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Permanent Records Update: 01.13.15: Bad Axe, John Street Rockets, Shaved Women And Sun Ra Are Leading The List!

Hey Everybody,
This week we're re-featuring our 44th label release, Bad Axe, as it has been getting some pretty great reviews.  We also scored a stack of private press original 1979 stock copies of Albuquerque, NM's John Street Rockets LP, a new LP from Shaved Women and a killer double LP collection of Sun Ra and His Arkestra!  We've got loads of other great titles to share as well, so read on to find out all the heavy happenings at Permanent Records…

Permanent Records Label Update

Upcoming Permanent release by Frankie and the Witch Fingers got some love from the fine minds at Shake Appeal

The Bad Axe 45 has been getting spun weekly on WFMU since the first week of December!

WFMU-FM is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. It is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.

Here's a Vine of the Exit single courtesy of Jason at 7 Inches Blog

Los Angeles Shop

Melvins LA in store footage courtesy of Shinyazuma

Thanks to Circuit Des Yeux and Itasca for playing the LA shop on Saturday.

Chicago Shop

Chicago Triangle in store at the Chicago shop footage courtesy of CeaZaaaar

The Chicago shop is braving the deep freeze for now, but will be DJing and CO-PRESENTING with The Empty Bottle on Wednesday, January 21st at 8:30 PM for THE VASELINES // Amanda X show! → GET YR TICKETS NOW! We're DJing some punk records at Delilah's on Monday, January 26th from 9pm til 2am!  $1 beer, $2 Jim Beam and FREE POOL!!!!  Kick the tires, light the fires!  Let's party!


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
"Every Wednesday.  Black Boar - 1630 Colorado Blvd.  10-2am. Rock'n'Roll Partytime! With Lance Bummer and Special Guests. Drink specials. Excellent adventures, only.  Absolutely, no bogus journeys. Get down."


Running out of room, need to clear some space, going on the lam? Regardless of the reason, before you unload your unwanted records and digital media, please bring them to us for CASH or STORE CREDIT!  One man's trash is another man's treasure and we treasure all sorts of quote un-quote trash!  Before you donate your stuff or have a yard sale, drop us a line.  We'll probably pay more (without haggling) than you'll ever get at a garage sale and often times we'll buy it all in one shot.  It doesn't get much easier that!  So remember, when you wanna sell your stuff, SELL IT TO US!  Please and thank you!
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When you buy a record from Permanent Chicago by an artist playing at The Empty Bottle, we can get you on the Guest List (with a few exceptions).

Check the full list below and hit us up:


LP - Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Neighb'rhood Childr'n

Dave - Permanent Records Chicago

$99.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

It's truly a marvel the impact that travel, locale, and hallucinogenic drugs can have on talented young musicians. The Navarros were a band from the sleepy town of Medford, Oregon, specializing in R&B and surf material, who decided to pay a visit to San Francisco in the summer of 1967. While they only planned to hang out for a few days, they ended up diving head first into the local hippie scene, and leader Rick Bolz started a new band with a handful of local players who shared his new taste for psychedelia. He called the band Neighb'rhood Childr'n, and their sole album, released in 1968, suggests a mid-point between classic San Francisco psychedelic rock and the poppier constructs of acts like the Turtles and the Beau Brummels. The goofy playfulness of their cover of "Over the Rainbow," the Baroque pop touches of "Please Leave Me Alone," and the waltz-time eccentricity of "Happy Child" are a bit of out of step with what one would be likely to hear on a typical night at the Fillmore West, but the wickedly fuzzy guitar leads from Bolz and the spaced-out textures of "Long Years in Space" and "Hobbit's Dream" are clear indicators of the time and space that spawned this music. (Bolz and keyboard player Dyan Hoffman also deliver harmonies that would have done the Jefferson Airplane proud, while the hooky concision of the songs suggests they'd listened to Moby Grape's debut album a few times.) This music leans toward the commercial end of the psychedelic rock spectrum, but only just; between the guitar interplay of Bolz and Ron Raschdorf, the steady and versatile drumming of W.A. Farrens, and the strong original songs (mostly by Bolz and Hoffman), Neighb'rhood Childr'n clearly had an edge in talent and potential over most of their compatriots on the Bay Area scene of the day, and while it's unfortunate they never released another album, this set is an overlooked gem that still sounds fresh and enthusiastic more than four decades after it quietly came and went. -

LP - John Lee Hooker/Canned Heat - Hooker N' Heat

Jamie - Permanent Records Chicago

$29.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"When this two-LP set was initially released in January 1971, Canned Heat was back to its R&B roots, sporting slightly revised personnel. In the spring of the previous year, Larry "The Mole" Taylor (bass) and Harvey Mandel (guitar) simultaneously accepted invitations to join John Mayall's concurrent incarnation of the Bluesbreakers. This marked the return of Henry "Sunflower" Vestine (guitar) and the incorporation of Antonio "Tony" de la Barreda (bass), a highly skilled constituent of Aldolfo de la Parra (drums). Sadly, it would also be the final effort to include co-founder Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, who passed away in September 1970. Hooker 'n Heat (1971) is a low-key affair split between unaccompanied solo John Lee Hooker (guitar/vocals) tunes, collaborations between Hooker and Wilson (piano/guitar/harmonica), as well as five full-blown confabs between Hooker and Heat. The first platter focuses on Hooker's looser entries that vacillate from the relatively uninspired ramblings of "Send Me Your Pillow" and "Drifter" to the essential and guttural "Feelin' Is Gone" or spirited "Bottle Up and Go." The latter being among those with Wilson on piano. Perhaps the best of the batch is the lengthy seven-minute-plus "World Today," which is languid and poignant talking blues, with Hooker lamenting the concurrent state of affairs around the globe. "I Got My Eyes on You" is an unabashed derivative of Hooker's classic "Dimples," with the title changed for what were most likely legal rather than artistic concerns. That said, the readings of the seminal "Burning Hell" and "Bottle Up and Go" kept their familiar monikers intact. The full-fledged collaborations shine as both parties unleash some of their finest respective work. While Canned Heat get top bill -- probably as it was the group's record company that sprung for Hooker 'n Heat -- make no mistake, as Hooker steers the combo with the same gritty and percussive guitar leads that have become his trademark. The epic "Boogie Chillen No. 2" stretches over 11 and a half minutes and is full of the same swagger as the original, with the support of Canned Heat igniting the verses and simmering on the subsequent instrumental breaks with all killer and no filler." -

LP - John Lee Hooker - Mad Man Blues

Jon - Permanent Records Chicago

$19.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"In the 1980s, John Lee Hooker's career revitalized with The Healer, which won a Grammy, and concurrent with this release was a resurgence of interest in Hooker as a recording artist. This interest occasioned the reissue of much of the Chess catalog of his early work. This 1984 double album, whose song lineup is almost identical to a 1982 Chess Master's release, features songs remastered from the original 1950s and '60s recordings. It's Hooker at his rawest and most mesmerizing, driving a single chord through pounding, unrefined iterations. The title track, displaying Hooker's characteristic sensitivity and emotional significance, is from an early-'50s recording on the Gone label. "Leave My Wife Alone," "Sugar Mama," "Louise," and "High Priced Woman" are from the 1959 Chess reissue House of Blues featuring Eddie Kirkland's guitar accompaniment. Also included are such classic tracks as "Peace Lovin' Man," "Stella Mae," "I Put My Trust in You," "I'm in the Mood," "You Know, I Know," and "I'll Never Trust Your Love Again." It's an impeccable set played with a feeling and commitment that's solely Hooker's province." -

LP - Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Monster Melodies

Robert - Permanent Records Chicago

$29.99 → Email If Interested LISTEN

"Another 60's studio group project, this time with crazy R&B, Jazzy, Twist, Horror instrumentals. The concept for Frankie Stein and the Ghouls was to play 60's style instrumental dance rock with screams and other bizarre sound effects mixed in, and then to give the songs corny "horror" titles. Their albums were promoted as dance/party albums. Each song had a subtitle telling you what type of dance it was suitable for. Dances include watusi, swim, twist, fox trot, hully gully, monkey, lindy and frug. The band sounds like the instrumental rock bands of the late 50's/early 60's -- Sandy Nelson, Johnny and the Hurricanes, the Wailers. There's some tasty guitar parts and lines carried by saxophone. All records were released on the Power label in '64/'65. So surfers, let's get all Shock Up!" -


7in - Bad Axe - Coachman b/w Poor Man, Run (Black Wax, Ltd 300)



These are nearly gone!  Check out these rave reviews from Styrofoam Drone and 7 Inches Blog:

Styrogoam Drone:
"Permanent Records got their grimy mitts on the original BAD AXE tapes, resulting in this brand new archival 7″. Both of these tracks date back to 1973, but the label has proudly pressed them to vinyl for the very first time in 2014.
You’re likely to think that somewhere between 1973 and 2014 somebody failed (or maybe just didn’t care anymore) to share these songs with the world. Now 41 years later, that awful mistake has been rectified thanks to the folks at Permanent. Coming in a modest edition of just 300 pieces on black wax, Coachman showcases the two known songs that were laid to tape by the Chicago-based band in the early 70s. They formed from the ashes of the Burlington Express, another Chicago band who released a lone single in the mid-60s on Roach Records.
Both of these tracks radiate an authentic 70s psych rock vibe, not to mention the smell of the dirty musk of the basements they were born in. “Coachman” is woven together with some truly righteous psychedelic elements – a deep, twitchy bass line supplies the A-side with a nefarious groove, answering to the dual, high-voltage twangery of monumental guitar work. Soulful yet frantic vocals bellow out from an unnamed frontman (John Turner?), spearheading a dazzling psychedelic onslaught that progressively grows louder and heavier. B-side “Poor Man, Run” breaks open with a riveting crunch, boasting a hard, bluesy edge that’s just slightly evil. The track closes out with a glinting beam of guitar, built with an acoustic skeleton that provides the foundation for an exceptionally effective breakdown. Bass plunges and dips with low-end frequencies, creating a rock-steady beat for an explosive bout of sinister guitar soloing.
It’s remarkable that something of this caliber was just recently unearthed, but we’re thanking Permanent Records and straight-up telling you you’re going to need this 7″."

7 Inches Blog:
"Two brothers Dennis and Danny Gray named their band Bad Axe, which is a city in Michigan, close to Chicago where they were from. It also sounds a lot like 'Bad Ass' which is completely appropriate for this sludgey '70s heavy rock recorded in 1973 to be exact. Five long hair bad asses (see sleeve) went into the studio to get these two songs on reel to reel tape. They must have pressed up a few hundred copies, one of which managed to end up at Permanent Records and is a truly incredible time capsule.

A-Side's "Coachman" opens with a trio of beefy low end guitars washed out in fuzz and chopped into blunt bricks. Everything screams '70s, the kind of muddy tube production that you can't even fake these days. Bouncy, no make that insane groovy bass from Stan Marcheska that flies all over this thing like he's been let out of a cage. Thin vocals from the Gray's and songwriter J. Turner are pushed to that early metal background that corrals the harmonies coming off like Hawkwind meeting Crazy horse. They can technically compete with those guys and still manage that loose Easy Rider, bar in the woods vibe. Solo perfection over bass punches makes you ask why there isn't this much lower end boosted in rock these days? We are in treble heavy garage my friends. Wackka strumming shows up towards the end and their guitars line up in a Sabbath way stopping immediately and giving the drums a chance to step into the spotlight. Timeless perfection from a couple of buddies with a big dream. Before your time, Bad Axe.

B-Side's "Poor Man, Run" also sets the tempo with compact fuzz and the drums take that skeleton riff into snare wailing head banging. An acoustic blows with melodic high register vocals from J. adding an air of psych to the otherwise beefy proceedings. Lofty vocals about this 'poor man' and 'no tomorrow' give this a serious medieval Yes sound with NO ORGAN. It all breaks down to drums and a Stairway to Heaven acoustic and bass moment that grows into solo after solo and more freakout double tempos from Stan, someone look that guy up. This one turns into a real Hotel California epic with ride cymbals into the sunset, more than enough to leave you sad that it's over and sadder that they may not have ended up recording anything else."


LP - John Street Rockets - Rock And Roll The Hard Way

Sealed Original 1979 Stock


The Permanent Records master diggers have unearthed yet another drool worthy private press gem.  In this round we have original sealed 1979 stock of Albuquerque, NM's John Street Rockets "Rock And Roll The Hard Way".  It's 6 tracks of killer 70's hard rock played by some really talented musicians.  If you dig the Bone Head Crunchers comps, the Warfaring Strangers comp or the Chicago Triangle record we reissued, then snag one of these bad boys pronto!  There is a very good chance that these are the last available copies, so act fast!

LP - Shaved Women - Just Death



" Shaved Women have wasted no time dishin' out another nine loathsome anthems to drive your ass through the fuckin' wall. Just over twenty minutes of writhing and repulsive, unfiltered audio pollution. With a healthy dose of progression in the three years since their first full-length, 'Just Death' will wrangle your brain-case twice as good as the self-titled and give you plenty of brand spankin' nuances to make you wonder why you haven't been tuned in the whole damn time. This is the mutation.
500 copies with full-color deluxe tip-on style jackets and two-sided insert. US (this) pressing with different cover art than the european release." - Malokul


LP - Sun Ra And His Arkestra - In The Orbit Of Ra - 2xLP



"Sun Ra is one of the most respected, and perhaps most misunderstood creative minds in jazz music. To commemorate what would have been Ra’s 100th birthday, we’ve teamed up with Art Yard for a very special release. In The Orbit Of Ra is a new collection presented by the longest serving member of the Arkestra and current bandleader, Marshall Allen. Bringing together Sun Ra highights from over 25 years of music, the album is the first internationally released compilation to provide an introduction to the music of Sun Ra, all mastered from the original tapes." - Strut

LP - Edip Akbayram - Edip Akbayram - Import



Pretty frickin' epic Turkish psych-folk from Anatolian vocalist Edip Akbayram, reissued here by psych-xperts Pharaway Sounds! Heed the call from Pharaway:

 "Edip Akbayram's a frail guy who spent his childhood unable to walk, but once he grew up he was on Istanbul TV in a whitey-fro and knee-length colored robes. Akbayram's voice is big & open, and it took him all across Turkey at the height of Anatolian psychedelia. This first album collects precious singles from 1972-1974, with dark melodies that descend in loose spirals, seemingly forever. Tunes taken from mystic Sufi poets who played the baglama, but retro-fitted with hard-plowing electric bass lines, funky drums, fuzz-wah guitars and keyboards. Remastered sound, insert/booklet with photos and liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records)."

Less an album proper, and more of a "singles collection" this LP collects Akbayram's recorded works from '72-'74, finding the singer in fine voice. Akbayram's vocal style springs from the Cem Karaca / Felix Kizilok school - soaring and melodic, with cascading vocal melodies culled from traditional Anatolian folk songs that have become synonymous with Turkish Rock. This stuff rocks harder than most (save Turkish hard rocker Erkin Koray) with some sweet gnarly bass and out of this world stinging psychedelic fuzz guitar - and wah. Plenty of wah-wah. Totally killer! Sounds amazing too, with remastered audio & killer liners - Essential rocking here on this platter! RECOMMENDED for psychedelic sufis and beyond! Get it!

LP - Corum - Effigy Mounds - Ceremonial Music For Spore Alter



"Corum, of 'dyngia jazz' group Million Brazilians, now releases Effigy Mounds, or Ceremonial Music for Spore Alter as he's subtitled it, a self described "Post-Summer Solstice flesh offering response to the witnessed symbiotic relationship of the cyclical worship songs of day and night coinsiding with revelations by entheogenic rituals with an aim to penetrate into the inner subterranean recesses to perforate behind the veil of matter into the world of primal causes" Following the exotic and electronic jazz form as the pulsating primordial spirits of his first album titled Beguiling Isles, Effigy Mounds plays back like a hallucinatory cave field recording where snippets of tape were collaged to reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, sounds of bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth's atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Less exotica and more experimental, Corum's latest document plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in some forbidden South Pacific isle lodge during the magical dialogue of extra terrestrial speech. Highly Recommended! "

-AJ/ True News for

Recorded and Played by Corum / Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
-Limited edition screenprinted covers by Corum + Note Sheet included

{ Effigy Mounds is part 2 of 9 for Phantastica 12" Series of Albums /
See part 1- 'Beguiling Isles: Born of Earth's Torments' - for introduction
- 'Panics in Mayfair '(Part 3) due out in late Summer 2014 }" - Psychic Sounds

LP - Various Artists - Folk Music of the Sahel Vol. 1: Niger 2xLP



"Folk Music of the Sahel: Niger consists of field recordings collected in the Republic of Niger during the course of six expeditions undertaken by Hisham Mayet between 2004 and 2014. This first volume in Sublime Frequencies' new Folk Music of the Sahel series comprises a subjective but spectacular overview of Hausa, Zarma, Fulani, Songhai and Tuareg music culled from Mayet's rich archives. On this lavish double album, Mayet methodically reveals the dazzling range and power of Nigerian music, from stream-of-consciousness griot performances that serve as a local news broadcast and gossip column to a rare example of ritual music from a private spirit-possession ceremony. Its four sides offer a tantalizing glimpse of this region's unmatched musical riches, including the awe-inspiring courtship dances of the Wodaabe men and a rare duet between the late, great Tuareg guitarist Koudede and the renowned molo master Ousenni. The gorgeous gatefold cover features a 25-page bound-in booklet with extensive and informative liner notes, as well as Mayet's emblematic photographs from towns and villages throughout the region. In addition to preserving an exciting variety of sacred and profane musical performances by known and unknown artists, these recordings capture the music of Niger at a difficult cultural crossroads in which ancient musical and oratory traditions are imperiled both by the demands of modern assimilation and by the reactionary forces that oppose it. As such, the intent of this album is not just to document the fantastic heterogeneity of Sahelian music, but also to bear witness to the changes and challenges faced by Niger's diverse ethnic groups during a decade marked by almost inconceivable political instability and technological upheaval. Coming from an area wracked by disease, food shortages and droughts, as well as by social turmoil, this music reflects the essentially improvisational character of Sahelian life as well as its unfathomable cultural wellsprings. From exuberant a cappella drone chants to the riveting instrumental minimalism of goje possession music, the performances on this album represent a poignant cry to the universe by musicians who hold every note as sacred as the gift of enduring in this exceptionally severe region of the African continent. Housed in one of Sublime Frequencies' most stunning packages, which pays homage to the great European ethno labels of yore, this monumental one-time pressing, limited edition double LP beautifully inaugurates SF's comprehensive musical survey of the Sahel." - Sublime Frequencies

LP - Francoise Hardy - Canta In Italiano - Limited Edition Colored Import



"First Pressing on Colored Vinyl / Limited Edition of 500 Copies
Growing up in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, daughter of an unmarried mother, receiving a guitar on her sixteenth birthday as a reward for passing her baccalaureat, Françoise Hardy answered a newspaper advertisement looking for young singers and signed her first contract with the record label Vogue in November 1961.

In April 1962, shortly after finishing school, her first record “Oh Oh Chéri” appeared, penned by Johnny Hallyday’s writing duo. Her own flip side of the record, “Tous les garçons et les filles” also became a success, riding the wave of Yé-yé music in France, with two million sales.

Françoise Hardy Canta per Voi in Italiano was an album issued shortly after her debut with some of its songs and additional numbers re-recorded in Italian. While the original album is a classic of French pop, ‘60s AM magic, and of course a forerunner of the yeh-yeh (aka Yé-yé) sound, the additional tracks in Italian are a sweet counterpart." - Doxy Records

LP - Francoise Hardy - Francoise Hardy FH1 - Import



"After growing up in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, daughter of an unmarried mother, and receiving a guitar on her 16th birthday as a reward for passing her baccalauréat, Françoise Hardy answered a newspaper advertisement looking for young singers. She signed her first contract with the record label Vogue in November 1961. In April of 1962, shortly after finishing school, her first record Oh Oh Chéri appeared, written by Johnny Hallyday's writing duo. Her own flip-side of the record, "Tous les garçons et les filles" became a success, riding the wave of yé-yé music in France, with two million sales. Françoise Hardy (1963) is the second studio album by the French popular singer Francoise Hardy. Like many of Hardy's earlier albums, it was released with no title, except for her name on the cover. In the UK the album was released as Françoise Hardy - In Vogue. Numbered second edition of 1000 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). " - Doxy

LP - Liminanas - (I've Got) Trouble In Mind - 7s And Rare Stuff 2009-2014 (Limited White Wax)



White Vinyl Limited To 250 Copies!!!

"Record flippers be damned! Trouble in Mind proudly presents the long-awaited (& often requested) compilation of The Limiñanas out-of-print singles & compilation tracks, some making their first appearance on vinyl! Every non-album track you need is here, from the OOP Hozac single, to the TiM 2011 limited tour single to their appearances on various compilations & tributes, all in one handy place.

While singles collections can sometimes be dodgy, mismatched affairs, “(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind” flows like a proper album, & that stands as a testament to the unwavering vision of core members (and husband & wife team) Lio & Marie. The band’s fusion of traditional French “ye ye” stylings with the cigarette-smoking cool of the New York underground of the late-Sixties has dazzled listeners since it’s inception making the live unit the toast of concert stages worldwide.

Between stunning originals like the black-laced banger “I’m Dead” & the Suicide-esque organ grinder “Je m’en vais” are stunning comp tracks like the band’s cover of tunes by the Beach Boys (from a MOJO magazine covermount cd), The Troggs (“Tu es a moi” from the 2012 RSD 4-way split), Jay Reatard (”An Ugly Death” from a French tribute album) & more! In addition, we get to hear unreleased tunes like the band’s cover of the Phil Spector tune “Christmas” originally performed by Darlene Love & the smoky, instrumental “A Dead Swan”.

The vinyl is housed in a stunning gatefold jacket with artwork by renowned French illustrator Elric Dufau, is pressed on basic black vinyl & includes a download code.

RIYL: Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone, Velvet Underground, Stereolab, Jacco Gardner, Temples" - Trouble In Mind Records

Thanks Trouble In Mind, now we have a little free time since we're no longer scouring discogs and ebay for all these long OOP and hard to grip songs from our fave French garage rockers.   If you were wowed by last year's "Costa Blanca" (which you should be), you definitely should be clicking that lil shopping cart now.  But the great thing about "(I've Got) Trouble In Mind" is it's so much more: it works as an intro to the Limananas' hazy cool garage jams, a mixtape that yer friend didn't have to compile, a soundtrack to yer next black and white film or that record you can leave on yer turntable for any mood.  Versatile, mesmerizing and TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

LP - Nihilist Spasm Band - No Record



"One of very few indie label releases on Spin Magazine's list of 100 top counter-cultural music, ahead of legends like Mulatu Astatke, Brigitte Fontaine, Pärson Sound, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra, Harry Partch, and Os Mutantes. Zowie! "In 1965, eight guys from London, Ontario, decided to start a free-improv group — 'free' to the point of building their own instruments, which they decided couldn't be set up to produce specific pitches. The band got together once a week with their electric kazoos and kludged-together guitars and Art Pratten's 'pratt-a-various.' Their vocalist, schoolteacher Bill Exley, banged on a cooking pot and bellowed hilariously about stupidity and destruction and Canada. They didn't treat what they were doing as an advanced, visionary form of experimental music, but as a big, stupid, fun, ecstatic noise. By the '90s, noise artists finally recognized NSB as their ancestors — and, almost 50 years after they started, the surviving members of the Nihilist Spasm Band still play every Monday night while their children haunt loft spaces the world over." —Spin "The record you’re holding is one of the masterworks of that big gray area of noise/weirdo/freak-out music. It’s still hard to believe that No Record was released in 1968. This was a time when popular music was still growing up, and these outsider guys from Canada came out of nowhere and made this mindfuck of record that was years ahead of itself. And as with albums like Trout Mask Replica, and The Faust Tapes, it still sounds fresh today. No Record is mandatory listening.  —Lasse Marhaug. •from the master tapes. •limited edition of 500 copies. •huge insert with the band’s story and rare photos." - Lion Productions

LP - Pagan Myth - Moonrise



Inland Empire's Gothic/Gloom rock band, Pagan Myth, formed in 1983. From the urban cities of the Inland Empire, CA. Pagan Myth were Elizabeth Frost, vocals and guitar; Mike Rodriguez, bass; Bryan Treadway, Gothic Synthesizers; and Randy Sublet, drums. On Nuclear Waste Records label.

LP - Spray Paint - Clean Blood, Regular Acid



"Austin’s self-described “No-No Wave/Dub/Scum Rock” band, SPRAY PAINT, grace us with their third full length LP, Clean Blood, Regular Acid. After a heavy year—two albums on Sacramento’s S-S Records and touring with Protomartyr—Spray Paint are taking their psychotic stories, rebellious guitar riffs and punky kraut beats more seriously. Their sound is a bit broken, contemptuous and unhealthy, yet entirely engrossing. At times, it’s as equal parts The Fall as it is Endless Boogie, Eddy Current Suppression Ring or Nikki Sudden." - Monofonus Press

LP - Unrelated Segments - The Story Of My Life - Complete Recordings - Import



"Double LP of '60s punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order. Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Includes master tape sound and an insert with photos and liner notes. Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Tracks like "Cry, Cry, Cry" with its teenage-angst vocals and out of control fuzztone guitar break, "The Story of My Life" with that bizarre and ultra-punk bass line or the moody-punker "It's Gonna Rain" have been included on countless garage comps (Back from the Grave, Acid Dreams, Nuggets, etc.) and have been covered by numerous bands who worship them as '60s punk gods. Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. After three outstanding 45s, they recorded a projected fourth single that never saw the light of day, just when the band had changed its name to U.S. and had started playing in a heavier vein, similar to early MC5. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes/rehearsals, you'll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments/Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock." - Guerssen

LP - Voyag3r - Doom Fortress



"Doom Fortress is the debut full length album from Detroit’s VOYAG3R (pronounced Voyager Three). Voyag3r are a synth based instrumental rock band that draws inspiration from sci-fi, horror, action soundtrack music from the ‘70s & ‘80s. Voyag3r have set out to create dynamic, epic, moody and atmospheric sounds intended to inspire. This experimental rock sound is like a movie-less score or the soundtrack to a far away mysterious journey. Voyag3r forge their sound with a multitude of analog synthesizers, acoustic drums and electric guitar. Doom Fortress was recorded using vintage analog synths, electric guitar through vintage tube amplification and maple shell acoustic drums. All music was recorded to 2" analog tape (MCI JH-24 2" Analog 24-Track w/ALIII remote) through various vintage pre-amps and a 1977 Custom Harrison 3232 console for maximum authenticity and spirit in capturing this classic sound.' - Bellyache


Problem Smash $49.99
Mauthausen Orchestra Bloodyminded $29.99
Sacher-Pelz Venus $29.99
Esquivel Music From A Sparkling Planet $29.99
J.J. Burnel Euroman Cometh $29.99
Wooden Shjips Back To Land Green Wax with bonus 7inch $49.99
Michael Rother Katzenmusik $29.99
Hawkwind Ridicule $29.99
Der Blutharsch The Cosmic Trigger $29.99
Various Artists Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe $49.99
Lux Interna There Is Light In The Body, There Is Blood In The Sun $39.99
Der Blutharsch Flying High $29.99
Of The Wand And The Moon The Lone Descent $39.99
Contortions Buy $29.99
Indescribably Delicious s/t $29.99
Red Rockers Condition Red $29.99
Kinit Her Storm Of Radiance $39.99
Fruupp Seven Secrets $124.99
Disrupt Unrest $29.99
Burial Hex The Hierophant $29.99
Pram Telemetric Melodies $29.99
Darkthrone A Blaze in The Northern Sky (180 Gram 2009 Peacville Reissue) $29.99
Dick Dale and his Del-Tones Surfer's Choice $29.99
Hard Meat s/t $29.99
John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat Hooker 'n' Heat $29.99
Judy Sill Heart Food $74.99
Jan Steel/John Cage Voices And Instruments $29.99
Andriod A 21st Century Band $99.99
Led Zeppelin The Destroyer $69.99
Suicide Second Album $69.99
SRC s/t $39.99
Soft Machine s/t $29.99
Various Artists Dancing Calypso Belly To Belly $74.99
Fleetwood Mac Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (Sealed) $59.99
Pink Floyd Animals (with OBI Strip, Insert and Sticker) $69.99
No Quarter Survivors $39.99
Scrapper Blackwell The Virtuoso Guitar Of $29.99
Metallica Master Of Puppets (original White Label promo) $99.99


Amon Duul II Phallus Dei $49.99
Cramps Off the Bone $29.99
Cramps Bad Music for Bad People $49.99
Lee Dorsey Yes We Can $79.99
Eddie Callahan Falso Ego $34.99
Mississippi John Hurt The Immortal… $29.99
Gun Club Fire of Love $49.99
Kraftwerk Radio-Aktivitat (German Press) $29.99
Mort Garson Plantasia (Still Sealed) $99.99
Gram Parsons GP $29.99
Lou Reed Metal Machine Music $49.99
RF7 Weight of the World $49.99
Sacred Reich Independent $29.99
Skinny Puppy Mind: Perpetual Intercourse $29.99
Savatage Sirens $29.99
Type O Negative Slow, Deep and Hard $69.99
Tristeza Spine and Sensory $49.99
Robert Wyatt Rock Bottom $39.99
Frank Zappa Hot Rats $29.99
Muddy Waters Folk Singer $29.99
RA Visions (Japanese Press w/ Obi) $69.99
Haruomi Hosono Vido Game Music $39.99
Tri Atma Mighty Lotus $29.99
Tri Atma Ka Jakee Music $49.99
Ayuo Takahashi Silent Film (w/ Obi) $39.99
Yoshio Suzuki Morning Picture $29.99
John Surman Such Winters of Memory $29.99
v/a Strange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5: Compiled by DJ Spinna & BBE Soundsystem $39.99
Michael Stearns Lyra Sound Constellation $69.99
Michael Shrieve Transfer Station Blue $29.99
Roedelius Selbsportrait Vol II $39.99
Ryuichi Sakamoto Futurista (Japanese Press w/ Obi) $29.99
Ryuichi Sakamoto Esperanto $29.99
Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Japanese Press w/ Obi) $29.99
Riuichi Sakamoto B-2 Unit $29.99
Michael Rother Sterntaler $39.99
Michael Rother Fernwarme $49.99
Steve Roach Traveler $39.99
Steve Roach Dreamtime Return $69.99
Steve Roach Structures from Silence $69.99
Vito Ricci Music From Memory $199.99
Residents Meet the Residents (Crawfish Cover) $29.99
Barre Phillips Mountainscapes $29.99
David Borden Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments $49.99
Malcom Cecil Radiance $69.99
Jansen - Barbieri Worlds in a Small Room (Japanese Press w/ Obi) $29.99
Eddie Kendricks People…Hold On $29.99
Gidon Kremer Edition Lockenhaus $29.99


  • 1/21/2015 - 8:30 PM
    Permanent Records DJs @ Empty Bottle -  Co-Presenting:
    Amanda X
  • 1/26/2015 - 9:00 PM
    Permanent Records DJs @ Delilah's: Punk Rock Mondays $1 Beer, $2 Jim Beam, Free Pool


  • 1/10/2015 - 6:30 PM
    Circuit Dex Yeux
*** ALL shows are FREE and ALL AGES unless noted otherwise ***