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Permanent Records Update 10.16.12

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LP - Obnox - Rojo (Bone Wax, Ltd 100) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
LP - Obnox - Rojo (Transparent Blood Red Wax, Ltd 200) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Bim "Only My Mom Calls Me Lamont" Thomas' legendary status as the drummer in the Bassholes, This Moment In Black History, and more recently, Puffy Areolas, may soon be overshadowed by his current full-time project, Obnox. "Rojo" is some serious next level shit. If you dig noise rock, psych, free jazz, and most importantly, cacophonous repetition, you're gonna absolutely love this record.
Obnox stormed out of the gates with a thunderous debut LP "I'm Bleeding Now" on Smog Veil. That record is long since sold out and has been repressed on Gerard Cosloy's 12XU imprint. Gerard also released Obnox's first 7" EP "Masonic Reducer". The third Obnox release bore the venerable Negative Guest List logo on its hind-quarters. How's that for pedigree?

"I'm Bleeding Now" and the subsequent 7"s garnered much critical acclaim. The LP was called "a furious mix of Stooges grooves and swirling turbulence", "all thunder and fury, like the Melvins if they loosened up a whole lot", "gloriously sculpted white noise" and a "sonic mindfuck" by Stephen Slaybaugh at the Agit Reader.

If Mr. Slaybough thought "I'm Bleeding Now" was intense, I can't wait to hear what he thinks of "Rojo". Upon hearing "Rojo". I was initially rendered speechless.

Thankfully, Bim read my mind when he called "Rojo" "noisy as fuck with some kind of African freakbeat, with some sprinkles of Can!" I dare critics to come up with a more apt description of this incredibly unique recording.

300 copies pressed: 200 on blood red wax available for wholesale. 100 on bone white available exclusively from Permanent Records.

For Fans Of: Puffy Areolas, The Stooges, Mainliner, Birds Of Maya, Liquorball, Funkadelic, Bassholes, This Moment In Black History

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LP - METZ - METZ - Loser Edition (Sub Pop) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - METZ - METZ - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

METZ's monster debut LP is finally here!  We can't even begin to tell you how psyched we are!!!!
After a couple of small run singles, Toronto's METZ have released their highly anticipated full length debut, on Sub Pop no less!  We had the fine fortune to host an in store for these gents and they promptly turned everything up to 11 and proceeded to employ sonic destruction to our collective eardrums!  It was intense, to say the least.  Fear not, the record is a top to bottom primal punk assault.  It is refreshing to find a current band that deals in straight forward LOUD LOUD LOUD racket pared down to the essentials, guitar, bass, drums and roared vocals!  Fuzzed, distorted, depraved, frenzied and flat out fantastic album of manic muscular punk is what METZ is providing and we are gobbling this up like medicine.  Up the dosage!  Mega Recommended.
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LP - Eden Ahbez - Edens Island - 2012 Reissue - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Reissue of this amazing and other-worldly "exotica" album from real-life "nature boy" Eden Ahbez - originally released on the Del-Fi Label in 1960 and re-released into the wild by the fine folks at Moi J'Connais Records (in conjunction with Black Sweat Records).

This record's an odd one, and we're not sure what to call it - "Spiritual Exotica"? It's a bewitching and unique sounding album, perfectly fitting, coming from a guy who wrote songs for Nat King Cole while living in a cave. Mostly instrumental, but with some tasteful "beat" poetry passages read over a few tracks, musically it's a melange of Martin Denny and Moondog - groovy exotica, but with a tinge of avant, hemp-robed mysteriousness. It's a REAL cool time, daddy-o! Uber-limited reissue housed in a great looking screen-printed jacket and including an informative insert, these aren't likely to stick around long, so pack your steamer trunk and set sail to Eden's Island with us! It's RECOMMENDED!

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2xLP - Various Artists - Bollywood Steel Guitar - $26.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Sublime Frequencies folks have taken another classic title from their catalog and given it the vinyl treatment, and we've been waiting on this one with drooling anticipation!

Bollywood Steel Guitar is a mouth watering double album of Indian soundtrack music that sizzles with tasty steel guitar magic that positively grooves for days.  Track after track will have your heart racing and head spinning.  As per usual Sublime Frequencies has pressed this up in an eye-popping bright colored gatefold jacket complete with beautiful artwork and photos to compliment the utterly superb hip shaking boss tunes contained within.  Essential. Recommended.

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LP - Bardo Pond - Yntra - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Like a match made in heaven, Bardo Pond lays down the jams for Southern Records' Latitudes series, which has bands pop into Southern Studios in the UK to record some off the cuff improv tracks as they pass through town.  They've been steadily releasing amazing installments from an array of differnet acts so to finallly get one from Bardo Pond is a happy day around Permanent for sure, we mean, it's like the Latitudes series was tailor-made of Bardo Pond who continually release mega limited CD-Rs of improved heavy psychedelia that they record in their own studio in Philly.  So we're sure they were more than up for the challenge when they showed up at Southern.

And Oh! what a record, "Yntra" finds Bardo Pond in top form dishing out their trademark fuzzed to infinity slow burn drug-psych that slithers and crawls through the cosmos.  Supreme cuts from longtime game changers of the genre is what you'll find on "Yntra" and as its limited to 800 copies in a die cut sleeve you best nab one now!  Super Recommended.

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LP - Lightning Bolt - Oblivion Hunter - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Providence,RI's double headed art punk monster have returned to slaughter their prey!  And of course it's on LOAD RECORDS, the label with the strength to wrestle such an epic jam onto vinyl for our enjoyment.

The almighty Lightning Bolt never dissapoint and as the years pass by, these maniacs just keep sharpening their skills and uppin' the game.  "Oblivion Hunter" is yet another brain splayer of an  album. LB's ferocious onslaught of rip-yer-face of drum and bass assault have not eased up in the least, not to the contrary, this shit is no-nonsense and certainly not returning empty handed.  The spazziest of the spazzs, Lightning Bolt further prove their dominace over most art damaged lunacy in modern music and with just 2 people making all this racket.  A damn fine outing by a classic band showing folks how's it's done. Recommended.

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2xLP - Fresh Maggots - Fresh Maggots... Hatched! - 2012 Repress - Import 2xLP - $31.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

CLASSIC underground UK acid folk from 1971 reissued courtesy of Sunbeam Records out of the U.K.! Fresh Maggots were a band consisting of a couple of fresh-faced teens who cut this album at the ripe old age of just 19 years and despite their age, it's a pretty damn stirring and powerful record.

They claim to have been influenced by Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Taste and Pentangle, and there are definitely moments that pop up here and there, but we're also hearing a bit of the Elfin, acoustic flights of fancy of Tyrannosaurus Rex or Incredible String Band and the "head-iness" of Comus or Pearls Before Swine. There's a special magic in the way these two guys intertwine the acoustic and electric guitars (which RIP, by the way when they kick in), like Fahey jamming with Fairport Convention or something.

Top flight reissue of this cult-classic, fully with the permission and blessing of the band, remastered for vinyl at Abbey Road and pressed up onto luxurious 180gm vinyl - this is THE best looking and sounding you'll ever find this album. Plus it includes a whole album of extras including their non-album single "Car Song" b/w "What Would You Do?" and a full side of a live BBC session. KILLER. We're pretty sure the optimal way to play this album is with a unicorn horn instead of a record needle, but since that MIGHT not be possible, we'll take this reissued version instead! RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Velvet Underground - Squeeze - Import - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Stellar looking and sounding import reissue of this much maligned "Velvet Underground" album from 1972, "Squeeze". We use the quotation marks around the VU, 'cuz this record was cut after Lou Reed left his own band and latter-day co-conspirator Doug Yule took over the reigns, retaining the name! U.K. label Kismet Records decided to reissue "Squeeze" and even without Lou, we think it deserves to be back on vinyl again.

While this record doesn't approach the sonic achievements of say - "White Light, White Heat" (or even "Loaded" for that matter), "Squeeze" just so happens to be a pretty great album when listened to on it's own merits. Sure, it was probably a mistake to use the VU name, but essentially what you have is Doug Yule doing his best to imitate and write songs in the vein of Lou Reed/John Cale (Reed mostly). What you end up with is really the first recording of a band who were influenced by The Velvet Underground - the tunes approach the succinct pop confections of Loaded-era VU, with a bit of the patchouli-scented, good time jams of The Grateful Dead and maybe a lil' pub-rockin' swagger a'la The Faces thrown in for good measure. It's a real good time and well worth a spot in any self-respecting record collection - We're stoked to have a copy to spin in the shop! Remastered and repressed onto 180gm vinyl, includes an insert, and packaged in a recreation of the original jacket! SQUEEZE on into your shopping cart and check it out! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Sensations Fix - Time To Decide + CD - Import - $26.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Even more heavy jams from the dudes in Sensations' Fix, this time courtesy of Mirumir who dug up some rare studio and live takes from our favorite Italian proggers.  Rarities comps aren't often essential, but this one certainly is.

If you liked the recent RVNG compilation of Sensations' Fix material or the Spectrum Spools reissue of Franco Falsini's Cold Nose, stop reading and proceed to checkout.

If you haven't heard the sheer majesty that is Sensations' Fix, stop reading and proceed to checkout. We have a giant proverbial boner for this ragtag Italian outfit, who, in our humble opinion, perfectly blend the airy elements of New Age relaxation with the subtle musical mastery of krautrock and esoteric prog (read: not Genesis). We love these guys and think you will too, recommended!!

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LP - Deux - Golden Dreams EP - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Although we probably don''t need to further sing the praises of either Deux or Minimal Wave, we're gonna.

Golden Dreams feels like the more club-orientated tunes that Deux hinted at with their last Minimal Wave release but had never actually got around to recording. Their signature slow motion synthpop still in tact, Deux here present us with the body-swaying grooves we need to fight off the encroaching winter chill (both "winter" and "chill" here being relative). We mean, the refrain for "Everybody's Night is Cati Tete" saying "everybody dance" and if we have one cardinal rule here at P-Rex it's never to refuse beautiful French lyrical expression. Put this on and try NOT to dance, we dare you. RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Sympathy Nervous - Plastic Love - $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Minimal Wave label has never steered us in the wrong direction and with this new Sympathy Nervous record they only further their perfect track record of pumping out the hits and hipping us to some long lost tuneage. 

We LOVED that Sympathy Nervous' Automaticsm LP, but look out, Plastic Love is starting to edge ahead.  The fact that this music was created in the late 70's /early 80's further proves that Yosihumi Niinuma was clearly several steps ahead of the pack when it came to making truly creative original sounds.  This record is ridiculously infectious; searing synth work, robotic drum machines, static blasts and dislocated electronics combine to make dystopian future music for the post apocalyptic dance floor, like Mega Man on MDMA or if Throbbing Gristle were holding Kraftwerk hostage. When Skynet finally takes over this will be the anthem of the new world order.  Super, SUPER, WE SAID SUPER, Recommended.

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LP - Ohama - The Potato Farm Tapes - $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The day Minimal Wave stops unearthing totally bonkers synth music will be a travesty. Luckily, years into it, they have touched nothing we haven't collectively lost our shit over and this new record for Ohama is no exception.

For those who've been following the Minimal Wave compilations you've probably heard the standout tracks amongst all other standout tracks that have been produced by Ohama, the agrarian synth maestro. Here for the first time is an entire collection of Ohama material that typically fetches ridiculously high prices (not to say we don't see why, just that we can't afford to keep up) and in repackaged in a beautiful sleeve from the farm Ohama called home. Stellar, stellar, gems that we couldn't recommend higher!

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 2xLP - Palais Schaumburg - Palais Schaumburg - Import 2xLP+CD+7in - $34.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Bureau B label drops another stunner, this one from the influential German post punk electronic pop band, Palais Schaumburg.

We were somewhat unfamiliar with these guys, but that didn't last long.  After we spun this new Palais Schaumburg lp we were hooked.  They tread a similar territory as the Pop Group, PIL, Flying Lizards, A Certain Ratio and Tuxedomoon, but with a decidedly German twist to their music.  Like a dancey Neubauten minus the misanthropy.  Propelled by rapid fire rhythms and dubby post punk basslines, Palais Schaumburg pepper in some atonal synths and even the occasional horn blast along with catchy vocals all sung in German.

This collection is an ultra infectious dose of electronic pop that makes its quirks all the more charming.  Some prefer to build their palaces in Hoffman Estates or Arlington Heights, but we prefer ours in Schaumburg. Super Recommended.

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LP - Cheater Slicks - Bats In The Dead Trees - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Hand Numbered Edition of 500 Copies and WAY Out of Print

Ask anyone who has seen the Cheater Slicks in a live setting (particularly on their home turf of Columbus, OH), and they are sure to tell you - it's an eardrum punishing affair. These guys get LOUD. The beauty of a Cheater Slicks live performance is that their songs often morph and mutate during extended jams and rock'n'roll freakouts, not unlike a free jazz improvisor expounding on a pre-arranged standard. "Bats In The Dead Trees" originally came out in 2009 and is a suite of four long free-improvisation jams (no overdubs) taped live in the studio and contains some of the headiest, brain-blasting guitar skronk we've heard, well since the last High Rise record. Ugly, punishing squalls of guitar loops and feedback burn and churn, sometimes coalescing into a recognizable line (is that an Elevators riff?), showcasing what unassuming masters of the six-string the Shannon Bros are. It's a magnificent record to hear and fans of stuff like Liquorball, Dead C, Sun City Girls, and the sonic tableau laid out by The Velvet's "Sister Ray" ought to find a few things to like about this one. We thought we'd never see these again (this bad-boy's been OOP since 2009), but lo and behold the Slicks had some for sale at an instore we hosted and we snatched these up faster than you can say "Fushitsusha" and are passing the greatness onto you! These guys are goddamn geniuses. RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Shorty - Thumb Days - 2012 Reissue - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Uber limited repress of Shorty's sole LP from Gasoline Boost (the label who originally released it).

Shorty were early purveyors of art damaged Chicago noise rock and Thumb Days is their defining statement of aggro punk skronk.  Guttural grunts atop mid-rangey bass, odd timed drum beats played with masterful precision and molested guitar slashes were Shorty's bread and butter and when they lock into one of their demented grooves you better back up.  This album was one of an esteemed few from a festering scene that would soon birth an ungodly dayglo lunatic fringe art rock scene that flooded Chicago's clubs and influenced countless other acts across the nation and world.  Recommended.

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LP - Big'N - Cut Throat - 2012 Reissue - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Gasoline Boost label has done a mega limited repress of this '94 classic of Chicago noise rock, and we think you better grab this piece of local rock history before it's way outta print again.

Like Shorty, Big 'N were one of the early 90's Chicago bands along with Tar, Jesus Lizard and acts like St. Louis' Dazzling Killmen blasting out hard, heavy and uneasy vibes throughout the Midwest.  "Cut Throat" still slices deep to this day with barked vocals, lurching rhythms, guitar clatter and an overall menacing attitude.  Essentially the soundtrack to being strangled with a gasoline soaked flannel.  Recommended.

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LP - Legs - Aaaa The New Memphis Legs - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

After the Oblivians split ways to focus on their various projects, Eric Friedl was keeping his eyes out for his next raucous rock n roll adventure.  Luckily for him (and us), James Arthur of Fireworks and Necessary Evils fame decided to move to his homewtown of Memphis, the erstwhile capital city of rock n roll, blues and southern soul.  Eric and James probably found Forrest Hewes (of the recently disbanded Neckbones) at a some local dive bar and the rest is history as they say.  The Legs gigged around town, gained a legendary status in an already notoriously rambunctious local scene, recorded a few drunken demos, and then sadly vanished.  Probably the hangovers were too much to handle.  Or that bands this explosive can not last very long.   But after all these years, Eric Oblivian decided to dig the tapes out of his closet and finally give The New Memphis Legs a proper release (as well as reuniting The Legs one last time for Goner Fest this year).   We weren't in Memphis to see the Legs in full force during their heyday, but we can not believe it took 12 years for this awesome record to finally get released!!!!!

Fans of the sweaty drunk garage damaged punk will ABSOLUTELY NEED "AAAA THE NEW MEMPHIS LEGS."  No LP this year has sounded so dirty loud and raw as this freshly pressed slab of rock n roll from Goner, a record label that's always worth keeping tabs on.  Those in need of an Oblivians, Reatards or 68 Comeback fix, this is gonna stay on your turntable for quite some time.   Better than that Bad Times lp and just as wild as those classic Gories records, The New Memphis Legs is the high octane blast of rock n roll you need RIGHT NOW.   HIGHLY AND LOUDLY RECOMMENDED.  Records this fun don't come out every week.

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LP - Various Artists - Michigan Mixture Vol 1 - Import - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

You've got yer Nuggets, you've got yer Pebbles, but have you got the Mixture?? Fear not, 'cuz Spiral Groove Records outta the U.K. poured us up a tall glass of The Michigan Mixture Vol. 1 - a heady, fuzz-filled platter of Michigan's finest malcontents to ever grace a garage!  

The Late '60s Michigan scene was NOT just about the Stooges, the MC5 and the Amboy Dukes and this comp is here to prove it; and yeah give a little over due credit to those garage bands who NEVER had any hits, but whose 45s trade for large wads of cash on the internet. 

"Up" may be the only band we recognize on here, but rest assured the jams flow free here - 'Orange Wedge's fuzz-faced blaster "From The Womb To The Tomb" is sure to get your blood pumping, that is - if you're not already wigging out to the sounds of 'Sweet Cherry' or 'Popcorn Blizzard' (featuring a teenage Meatloaf! Yes, THAT Meatloaf). But dudes, PREPARE YOURSELF for the head-blaster that is 'Glass Sun's "Silence In The Morning" - a fierce, raging tune that knife you in the gut with a blade of fiery fuzz, before launching you into the stratosphere! GODDAMN. Terrific document of the Michigan scene just after the first wave of Sixties garage greats and before the "Motor City Madness" of the Early Seventies! Originally issued in 1990 in an impossibly small and hard-to-obtain number, reissued here on 180gm vinyl for your listening pleasure!

KILLER compilation - seriously EVERY cut is a ripper! RECOMMENDED.

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10in - Christof Glowalla - Erde 80 - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Hey would someone please close the door, with the amount of minimal/cold wave records around here lately it's fucking freezing.

This here little colored platter is a collection of early recordings from Chris of Glowalla.  The original "Erde 80" is nearly impossible to locate these days so to have it included here is real treat.  Glowalla's new wave minimal electronic pop is peculiar and idosyncratic yet undeniably catchy, robotic German vocals over top of melodic keyboard lines and simple but effective electro beats. Glowalla's sultry electronic pop is a smooth concoction of minimal synths and emotive acoustic guitar that'll be stuck in yer brain for a long while to come.  Recommended.

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7in - Cave - Summer Flexi Series - $5.99 - BUYbuy

Rotted Tooth is a name we’ve grown to trust over the course of the last couple of years.  Typically, you can spot a Rotted Tooth release from a mile away.  The elaborate mult-color screen-printed sleeves on the LPs jump out of any bin you put ‘em in.  After a few years of doing that, Rotted Tooth has switched gears and opted for a SUBSCRIPTION ONLY SUMMER FLEXI SERIES.  This four-part series includes limited one-sided flexi discs (with totally farmable art prints) by the following artists: Heavy Times, Eets Feats, Sewn Leather, and CAVE. PERMANENT RECORDS IS ONE OF THE FEW LUCKY STORES TO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF STOCKING THESE INCREDIBLY LIMITED RELEASES.  Here are the deets for this particular variation:

CAVE doesn't waste any time.  Four bars into this nameless cut and they're all locked into the groove.  The groove is hypnotic, but it's in the subtle changes where CAVE carves out a niche for themselves.  There are loads of bands out there that can hold down a groove and improvise, but very few are as in tune with each other and tight as CAVE is.  CAVE can trick you into believing they're freely jamming and turn on a dime without notice.  Not an easy task.  CAVE are excellent at sleight of hand and efficient to boot.  Efficient one must be when limited to the finite space allowed on a 7" flexi disc and I'd venture to say that no band has succeeded more wildly in filling up a flexi with a track that seemingly only lasts a minute. Actual track time: 5:01. This autobahn-ready instrumental picks up where 2011's "Neverendless" left off.  However, CAVE aficionados will likely only recognize three names on the "CAVE on this recording is:" list.  Those three being Rex McMurry, Dan Browning, and Cooper Crain.  This flexi disc is the first recording released with the recent addition (reunion) with Jerusalem and the Starbaskets guitarist Jeremy Freeze.  Also appearing here are Columbia, MO ex-pat Josh Johannpeter (Mahjongg, Waterbabies, 1900s, Hive Dwellers) and bicycle wheel improviser Rob Frye.  Edie Fake's tribe-adelic art suits this release perfectly.  500 were pressed, if you're asking.  Zero will remain, if you're sleeping.  No sleep 'til winter!  Endless Summer Flexi Series!

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7in - Total Control - Scenes From A Marriage b/w Contract - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

None of us at the shop were prepared for the onslaught that was Total Control's 2011 album "Henge Beat" - it rocketed onto EVERY Prex staffers Year-End list and we wore the needle down on our turntable listening to it over and over and OVER. It would be a gross understatement to say that we were MORE THAN STOKED to see this one coming out. We might have sorta squealed with joy a lil' bit. >ahem< MAYBE.   But we bet the reaction was the same at the Sub Pop office when they listened to these tracks for the first time too. 

A marked progression from their full-length's manic and jittery post punk, with the A-Side, "Scene From A Marriage" fading in with a gentle acoustic guitar strum (whu-whaaa?) before lurching into a moody, mid-tempo pop dirge (PIL meets Joy Division?) The chorus is killer too - the change hits in a surprising way, with grey guitar chords cascading over singer Dan Stewart's dark, abstract lyrics. The B-side comes at us in a classic Eighties "Wax Trax" mode, "Contract" is essentially the "dub" version of the A-side, but distilled down to a Wave so Cold that you fingers might go numb. A real unexpected treat that caught us off guard by delivering something beyond what our expectations were for this band - we're ABSOLUTELY stoked for what might come next! Another winner from Australia!!! RECOMMENDED to the HIGHEST degree!!

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7in - King Tuff - Screaming Skull b/w Love Potion - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

A BRAND NEW 7-inch from Sub Pop's newest hit-maker KING TUFF!!!! Which also happens to be a great companion to Tuffie's self-titled 2nd album (also on Sub Pop) from earlier this year, continuing on that record's trajectory of crystalline, AM-Radio rock'n'roll anthems!

"Screaming Skull" glides out of the speakers like the bastard child of Tom Petty and Rick Springfield - top down, radio up, rockin' a sleeveless tee. "Love Potion" actually may be the winner here, sneaking up from the B-Side with a raging garage stomper with squealing guitars and a total earworm of a chorus! Another winner! Must be pretty good to be 'da King. RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Virus - Live In Lourdes - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Brand new import 4-songer from this Italian garagepunk duo on Depression House Records! Virus blast right outta the gate with "Bluesvaccadios" and don't let up till the final notes is strangled out of "Fire". KILLER, noisy and blown out scuzzrock that rages like the bastard sons of Pussy Galore, Oblivians or Guitar Wolf, but with a dash of avant-noise weirdness a'la Puffy Areolas or Homostupids. Rockin' single that left our ears a'ringin'! That's a sure sign of quality. RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Soundcarriers - Boiling Point/Eff. R. b/w This Is Normal - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Soundcarriers lay out a unique blend of UK psychedelic freakbeat and in-the-red space funk.  Like some brilliant mixture of Dee-Lite, Cornershop and Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, The Soundcarriers ride a raw groove of mostly instrumental rhythmic rippers awash with backmasked guitar and chiming keyboard trills.  The production is gritty and booming with LOUD cracking snares and bass lines that expand and sound as if they're trying to escape the confines of this spiral scratch,

The Soundcarriers are creating some seriously original disco kraut that's providing the soundtrack for a dance floor made of hashish.  Super Recommended.