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Permanent Records Update 8.26.13

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LP - Montibus Communitas - Montibus Communitas (Import - Ltd to 300) - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Cosmic and kraut-y debut from early 2012 from this Peruvian musical/spiritual collective, whose latest long-player is on Chicago's own Trouble In Mind Records! This dense platter was released on Grecian label Cosmic Eye Records, who have this brief summation for you to peruse:

"Debut full length from this moody Peruvian ambient neokraut combo which is an AYAHUASCA DARK TRIP's related band, on the more ritual side of cosmic music. Long instrumental excursions into cosmic electronics with a strong ethnic flavour. This spiritual and melodic piece of cosmic art is a heady collection of ritualistic ethno ambient that manifests and commemorates the holiness of the Peruvian mountains. LTD ED (only 300 copies with insert) - This the black Vinyl issue (200 made)"

Holy moly! We REALLY dug the recent TiM album, and listening to this s/t effort, we can see why Montibus Communitas caught their ear! The four pieces here are dark, dense and swirling improvisations that simmer with the cosmic and arcane rhythms plucked from the same eternal manuscript as fellow voyagers like Amon Duul, Popol Vuh or Bobby Beausoleil, writhing up from a misty, murky jungle landscape and enveloping our ears like a green cloud! The cover art is appropriate too - featuring an amplifier atop a remote mountain, spewing forth devotionals to the ancient gods! This is one ridiculously great album and a perfect compliment to their most recent one - grab this one quick, but act fast 'cuz we only got a few and at 300 copies total, they're bound to go SUPER fast! RECOMMENDED x ONE MILLION.

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LP - Chrissy Zebby Tembo And Ngozi Family - My Ancestors - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

WOO HOO! An affordable reissue of the mighty "My Ancestors" album from Chrissy Zebby Tembo And Ngozi Family, originally released in 1974, and re-released courtesy of the mighty Mississippi Records! Git it:

"Reissued many times before - this version has great remastered sound quality and a reasonable price tag! A truly incredible psychedelic African rock n' roll record.  Blown out guitars, Black Sabbathesque heavy rhythms, garage rock sincere vocals.  It's all here.  One of the greatest rock records you may ever hear.  One time small pressing not to be missed.   Old school "tip on" cover."

DUDES - "My Ancestors" is one of THE best Zam-Rock records to come out of the region, full of what you WANT to hear when everyone describes these albums; fuzzed out guitars, heavy rhythms and tripped-out, soulful vocals! This record is actually The Ngozi Family (whose 1977 album "45,000 Volts" is also a MONSTER worth unleashing on your turntable), fronted by Zambian guitar wizard Paul Ngozi whose tasty, acid-fried licks and incredible vocals are absolutely ruling on this platter ("Chrissy Zebby Tembo" is actually the drummer of the Ngozi Family - we're not sure how he wiggled his way into top billing, but his performance is definitely worth the price of admission!). The Family Ngozi are groovin' high on this album, with the title cut and ESPECIALLY the doomy, fuzz-heavy "Troublemaker" hitting all the right sweet spots in our earholes! We watched this one pass us by in 2012 when Shadoks reissued it - the price-tag was too rich for our blood, but this time we'll be scooping up this one before they're gone forever! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Antimation - Mono-Types - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Rerun Records continues it's mission to (re)document the St. Louis music scene with this release of Antimation's lone EP "Mono-Types"! It's an interesting story behind this one, so we'll let Rerun take the reigns:

"An obscure rarity from St. Louis! Decent to really good punky pop rock and sorta Paisley Underground-ish sounds. The band was led by Tony from the Camaros who were one of the first-wave Punk bands from the area. They had Mike Yaffe who was between his stints in Max Load and Bob Leach who was in Trained Animal (Test Patterns comp) and the infamous MRR-baiting White Pride. The drummer is Mike Doskicil, who was also in White Pride and the front man for sludge-core legends Drunks With Guns. Of course, this doesn't sound like any of those bands.
The record was never issued in a cover. A few may have been sold in blank jackets, but most (probably all) without any jacket at all. 500 copies were pressed, but according to the band, as many as a couple hundred were tossed out or damaged in storage. They made an 8 1/2" x 14" piece of art with titles/info which was printed on red construction paper. The record was never distributed outside the St. Louis area, and less than 100 were sold when the band was active. Most probably came with the art work but many of those probably never survived the trip home after a gig. Some copies were later sold at local reunion gigs and other events, but the record is still virtually unknown outside of St. Louis. Almost every other copy of the art work was used for the blank backside for set lists, scratch paper or even lost in moves or just tossed out. We estimate that only 100-150 copies at most actually received the art, including any copies sold in recent years. We first learned about the record in 2000, and of the 10-12 copies we've seen in used bins or private collections since, we've only encountered a couple with the original art.
We obtained the last remaining copies of the original, unplayed vinyl from the band. We've housed them in a blank white jacket and made high quality (and now larger 11" x 17") reprints of the original artwork."

YEP - you read that right. This is ORIGINAL deadstock copies obtained from the band that Rerun manufactured facsimiles of the covers for and have made available again. Antimation's sound pokes around in the slinky pop sounds of fellow midwest pop acts like Shoes, Off Broadway, or Pezband - who melded a modern "new wave" sensibility to crystalline, Beatle-esque power pop. Antimation keep it a touch raw though, erring more on the punkier side of things (perhaps due to the band member's pedigrees from bands like Max Load, but drummer Mike Doskicil would end up playing in PRex fave DRUNKS WITH GUNS!) KILLER find and one that no self-respecting power pop fan should find themselves without! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddle - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

1999/2000's Skin Graft Records released 3rd album by Providence, RI's no-wave terrorists Arab On Radar is nothing short of breathtaking.  Blazing by in under 20 minutes, the Weasel Walter produced "Soak The Saddle" is a caustic, high energy, throat-slitting, pants shitting paranoia filled gonzo aural assault of unprecedented annihilation.  Buzzbomb no-wave bangers like an icepick to the eardrum ignite and explode with barely a breath in between as shrill angular freakoid noise punk sonics will be soundtracking your nightmares for weeks on end.  Arab On Radar's art-damaged lunatic fringe noise rock utilizes repeato bass riffs, pummeling drum assaults and snarling atonal guitar scree to instantly unnerve even the most adventurous listeners.  A spazzoid brain splitting hyper activity tornado of terrifying clatter is what you get on this long overdue repress of one of the turn of the century's defining records.  We've been gobbling this gunk down since back in the day and now we invite you all to join in the delinquency!  Supremely Recommended.

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2xLP- Black Angels - Passover - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

One of the best releases of ’06.  Hypnotic Texas psychedelia that’s been in and out of print on vinyl inexplicably since its release.  It’s back, for now and ready to be added to your collection. Trust us, you won't be sorry.

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LP - Blood Birds - Psychic Surgery - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We here at P-Rex love discovering new bands that we've never heard of, but fit our somewhat discerning tastes like a snug, leather glove! We scored some copies of Kansas City noise-niks Bloodbirds' debut long-player "Psychic Surgery" after they played the Los Angeles shop on their recent tour - they blew us away and now we're passing on the goodness to you! Comprised of married couple Mike and Brooke Tuley (formerly of Ad Astra Arkestra) and bassist Anna St. Louis, Bloodbirds deliver a prickly set of guitar-fueled squelchers from the darker side of the pop spectrum. Ragged rockers mix in nicely with moody burners that churn and sway - not quite post-punk, but not noise rock either. Think somewhere near the realm of abstract guitar expressionists like Broken Water/Sonic Youth/Mission of Burma, but with the gnarly low-end of an AmRep blaster (Hammerhead comes to mind). A great set of earnest and interesting guitar-based tunes that really delivers upon repeated listens - like the subtle harmonies on mid-album highlight "Patterned Sky", or the sly, nicked riff from Warsaw's "At A Later Date" on epic album closer "Time Battle"! Grab this one quick - word has it that these might be some of the last of the first pressing, and catch 'em live too! Bloodbirds bring it! RECOMMENDED!!!!

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LP - Boa - Wrong Road (2013 Reissue) - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Sweet and impossibly RARE garage/hard-rock burner from Michigan's finest - Boa! "Wrong Road" was originally released in an edition of 200 copies by the band, but has now been rescued from obscurity by the fine folks at Himalaya Records, so scale the cliff face and hearken to their words:

"Hailing from the Detroit suburb of Auburn Heights, BOA recorded this little gem in 1971, completely live and on a Sony TC-200 in a Tupperware warehouse, giving their psych/garage a little punk twist. They did everything themselves: recording, pressing, packaging, and the marketing (which at the time was simply not done). A mere 200 copies of the original edition were pressed on their own label, Snakefield. This is the pure definition of the 'garage' sound: BOA seems to have a lot of fun jamming together in their warehouse and the result is a collection of strongly psych/prog-flavored hard rock songs, that sound like a cross between the Doors, the Who and The Sonics."

Pretty interesting record - Boa's sound is indeed not-quite-garage, but also not-quite-hard rock either, riding a fine line between fidelility and ineptitude (and we mean that in a good way - they're not the GREATEST players, but that's OK). Super awesome run-throughs that seem very off-the-cuff first (or second) takes it's not perfect, but that's what makes it PERFECT. Reminds us a lot of some of the more recent hard rock discoveries like Jungle or Killing Foor. Not bad for a record that was recorded in a Tupperware factory! An original would set you back a pretty penny, so this reissue fills out your collection at a nice price, grip this and grip it FAST! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Dashiell Hedayat - Obsolete - Import - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Heads and freak-out fanatics take note!  The first side of this super psychedelic hard-rockin' reissue is comprised of a three-song suite titled "Eh Mushroom, Will You Be My Mushroom" - yeah, it's that FAR OUT!  The first is a bit of repetitive heaviness entitled "Chrysler", the second is a cut of studio multi-track tomfoolery called " Fille De L'Ombre ", and the last is a hypnotic slow burner known as "Long Song For Zelda" that even the hardest rockers will find themselves falling in love with.  Side two is a side-long acid-trip JAM called "Cielo Drive / 17" - in all likelihood named after the street the Manson Family murders took place on.  Hedayat was way ahead of his time!  Although some might classify this as Prog, it's much more psychedelic than even the furthest out Gong records - and there are some FAR OUT Gong records.  Mathematical Prog lovers need not apply.  This is a visceral lysergic journey for the body more than it is an impressive blend of odd-time signatures and brainy key changes.  It's a trip for the mind too, but more of a vacation for the mind than a boggle.  It's a total rocker, the guitar work is outstanding, the rhythm section is loose, but locked in, and the French vocals are soothing and paranoia-inducing simultaneously, but Hedayat backs off at all the right times letting Gong be Gong (albeit at their loosest).  Anyhow, Allmusic has praised this record and you can continue reading their review below if you'd like, but I STRONGLY URGE fans of Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Deviants, Hawkwind, and all things FAR OUT (have we said that yet?) to skip a meal (or even a dose) if they have to to add this masterpiece to their collection.

Here's that Allmusic review:
"French pseudo-beatnik Dashiell Hedayat persuaded the psychedelic, prog-rocking Gong to back him up on Obsolete, his second (and final) album project. This is the Continental Circus-era Gong, and the song structures here resemble that album's stripped-down sound. Propelled by Allen's spacy guitar and Malherbe's spicy sax, the tunes on Obsolete, though at times experimental, aren't as involving or full-blown as those on Gong's Camembert Electrique, recorded on the heels of Hedayat's album. Hedayat sings, or rather talks, in French on each piece. He wrote/composed all the "songs" in the autumn of 1969; the compositions were then recorded in May 1971. One of the most interesting and fleshed-out cuts is "Long Song for Zelda." Introductory acoustic guitar (courtesy of Tritsch) leads to actual singing from Hedayat before he breaks into his standard monologue. Allen conjures up mild guitar atmospherics which lend a lazy Traffic-like quality to the music, and William S. Burroughs brings the piece to a close with an obscure 12-second quote.
The group seem to be at recess on "Fille de L'ombre." Hedayat recites the title phrase repeatedly over a backdrop of musical "free play" featuring Gilli's "intergalactic whispers." The album ends with the lengthy "Cielo Drive/17," as close to a Gong song as it gets on a non-Gong album. More French babble from Hedayat, an excerpt of a baby singing, prominent flute and sax from Malherbe, and ample electric ambience from Allen are the order of the day in this mainly guitar-driven recording. The performance gets a bit loose in the middle, with some awkward time changes and unfocused (or confused) direction, and the composition is padded with a few long stretches of "interstellar matter," but the band somehow manages to make it all sound”

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LP - Devo - Hardcore Vol. 2  - $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Superior Viaduct label drops the bomb with these first-ever domestic vinyl issues of the legendary Hardcore Devo albums… The label will fill you in with all the vitals here:

"DEVO’s Hardcore documents the group’s beginning as pre-punk outcasts in the fertile Akron, Ohio, underground rock scene. Spawned at the nearby college of Kent State, site of the infamous May 4 Massacre, DEVO formed as a conceptual art project armed with the radical philosophy of de-evolution. Brothers Mothersbaugh (Mark, Bob and Jim) and Brothers Casale (Jerry and Bob) along with drummer Alan Myers soon whipped up an otherworldly brand of “devolved blues” that could hold its own alongside the beatnik groove of 15-60-75 (a.k.a. The Numbers Band) or the primal rock poetry of The Bizarros.  Recorded on various four-track machines and in tiny studios, basements and garages between 1974-1977, Hardcore reveals their strikingly clear vision: rock ’n’ roll stripped bare of its collective cool and jerked back into propaganda fit for post-modern man. It’s no surprise that these transmissions would soon catch the eye and ear of Brian Eno, who later produced their landmark 1978 debut album. Noisy synth, strangled guitar chops and a primitive rhythmic thud power the early DEVO sound. Threaded beneath it all are lyrical themes of post-McCarthy paranoia, middle-class ephemera and DEVO’s long-running topic of choice: sex, or lack thereof.  Volume 2 digs further into the band’s cranial bunker with the caveman hit “Be Stiff,” the space age surf-blues of “Clockout” and even a demented take on bubblegum pop, “Goo Goo Itch.” This 2xLP set includes four previously unreleased tracks: “Man from the Past,” “Doghouse Doghouse,” “Hubert House” and “Shimmy Shake.” Superior Viaduct and Booji Boy Records are proud to present DEVO’s Hardcore to a new generation of spuds, lovingly packaged with Moshe Brakha’s stunning cover photography. As David Bowie said in 1977, DEVO is indeed “the band of the future."

!!!! We've long spun our CD versions of these Devo "demos" and to finally get these on wax is an absolute blessing.  Akron, OH's favorite sons Devo's 4 track recordings of future hits and mutant pop have all been compiled here on two volumes; here you'll find early workings of their ever evolving genius and tracks that considering some were tracked as early as 1974 are flat out jaw droppers that'll bring a joy to your life that thus far was unknown.  Dip into the larval stages of one of the greatest bands to ever grace this puny planet with its unyielding originality.  Don't even balk at getting just one as both of these volumes are absolute must owns for any and all record collections.  Beyond Recommended. Essential.

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LP - Loomer - Ceiling - Edition of 100 - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Hand Numbered Edition of 100
Available Exclusively In North America At Permanent Records!

Our buds at Lost Race Records that brought us that killer Cobwebbs LP and Nite Fields single back 2012 have returned to the fold with this vinyl issuing of Loomer's "Ceiling". We'll let the label fill you in on the backstory:

"Here’s a 12" by cult Brisbane band Loomer, who are set to release their debut LP ‘Ceiling’ on vinyl due May 30th. Originally released on limited edition CD in 2010 and with members going on to join other seminal Australian underground bands including Slug Guts, Lakes and Per Purpose, this Brisbane band went on to influence many of Brisbane’s current crop of noise, rock, psych, etc. bands with their shoegaze x punk hybrid."

This mega limited album is 8 tracks of noisey shoegaze awesomeness.  Floaty female vocals blend in and out of the glorious din of distorted guitars, throbbing bass lines and hard hitting drums.  Loomer is also never afraid to just let the feedback scream!  With hints of Bardo Pond, MBV and Sonic Youth, Loomer has created a walloping album of hypnotic jams that are as noise-laden as they are soothing and comforting, no easy feat, with a distinctly down under slant to the sounds.  As stated above some of these folks went on to be in such other stellar Aussie acts like Slug Guts, Lakes and Per Purpose and one can hear hints of all these bands in Loomer's sonic assault for sure.  Permanent Records is proud to be the sole distributor for all of North America for this fine album.  It is hand numbered and limited to 100 copies so act fast and snatch this one up now.  Super Recommended.
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LP - Various Artists - Bonehead Crunchers Vol. 5: 14 Slices of Slimy Colonial Grillfat and Mindless Aussie Boogie Excursions - $26.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Bonehead Crunchers, we hardly knew ye... the last and apparently final installment of this acclaimed compilation series is here and we can hardly believe that the end has come right as they were hitting their stride - better to go out on top, we always say... Belter Records' distro, Clear Spot has the digs on this Bonehead Crunching swan song:

" Australia... Not to say that Australians are in anyway backwards, but the Neanderthal thudding and basic rawness on show has a high reliance on thug attitude, beer, greasy Freak with a sprinkle of Sharpie. Here the Bonehead angle also features a strong belief in the hook, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along as you bash your head on the sideboard. Think AC/DC with a touch of Easybeats melodicism but on a much more BASIC level. Although some of these sides are from the early 70s, we have also delved into 1977 and sometimes beyond to achieve the perfect blend of catchiness and heaviness. We could have chosen some meaty examples of Bonehead by more well-known purveyors such as Hush, Coloured Balls, Supernaut or Buffalo (although we feature their first single released under the name of Head), but we decided to dig a bit deeper to find titles that weren’t readily available elsewhere. A big word of thanks must go to the guys behind the Wallaby Beat blog for inspiration and for turning us on to many of these sides.
Side A :
1) Twister – Holy Smoke
2) Fat Daddy – Fat Funky Rock ‘N’ Roll
3) Francis Butler’s Sixty-Niners – Flash
4) Head – Hobo
5) Chook – Cold Feet
6) Sparkle – Crazy Like A Fox
7) Toxic – First Time
Side B :
1) The Ash Band – Let’s Go
2) U Turn – Traffic Lights
3) Geeza  – Sydney City Ladies
4) Bullet – Mover
5) Macarthur – Good Stuffe
6) King Harvest – Jumping Jack Flash (Part 1 and 2)"

I mean, what more needs to be said about this series? It's been a killer ride from the head-shakin' hesher anthems from Vol. 1 to the Aussie junkshop glam/choogle of Vol. 5 and we'll see how hindsight ranks this series, but for now we're inclined to say that this is one of the most refreshing and consistent compilation series' since Killed By Death, Back From The Grave or Powerpearls! I mean, you can't fuck with a song called "Hobo"! We don't think we'll need to talk you into this one, so do we need we say this is essential? Fine. RECOMMENDED and ESSENTIAL summer listening - crack approximately six cold ones and fuckin' party, ya'll.

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LP - Various Artists - Killed By Death 1 - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Much like what Nuggets, Pebbles and Back From The Grave did for garage rock and psych, these first three Killed By Death comps defined DIY angsty punk rock for future generations and probably spawned more bands that you can even imagine!  Compiled by Redrum Records in '89, KBD Volumes 1 through 3 collected RARE and IMPOSSIBLE AS FUCK TO FIND punk singles from '77 to '82 from groups that all deserved to be legendary, many from bands that disappeared as quick as they appeared. Really, there's no need to go on and on about a series of classic comps that we timelessly reference in and around the shop, other than to say KBD is LEGIT "all-killer, no-filler" must own punk rock!!! We know there's gotta still be folks somewhere, out there, yet to embrace the world through the bent KBD lense. From the moment the needle drops on Mad's "I Hate Music" you'll never be the same (this kinda of rock n roll will certainly lead you astray). Volume 1 is jammed packed with instant hits from the Wipers to FU 2. This is easily the one comp you need for yer next rowdy house party.  Redrum Records knocked it outta the park on the first LP, and that's why they couldn't stop with just the one volume.  KBD 1 IS ENDLESSLY RECOMMENDED AND LIFETIME FUCKING ESSENTIAL. Seriously, just ask around!

Tracklist: Mad - I Hate Music, Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler, Slugs - Problem Child, Vox Pop - Cab Driver, Controllers - (the original) Neutron Bomb, Dogs - Slash Your Face, Gasoline - Killer Man, Kraut - Matinee, Child Molesters - (I'm The) Hillside Strangler, Cold Cock - I Wanna Be Rich, Authorities - Radiation Masturbationi Nuns - Decadent Jews, Users - Sick Of You, Wipers - Better Off Dead Vicious Visions - I Beat You, FU 2 (aka Downliners Sect)

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LP - Various Artists - Killed By Death 2 - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Much like what Nuggets, Pebbles and Back From The Grave did for garage rock and psych, these first three Killed By Death comps defined DIY angsty punk rock for future generations and probably spawned more bands that you can even imagine!  Compiled by Redrum Records in '89, KBD Volumes 1 through 3 collected RARE and IMPOSSIBLE AS FUCK TO FIND punk singles from '77 to '82 from groups that all deserved to be legendary, many from bands that disappeared as quick as they appeared. Really, there's no need to go on and on about a series of classic comps that we endlessly reference in and around the shop, other than to say KBD is LEGIT "all-killer, no-filler" must own punk rock!!! We know there's gotta still be folks somewhere, out there, yet to embrace the world through the bent KBD lense. Volume 2 is perhaps THE best KBD comp of them all, including such smash hits as "Bummer Bitch" by Freestone, "Gacy's Place" by Chicago misfits, the Mentally Ill and "Just Head" by the Nervous Eaters.  The second installment of Killed By Death is 16 tracks of pure hateful, drunk punk rock debauchery, like you'll find nowhere else!!!!!   Many of us won't be music junkies if it weren't for this comp, that is for sure.  Get ready to break some furniture! KBD 2 IS ENDLESSLY RECOMMENDED AND LIFETIME FUCKING ESSENTIAL. Seriously, just ask around!

Tracklist - Freestone - Bummer Bitch Freeze - I Hate Tourists Chain Gang - Son Of Sam Mad - Disgusting Machines - True Life Vains - The Loser S'Nots - So Long The Sixties Rude Kids - Absolute Ruler Nervous Eaters - Just H--- Dentention - Dead Rock and Rollers Eat - Communist Radio Chiefs - Blues Mentally Ill - Gacy's Place Really Red - Crowd Control Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action Child Molesters - Don't Worry Kyoko

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LP - Various Artists - Killed By Death 3 - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Much like what Nuggets, Pebbles and Back From The Grave did for garage rock and psych, these first three Killed By Death comps defined DIY angsty punk rock for future generations and probably spawned more bands that you can even imagine!  Compiled by Redrum Records in '89, KBD 1 through 3 collected RARE and IMPOSSIBLE AS FUCK TO FIND punk singles from '77 to '82 from groups that all deserved to be legendary, many from bands that disappeared as quick as they appeared. Really, there's no need to go on and on about a series of classic comps that we endlessly reference in and around the shop, other than to say KBD is LEGIT "all-killer, no-filler" must own punk rock!!! We know there's gotta still be folks somewhere, out there, yet to embrace the world through the bent KBD lense.  From Lewd's "Kill Yourself" to the Queers "I Don't Wanna Work", KIlled By Death 3 is oozing with punk rock anthems for you to shout along with at the top of yer lungs.  Instant mosh pits, spiky hair, disdain for society and more riotous fun than you can handle all await you as soon as the needle hits Volume 3.  Another killer comp in the legendary KBD series, and after grabbing the first two LPs, you will certainly need Volume 3.  This is some highly addicting rock n roll insanity! It doesn't matter which one you grab first, but you'll certainly need all three.  Find out for yerself why "Killed By Death" is the standard for all other comps, punk or not. KBD 3 IS ENDLESSLY RECOMMENDED AND LIFETIME FUCKING ESSENTIAL. Seriously, just ask around!

Side One Lewd-Kill Yourself Defnics-51 Percent 84 Flesh-Salted City Plugz-Mindless Contentment Eat-Doctor TV Eat-Kneecappin' Shock-This Generation is on Vacation Sods-Television Sect Ambient Noise-I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Side Two Queers-I Don't Wanna Work Queers-I'm Useless Queers-At the Mall Ebenezer and The Bludgeons-Oh I Love This Weather NY Niggers-Headliner Screamin' Mee-Mees-Hot Sody Violators-NY Ripper John Berenzy Group-Vice Verses

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12in - Follakzoid - II RMX - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

R-R-R-R-ReMIX! BYM (Blow Your Mind) has issued this suh-WEET remix 12-inch of two tracks from Follakzoid's most recent long-player! BYM were responsible for Follakzoid's debut, so they of all people should be intimately familiar - read on:

"This album—released on the Chilean BYM label—brings together the finest musicians of Sacred Bones Records, PSYCHIC ILLS and MOON DUO, into one unique work, featuring songs from acclaimed Santiago group FOLLAKZOID’s II album. This assemble becomes the top of the crop easily, with steady motorik, hazy psychedelia and space atmospheres, taking the kosmiche Chilean music to NYC and then launching it into Outer Space. Features the cut “9” remixed by Psychic Ills, backed by “Trees” remixed by Moon Duo. For fans of: The Soft Moon, Psychic Ills, Wooden Shijps, Moon Duo, The Holydrug Couple, CAVE, and Hawkwind."

DUDES - we jammed the FUCK out of Chilean kosmische-collective Follakzoid's last album "II" which was a mind expanding head-trip of streched out jamz (seemingly) tailor-made from the cloth of our collective psyches. BYM has recruited two of Follakzoid's bruthas-in-arms (and Sacred Bones label-mates) Psychic Ills and Moon Duo to each remix one track from "II" and put their unique stamp on it. Both remix(ers) expand the raw repetitive groove of the OG tracks and temper it into something more akin to their own sound. Strangely enough, the remoix of "9" ends up sounding like a Psychic Ills tune and the same goes for Moon Duo's remix of "Trees"... sounds a lot like Moon Duo. But... you know - not. We're stoked on this one - spin it at your next DJ night and watch the squares freak the fuck out. RECOMMENDED, but act fast - 500 copies worldwide will not stick around!

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10in - 3 Leafs - 3 Leafs - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Spiritual Pajamas label has the details on 3 Leafs' latest:

"Let’s call it a coincidence. Bay Area collective 3 Leafs drops this heavenly EP of electronics-threaded rock right on the heels of a mini-meteor plunging from the Siberian sky. But there’s no terror or apocalyptic overtones to this galactic effort—these songs are mysterious and ethereal. Listening to them makes one want to be somewhere far away. The 10-inch EP is anchored by “Omniscience,” a song with two parts. The first half feels like a misleadingly innocent joyride, the second its natural consequence: marooned under an inky desert sky soundtracked by a haunting guitar. “Out Ritual” comes from 3 Leafs’ Canal Smarts sessions, this one a slew of frequencies raining down over a cornerstone groove. Closer “Golden Weapons” feels like Can meets NASA, which would’ve made for a great television show."

3 Leafs offer up 3 psych/kraut burners on this here 10 inch and our only complaint is we wish there was more, but we guess that's what keeps bringin' us back to 3 Leafs.  3 Leafs' cloud surfing spacedelica is always filling our ears with tremendous tones.  Well done gang!  As always… Recommended.

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7in - Multicult - Jaws b/w Luxury - $2.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Baltimore's Multicult lay out 2 head wrecking tracks of agitated noise rock splendor on this single released by Baltimore based Reptilian Records.  "Jaws" is a tight, in-the-pocket number played with precision and menace, while on the flip "Luxury" is a herky-jerky machination of finessed guitar and bass interplay.  A modern reworking in the grand tradition of Jesus Lizard, Tar and Hammerhead is what this Baltimore act is bringing and they are more than up to snuff in our book.  Multicult ply AmRep-y/Touch and Go style pig fuck clatter with chaos drenched guitar screams, mid-range bass assaults, hard hitting drums and muted moans making both these tracks sinister, threatening and Recommended.  Comes with download card for both tracks.

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7in - Larry Winther And His Mummies - Live At Pony Express Pizza Parlour - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Larry Winther must need some cigarette money, 'cuz he's unearthed some OG deadstock copies of this AWESOME and rare Mummies single released on Planet Pimp back in 1992, printed up some new covers and sent 'em out into the world for folks to enjoy once again! Side A features a live version of "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" recorded in the Pony Express Pizza Parlour on April 13, 1989 and contains some of the greatest band/crowd interactions ever caught on tape - the crowd musta been WILD that night! Side B has a live cover of the classic Sixties garage tune by The Vandals (no, not that one) called "I Saw Her In A Mustang" (as heard on the groundbreaking Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 1 compilation) which is incorrectly credited to Msr. Winther on the labels. This is unequivocally a MUST-OWN for garagepunk fanatics and an essential piece of the exhaustive Mummies discography! RECOMMENDED, but don't snooze - no telling how many of these are out there!

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7in - Necros - Club House Session - $6.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Alona's Dream Records keeps knocking it out of the park as they continue to unearth yet more early Necros material and we are ever thankful for their hard work.  The label has the details on this one here:

"Long sought after by fans, the Club House Session from Nov ’81 finds a more developed version of the Necros ripping through new songs as well as tighter versions of songs from the first ep.  This legendary set is rounded out with a duo of blazing Sham 69 covers featuring a chorus comprising members of Bored Youth and Negative Approach."

Snarling, vicious and gnarly as ever!

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Tape - Hott Lunch - Hott Lunch - $2.99 - BUYbuy

We scored a batch of this catchy little tape release from Columbia, MO's Hott Lunch.  Released on the newish Dismal Niche imprint, we'll let the label folks fill in the gaps:

"Consistently one of the best live acts in Columbia over the past few years, Hott Lunch finally has recordings!
Monster riffs, groovy as all hell bass lines and shout along vocals serve as the foundation to a sound that is equally influenced by the stoned-out sounds of Spacemen 3, the motorik drive of Kraut rockers like Can, the catchy Kiwi-pop of the Clean and the straight forward DIY rock-n-roll of the Ramones. Hard rockin', hook heavy jamz ready to rip open your noggin for a nice, refreshing dose of trepanation."

These Show Me Staters are making the angular psychedelic punk in the vein of Cave, Catacombz and fellow Columbians Heater with fine tuned arrangements, reverbed shout alongs and hooks for days.  Hott Lunch more than have you covered with their highly infectious Midwest underground pop stylings.  High energy, good time vibes that comes Highly Recommended.