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Permanent Records Update 11.4.13

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2xLP - Chrome - Half Machine from the Sun: The Lost Tracks '79-80 - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

PRex shoppers outta know by now that we are massive, MASSIVE Chrome fans over here at the shop, so when we caught wind that Helios Creed was compiling unreleased tracks recorded during the band's classic and most fertile period of 1979-1980 we just about soiled our spacesuits! King Of Spades Records are the lucky ones tapped to release these lost treasures into the world, & here's Helios himself pontificating on Chrome and this release:

"Tracks recorded by Helios Creed and Damon Edge in '79 and '80, during the Half Machine Lip Moves and Third from the Sun period, but never released. About this era Helios recently wrote: 'We were into Iggy and the Stooges, and punk shows started happening at the Mabuhay Gardens in 1976 which was right there in North Beach too, at the end of the Broadway strip. It was the most fun era of my life. The punk scene had an incredible energy and fire. Then the Sex Pistols came out with Never Mind the Bullocks in 1977 and we released Chrome's second album Alien Soundtracks the same year and the whole punk thing exploded. Next we released Half Machine Lip Moves in 1979 and it and Alien Soundtracks took over in the punk world. Our record covers filled the windows of record stores and I was in awe. We weren't really a traditional punk band. Nobody else sounded like us. We were more of a psychedelic band, but a punk version of psychedelia, acid-punk. But I was influenced by the punk scene, because the music was experimental and free, but still hard and solid. punk's guitar was fucked up and without rules. So it was a great scene to keep developing my sound and my approach to guitar. Damon and I were both into expanding the possibilities. We fed off of each other in our experimentation and as we created we'd both like the same things. There was this thing that Damon and I called 'the Chill Factor' where if its really good you get goose bumps, and we used to get the 'Chill Factor' at the same time. We shared concepts about how to approach music and we pushed the limits and that is how I guess we became known as proto-industrial, because we expanded the possibilities of what music at the time could sound like and people were influenced from there. Damon's and my meeting had become a catalyst for the birth of a whole new sound.'

We gotta say - the prospect of listening to unreleased Chrome tracks from the CLASSIC fucking lineup had us licking our lips and this double LP does NOT disappoint! EVERYTHING you'll wanna hear is here; Helios Creed's brain-busting guitar squall sounds like an intergalactic transmission coming from the inside of a space demon, and Damon Edge's abstract synth-screes conjure up visions of soul-sucking cosmic banshees!  It's frickin' great - if you're a Chrome fan AT ALL you definitely NEED THIS. Pressed up onto sun-baked orange vinyl and remastered/mixed by Jay Tausig under the supervision of Helios himself this makes it practically undeniable!!! These WILL NOT last long, so if you're on the fence at all, just go ahead and get it. This one comes with our highest (and HIGHEST) recommendation. GET THIS.

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LP - Various Artists - Paink - French Punk Rock Anthems 1975 - 1982 - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SACRE MERDE! One of our favorite French labels, Born Bad Records has compiled the MOTHERLODE of compilations of French Punk Rock here with "Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977-1982"

"Best of the best of French punk tracks. Only French KBD killer tracks. Released for the forthcoming exhibition ""Europunk"" at Cite de la Musique (Paris - October 2013/January 2014). The first French incarnations of ""Le Punk"" (pronounced ""paink"" in numerous locales) were not carbon copies of their foreign exemplars. Babbling, swarming, morphing, genuinely disorganized anarchy, bad intentions transformed into good ones: that's how punk rock (or at least a close approximation) was initially adapted to fit our peculiar French perspective. There was not the slightest network to distribute records or organize concert tours. Older generations were hostile (or worse, compassionate or even paternalistic). There was nothing and no one to forge a connection between the handful of small, isolated groups, fundamentally motivated by a passion for what they deemed true rock 'n' roll (the desire to terrorize the neighborhood arrived soon afterward), each in their own little world, trying to provoke their backwater village or their lame metropolis, and meeting, of course, with total indifference. Artists include: Les Nouveaux Riches, Strychnine, Electrochoc, Gasoline, Sexe A Pile, Soggy, Marie France, Ruth Elyeri, Les Olivensteins, Coronados, Dogs, Warm Gun, Gloires Locales, and Guilty Razors. "

DUDES - this comp is a ripper from front to back! Perceptive punkers may recognize a few of these titles from being comped elsewhere (albeit illegally), like "Killer Man" by Gasoline, "Waiting For The War" by Soggy, "Nineteen" by The Dogs, "I Don't Wanna be a Rich" by Guilty Razors and "Ex bx" by Strychnine... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! We're stoked to hear the variation of sounds contained herein, proving the real diversity in the French punk scene - some of these cats were whacked (like the backwards banger "25 ans" by Nouveaux Riches, or the jittery, frantic "Mescalito" by Ruth Elyeri) Fear not, the majority of the chompers here bite HARD! Soggy rages on "Waiting For The War" (a CLASSIC at this point), Les Olivensteins (comped a couple years ago on Born Bad) rage on a ragged punker, and Electrochoc... well... DAMN. We hope there are more volumes in this series - they could certainly KEEP GOING we'd imagine, but as it stands this is one of the finest compilations of French Punk out there. SOLID. We recommend this one wholeheartedly, so get this one before they disappear in a whiff of hooka smoke! RECOMMENDED x RECOMMENDED x RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Night Beats - Sonic Bloom - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Seattle's Night Beats blew our collective noggins off with their s/t debut album on Trouble In Mind a couple years ago - a dizzyingly refreshing take on reverb'd out, Texas-tinged, acid-fried psych-garage! The trio is back with their newest long-player 'Sonic Bloom' on The Reverberation Appreciation Society - sit back and take a whiff off this Pflower:

"The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to announce the release of the new Night Beats record, Sonic Bloom.  Recorded in a Tacoma, Washington warehouse, Sonic Bloom is an explosion of reverb soaked rock and soul blended with sharp drone numbers and classic rhythm-and-blues founded tracks. From the haunting psychic groove of 'Seven Poison Wonders' to the sparse Zombies influenced 'Playing Dead' to the squealing ruckus of 'Rat King', Sonic Bloom harkens back to the outer corners of rock and roll radio of yore.  The Seattle-based band have spent the past few years relentlessly touring in over 20 countries. The trio -- featuring Danny Lee Blackwell on guitar/vocals, Tarek Wegner on bass/vocals, and James Traeger on drums/vocals -- will keep up the pace, touring this fall in support of Sonic Bloom."

The years on tour have definitely solidified these road dogs as one of the tightest-wound units playing! "Sonic Bloom" swishes, sways, shimmys and sashays across the turntable, exuding the left-handed smoke of tweakers bred on pounding, savage garage stompers and sun-baked, psychedelic sonic explorations. This time around The Night Beats keep it a little closer to the chest, with most of the tunes never straying too far "out" (save the 7-minute mind-jamming closer "The New World"), and they temper some of the acid-freakouts that peppered their s/t affair in favor of a more varied palette; jazzy tunes, barrelhouse piano, and sitar mantras resonate fluidly across the album's 52 minutes, almost sounding like a distillation of their killer live set - pop hits that you can shake your ass to. Guitarist Lee Blackwell continues to shine here, with his scorching lead work continuing to set the tunes ablaze o'er the top of one of the tightest rhythm sections since Thee Oh Sees started pluckin' their plectrums. We're definitely fans of these boys and "Sonic Bloom"s got the goods - what are you waiting for? Grab this one quick - RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Primitive Calculators - I Can't Stop It b/w Do That Dance - Import - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Desire Records label has lovingly reissued this looooonng unavailable classic single for a whole new generation of punks and music lovers alike!  Get the full scoop directly from the label:

"Cult Melbourne band Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before splitting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 and that was it. These two tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa Nag Nag Nag), Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals, but the songs stood on their own (as the unplugged version of ""Do That Dance"" that appears on the Primitive Calculators and Friends 1979-82 could testify). The original 7"" is now incredibly rare and hard to find and this reissue is its exact replica. First pressing limited to 500 copies. "

Australia's Primitive Calculators were early purveyors of synth drenched post punk and this, their lone single from 1980 is two cuts of skittering electronics and frenzied moans of mutant punkoid bangers.  And now the Desire Records label has pressed up an exact repro of this classic single and given it a second life.  If you dig the sounds of Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, 39 Clocks or Silver Apples then grab this catchy yet caustic single immediately! Super Recommended.

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LP - White Fence - Live In San Francisco - $13.99 - BUYbuy

It's amazing to us that what started out as a home-recording project by former Darker My Love/Fall/Strange Boys guitarist Tim Presley has evolved into a fully-functioning hot-shit live band! Presley's pitched tent recently over at his SF-homies' label Castle Face Records - read the straight dope from Tha 'Face:

"The first in a series of live albums from the Castle Face stable gets you TIM PRESLEY and company tearing it up over two nights (March 30th and 31st) at San Francisco’s Amnesia club. Thirteen songs that show a different side of the band than their studio output, recorded straight to Tascam 388 by engineers CHRIS WOODHOUSE, ERIC BAUER, BOB MARSHALL and JOHN DWYER. LP includes a download.   Everyone with any degree of hearing loss knows that, at its best, the loose and shaggy beast of a band balancing on the crest of their capabilities is the ideal, the firefly that all records aspire to capture in a jar for your repetitive pleasures. The live record promises better, but somehow most fall flatter than the painstakingly refined and honed tones of a studio creation. Who better to try to right this wrong than a bunch of home friers, 4 track freaks, and DIY gear-cookers? John Dwyer had the idea of recording our friends live with his Tascam 388 and it rapidly galvanized into a real crew of heavy hitters and voila, we come bearing the fruit of that unholy union...  WHITE FENCE throw a fork in the light socket with their blistering live set, captured in all it's ragged glory to tape on Thee Tascam 388 under the sternly masterful yet tender care of low-budget luminaries Eric Bauer, Chris Woodhouse, Bob Marshall, and of course, our own John Dwyer. They were screaming out of the speakers that night and we kept it safe in a jar for you, undiluted and unsullied. This and the whole series will be packaged in handsome but simple trappings - a thick gloss jacket featuring black and white photos of the evening (shot to film!) that you can marvel to in envy as the jams pour out of your speaks and into infinity. However, this being the first of (we hope) a long and fruitful series, we're offering a limited colored vinyl edition that will feature an alternate lenticular cover, catching the band eternally between two instants of an amazing night at a tiny club full of sweaty, lucky souls."

Dubba-dubba-whaaaaa??? This record is a scorcher! White Fence RIP thru what's essentially a greatest hits collection of their material from "Swagger Vets and Double Moon", "The Pool", "Baxter Corner" and cuts like "Pink Gorilla" from their most recent album "Cyclops Reap", sporting a TRIPLE guitar lineup including Presley's brother Sean-Paul. The live setting really gives Presley time to shine - he's an excellent and inventive guitar player, whose real chops seem to get buried or lessened on White Fence's proper albums.  This album marks the first in a series of "Live In San Francisco" albums Castle Face is doing (we hear a Fuzz one isn't too far behind), recorded by John Dwyer, Eric Bauer (the man behind the decks of Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin's albums) and engineer du jour Chris Woodhouse, so you KNOW this puppy sounds GOOD. Get this while the gettin's good - Live free or die hard, motherfuckers. RECOMMENDED.

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12in - Fresh And Onlys - Soothsayer EP - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YES! One of our favorite West-Coast bands, The Fresh & Onlys are BACK with this new 6-song 12-inch EP on their recent home of Mexican Summer! Dig the fresh squeeze from MexiSummer:

"San Francisco's FRESH & ONLYS are back, following up 2012's stunning Long Slow Dance with Soothsayer, a special digital and 12"" vinyl installment release. Featuring six brand new tracks that are heavy on the pop-side, the Onlys reconfirm their effortless songwriting panache and renowned stylistic flexibility—shifting from driving, anthemic choruses to down-home folk with absolute comfort and ease. From the opening title-track, with its jaunty bridge and studied '60s pop sensibility, it's clear that the band are still masters of the (deceptively) simple melody. ""God of Suez"" is a swaying, beach-ready boogie, with a charming Mamas & Papas guitar lick, whilst ""Forest Down Annie""'s slow, reverent pace and psychedelic guitar flourishes harken back to the group's gloomier earlier releases. Closer “Deluge of War"" boasts a soaring, harmonic chorus—finishing up Soothsayer on a high. ""Strong"", ""solid"" or ""dependable"" might not be the most buzz-worthy words in the current musical zeitgeist, but in an age where so many bands are masking songs with muddied production and studio trickery, it's refreshing to hear some truly great songwriting and musicianship shine through."

"Soothsayer" is a soaring suite of tunes and the perfect follow-up to their last, excellent long-player "Long Slow Dance", expanding on that album's succinctly catchy and hi-fi set of tunes. The rhythm section's even tighter, moving with the agile fluidity of The Wrecking Crew, while the rhythm guitars bristle with the comb-in-pocket professionalism of The Crickets. The continuing draw here (aside from singer Tim Cohen's continuing progression as a songwriter) is the lead-guitar work of Wymond Miles. His spaghetti-western inflected lead lines soaked in reverb have become one of the band's signature sounds and while previous efforts have heard him cascade over the tunes like waves, they're kept at bay here, unleashed only when necessary which, of course only adds to their power and effectiveness in the tunes. Some future classics here like the title cut "Soothsayer" and "Glass Bottom Boat" - these dudes rule. Plain and simple. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, so don't snooze on this one - RECOMMENDED, yo.

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2xLP - Monoton - Monotonprodukt 07 - Import - $27.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another stunning reissue by the Desire Records folks here, get the full details behind this one from the label folks below:

"Reissue of Monoton's cult second album Monotonprodukt 07. Originally released in a limited edition of 500 copies in 1982, it is now a collector's item. Reissued for the first time on vinyl in its original gatefold double 12"" version. This reissue was cut at Berlin's legendary Dubplates + Mastering, in collaboration with Oral Records. This album ""... is so alive with the pulses that triggered many electronicas to come, from techno through trance to Mego's creeping static, you could make a case for Becker's guru-hood. Yet, for all its prescient, washed-out tones, threadbare textures and minimalist rigor, it has the edge on much that followed. Adopting an imperious art stance towards mainstreams and margins alike, Becker cast a cold analytic eye over electronica's ur-fathers, picking up on Suicide's jitter-tronic urgency, if not their melodrama, and DAF's throbbing sequencers, but with the sex threat removed, which he patched into his own crackling circuits, hissing vistas and tumbling beatstreams."" --The Wire, #175, Sept. 1998, (listed in ""100 Records That Set the World on Fire [When No One Was Listening]). Monoton was founded in 1979 by hypermedia wizard Konrad Becker as an art project that underwent various transformations and collaborations in its exploration of psycho-active sound. A pioneer in experimental electronic music, Becker continued to break new ground in electronic media. In 1994, he co-founded the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, and became Director of Public Netbase, a legendary center for digital communication culture. An initiator of, a cultural intelligence provider, he continues to be active as artist, researcher, writer, interdisciplinary event designer, organizer and producer. Recent conceptual ventures include the project. For listeners of early electronic experiments, Cluster, Can, and pre-IDM essays. "

Original copies of 1982's "Monotonprodukt 07" are  serious collector's items so bless the folks at Desire Records for making this available to all vinyl heads in 2013!  Monoton's second album is nothing short of jaw dropping and needs to be on your turntable now.  Fans of the above mentioned Cluster, Can, Suicide and DAF as well as fans of the Minimal Wave Records or Bureau B rosters and the Sky Records and Brain Records enthusiasts should definitely take a hot second to check out these sublime electronic sonics cuz this demanding reissue is gonna rule your ears for years to come.  Mega Recommended.

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LP - Tee Vee Pop - The Only Years - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Desire Records has teamed up with Mitzvah Records to release this collection of tunes from Denmark's Tee Vee Pop and here's the info they're supplying:

"In 1980 Esle, Jette, and myself started playing together and soon after Sods/Sort Sol was kind enough to lend us their equipment and rehearsal room. Knud Odde (the bass player in Sods) sang with us a couple of times and he put his words to the music, and the song ""Tell Me"" was born. In the autumn of 1980, Xenia joined the band as singer and we had to find a name for the band. We came up with Tee Vee Pop.On January 3rd we played our first gig in Rockmaskinen, Christiania. Our set consisted of three songs that we played twice. In the spring of '82 we recorded the songs on this album, thanks to Irmgardz, an independent record company, out of which four were put on an EP and the rest were published on tapes. Irmgardz also arranged for us to support The Fall when they visited Copenhagen in '83, Nico in Montmartre in '82 with Martin Hall playing drums, and a small tour of Denmark with Nico and The Blue Orchids. Towards the end we changed the band's name to The Vanishing Point and played a few gigs under that name. During all this time Peter Peter was our steady sound engineer. The few times he couldn't be there to push the buttons at a concert, we felt quite lost."" Includes a 12"" insert. Tee Vee Pop were: Xenia Foss (vox), Anne-Maria Sigbrand (guitar), Elsebeth Seeger (bass), Henriette Sommer (drums). Includes a download coupon. "

Tee Vee Pop churn out top notch post punk tunes in the vein of Bush Tetras, Buzzcocks, The Ex and Kleenex/Liliput and this quality collection combines their early single and subsequent cassette releases.  Its nice to have all this material in one tidy place and on wax none the less.  "The Only Years" is yet another fine release of killer tracks from one of Europe's lesser known powerhouses and further proof of the seemingly unending vinyl resurgence we're living in lately.  So many great records are getting discovered and put back in print these days and it is a total treat to say the least.  Let's keep 'em coming.  Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Sweet Talk - Flash Of Light - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Sweet Talk return with a high octane, infectious six pack of new tunes on "Flash Of Light" on 12XU!!!!!

"In the wake of their universally hailed 2013 full-length debut, 'Pickup Lines', the firm of Svacina/Fraizer/Assi and Jones, aka Austin's SWEET TALK,  return with 6 new songs, created this past May in Denton, TX with the Marked Men's Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke at the recording desk. The twin-guitar attack of Stephen Svacina and Mitch Fraizer has been captured in all it's multi-dimensional glory; for those stunned by 'Pickup Lines'' all-killer/no-filler collection of new pop classics, 'Flash Of Light' is ample evidence these guys were merely getting started.  Featuring guys who are in/out of such bands as Uptown Bums, Church Shoes, Wiccans, Mind Spiders, OBN III's, Brain Attack, Jonly Bonly, Video and probably a few more by the time you're done reading this." - 12XU

"Pickup Lines" floored us, and Sweet Talk melted a few faces and hearts when they played the Chicago shop this summer, so we can't be more stoked to have more catchy as fuck, party all night long guitar rock from one of Austin's best RnR exports!!!!  Sweet Talk take garage rock, punk, power pop and 80s college rock, mix 'em all together and race through a set of songs sure to make Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and Husker Du jealous!!!!  Who keeps saying rock n roll is dead?  Cuz those people sure as hell haven't heard Sweet Talk yet!!!  RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE, but especially for those OBN IIIs, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports and Marked Men junkies like us!!!!!! 

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LP - Switchblade Kid - For All The Sad Bastards - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Memphis' feedback loving, woozy rocknrollers, Switchblade Kid are back with a brand new lp on Miss Molly Music, entitled "For All The Sad Bastards."  This 2nd album is a collection of rarities and unreleased songs, some of which were only previously available on super secret / ultra limited CDrs and tapes.   And thank god that's not the case anymore, cuz you need this dose of hazy, fuzz soaked RnR!!!!  Switchblade Kid might take their cues from JAMC and Spacemen 3 like many bands these days, but on "For All The Sad Bastards" you get some slowcore creepers, a few fuzz punk anthems, some death rock freakouts, lots of post punk twists and turns as well as some of the best noisy shoegazing gloom pop you'll come across this year.  Fans of current bands like Psychic Teens, Bardo Pond and the Crocodiles and the classics from bands like MBV, Pale Saints, Ride and Mercury Rev will need some Switchblade Kid now!!!   This collection is sure to be OOP real quick, so grab one now!!!!  Need we say it, it's SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

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LP - Scraper - Scraper - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Cut Rate Records is proud to announce the s/t debut from San Fran's best kept punk rawk secret, Scraper!!!!!!!  This full length comes hot on the heels of their rowdy, KBD indebted 7 inch debut on God? (also self titled) and continues on in the same budget rock / demented punk vein that got us hooked in the first place!!!!  Scraper more than lives up to the agitation of Flipper and the Urinals' minimal chord RnR as well as out joking/partying the misanthropic punk of bands like the Angry Samoans, Spits and the Dead Milkmen'!!!!!.  Kinda like they invented punk rock all over again in a parallel universe, throwing all the rules out the window, leaving behind something sludgy, ghetto, off kilter, blown out, drunken and feral as fuck.  So yeah Scraper might've just unleashed the most addicting punk lp of the year.  And HELL YES IT'S RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!  (PS, it comes with a lyric sheet and tattoo ideas as an added bonus!!!!!)

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LP - Jon Gibson - Two Solo Pieces - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Original Sealed Dead Stock

We scored a small batch of this 1977 Chatham Square Productions released album by Jon Gibson, a contemporary of Philip Glass, John Cage, Steve Reich, Terry Riley and La Monte Young.  "Two Solo Pieces" is two side-long pieces of breathtaking beauty and minimalist perfection.  Cycles is 20 plus minute track of hypnotizing pipe organ drone and textured tones that'll have you entranced by the time the needle traverses its path.  And on the b-side is yet another gorgeous piece consisting of a spiraling melody that repeats and expands itself played on the alto flute.  Both pieces are majestic and gentle, perfect for any enthusiasts of minimalist modern composition and drone music in general.  We love discovering new artists from any era and this record is a treasure trove of enthralling sounds to our ears.  These are still in their original shrinkwrap and look virtually untouched and come with our highest Recommendation.

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LP - Attack - Uptown Thinkin' - $11.99 - BUYbuy
Original Sealed Dead Stock

We happened upon a stack of these sealed copies of this 1986 release by Attack and now have them available for all of you.  Attack is/was the legendary Dogs (LA-via-Detroit late 70's take-no-prisoners rockers) under a short lived name change and "Uptown Thinkin'" is a 4 song EP they released in 1986 on Hotwire Records.  After gaining new drummer Tony Matteucci, the gang recorded these 4 cuts of nuanced rock 'n' roll blending electric and acoustic guitars to great effect while the unstoppable rhythm section held things together culminating in some fine sounding tunes in the vein of fellow LA rockers The Blasters or Gun Club.  We have a small stack of these to go around so act fast and grab your slab of "Uptown Thinkin'" pronto!  Recommended.

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LP - High Speed And Afflicted Man - Get Stoned Ezy - Reissue - Import - $25.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Back In Stock!!!

"Get Stoned Ezy" is HERE. We are so stoked. As you might have guessed we are HUUUUGE Afflicted Man fans here at the shop (we reissued "I'm Off Me 'Ead" fer chrissakes!) and the very sight of 'Get Stoned Ezy' in our record racks has us doing backflips! Reissued with love from the heavies o'er at Guerssen Records - here's the low-down on this low-brow, psych-punk JAMMER:

"In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self- proclaimed hippie- punk who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y basement- punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and KILLER heavy- psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed and Afflicted Man, Get Stoned Ezy consists of three long tracks of late 60s / early 70s influenced psychedelic hard- rock. A fuzz- wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar- damage Gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc, all played with a real acid- punk attitude.
We present the first ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall.
Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm) and rare pictures.

"High energy post- Stooges, wah- guitar brain- melt of the highest/lowest order. One of the great lost albums of the 80's. Fucking essential."
Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo / Wooden Shjips) What is Steve Hall? He's the pinnacle of psych! Chris Stigliano (Forced Exposure / Black To Comm) Too freaked out for punks, too punked out for freaks, 'Get Stoned Ezy' is a bloodbath of pedal stomping carnage - Tom Lax (Siltblog)"

If the testimonial from Siltbreeze head-honcho Tom Lax isn't enuff for you, then TAKE IT FROM US - "Get Stoned Ezy" is one of the greatest (and misunderstood in it's time) psych-punk records EVER MADE.  Weird that by looking to the past, Steve Hall was too far ahead of his time for 1982! This is straight up Ron Asheton circa 'Funhouse'/Hendrix/Wino circa 'Obsessed' guitar scree! Hell "Sun Sun" (which occupies ALL of Side Two) could easily be mistaken for a Butthole Surfers outtake! IT'S JUST THAT GOOD.  WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? BUY THIS NOW. Hell, buy two 'cuz you're guaranteed to wear out your first copy! OG's of this bad-mutha are SCARCE, so don't count on finding one at as reasonable a price as this. RECOMMENDED times INFINITY.

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7in - Gino And The Goons - Oh Yeah - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

HOLY HELL we just can't get enough of Gino and his rambunctious Goons around the shop!!! Following hot on the heels of two fucking stellar budget rockin' slabs for Total Punk comes this brand new double shot of garage punk mayhem, "Oh Yeah" on Pelican Pow Wow Records.  Nobody is playing loud blown out unhinged punk rock better these day and this 7 inch is fucking proves it!!!  Move outta the way Mummies, you've been replaced!!!!  So stop reading and grab yer cash cuz "Oh Yeah" is RECOMMENDED L.A.M.F!!!!!!

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7in - Mane - Mane EP - $7.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Cut Rate Records just dropped a hot new debut 7 inch from San Fran's Mane!!!!!!  Equal parts gothy post punk and feedback drenched death rock, Mane crams 17 minutes of pure dark RnR fun on their first EP.  Fans of Siouxsie and The Banshees, the Slits and Liliput / Kleenex as well as any of the agitated girl fronted punk/post punk bands kicking around these days (White Lung, RAD, Savages to name a few) need to get yer MANE FIX NOW!!!!!  A killer debut from a promising new band, this EP is far from "cut rate!!!!!!"  TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!