Monday, February 11, 2013

Permanent Records Update 2.11.13

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LP - Jacco Gardner - Cabinet Of Curiosities (color vinyl - Ltd to 500) - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Trouble In Mind are back with yet another froth-at-the-mouth worthy release, this time from multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner.

The Jacco Gardner single on Trouble In Mind from late 2012 had us waiting with bated breath for the full length and it is finally in our grubby little hands and currently spinning on repeat on the shop turntable.  Jacco Gardner's brand of modern Baroque pop psychedelia rides that fine line of taking aspects of the past and suturing them to modern sounds.  His music is some cloud riding adventure that is something akin to early Syd Barrett's kaelaiodscopic poetry, the Zombies' thinly veiled lustful desires and a dash of Stereolab's retro-futurism that when cooked in this alchemist's oven creates album of top notch tunes that pitter patter through the tall grass.  Gentle harpsichord dream pop gems from start to finish are what is contained in this "Cabinet Of Curiosities" and it is a frolicking,  easy-rocking good time.

Pitchfork rated this as a 7.2 but we whole-heartedly say this one is Super-Recommended-point-3333…

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LP - Maston - Shadows (color vinyl - Ltd to 500) - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Trouble In Mind are back with yet another froth-at-the-mouth worthy release, this time from summery psych pop mastermind Maston.

Maston's "Shadows" is paired perfectly with the Jacco Gardner LP that Trouble In Mind dropped recently; another modern master-stroke of molding the tried and true techniques of 60's/70's studio knob twiddling into modern takes of swirling beach pop.  Maston hails from the sunny climes of California and it informs his sonic signature for sure with pepperings of Brian Wilson skip-to-ma-loos, gentle breeze keys, reverbed desert guitars and his coyly obscured vocal croon underneath the cotton candy clouds that function as the sticky sweet adhesive that holds this finely crafted work together.  We could see this stuff fitting in nicely in a Wes Anderson movie with its balloons on a carousel whimsy and feather tickling tunes of modern classics.

If you’re prone to having giant sandboxes in your bedroom and not leaving your bed for a year than this Maston record will be the perfect soundtrack for every beach boy and beach girl.  Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Spray Paint - Spray Paint (Ltd to 500) -  $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another platter of splatter from Spray Paint again teaming up with SS Records to tag yer ears with spunked minimalist punk clamour. 

We gobbled up these gent's first couple singles and spun 'em to death at our P-Rex afterhours hedonism expos and now to score a full length is brightening our days to say the least.  Spray Paint offers up 11 nameless tracks of short, atonal machine gun alien invasion punk in the spirit of A-Frames, with the guitar mangling and wonked out anit-melodies of The Ex, the goon-y mongoloid-isms of Wounded Lion and the primitive urgency of Wire that fills this album with fried and singed bursts of treble blazers.

Concise, angular and unrelenting, this self-titled LP will surely be making some year-end lists and until then it will be getting lots o' spins on our turntables at top volume.  Mega Recommended.

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LP - Banque Allemande - Willst Du Chinese Sein Musst Du Die Ekligen Sachen Essen - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SS Records hauls out another dose of Deutschland delight with Banque Allemande's latest clatte bomb !!!

We were in way deep with Banque Allemande's debut "Eins, Zwei", also on the mighty SS Records and LP number two is straight outta the gate upping this Berlin act's game.  Growly basslines buzz and bounce with a hard and hefty beat as static guitar and bellowed German vocals fill in the gaps.  Hints of the A-Frames, The Fall, some downunder melodic influenece to an already brash punk template gives the Banque Allemande sound an instantly catchy quality that will have you making many a return to this frantic onslaught of hot tempoed chaotic chunk of Husker Du-ish stick shift peel outs.

Seriously Recommended.

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LP - Exhaustion - Future Eaters - Import - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

More AUS-someness comin' 'atcha!! This hot lil' platter "Future Eaters" from Exhaustion has us catching our breath over here! Aarght Records is back with a serious BANG with this mutha !!!

There is some serious misanthropic swamp-rock happening on this platter - Exhaustion manage to cram in the dark Birthday Party/Gun Club hoodoo swagger into some post-apocalyptic post-punk crash and bang creating something that is reminiscent of many things, but sounds like few of them. Bassist Jensen Tjhung knows his way around a fret-board and just may be the band's secret weapon, crafting heavy, yet lyrical basslines (not unlike the kind Peter Hook carved out in Joy Division), hinting at the melody of each tune while the guitar screes over the top like a crashing jet airliner. The songs fade in and out of focus, not afraid to let a hypnotic jam drone on for the hell of it - we've heard these guys compared somewhat to Les Rallizes Denudes - not too far off base; there is a grounding in the repetitive, rhythms of doo-wop, and R&B that's blasted apart and Frankenstein'd back together, but these guys'll have to lower the fidelity and launch a couple more jet planes before we consider tossing out our copies of "Heavier Than A Death In The Family" Don't let that dissuade you - this is a KILLER album that proves ever more that if the rest of the world wants to catch up to what Australia's laying down these days, they're gonna have to STEP IT THE FUCK UP.

"Future Eaters" is criminally limited to 250 copies, and we allegedly have the last of the bunch, so if you want to get "Exhausted"... you better get one NOW. This one comes unconditionally recommended.

FUCKIN GET IT, a'ight?

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LP - Spanish Moss - Kelp - Pink Wax -  $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We're always searching and digging deep to find mind blowing new bands and labels to fill up the racks here at the shop, and sometimes we strike psych rock gold.  Our newest discovery, Spanish Moss, is for sure gonna melt your face off.  Patrick Haight, sound engineer guru at Burger Records, signed them to his new label Spot On Sounds, and man are we glad he did. Spanish Moss grabs you by the ears and drags you through a bluesy space-drenched fuzzed-out psychedelic journey on their debut long player, "Kelp"...and once you've gone done the rabbit hole, you'll get stuck flipping this one over and over again.

We love our psych rock loud, raw, stretched out, warped and crazy as it can be and Spanish Moss heavily delivers on all those fronts.  Searing delinquent acid fried rock n roll, "Kelp" leans on those ever deep sources of psych inspiration from Hawkwind to Monoshock and definitely owes some debt to the Phoenix and Guerrson back catalogs (quality influences for sure).  Spanish Moss can be filed away next to the current crop of psychedelic adventurers like MMOSS, Cave, White Hills, Psychic Ills and Acid Mothers Temple -- if "Kelp" ever leaves your turnable that is.

This one comes on translucent pink vinyl and is bound to go quick, so don't miss out.  You need some "Kelp" in your life.  RECOMMENDED TIMES INFINITY.

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LP - Readymades - I'm A Man, I'm A Flower - Edition Of 100 - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Awesome unreleased garage-punk from The Readymades - a Sacto band that featured a few future scene luminaries like (PRex alumni) Charles Albright and Duchess of Saigon guitar slinger Rich Haley! Thanks Mt St Mtn !!!

A traintwreck of Black Flag/Redd Kross/Kinks is a pretty accurate comparison - there's definitely some of Black Flag's ragged, atonal guitar riffing and DEFINITELY a ever-present eighties SoCal pop-art punk vibe of the McDonald's from front to back, but infused with the garage-punk vitriol of bands like Teengenerate, or Thee Headcoats (there's even a nearly competent version of the Sonics' "Psycho"), as well as the shambolic mess of bands like The Mummies - it sounds like it could fall apart at any moment (and sometimes does). Recorded in the red-zone by master engineer Chris Woodhouse and housed in Mt. St. Mtn's meticulous design and packaging that includes screened inner-labels and a beautifully printed insert that's hand stamped with the band's logo.

The bad news is that it's limited to 100 copies and if you don't act FAST, you won't get to experience one of these in person! HOT STUFF COMIN' THRU - RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Sweet Talk - Pickup Lines - White Vinyl - Limited to 100 -  $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

You ready for the next rock n roll supergroup (and your next favorite band) from the overflowing creativity of the Austin, Texas scene?  Yes?  Cuz we sure are!  So let's introduce you to Sweet Talk, and their brand new debut LP "Pickup Lines" out on 12XU.  Lead by Stephenn Svacina of the Uptown Bums and the Mind Spiders and flanked by Wiccans / Video / Brain Attack bassist Harpal Assai, guitar wiz Mitch Frazier of the Church Shoes and Marley Jones of 60 Minute Men, Sweet Talk are reviving the dead ghosts of Texas' rock n roll past and making some of the catchiest foot-stomping guitar rockers around. 


Fans of the Bad Sports / Mind Spiders / OBN IIIs / VIDEO tangle of Austin garage / punk bands will no doubt need to grab Sweet Talk's "Pickup Lines."  But those who, like us, have an affinity / addiction to loud catchy guitar rock along the lines of Dinosaur Jr, Redd Kross, Pavement and the Makers definitely won't need to get sweet talked into grabbing "Pickup Lines"  This is a rowdy rock n roll time just like those other great Lone Star state heroes, Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top and 13th Floor Elevators.

So crank up the volume and get ready to have a blast.  We nabbed a stack of the super limited white vinyl version (only 100 pressed), so don't sleep on it.  SWEETLY RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Dead Skeletons - Orð 12" EURO TOUR EP (Import) - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We just scored a batch of this killer onesided EP from Iceland's Dead Skeletons, an EP pressed up by the fine folks at Sound Of Cobra. 

We were not super familiar with this group but we were told it had a member of Permanent Records fave Singapore Sling so we were pretty much onboard before we even unpacked this sucker.  Holy cow the screenprinted ouroboros-with-skull-pyramid on the b-side is freaking gorgeous.  Now the sonics on the a-side you ask? Well, Dead Skeletons have created some sort dark psychedelic deathgaze.  This would sit nicely to Psychic Ills' or 'Coltan' Verma-minded spiritual desert rock or any of the vaguely occult-ish oriented roster of the Sacred Bones Records camp.  Four cuts of raincloud psychedelia that somehow changes nightmares to a blissful dream while still incorporating lots of a "death" vibe… no easy feat.

And you guessed it… Totally Recommended.

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LP - Synthetic Id - Apertures - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Super caffeinated angular post punk is what Bay Area group Synthetic Id are bringing and their "Apertures" LP is like a cup of coffee spiked with a 5-hour energy drink.

Some unhinged combo of the Minutemen, Wire, Paper Mice, Rank/Xerox and A-Frames makes up the core sound of what Synthetic Id are playing but they've shaped and molded it into something all their own with frantic guitar churning, roundbottom bouncing basslines and some mega busy up-tempo drumming that would surly put a smile on George Hurley's yap.  Topping everything off is some blank faced, paranoia rants giving this record a bothered urgency that causes this quick little platter to blow by in no time making it essential to play again and again.

Frantically Recommended.

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LP - Happy Jawbone Family - Tastes The Broom - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Mexican Summer is always bringing the quality jams, and this new one from Happy Jawbone Family Band is no exception!!!

Drugs man, how else do you come up with this brain twister of a band name?  Well take a long toke of Happy Jawbone Family Band cause after a few tugs you'll know what it means to "Taste The Broom".  This album is a collection of wheezy-breeezy cuts from various cassette, LPs and single releases from near and far and it plays out like a cut and paste mix tape that you magically found on your floorboards while looking for that ever elusive roach you stashed in the ashtray.  You pop it in and ease on down the road cuz these 9 cuts offer up a mellow tape hiss tinged blend of bedroom pop with he/she vocal harmonies, some outsider accidental psychedelia that feels warm and safe like an old jean jacket and some clatter racket freakout four tackers that sputter with the unhinged joy of putting on your nearly dead Chuck Taylor's.

The Happy Jawbone Family Band has a hint of the Siltbreeze lo-fi chuff in the vein of contemporaries Eat Skull or early Times New Viking, the ultra unclassifiable indie weirdness of the Night People roster and the high five/slap me some skin swagger of the Mexican Summer camp, so grab a bud or two, pop this on the turntable and stay up real fuckin' late and remember why having good friends is so rad.  Really Recommended.

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LP - Monsieur Jeffrey Evans And His C.C. Riders - Cc Riders - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Under-heard and under-heralded Memphis "supergroup" that existed for a brief time in the early 2000's consisting of Msr. Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Brothers, '68 Comeback), Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout, (Lost Sounds), and James Arthur (ex-Fireworks, Necessary Evils, Feast Of Snakes) and who recorded this lone album back in 2001 that was a CDR-only release of 100 copies! Well, the fine folks at Spacecase Records have rescued those recordings from the sands of time and made them audible once again! Woot!!!!

Make no mistake, this is Jeff Evans' show, and despite this crack-team of garagepunk backers, it sounds utterly like a Jeff Evans record. If you're at all familiar with Evans' work in The Gibson Brothers or '68 Comeback then you know what's coming - catchy, heart-worn tunes, with Msr. Evans' tales of love-lorn loss and heartache spun o'er the top of mid-fidelity bluesy garage bashers. Evans' work rests side-by-side with his contemporaries like The Compulsive Gamblers (and by default The Oblivians), Cheater Slicks, Gories who fused the adrenalin-fueled stomp of garage rock with the howling blues and rock and roll of forefathers like Howlin' Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. We can dig it!

Hard to come by back in the day, this one isn't THAT plentiful either - limited to 500 copies that MOST ASSUREDLY will not stick around too long! Just get it and forget it! RECOMMENDED!

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2xLP - Stereolab - Dots And Loops - Reissue - $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

1972 Records continues it's epic Stereolab vinyl reissue campaign started in 2012 with two of the band's breakthrough albums on Elektra; 1996's masterpiece "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" and 1997's equally-lauded follow-up "Dots And Loops", both finding the band exploring their poppier side, while simultaneously incorporating the more experimental aspects of their sound.

Arguably the band's best work (we go back and forth between "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" and this album) and one that adds more of an experimental element of the burgeoning "post-rock" community of the day who embraced the band with open arms. "Dots And Loops" is one of those records that is deceptively complex, as the band had become so proficient and symbiotic that any avant-leanings were so effortlessly executed that they almost seemed like nothing at all. The pop element is still there, though filtered through a distinctly European sensibility. An absolute brain-buzzer of an album and instantly likeable.


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2xLP - Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup - Reissue - $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

1972 Records continues it's epic Stereolab vinyl reissue campaign started in 2012 with two of the band's breakthrough albums on Elektra; 1996's masterpiece "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" and 1997's follow-up "Dots And Loops", both finding the band exploring their poppier side, while simultaneously incorporating the more experimental aspects of their sound.

Chances are if you think of a Stereolab tune in your head, it's probably one off "Emperor Tomato Ketchup". Where 'Mars Audiac Quintet' crowned them indie darlings, "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" was undeniably the one that broke them into whatever amount of mainstream consciousness they've achieved in their existence. Tunes like "Cybele's Reverie" and "Les Yper Sound" were so fully-formed and timeless sounding, it almost seemed like they were cover songs, combining Bacharach-ian easy pop with the anti-melodic drone of krautrock into a retro-futuristic sound all their own. It's also quite possibly their most inviting &... human sounding album too - the analog-infused melodies envelop the listener in their sonic embrace, urging them to both chill the fuck out and get up and dance at the same time.

It's a bewitching album and an AMAZING thing to see in the racks again. Housed in a beautiful tip-on, gatefold sleeve too! RECOMMENDED.

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2xLP - Pink and Brown - Every Shade Of Pink And Brown -  $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Sure, John Dwyer comprises half of the band (you might have heard of little project of his called Thee Oh Sees), but Pink and Brown deserve to be more than just a footnote in his 1000+ album career.

The duo of Pink and Brown fried brains and melted faces in their short career with their pummeling drum fills and chaotic spazzy guitar riffs. Pink and Brown give us the soundtrack of two schizophrenics simultaneously having seizures while cruelly strapped to their instruments.  A duo even more manic than Lightning Bolt and even crazier than the Flying Luttenbachers, Pink & Brown was THE NOISE GROUP in their heyday.....!!!!  Seriously just ask someone who saw them back in the early aughts, holy balls they were out there...!!!

Grab this album now! Put it on full blast! Go crazy! Just make sure you've got a wooden spoon nearby to clamp down on (to protect your tongue, you know) in case their madness spreads.

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LP - BLO - Phase II -  $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Funky, funky - nay... FONKY Nigeria - Blo's "Phase II" is the band's signature work, fusing the group's origins in the Nigerian highlife scene with American funk and R&B - reissued here in an official (albeit limited) quantity by the Strawberry Rain label!!!!

A real treasure of a record, and a stone-cold jammer if there ever was one! The players who would form Blo started out playing in an atypical African highlife band, but after jamming with Ginger Baker in 1971 (and briefly forming a band with him called 'Salt'), the boys would break away and form Blo. Taking their influence from American psych bands like The Grateful Dead and The Byrds and fusing it with the Afro-funk of fellow Africans like Tony Allen and Fela Kuti, Blo would go on to make 5 albums into the eighties, but it's THIS record from 1972 where they hit their stride. "Phase II" is a dizzying concoction of head-swaying, good-time afrobeat and exploratory psychedelic guitar and organ odysseys that provides an truly African counterpoint to the prevailing psych-funk acts of the day like Funkadelic and Mandrill.

According to the back-cover liners "Phase Two was recorded in 9 sessions of 12 hours each from 6pm to 6am. It was so strenuous that on the 9th session Engineer Emma Akpabio decided to go on strike "because of too many worries by Blo" whose drive for perfection remain unmatched" - an odd statement, as many of these grooves seem so off-the-cuff, belying the perfectionists they seem to be. A true testament to their musical symbiosis. A TRULY amazing record that deserves to just be in print - too bad this one's limited!... Get this one now before you miss out! RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Missing Links - The Missing Links + The Links Unchained EP - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SAVAGE Aussie sixties garage-punk from THE bad boys on the Sydney scene - The Missing Links! These guys cut a slew of singles and one impossibly rare LP for Philips Records in 1966 that goes for BIIIIIIG bucks, even in Australia! The fine folks at Sundazed Records have done the world a favour and reissued it once again for our hungry ears!

TRUE PUNKS (har har) may recognize the tune "Wild About You" - it was famously covered by fellow Australians The Saints on their debut platter "(I'm) Stranded" and it's a gritty garage number peppered with aggression and sexuality - no wonder that these bad boys were charged with obscenity a few times in their day by the nervous Aussie Po-Po. The entirety of "The Missing Links" is a treasure trove of unbridled adolescent carnality, evoking the best moments of contemporaries like The Yardbirds' adrenalin-fueled rave-ups ("Bald Headed Woman", "Speak No Evil") and The Sonics' throat-shredding savagery ("You're Driving Me Insane, "Some Kinds Fun" and "Wild About You") as well as the dead-cool R&B moves of The Pretty Things and The Stones. It's easy to see how stuff like this would go on to influence bands like the Stooges and The MC5, who would, in turn - go on to influence the next generation of Australian Rock (Saints, Radio Birdman, Chosen Few, Psychosurgeons, and their "Murder Punk" contemporaries).

A KILLER reissue made even more killer (for a limited time, anyway) by the inclusion of the EVEN RARER 4-song EP "The Links Unchained" that contains their ragged anthem "Don't Give Me No Friction"! Rest assured you will NEVER see an original of these, so at this price, Sundazed is practically GIVING these away! If you dig the current wave of Aussie punk happening, now's your chance to see where it REALLY all began! RECOMMENDED!!

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LP - Lumerians - Horizon Structures EP - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

It's a freaking Lumerians bonanza round here as of late it would seem… we had their ultra experimental Sanity Muffin released "The Weaning And The Dreaming" tape last week that found the group travelling through all forms of dark matter and messing with tonal directions and audio trickery.  But now they have returned to the honorable Knitting Factory Records that unveiled their dynamo debut LP "Transmilinnia". Now following their far-out psychedelic space trip "Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV" release on Permanent they've brought one helluva deeper space-a-rific EP. 

Holy hell, they've done it again… these astro dopers have gone and morphed their sound yet again.  One thing can be said about this group is they keep you on your toes that's for sure.  This all-too-short EP teaser finds Lumerians offering up 4 cuts of blissed out solarflare space rock that is mind bogglingly original in its execution.  We find the welcomed return of vocals on this release added to the bass line driven motorik galaxy explorers, fleshed out with ectoplasmic synth blasts and kaleidoscopic psychedelia coursing through this fine little platter of fractal rock.  Like flying blind through an asteroid belt, Horizon Structures zigs and zags with frenzied circuit bent ecstacy and a head bopping bounce.

Accompaning this EP is a set of "4D Glasses For Access To Transdimensional Viewing Portal…"  If that doesn't hint at the sounds contained within then we don't what does.  It's nice to get these 4 cuts of time travelling drug tones and awesome to find Lumerians composing HARD HITTING DRIVING ROCK BASED SONGS that are catchy yet still flirting with all sorts of experimentation.  This EP is pretty good marriage of "Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV" that we released and the aforementioned "Transmilinnia" album while still reaching for the stars and wigging out to further realms.

Transdimensionally Recommended.

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LP - Lumerians - Transmalinnia - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Here’s what we said about it the first time around:

Whaddya get when you cross a Wooden Shjip and an Aqua Nebula Oscillator?  Some folks would say a Wooden Aqua Nebula Shjip Oscillator, of course.  But we say Lumerians.  We've raved about this Oakland based psych group's previous releases, so you know we popped a proverbial chubby when we heard about this release, Lumerians debut long-player on Knitting Factory.  We liked the Rococo single so much we included it on our Best of '10 list. "Burning Mirrors" the A-side of that fantastic single is included as Track One Side One here, but that's where the overlap ends.  You don't get their incredible cover of the Osmonds "Crazy Horses", but that's reason enough to go back and grab the Rococo single (and the Osmonds record while your at it, it's a ripper!).  "Transmalinnia" is mostly instrumental, but the vocals are hardly missed when they're absent.

Fans of repetitive mostly instrumental psych rock, cinematic kraut vibes, and even a bit of sci-fi space rock reminiscent of "Law Of Ruins" era Six Finger Satellite (replace Moog with Rhodes) will absolutely want to grab a copy of "Transmalinnia".  In short, all the Permanent regulars (you know who you are) will love this record!  It will absolutely be included on our best of '11 list.  Highly recommended.

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LP - Sleaze - Sleaze - 2012 Reissue - $18.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Sing Sing Records has reissued what might be the holy grail of private press proto punk collectors gold, the self titled debut and only release from England's Sleaze, the 1975 pre-Adverts LP from punk legend TV Smith. Originally released in an edition of only 50 copies (pretty much not released at all except to a few friends and college acquaintances), Sleaze was the first rumblings of TV Smith's long rambuctious and prolific career as one of punk's greatest songwriters.  Hell yeah we here at P-Rex can't thank Sing Sing Records enough, this is one record we'd never thought our ears would get a chance to hear. 

Before the Sex Pistols broke into the charts and punk rock exploded, Sleaze was destroying the bloated corpse of 70s rock one chord at a time.  Taking their cues from the obvious influences, like the Stooges and the Dolls, TV Smith and his cohorts also mined the pub rock and glam scenes of the day, trying to get to the core of rock n roll's unbridled sinful heart.  In their one and only document, you can hear the sneer of Alice Cooper, the hard rock edge of Thin Lizzy, the art bent pop of Roxy Music and the glam rock sparkle of Mott the Hopple, yet Sleaze seems to make all those disparate musical references their own impatient jittery brand of rock excitement.

Unwieldy, loud and quite fun, the Sleaze LP ought to be filed with the rest of the proto punk classics, from Ziggy Stardust to Kick Out The Jams.  Sing Sing didn't press up that many copies, so grab your copy of Sleaze now--you'll be sorry if you don't.

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12in - Factory Floor - Fall Back - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

DFA drops another brain banger of a single by UK act Factory Floor !!!

We dug the shit outta this group's "Untitled" 10in from 2010 and each new 12in they've unveiled just ups the ante.  2012's "Two Different Ways" 12in (also on DFA) was a pulse-quickening surge of modern industrial music that just happens to be very danceable.  And now this little teaser single is another slab of high-energy industrial heart racing gonzo sonics.  Blotto roboto synths, both live and synthetic drums, warbling weirdness and breathy alien vocals combine to create hyper repetitive dancefloor drug music.  Rife with steady building tension and frantic sonic experiments, Factory Floor make the dance music of the future while still infusing their sound with heafty doses of industrialized noise and laser blast staccato loops creating a freaky dystopian soundtrack.  FF member, Nik Colk, collaborated with Chris Carter and Cosey Fanny Tutti on 2012's P-Rex fave Carter/Tutti/Void "Transverse" LP and the TG-ers have done remixes of Factory Floor's material before so there is definitely a TG/Chris and Cosey vibe to these body shocking tracks but don't fret cuz Factory Floor are making some of the most exciting modern music we've heard in ages and if this 12in is any indication of what's to come then we imagine the full length due later this year is gonna be a revelation.  Mega Recommended.

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7in - Ex-Con - Bronzer/Cuda '82 b/w Right Brain - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Absolutely SIIIIIIICK 7-inch from this Melbourne by way of Brisbane band, Ex-Con!

Released on Bon Voyage Records (the folks responsible for the Looks Like Miaou LP as well as the trés excellent Martyr Privates 7-inch from last year), this triple-songer is a reverb-soaked, stab of unruly cacophany, not too far removed from fellow Aussies, Blank Realm or Slug Guts, or even their US babes-in-arms like the K-Holes. Not too surprising since you gots James Dalgliesh of Slug Guts paired with the terrifyingly gutteral and caustic reverbed shrieks and moans of Joanna Nilson of Butcher Birds all recorded after-hours at bar by Blank Realm's Luke Walsh. Make no mistake this is ALL AUSSIE - there's some serious unrelenting scree in opener "Bronzer" that sounds like an all-out attack from the bowels of hell by zombie river rats, while track two "Cuda" is an atonal death-rock jammer with a surf-tinged guitar attack (45 Grave meets Dick Dale? Stranger things have happened!).

The flip, "Right Brain" amps up the reverb-riccochet, before dissolving into a clattering surf outro that just skirts being goddamn beautiful. This is one mutherfucker of a single. Great goddamn work. You're gonna kick yourself if you miss out on this one - it's limited to 200 copies, so get it now before you're wallowing in the "shoulda, coulda's"...

RECOMMENDED!!! Seriously. Fuckin' A.

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7in - Nothing People - C'mon Girl B/W Walk On -  $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SS Records drops the latest Nothing People it's kind like Christmas around the shop!!!

Two off the cuff tunes of sleazy swagger that revel in late 70's pub rock glory and lay it out quick and easy.  Murky basement dwelling cut-sleeve illegal transaction cryptoid hesher tunes are what the mighty Nothing People are supplying on this outing and that suits us just fine.  These songs sound similar to the fare being collected on the Bonehead Crunchers comps and the Clone Records roster that we've been touting in recent times, but hell, we're die hard Nothing People freaks found here so you know anything they're releasing we're gonna be spinning on constant rotation and recommending to any and all that'll lend an ear.

Enthusiastically Recommended.

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6x7in Flexi Book - Various Artists - Castle Face Group Flex II: Son Of Flex - $27.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The flexi madness of Group Flex returns!  Castle Face Records has upped the ante with the second installment of their outlandish mutli single flexi comp, this time around name Son Of Flex.  Packaged as a psychedelic flip book with artwork by Joe Roberts, "Son Of Flex" is the brainchild / monster of John Dwyer (The Oh Sees) and Matt Jones (Pirate's Press) who together run Castle Face Records-- who incidentally have been on a high quality tear lately releasing the Velvet Underground and Nico covers LP and the Pink and Brown reissue, and wow now this killer collection.  Group Flex II functions is a "Who's Who" of the garage / psych / punk scene right now.  With 12 bands on a string of hand-screened bizarro flexi singles, "Group Flex" is an absolutely must-have compilation / artwork collectible.

The fact that these tracks aren't and won't be released anywhere else is reason enough to grab yer wallets quick.  F'ing banging new tracks from The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, White Fence, even our Chicago buds and P-Rex alumns fucking RUNNING (!!!) and should we continue? ....oh so many many more.  Seriously "Son Of Flex" is the same bands we here at P-Rex would put on our next mixtape.

Just the kind of awesome fuzzed up rock n roll we love from the ever reliable Castle Face Records, so of course it's SUPER RECOMMENDED.

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7in - Silver - Do You Wanna Dance? - $6.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Perhaps one of the best/worst cover songs ever pressed to wax! Silver's version of many-a-time classically covered Bobby Freeman cut "Do You Wanna Dance" is a transcendent ugly mess of rock n roll recorded by a bunch of seemingly drunk Finnish 12 year olds in 1980.  One thing about Silver's super rare 45 that we know for sure is that it'll be the most punk rock thing you'll ever hear.

Rowdy, brutal and as inept as anything that'll ever grace your turntable, Silver's single blows the doors off your favorite incompetent outsider rock n roll heroes, from the Shaggs to Wesley Willis.  Seriously we couldn't lift our jaws off the floor while we rocked out all the way through both sides of this single.

The A side totally destroys "Do You Wanna Dance" whether it be the Beach Boys or the Ramones' version.  And the B side is a wall of skronk that barely resembles music yet its entrancing nonetheless.  Obviously Silver isn't for everyone, but it is the perfect singe to start or end your next house party with (or your next radio show, podcast, prank phone call, dj night or whatever....the uses are quite endless) so ultimately it kind of IS for everyone!

DUDES THIS IS A RECORD YOU JUST GOTTA HEAR TO BELIEVE.  Crazy and demented as fuck.  AND SUPER RECOMMENDED.  We wish this was our band when we were twelve !!!