Wednesday, January 8, 2014

P-Rex Chooses Our Favorite Releases of 2013!!!!!

Permanent Records 
Employee Best Of 2013 Lists:


Top 15 NEW LPs

Fuzz "Fuzz" (In The Red)

Cuntz "Solid Mates" (Homeless)

Thee Oh Sees "Floating Coffin" (Castle Face)

Running "Vaguely Ethnic" (Castle Face)

Cave "Threace" (Drag City)

Harsh Toke "Light Up and Live" (Tee Pee)

Earthless "From The Ages" (Tee Pee)

Wooden Shjips "Back To Land" (Thrill Jockey)

Mind "Stunde Null" (Various)

Brainbombs "Disposal of a Dead Body" (Skrammel)

Rectal Hygenics "Even the Flies Won't Touch You" (Torn Light)

Ty Segall "Sleeper" (Drag City)

Oscillation "From Tomorrow" (Hands In The Dark / All Time Low)

Purling Hiss "Paisley Montage" (Richie)

Yuri Gagarin "Yuri Gagarin" (Levande Begravd)


Loop "Fade Out" (Reactor)

Martin Rev "Martin Rev" (Superior Viaduct)

Pinnacle "Assasin" (Sleuth)

Saint Anthony's Fyre "Saint Anthony's Fyre" (Lion Productions)

Chrome "Half Machine From The Sun: The Lost Chrome Tracks From '79-'80" (King Of Spades)

Devo "Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 and 2" (Superior Viaduct)

George Brigman "Jungle Rot" (Obscure Oxide)

High Speed and the Afflicted Man "Get Stoned Ezy" (Guerssen)

Rich Ristagno "What Would It Be Like To Be Rich" (Drag City)

Dark "Round The Edges" (Machu Piccu)

Urinals "Negative Capability" (In The Red)

Nicodemus "Toxic Crunch" (Orion Read)

Medico Doktor Vibes "Liter Thru Dorker Vibes" (Companion)
Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue "La Musique Electronique Du Niger" (Mississippi)

Rodion G.A. "The Lost Tapes" (Strut)

Earth Dies Burning - Songs From The Valley Of The Bored Teenager (1981-1984) (Captured Tracks)

Snapper "Snapper" (Captured Tracks)

Top 10 SINGLES / EPs

Ex-Con "Ex-Con" (Bon Voyage)

Action Swingers "Miserable Life" (Total Punk)

Pure Ground "Crawling Through" (Nostilevo)

Image Of Life "Weight Loss In Wartime" (Chondritic Sound)

Sida "Sida" (Sweet Rot)

Fuzz "Sleigh Ride" (In The Red)

Solid Attitude "Dash-Ex" (Sweet Rot)
Zig Zags "Scavenger b/w Monster Wizard" (Who Can You Trust?)

Jesus Sons "Who's Around" (Mock)

Eastlink "Wild Dog" (Aarght!)


"Enjoy The Experience - Homemade Records 1958-1992" (Sincure)

Bonehead Crunchers Vol. 4 and 5 (Belter)

Je Suis Punk - The Very Best Of European Punksploitation (No Label)

Who's A Punk - The Very Best Of British Punksploitation (No Label)

Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977​-​1982 (Born Bad)


Devo - Hardcore Vol. 1
39 Clocks - Pain It Dark
Loop - Fade Out
Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive
Birthday Party - Live 81-82
Boa - Wrong Road
Chrome - Half MAchine From The Sun: The Lost Tracks '79-80
Fuzz - Fuzz
Dust - Hard Attack
Flaming Lips - Zaireeka 4xLP Box Set
Francois Hardy - Francois Hardy
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Gun Club - Fire Of Love
Jacco Gardner - Cabinet Of Curiosities
Janitors - Drone Head
Lady - Lady
Dark - Round The Edges
Running - Vaguely Ethnic
Ty Segall - Sleeper
Can - Lost Tapes
Pissed Jeans - Honey's Dead
V/A - Je Suis Punk
V/A - Enjoy The Experience

This Heat - This Heat


-Spray Paint "s/t" and "Rodeo Songs" (S-S)
-Like Stinks "s/t" (S-S)
-Focus Group "Elektrik Carousel" (Ghost Box)
-White Fence "Cyclops Reap" and "Live from San Fran" (Castle Face)
-Thee Oh Sees "Floating Coffin" (Castle Face)
-Heliocentrics "13 Degrees Of Reality" (Now Again)
-Ty Segall "Sleeper" (Drag City)
-Fuzz 'S/t' (In The Red)
-Mikal Cronin "MCII" (Merge)
-Herbcraft "The Astral Body Electric" (Woodsist)
-Birds Of Maya "Celebration" (Little Big Chief)
-Counter Intuits "s/t" (Pyramid Scheme)
-Hookworms "Pearl Mystic" (Gringo)
-Anthroprophh "s/t" (Rocket Recordings)
-Ooga Boogas "s/t" (Aarght)
-Obnox "Corrupt Free Enterprise" (12XU)
-Eat Lights Become Lights "Modular Living" (Great Pop Supplement)
-Cuntz "Solid Mates" (Homeless)
-Satanic Rockers "Fu Kung" (Albert's Basement/Black Petal/Sunshine and Grease)
-Oblivians "Desperation" (In The Red)
-Cave "Threace" (Drag City)
-Bitchin' Bajas "Bitchitronics" (Drag City)

-Roky Erikson "Evil One"/"Don't Slander Me"/"Gremlins Have Pictures" LPs (Light In The Attic)
-Hardcore Devo Vols. 1 and 2 (Superior Viaduct)
-Craig Leon "Nommos" (Superior Viaduct)
-Dino Valenté "s/t" (Tompkin's Square)
-Stone Garden (s/t" (Out-Sider)
-Afflicted Man/High Speed and The Afflicted Man "I'm Off Me 'Ead/Get Stoned Ezy" (Permanent and Guerssen, respectively)
-Anonymous "Inside The Shadow" (Macchu Picchu)
-Dark "Round The Edges" (Macchu Picchu)
-Los Saicos "Demolicion" (Munster)
-WatchOut! "Flashbacker" (Permanent)
-Black Time "Blackout" (Monolith Sound)
-Love "Black Beauty" (High Moon)
-Bill Fay "Time Of Last Persecution" (4MWB)
-Soggy "Waiting For The War" 7-inch
-Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark "Never Mind" (Nero's Neptune)
-Scorched Earth Policy "Going Thru' A Hole In The Back Of Your Head" (Siltbreeze)
-Scientists "s/t" (Agitated)

-Energy Gown "I Watch The Sun" (self released)
-Obnox "A Ragin' In the Sun" (12xU)
-Goat "Dreambuildng" (Sub Pop)

-Eastlink "Wild Dog" (Aarght!)
-Ex Cult "Mister Fantasy" (Goner)
-Klaus Johann Grobe "Traumhaft" (Sunstone)
-Ryley Walker "Clear The Sky" (Addenda) 


In no particular order:

Dead C - Armed Courage (Ba Da Bing)

Bloodyminded - Within The Walls (BloodLust!)

Cindytalk - A Life Is Everywhere (Editions Mego)

Anthroprophh - s/t (Rocket Recordings)

Leila Abdul-Rauf - Cold And Cloud (Pesanta Urfolk)

A.M. - Black Night Burning (Trensmat)

Alberich - Machine Gun Nest Cassette Works Vol. 0 (Hospital Productions)

Montibus Communitas - Hacia Aquellos Bosques De Inmensidad (Trouble in Mind)

Lucrecia Dalt - Syzygy (Human Ear Music)

Vastum - Patricidal Lust (20 Buck Spin)

Quttinirpaaq - Let's Hang (Rural Isolation Project)

Miles - Faint Hearted (Modern Love)

Main - Ablation (Editions Mego)

Dwellings - Don't Say Nothing (Trensmat)

Slow Walkers - s/t (Peak Oil)



1.   obnox - corrupt free enterprise (12xu)

2.   fuzz - s/t (in the red)

3.   pampers - s/t (in the red)

4.   lazy - obsession (moniker)

5.   running - vaguely ethnic (castle face)

6.   gino and the goons - play loud (total punk)

7.   blind shake - key to a false door (castle face)

8.   spray paint - s/t (s.s. records)

9.   gary wrong group - knights of misery (total punk)

10. oblivians - desperation (in the red)

11. heavy times - fix it alone (hozac)

12. basic cable - i'm good to drive (permanent)

13. cave - threace (drag city)

14. black pus - all my relations (thrill jockey)

15. true sons of thunder - stop and smell your face (little big chief)

16. oozing wound - retrash (thrill jockey)

17. cuntz - solid mates (homeless)

18. jeffrey novak - lemon kid (trouble in mind)

19. thee oh sees - floating coffin (castle face)

20. verma - coltan (trouble in mind)

21. cheap time - exit smiles (in the red)

22. night beats - sonic bloom (reverberation appreciation society)

23. sewers - hoisted (homeless)

24. the funs - s/t (manic static)

25. bare mutants - the affliction (in the red)

26. birds of maya - celebration (little big chief)

27. terry malts - nobody realizes this is nowhere (slumberland)

28. kid congo and the pink monkey birds - haunted head (in the red)

29. counter intuits - sheets of hits (pyramid scheme)

30. human eye - 4: into the unknown (goner)

7 inches

1.   Endless Bummer - Ripper Current (In The Red)

2.   Action Swingers - Miserable Life (Total Punk)

3.   Obnox - Canabible Ohio (Slovenly)

4.   Energy Gown - I Watch The Sun (Self Released)

5.   Gino & the Goons - Troubled (Total Punk)

6.   Fuzz - Sunderberry Dream (In The Red)

7.   Blind Shake - Garbage On Glue (Sweet Rot)

8.   Vacation Club - Daydream (Randy)

9.   Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds - Conjure Man (In The Red)

10. Uh Bones - Only You EP (Randy)

11. Gary Wrong / Wizzard Sleeve - Halloween Violence EP (Pelican Pow Wow / Jeth-Row)

12. Buck Biloxi and The Fucks - Holodeck Survivor (Total Punk)

13. Manateees - Smoke That Bird (JKSHK) 

14. King blood - Where Is He? (White Denim)

15. Golden Pelicans - Earls (Total Punk)