synth” side) executed on a Yamaha monophonic synth, it’s hypnotic drones & pulses echoing out of his practice amplifier and carving out sonic territory akin to NY pioneers Suicide as well as UK Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle. ‘Trochos’s metallic heartbeat radiates a meditative spirituality while the back & forth sway of “Sharpener” conjures up images of 8-bit generated waves cascading over a computer-coded sea side. Side B (the “guitar side”) features Fukuda’s stratocaster, with opener “Seashells” easing out a fragile, mechanical lullaby, while album closer “Breeze” features more of Fukuda’s soulful finger-picking atop a jaunty bossa beat. The album was recorded in just two days by Fukuda himself in his Tokyo bedroom, with a Boss DD-6 (as a Loop machine - it can record only 5.2 seconds) & captured sonically by a Sony TCM-400 onto a cheap cassette tape (made in indonesia).

This edition of “Seacide” comes pressed onto lemon-lime vinyl & includes a download code. The album is also released on CD & available via the digital format.

RIYL: Suicide, Les Rallizes Denudes, Ruth White, Matchess, Throbbing Gristle" - Trouble In Mind

7in - Lejonskaktet - Vaderkvarn

Mixed Color Wax


"Swedish band Lejonskäktet was formed in the studio by long-time friends Volter Hagman & Alexander Eldefors, who have grown up together in the northern snowy mountain forests of Sweden, writing & playing music together in various incarnations since 2008. The duo recorded a digital- only EP as Lejonsläktet in late 2014, but the Vädkervarn 7-inch marks the project’s debut in the physical format. “Vädkervarn” slithers off the A-side, with a woozy organ line, it’s loping groove balanced by the duo’s vocal harmonies culled from decades of Sweden’s long psychedelic history from Träd Gräs Och Stenar to Düngen. “Tryggheten Rus” rockets off the flip side; a jaunty instrumental replete with bubbling vibes & synth, and scorching pick slides that shimmy’s it’s way next to Stereolab & Perrey-Kingsley in your record collection. The “Vädkervarn” 7-inch is pressed in an edition of 500 copies on randomly-mixed vinyl, is housed in the TiM company sleeve & includes a download code! Look for more Lejonsläktet soon from Trouble In Mind, but in the meantime, good luck prying this one off the decks!

RIYL: Düngen, Tame Impala, Jacco Gardner, Stereolab, Träd Gräs Och Stenar" - Trouble In Mind

LP - Anatomy Of Habit - Anatomy Of Habit



Anatomy Of Habit is one of Chicago's best-kept secrets.  A five headed bone-rattling machine of industrialized power and dark subtly.  This is their first LP, a self released 2 side-long tracks affair that draws a line in the sand, parts seas and ascends to the heavens.  Anatomy Of Habit are hard to pin down or categorize but they combine elements of post-punk, death-rock, early industrial and repetitive doom to create huge and uncomprimising pieces of music that build and burst and churn and lurch and pummel and destroy and you get the idea.  Channeling influences of early Swans, Joy Division, Neurosis, The Sisters Of Mercy, Anatomy Of Habit sound like all and none of these as they have culminated a sound so completely their own with clean single picked guitar patterns that explode into distorted cacophony with gut rumbling bass and pounding drums and metal percussion that requires work gloves to perform all helmed by a powerful and charismatic voice.  With members coming from varied backgrounds and other projects like Bloodyminded, Animal Law, Plague Bringer, No Funeral and Three Cheers For One Dead Man, Anatomy Of Habit have an alchemy all their own that punishes while drawing the listener in at the same time.  Anatomy Of Habit use tension and repetition to create slow burn hypnotic sonics that are full of life and a haunting beauty that leave the listener with an eerie disturbance that all is not well.  And do not miss the chance to witness this live, it is an spectacle that will long stay with you after its over.  The LP comes housed in a black die-cut sleeve with their "Five Nails" logo cut out to reveal a silvery cosmos underneath that is thick Euro style sleeve.  Mastered at Chicago mastering Service by one Bob Weston, this record soars out of the speakers and takes your breath away.  We are couldn’t be more jazzed to be able to introduce you to one of thee best bands going in Chicago via vinyl.  Obviously, this LP comes with our highest of recommendations.  Grab this slab and prepare to habitually scare the neighbors, anatomically.

LP - Black Keys - Thickfreakness

Red in Red Color Wax Reissue


"While the vast majority of post-punk bands who have an obvious taste for the blues seem to enjoy taking the style apart and messing around with the bits and pieces, the Black Keys are the (relative) traditionalists within the subgenre. With their two-piece, no-bass format, there's no room for clutter or wank, and the raunchy fuzz of Dan Auerbach's guitar (and drummer Patrick Carney's production) owes more to the Gories/Blues Explosion/White Stripes school of aural grime than anything else, but look past all that and the Black Keys are a straight-up blues band who could probably cut an album for Alligator if they were willing to clean up their act and fill out the lineup. And Alligator would doubtless be glad to have 'em -- the Black Keys's wail is hot, primal, and heartfelt, and Auerback's lean but meaty guitar lines and room-filling vocals drag the blues into the 21st century through sheer force of will without sounding like these guys are in any way mocking their influences. In short, if you're looking for irony, you're out of luck; if you want to hear a rock band confront the blues with soul, muscle, and respect, then Thickfreakness is right up your alley. Points added for the fact that the Black Keys performed, recorded, and produced Thickfreakness all by their lonesome in a single day -- further proof these guys are not messing around." - Fat Possum

LP - Brian Jonestown Massacre - My Bloody Underground



 Anton Newcombe's tribute to The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine run through his drug damaged mind and reassembled with his usual "Stones in the mental ward" vibe.  Fogged out stoner nodders with occasional  sonic meanderings and a solo piano piece.  Highly Recommended.

LP - Great Plains - Sum Things Up - Original 1987 Stock



"Here Ron House follows through on his titles, sum of them bigger and better than the one on the cover--the projected J.C. Mellencamp cover "Alfalfa Omega" and definitely "Martin Luther King and Martin Luther Drinking," both of whom Ron counts as heroes. Fact is, this English major is bidding to become a Tom Waits or August Darnell of the garage, which could use some lit. Since his thrift-shop finds are purchased to cover rather than adorn his nakedness, his adenoids will never follow Frank's frog to Broadway or Creole's tail to Carnegie Hall. So you'd better catch him at his practice space. Watch out for oil stains. A-" - Robert Christgau

LP - Great Plains - Colorized! - Original 1989 Stock



"Having already recorded numerous EPs, LPs, and 7"s, Columbus, OH's the Great Plains were becoming something of critical darlings (drawing praise from everyone from Greil Marcus to Yo La Tengo), despite their inability to tap in to the sizable audience their music deserved. In 1989 Diablo Records, an offshoot of Elvis Costello's Demon label, decided the time was right to release what was, in essence, a greatest-hits album, despite the fact that the band never had a hit in the traditional sense, though they did gain airplay on Dr. Demento's radio show with their quirky new wave novelty, "Letter to a Fanzine." The release of Colorized! was intended to serve as the band's introduction to European audiences prior to the release of their next album and subsequent tour. Unfortunately, the Great Plains disbanded before their next album was recorded. Overflowing with Ron House's snotty vocals and the odd amalgam of '60s-inspired organ-fueled new wave and country-tinged punk that had become the Great Plains' sound, Colorized! collected the band's catchiest songs, among them a version of "Serpent Mound," as well as odes to U.S. presidents with "Rutherford B. Hayes" and "Lincoln Logs," and the criminally ignored-by-radio clap-along "Dick Clark." Also included in this 14-song collection are less snide and more introspective tracks like "Same Moon" and what the band calls "an extremely unfaithful" but effective rendition of Leonard Cohen's "The War." Surely not complete enough for die-hard Great Plains fans, especially in light of the notable absence of "Chuck Berry's Orphan," Colorized! serves as an excellent introduction into the world of the Great Plains as it displays only the band's strongest material (pulled largely from Naked at the Buy, Sell, and Trade), unlike many greatest-hits packages that insist upon tacking on throwaway B-sides and rarities." -

LP - King Khan And BBQ Show - Bad News Boys



 "After a five-year hiatus, rock ’n’ roll’s renegade-angel savior The King Khan & BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-brow rockers!Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the King Khan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. Their raw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ’n’ roll, soul and punk is drenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and Mark Sultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake—it takes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off.Bad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselves when they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened to revert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing. Bad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs—from the beautifully soulful “Buy Bye Bhai” to the juvenile and obnoxious “D.F.O.” (which stands for “Diarrhea Fuck Off”)—with all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fans has come to expect.In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster of successes, trials and tribulations that would’ve buried lesser men: They’ve played with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touring schedule has included countries where few bands venture. They’ve been kicked off tours. They’ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues in the world. They’ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable. They’ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were hand-picked by Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They were ejected from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They’ve suffered mental and physical exhaustion. They’ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushing lows. They’ve broken up. They’ve gotten back together. Through it all, they continually make incredible and real rock ’n’ roll music like no one else, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high." - In The Red

LP - Male Gaze - Gale Maze



"Blow-out enthusiasts, make ready to scarf this down without chewing: “How many licks does it take to get to the spider egg in the center of this sugar bomb? “You got the jitters, and dude, there’s blood on your shirt. “I like gore with my goth.  “Hey, you got your pop sensibilities on my explosion!” Strong vocals à la Modern English, back-beat complete and foamy bass bleached onto half-inch tape specially for Castle Face. Seven headstrong tunes to clatter your phonograph needle. I’ve always loved Matt Jones’s (ex-Blasted Canyons) vocal stylings, rich with tenor muscle flexes. Over the top in its endeavors and reaching, always reaching. Primal gas-guzzler drumming, center speaker from Adam Cimino sets the ear up for a beating. And hell, it’s got the old (and I mean old) bass player, Mark Kaiser, from Mayyors; solid-state aggression at its mid-low, knuckle-dragging finest. A slap in the brain done up nicely here on wax. Enjoy. —John Dwyer" - Castle Face

LP - Morgan Delt - Morgan Delt (Black Vinyl)


“Psychic Death Hole”, the ultra limited 6 song cassette released early in 2013 introduced the world to Morgan Delt’s self-produced, genre-bending flavor of brown acid-dosed flowerdelia. Equal parts Odyssey & Oracle’ and ‘Parable of Arable Land’, Morgan Delt ’s debut S/T LP expands on those initial tracks and brings forth one a fully realized glimpse into the California native’s twisted brain.

Morgan cites influences from Curt Boettcher to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and rounds it out with golden age sunset stip heavies like The Byrds and Love. It ’s all in there; obsessively studied, mastered and then mutated. Side one opens with the one/two punch of ‘Make My Grey Brain Green’ and ‘Barbarian Kings’ blasting apart 40 years of pop-psych and stitching it back together in a way that is both familiar but also refreshingly new. ‘Beneath the Black and Purple’ soars with a chiming guitar grumble right out of ‘8 Miles High.’’ & “Chakra Sharks” squirms it ’s way out of the speakerslike a snake - oiled up with the stink of not only what came before, but what ’s happening NOW. The drums pound hard & heavy, while the backups “la-la-la” all over your noggin like a Frankenstein version of The Flaming Lips & Thee Oh Sees. Each track worms it ’s way into your brain and takes hold. The finale ‘Main Title Sequence’, is all Stu Phillips-worship, right out of the soundtrack to your favorite 60’s cult classic with it ’s angelic backing vocals and lilting tremolo lead but somehow still buzzes with a modern current. As Morgan so keenly described his notion on the current state of genre bending music “I think we’ve become unstuck in time and everything is going to happen all at once from now on.” The vinyl edition of ‘Morgan Delt’ includes a download code!

RIYL: Flaming Lips, Ariel Pink, Thee Oh Sees, Curt Boettcher, Red Krayola, Byrds, Love, White Fence" -Trouble In MInd

LP - Sibylle Baier - Colour Green



 We don't repeatedly listen to a whole lot of singer/songwriter stuff around here, but this one's been a shop fave ever since it's release back in 2006 on Orange Twin. It's the kind of record that'll send chills up your spine and gives you goose pimples on your forearms. Reportedly the tunes were recorded in the early 70s at home on reel-to-reel and weren't shared with anyone until three decades later when her son dubbed some copies for family members. Somehow, a copy fell in to J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.'s hands and it was finally released on Orange Twin in 2006. It, like the Jeff Mangum solo record, has been out-of-print for years, but thanks to American Dust, the same label who released "Live At Jittery Joes", it's been given a second wind on wax. Here's the label's description:

"Recorded in the early '70s in her home on a reel-to-reel tape deck, SIBYLLE BAIER's Colour Green paints intimate portraits of life's sad and fragile beauty. Baier and her music appeared in the 1973 Wim Wenders film Alice in the Cities, but her recordings were never released, and only shared with family and friends. It's said that "Remember the Day," the first song she ever wrote, was inspired by a road trip to the Alps with a friend during a dark period in her youth. Upon return, Baier pulled out her reel-to-reel and preserved these intimate thoughts and feelings on tape. Though she eventually chose family and motherhood over a music career, the bare, hushed folk songs on Colour Green, first released in 2006, have elevated her to the realm of revered cult performers such as Vashti Bunyan, Nico and Bridget St. John. After an extremely limited initial pressing (copies of which have fetched large sums via online auction sites), Colour Green is finally available again on vinyl."

"Colour Green" is a perfect morning time record. The songs will catch your ear upon first listen and stay with you for years. It's one of our favorite all-time singer/songwriter folk records and arguably the best "Colour Green" is a perfect morning time record. The songs will catch your ear upon first listen and stay with you for years. It's one of our favorite all-time singer/songwriter folk records and arguably the best record in the genre. No joke. It's captivating and timeless. Highly recommended, especially for folks who dig Nico, Vashti Bunyan, and bleak, simple, mellow singer/songwriter stuff.

LP - Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Straight To Video



 "It seems inconceivable now, but back in ’91, foreseeing the impact of Nirvana’s Nevermind on America’s underground music scene, or the subsequent feeding frenzy, was virtually impossible. Overzealous major-label A&R reps stalked this nation’s bars ’n’ basements for the next few years like ravenous chickens in pursuit of an elusive grasshopper they couldn’t see but knew existed. It had to! Many alt-rock Orthopterida were snared, none of whose stridulations seemed to resonate in a manner deemed by the greedy as a prerequisite for sure-fire bankability, and thus the hunt continued. By 1995 an enterprising yardbird strutting his stuff for the Onion label (a division of Rick Rubin’s American Records) had pecked his way down the trail to Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. And before you could say “Coq au Vin,” a deal was struck and their sneeringly great debut LP, Bait & Switch was (ostensibly) available for mainstream consumption from Caribou, Maine, to San Ysidro, California. How well it sold is a quandary to explore on a day far rainier than this, but it was chock full of the band’s best numbers (at the time), an inexplicable Electric Eels cover, and a scabrous stab at the Rock & Hall Of Fame, which, predictably, garnered the most widespread attention. Whatever, something must’ve been working, ’cause unlike their label peers (V-3 and Stiffs Inc.), TJSA turned in a follow-up long player, Straight To Video, and it was a hummer.
But Onion had other ideas, foremost of which was a quick vamoose into the ether of non-existence. The label shuttered its doors, and in one fell swoop, the band was paid for, then handed back, their effort. And so ended TJSA’s brush in the bigs. Undaunted, they began the search for its next home, calling on labels such as Treble Kicker, Vinyl Communications, and Roadrunner, only to be ignored time and again. A pall of uncertainty loomed, with the fate of band’s finest effort hanging in the balance, when suddenly, local label Anyway Records — flush from the proceeds of winning an Ohio State pie-eating contest — stepped forward to grant Straight To Video the mortality it so richly deserved (“mortality” being code for “CD only”). Fanfare was zero. Not even a press release. However, the distribution was solid enough, but to a person, every fan of Straight To Video would tell you it was meant for the grandeur of vinyl, not the cheap vacancy of a compact disc. As sophomore efforts go, the numbers that this is better than (J. Geils Band’s The Morning After, for sure) far outweigh those it is not (Born In A Barn is a tough one to top). Ron House’s lyrics peak with his inimitable wit and wisdom, his delivery as rich as Chinese takeout for Sunday dinner. Guitarist Bob Petric tempers those pummeling, EVH-like power chords with soaring, uncanny Schenker-esque fluidity while the rhythm section of bassist Craig Dunson and drummer Ted Hattemer rudder this fucker with such precision, the best thing you can say about ’em is you almost don’t even know they’re there.
It’s taken almost 20 years for justice to find its mark, but Kellie Morgan’s Straight To Video, THE LABEL, has made it possible for Straight To Video, THE RECORD. So, to quoteth the bard (aka Ron House), “When the entertainment ends, that’s when the fun begins.” So whaddaya say? Let’s get this party started! –Tom Lax (Ambatofinandrahana, Madagascar, 2015)" - Straight To Video Records

7in - Bodysnatchers - Bodysnatchers EP - Original 1978 Stock



Early, rare and killer Lone Star State punk rock as featured on BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS!!!!  Need we say more?

7in - Jupiter Prophet - 35000 Feet - Original Stock



We've acquired yet another private press anomaly here at Permanent Records in the form of Jupiter Prophet's "35000 Feet" b/w "Sayanata Vondata" single.  The address on the center label says this is from Kansas City, yet it was manufactured in Canada.  We're not entirely sure where this lovely little oddball single comes from but it is seemingly from some quaint corner of outerspace.  "35000 Feet" starts off with a jarring blast that sounds like Brion Gysin's "Pistol Poem" or perhaps someone whacking a pipe on an aluminum storm door only to give way to a hypnotic arppegiating synth line and a pleasantly sing-songed vocal that gives the track it's real charm.  The juxtaposition of the melodic vocals and synth with the dissonance of the cracking rhythm really makes this an unique song.  On the flip we have the instrumental "Sayanata Vondata" that is a kaleidoscopic affair of mesmerizing synth lines that plays out like an interlude and recalls the sound of Cluster, Klaus Schulze and Moebious et al.  You all know we love us some outsider weirdness and this one has a sound all its own!  These are original 1986 private press copies that come housed in a white paper sleeve and are most certainly recommended.

7in - Lance Romance (aka Kim Fowley) - California Sunshine b/w Hollywood Nites



 Glam tinged R'n'R from Kim Fowley dedicated to Rodney Bingenheimer from 1974 on Now Records.  Two songs about trashy California living from Mr. Fowley?  Fuck yes count us in!!!!!  And the A side has never been comped before.  So that makes this one essential!!!

7in - Tour - One Of The Bad Guys b/w Can't Take Your Love - Original 1975 Stock

Private Press Hard Rock From Freeport, IL 1975


"How Cool!!
  I have this record! This band was in my neighborhood! T. Sweeney -Vocals, John Ontjes -Drums, and Joe Thruman -Bass. They were called Dove Blood at one time. I remember Joe being worried about the song being to long!  They practiced in Johns basement,we used to listen to them practicing. I couldn't wait to hear there music again." - Youtube user Craig Kempthorne

Tape - Clotting - Malignant Nation



"Power electronics/industrial noise from Chicago. Limited to 100 pro-duplicated C22 tapes. 15th release on Diseased Audio" - Diseased Audio


Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Kingdom Come $49.99
Funkadelic Maggot Brain $74.99
Maximum Joy s/t $49.99
Legendary Pink Dots The Golden Age $49.99
Red Crayola Soldier-Talk $29.99
Joy Division She's Lost Control/Atmosphere $29.99
Red Crayola The Parable Of Arable Land $29.99
Magic Second Start $29.99
Negativland Points $29.99
Ramones Road To ‰ïn $29.99
D.A.F. Allies Ist Gut $29.99
Brian Eno Discreet Music $29.99
Van Der Graaf Generator Still Life $29.99
Toy Dolls Dig The Groove Baby $29.99
King Crimson Lizard $29.99
Ono Machines The Kill People $59.99
Hawkwind Live Chronicles $29.99
Cabaret Voltaire The Voice Of America $39.99
Effigies Haunted Town $99.99
Pere Ubu The Art Of Walking $29.99
Pere Ubu New Picnic Time $29.99
Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out w/ Bonus Live Album $39.99
Albatross s/t $199.99
Black Flag Damaged $99.99
Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell El Corazon $29.99
MX-80 Sound Crowd Control $29.99
Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel $29.99
Faust IV $74.99
Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri $29.99
Lucifer's Friend s/t $29.99


La Dusseldorf Viva $39.99
Premiata Forneria Marconi Per Un Amico $49.99
Tumbleweed Band Hear to Stay $49.99
Michael Rother Flammende Herzen $39.99
Michael Rother Sterntaler $39.99
Pink Floyd Wall $29.99
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti $29.99
Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Paul Desmond Two Knights at the Blackhawk $29.99
Eno Moebius Roedelius After the Heat $29.99
Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa $49.99
Modern Jazz Quartet Concorde $49.99
Steve Roach Traveler $39.99
Rocky Motion Intention (red hexagon shaped wax) $29.99
Riechmann Wunderbar $39.99
Colgate-Palmolive Opportunity Unlimited $39.99
Paul Clayton Folk Singer $29.99
Bobby Brown Enlightening Beam of Axonda $29.99
Les Irresistibles Story of Baxter Williams $34.99
Psyclones s/t $29.99
Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland $99.99
Depeche Mode 101 $39.99
Adam Welcome Back $74.99
Dictators Go Girl Crazy (Test Pressing) $39.99
Durutti Column Without Mercy (Test Pressing) $74.99
Malcom Cecil Radiance $69.99
Cro-Mags Best Wishes $49.99
Barracudas Endeavour to Persevere (test pressing and 7") $49.99
Alice Coltrane Universal Consciousness $29.99
Funeral Funeral $99.99
Felt Goldmine Trash (test pressing) $74.99
Eastern Dark Long Live the New Flesh (Test Pressing) $39.99
F/i Space Mantra $39.99
Jose Mangual Jr. Latin Rhythm & Moods $29.99
Kraftwerk Computer World (German Pressing) $49.99
Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1980 $49.99
Hector Lavoe La Voz $29.99
Hector Lavoe Comedia $29.99
Love Da Capo $49.99
Mac Enuff of Tis Sh-t! $49.99
Elton Motello Victim of Time $39.99
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News $29.99
Need Obviously Four Believers $74.99
New Order Power Corruption and Lies (Test Pressing) $99.99
New Order Confusion 12" (Test Pressing) $34.99
Charlie Palmieri Latin Bugalu $49.99
Eric B. & Rakim Paid in Full $29.99
v/a Songs the Swahili Sing: Classics from the Kenya Coast $29.99
Ciccone Youth Whitey Album $99.99
Todd Rundgren Radio Sampler $79.99
v/a Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the USSR $39.99
Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound / Pa' Fuera $29.99
Horace Silver Quintet Doin' the Thing at the Village Gate $49.99
Bobby Rodriguez yLa Compania Latin from Manhattan $29.99
Sonora Poncena Musical Conquest $29.99
Sonora Poncena El Gigante Del Sur $29.99
v/a Folk Music in America Vol. 9: Songs of Death & Tragedy $29.99
TV Ghost Disconnect (ltd Yellow Wax) $29.99
Cal Tjader Aqua Dulce $29.99
Virgin Circus Comic Opera Kingdom $29.99



  • 5/9/15
    Charlie Overbey and the Broken Arrows
    6:30 PM * ALL AGES
    FREE IN-Store
  • 7/18/2015
    6:30 PM * ALL AGES
*** ALL shows are FREE and ALL AGES unless noted otherwise ***