Monday, May 5, 2014

Permanent Records Update 5.5.14

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LP - Dead On - Dead On - Original Stock - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The in-house P-Rex diggers have done it again!  We scored a batch of dead stock copies of this late 80's thrash obscurity and we've got 'em ready to go to happy headbanging homes 'round the globe.  Read on for a history lesson from the astute mind of hells_unicorn via Metal Archives:

"Like many of their NWOBHM predecessors, this band has a fetish for witchcraft and the occult that is on full display in their lyrics, and can be gleaned from their music. Equivalent thrash acts that exhibited both a similar style and lyrical content would mostly include Overkill and MegaDeth, both of whom played a very technical brand of power thrash that emphasized methodical riff work, blazing speed, and a gritty sounding warlock vocalist at the helm. When thrown together, you get a batch of pure evil that is not all that far removed from such classic albums as “So far, So good, So What?” and “Under the Influence”.

Although each song is a self-contained epic that is compressed to the reasonable 5 minute mark, there is an evident sense of a storyline approach to this album. It kicks off with the textbook thrash intro, in this case a short segue featuring the theme of the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz, followed by an evil slow riff that becomes the anthem of witchcraft known as “Salem Girls”. Mike Raptis is in particularly good form on here as he shouts out the twisted lyrics of dark sorceresses reaping havoc upon unsuspecting inhabitants of New England, although he is nearly upstaged by the endless barrage of classic riffs and dueling lead assaults.

Most of the music on here that follows the intro showcases a lot of great technical ability on the part of all musicians. John Linder pulls his bass playing duties off very well on “Beat a dead horse”, “The Matador’s Nightmare”, “Different Breed” and the self-titled closing speeder “Dead On”. All of the songs on here have solid drum work, although the two highlights for Mike Caputo are the intro of “The Matador’s Nightmare” and “Different Breed”. Best signature riff goes to “Merry Ship”, which seems to twist two ideas somewhat similar to Maiden’s “2 minutes to midnight” and Priest’s “Breaking the Law” into a spooky sounding thrash cooker, and also contains my favorite lead break on here. But the best overall song is “Dead On”, for its overall musical content and for Raptis’ evil sounding harmonized vocals, literally sounding like a demon greeting a recently condemned soul.

One of the greatest tragedies of the early nineties is that great bands like this were cut down before having a change to truly break out into the mainstream. This band’s greatest claim to fame is probably appearing in the Shocker soundtrack along with MegaDeth, a movie that I remember but most of who probably are quick to shelf for more modern and mindless incarnations of the horror genre. There is something to be said for bands like Overkill who refused to let the barrage of mediocrity that was grunge hold them back and continued to play out, regardless of how small their crowds became, and it is unfortunate that this band opted not to do the same.

For those nostalgic thrash fans who liked their music before it became a slave to the groove and a muddy mess, this would be a great addition to your collection. It challenges many of the other more established acts of the time such as Kreator, Metallica, and MegaDeth in several areas, not the least of which is sheer kick ass speed. Don’t let this music be forgotten, as it is a testament to how amazing the thrash genre truly was during its glory days, and may come to be again if the fates would be so kind." - hells_unicorn via Encyclopaedia Metallum/Metal

Old school thrash enthusists best act fast and grab your selves a piece of history!  These are not shrink wrapped, but they are in fact new and unplayed copies deep from the depths of a heavy metal hoarder's warehouse and they are just itching to be snatched up by a healthy hesher with a fresh pair of white reeboks fer sure brah!
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LP - Various Artists - Everything Is Shit: Punk Brussels 1977-79 - Import - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The fine folks at Sub Rosa have put together a bruiser of a collection of Belgian punk from the end of the 70's and as import it comes at the nice price no less.  Get the full story behind these cathartic tunes directly from Sub Rosa:

"An incredible energy took over Brussels at the onset of the '80s. It is a strange and rare feeling when you tell yourself that something is happening. And it always happens through an accumulation of very small facts. Then, suddenly, it is there. This collection basically attempts to capture this emerging will. But before that, there was punk rock. In Brussels, it started with a handful of venues, improvised concerts, a few dozens of people recognizing each other, and a festival that gathered everyone together: the first Belgian Punk Contest, at the Vieux Saint-Job, on March 18, 1978. Although the influences came from up north -- The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Crass, essentially -- there were also ties and influences from Paris (Asphalt Jungle, Métal Urbain), and Phallus Band, Streets, and H2SO4, who were all also singing in French. The adventure began in the winter of 1976, and the following two years would yield most of the material. Since these bands had very short life-spans, there were a lot of interactions (Chainsaw, X-Pulsion, Streets), while other configurations gave birth to key bands of the next decade: Digital Dance (out of X-Pulsion and Thrills), Snowy Red (from Chainsaw), The Names (The Passengers), and Pseudocode (from Thrills). Other artists in this collection include: Mad Virgins, Terminal Stupid, Isabelle et les Nics-Nacs, The Actors, and Raxola."

"Everything Is Shit: Punk Brussels 1977-79" is a killer compilation of the cream of the crop of caustic punk acts plying their trade in this era of change.  You've got rippers from the likes of X-Pulsion, Chainsaw, Thrills, Mad Virgins, Phallus Band, Passengers, Streets, Actors and the mighty Raxola to name but a few of the hefty groups included on these 2 sides of wax, providing plenty o' middle finger fury.  Git yer fix!  Super Recommended.
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LP - Various Artists - Sacred Bones Presents: Todo Muere Volume 3 - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $7.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another fine release from the discerning ears at Sacred Bones Records!

"Vol. 3 of Todo Muere features a slew of unreleased material. Side A is a bonus song from The Men’s New Moon sessions, a German version of Moon Duo’s “I Can See”, a Psychic Ills remix of a Föllakzoid’s “9” and an updated version of Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch’s title track, featuring vocals by Guy Blakslee of Entrance Band. Side B contains Zola Jesus’s cover of “Diamonds” by Rhianna, The Holydrug Couple covering Serge Gainsbourg, and previously unreleased demos from Wymond Miles and Case Studies (both of whom have full lengths due later this year)." - Sacred Bones Records

It must be so much fun putting together these Sacred Bones RSD comps!  Every year we get another killer batch of unreleased/exclusive tracks from the forefront of the Sacred Bones roster and 2013 is yet another bang up job.  We see label mates reworking each other's material, left field cover versions and absolutely stunning one-off's from one of today's most forward thinking labels.  If you missed this one on Record Store Day or are just becoming familiar with the glory that is Sacred Bones Records then do yourself a favor and get to know some amazing groups with this stellar collection.  Recommended.

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LP - Klaus Johann Grobe - Im Sinne der Zeit (Black vinyl) - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Trouble In Mind Records just keeps pumping out the hits these days and we are freaking out over their latest releases around here.  Get the full story directly from the label here:

"After the one-two punch release of a head-turning limited 10-inch EP in 2013, followed by an equally mezmerizing 7-inch (the “Traumhaft” single, reissued by TiM in Feb of ‘14), Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe finally unveil their full-length offering, “Im Sinne der Zeit”. In their short existence, members Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) and Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves and glittering dancefloor strut that practically begs to MOVE you.
With the ability to conjure up the ghosts of Neu!, Bob James, Marcos Valle, Shuggie Otis & Stereolab in the span of a single tune. It’s an album that begs to be flipped over and over and over. “Im Sinne der Zeit” is a glorious creation, the kind of album that sounds and feels like it’s floating off the grooves, alternately swaying between the fluid, jazzy, & (yes) funky rhythms & cool, deliberate mechanized grooves that squeal & squiggle with the pulse of an electronic heart. Doubly strange is that although the duo sing exclusively in German, their tunes never seem anything less than warm & inviting, enveloping the listener in their welcoming embrace & come-hither wink of the dancefloor. From the opening throb of “Between the Buttons”, to the robotic two-step of “Koffer”, the duo never lessens the intensity. While they may cool it down a bit, the grooves stay warm to the touch, culminating in the albums’s final two tracks; the dizzyingly infectious & celebratory party-closer “Regan Raus” & the final tune, “Vergangenes” which eases the listener into that after-hours cab-ride home.
“Im Sinne der Zeit” comes pressed on 150gm vinyl, & is housed in a printed inner sleeve, with lyrics and includes a download code.
RIYL: Stereolab, Marcos Valle, Neu, ESG, Blank Realm, Moon Duo, Human League" -Trouble In Mind

Holy smokes is this record fucking infectious.  We scored a stack of this killer LP and have been spinning it daily at the shop.  And now we can all take home a copy of this ultra catchy otherworldly music.  It's like Stereolab, ESG, Basement 5 and P.I.L. started a Tropicalia Soundsystem and tried to out funk each other.  Motorik rhythms… check, slinky bass grooves… check, fuzzed out organ moaners… check and breathy vocals filling in the gaps make "Im Sinne der Zeit" a fun filled adventure that we're sure you'll be taking on repeated excursions.  This is a total yearend lister fer sure buckaroos so cop one like yesterday.  SOOOOO VEERRRYY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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LP - Radar Men From The Moon - Strange Wave Galore - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Netherlandish spacerockonauts have returned in their silver machine with another brilliant batch of sonic assaults.  Once again brought to you by the fine folks at Fuzz Club Records, Radar Men From The Moon unleash seven cuts of searing cosmic heaviness on "Strange Wave Galore" and we have been spinning it non-stop round the shops.  We were over the moon for Radar Men From The Moon's "Echo Forever" and now they've upped their game and return to the fold with another killer album of instrumental space rock insanity.  Blazing guitars, burly bass tones, spiraling electronics all held together by a pusling motorik beat makes for a thrilling journey to the outer reaches of furthest galaxies to say the least.  So paddle out and hop on board the "Strange Wave Galore"; you'll be glad you did.  If you dig the far out sounds of White Hills, Cave, Hawkwind, Telescopes, Oneida and Mugstar then grab a copy of "Strange Wave Galore" pronto!  Pressed up on beautiful black and white splattered wax and ready to blast off these are sure to be gone very very quickly so get to the gettin'.  Savagely Recommended.

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LP - Stevens - A History Of Hygiene - Import - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Catchy as hell jangle-pop from this Melbourne quartet - none of whom are named Steven - released on Aussie label du-jour Chapter Music, who have a few words to fill your head with:

"Melbourne scratchy pop foursome The Stevens formed in 2011 around guitarist (and now Twerps drummer) Alex Macfarlane and NZ-born axe-slinger Travis MacDonald. The band now also includes bassist Gus Lord (Boomgates) and drummer Matt Harkin. Earlier this year, Chapter Music reissued the band's 2012 self-titled EP, six insanely catchy songs that haunt your ears for much longer than the record's 13-minute duration. Now Chapter is very excited to announce A History of Hygiene, The Stevens' debut album. A History of Hygiene is markedly different from the EP, an impressionist whirlwind of song fragments and frenetic anxiety-pop classics, sequenced almost without pause in a heady 24-song, 44-minute rush. First single "Hindsight" was premiered in early October by Ad Hoc, and was picked up by the likes of Pitchfork and the Guardian and played on BBC 6. Drummer Tam Matlakowski (Pop Singles) and bassist Callum Foley appear on the album, but departed the band in late 2012. The Stevens are now made up of two pairs of childhood friends -- Alex and Gus have known each other since they were babies, and Matt and Travis went to school together in Victoria's Central Goldfields. The Stevens formed when Travis moved to Melbourne, met Alex, and the pair decided to combine their respective solo projects into a single band. Much of the album was recorded by Eddy Current/Total Control guitarist Mikey Young (whose vast recording CV includes Chapter bands Dick Diver, Twerps, and Fabulous Diamonds), and the rest handled by the band themselves. A History of Hygiene was mastered by MacDonald family friend Tex Houston, who has worked with the likes of the Clean, the 3Ds, and the Verlaines. "

This album has 24 tracks, which sounds like a lot but none of these are of any outstanding length. The Stevens keep it lean and mean, never letting a song overstay it's welcome - when it feels like it should end... it does. Wire's "Pink Flag" and Guided By Voices' "Alien Lanes" are other records that have a similar manifesto and while this record sounds nothing like Wire (but a touch like GBV) we can get behind their shared sense of sonic economy. The Stevens operate in a decidedly Aussie/New Zealand pop mode with scruffy riffs of earworm "slacker-pop" (for lack of a better term... maybe "back-porch jangle"? I dunno - it's great though). These tunes are resting comfortable in the nonchalant pop canon of bands like The Clean, GBV, Unrest, Pavement and other ramshacklers from their homeland like Boomgates, Dick Diver and Twerps, but imbibed with an urgent quality in the recordings that give an overall vibe of UK D.I.Y. a'la TVP or Cleaners From Venus. Recorded and mastered to perfection by ECSR/Total Control savant Mikey Young, this one is a REALLY solid album that we've been jammin' HARD here at the shop! Includes a download too! Grab it fast and don't let go! RECOMMENDED!