Monday, July 27, 2015

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This week's list includes a reissue of the Raw Meat single, another installment of the Ultimate Bonehead compilation series with volumes 3 and 4 hitting the floor, new jams from Negative Scanner, The Rubs, Buck Biloxi and The Fucks, Ausmuteants, Brown Spiders, Creeping Pink, Four Tet, and lo and behold Loop has a new EP!  Check out the list below for further details…

Also both the Chicago and the Los Angeles shops are getting quality used LPs, 7ins and CDs in all the time so come on by either location and dig in, we're sure you'll find something you like.  A sampling of some of the used LPs showing up at both shops can be found in lists at the very bottom of this newsletter.

KDVS Top Five New Adds

"We are happy to announce that Martin Rev's "Clouds of Glory" was among our Top Five newly added records at KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA (#2).

We are happy to announce that VCSR's "Tape #4" was among our Top Five newly added records at KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA (#4).

We are happy to announce that VCSR's "Tape #4" was among our Top Ten most played records on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA (#8)."

1. Guantanamo Baywatch - "Darling It's Too Late" (Suicide Squeeze)
2. Peach Kelli Pop - "III" (Burger)
3. Andy Human and the Reptoids - "Andy Human and the Reptoids" (SS Records)
4. Jaill - "Brain Cream" (Burger)
5. Male Gaze - "Gale Maze" (Castle Face)
6. Pale Honey - "Pale Honey" (Instant)
7. Ancient Sky - "Mosaic" (Wharf Cat Records)
8. Prinzhorn Dance School - "Home Economics" (DFA)
9. Ravi Shavi - "Ravi Shavi" (Almost Ready)
10. The Cocoon - "While The Recoding Engineer Sleeps" (Staubgold)
11. Brando's Island - "Autism Vision b/w Auto Warfare" (MILLION DOLLAR)
12. JJCNV - "Brainiac Handsome" (Flab Fjord)
13. The Raydios - "Brand New Kid b/w My Way Back Home" (Slovenly/Mangrove)
14. Prefab Messiahs - "Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive" (Burger)
15. Jet Electro - "Tall Dark and Lonesome, The Story Of Slim Grinder" (Fowl Tone)
16. Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe - "I Declare Nothing" (A Recordings)
17. Dirty Fences - "Full Tramp" (Slovenly)
18. The Fall - "Sub-Lingual Tablet" (Cherry Red)
19. The Hemingers - "What's A Heminger?" (Magnetic South)
20. Damaged Bug - "Cold Hot Plumbs" (Castle Face)
21. Kinski - "7 (or 8)" (Kill Rock Stars)
22. Screature - "Four Columns" (SS Records)
23. Harvester - "Mt. Tallac" (Lather)
24. Day Creeper - "Central States" (Superdreamer/Heel Turn)
25. Quttinirpaaq - "Dead September" (Rural Isolation Project)
26. Square Pusher - "Square Pusher" (Warp)
27. S.P.Y - "Back To Basics Chapter One" (Hospital Records)
28. Warm Soda - "Symbolic Dream" (Castle Face)
29. Majutsu No Niwa - "The Night Before" (Pataphysique)
30. Michael Rault - "Living Daylight" (Burger)

Top 5 Adds
1. The Memories - "Home Style" (Randy)
2. Martin Rev - "Clouds of Glory" (Permanent)
3. Uh Bones - "Honey Coma" (Randy)
4. VCSR - "Tape #4" (Permanent)
5. Repairs - "Decay b/w Cycle" (Hozac)


Have you been snoozin'? Lucky for you, there's still time to wake up. Many of the still in-print Permanent Label Releases are nearly sold out!

LP - Afflicted Man - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Official 2013 Reissue, Repress, Black Wax, Ltd 300) 14 copies of this acid fried punk record still lookin' for a good home.

LP - Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Tune in while you still can, under 10 copies to go.

LP - Frankie And The Witch Fingers - Frankie And The Witch Fingers - Black Vinyl - Edition of 350 16 copies left, then it's out of print!

LP - Heater - God and Hair (Regular Edition on Black Vinyl) Columbia Missouri's short lived DIY RNR summer jammer, less than 10 copies are still in the mix.

LP - Leather Slave - Leather Slave (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Under 25 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl left, c'mon creeps, there's still time!

LP - MERX - 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea (White Wax, Ltd 100) Only 18 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl! Come up for air and grip a copy!

LP - Purling Hiss - Purling Hiss  (Regular Edition Black Vinyl) Fully printed jacket version is still with us thanks to a warehouse find! Only 9 copies left of this now classic Hiss debut by Mr. Mike Polizze! Screen printed tour edition stock is dwindling as well...


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
"Every Wednesday.  Black Boar - 1630 Colorado Blvd.  10-2am. Rock'n'Roll Partytime! With Lance Bummer and Special Guests. Drink specials. Excellent adventures, only.  Absolutely, no bogus journeys. Get down."


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This Week's New Featured Releases and Reissues

7in - Raw Meat - Standby Girl - Blue Vinyl Edition of 200


7in - Raw Meat - Standby Girl - Clear Vinyl Edition of 100


"Raw Meat, for example, one of the stomping standouts from the compilation, is a band about which precious little is known even by the owner of the label and producer of the band’s original 1969 single, Richard Paul Thomas — two of its tracks reissued as a 7” teaser single for the compilation on July 14th, 2015 via RidingEasy Records. The trio was from north of Milwaukee, WI, but not much more information remains available. “They were one of the tightest trios around at the time and had a fairly large repertoire of their own material,” the label owner says (name?). “The only thing that sticks in my mind was the band’s bumper sticker ‘Raw Meat Is Good For You’. Our offices were on Lincoln Avenue just next door to the Federal Meat inspectors offices.” - Riding Easy

LP - Various Artists - Ultimate Bonehead Vol. 3 - (Ltd to 300)


"Volume 3 attains a perfect mix of hard hitting heavy gems, up-tempo full-steam ahead rockers and anti-establishment call to arms. We straddle full frontal assaults and unremitting rattling of the senses where the lyrics may sometimes broach unrepentant sexual deviancies as well some near MC5 rabble rousing outings with a heavy tail off that land you in the middle of a putrid swamp of lewdness. " - Belter Records

 Side 1
1.  Pelican Peace Band – Take it Off
2.  Hot Ash – Jail Bait
3.  Dixie Rock – Wind Bag
4.  C.T. Pilferhogg – Tight Mama
5.   Galactus – Live With Me
6.  Glory – High School Letter
7.  Transfer – Play it Cool

Side 2
1.  Gold – No Parking
2.  Privilege – People
3. Five By Five – 15 Going on 20
4. Pendulum – Bring it on Home
5. Zendik – Is There No Peace
6. Alice Blue – Baby Good-Bye
7. Crossfield – Take It

LP - Various Artists - Ultimate Bonehead Vol. 4 - (Ltd to 300)


"Welcome to volume 4 where we focus on the heavy psych side of the Bonehead world. While we still feature savage full frontal audio assaults, here the solos can be longer, organs may swell and we even introduce the concept of mood and soundscape at times. There is doom throughout these grooves all swamped in a dirty cloaking heaviness. On side 2 we even unleash Satan with his hordes of Gypsy Ladies, witches, serial killers and other minions to prevent any hope of salvation. " - Belter Records

 Side 1
1.  Purple Sun – Doomsday
2.  Whistler’s Mother – Dark Dawn
3. Abaddon – Blues Tomorrow
4.  Rogues – Comin’ Home
5.  Larry Lynn – Diamond Lady
6.     Shepherd – Are We Alone
7.     Emily – Better Run Fast

Side 2
8.     The What – The Devil’s Game
9.     Darkseid – Land Of The Darker Sun
10.  Plymouth Rock – Comin’ Down
11.  Stone Foxx – Gypsy Lady
12.  The Friendly Persuasion – Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper
13.  Morse Code Transmission – Satan's Song
14. Image – Witchcraft ‘71

LP - Negative Scanner - Negative Scanner


"Negative Scanner have been destroying rooms in Chicago’s vibrant DIY since 2012, earning well-deserved accolades as one of the cities best live bands. Their electrifying debut album finds the band taking on all comers; guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores’ gutteral howl & lyrics have gained confidence over the course of the band‘s previous two singles in 2014 (their debut on Trouble In Mind & it’s follow-up on Tall Pat Records). The band (guitarist Matt Revers, bassist Nick Beaudoin & drummer Tom Cassling) have evolved into a lurching, post-punk tornado furiously spinning into near-chaos but never leaving the band’s capable control. The album’s opener “Ivy League Asshole” sets the tone - feral & ragged guitars chug over the rhythm section & Flores’ manic yelp spits out lyrics borne out of confusion, agression, domination & submission to life, living, lovers & beyond. The album‘s eleven tracks in 28 minutes fly by the listener, threatening whiplash but begging to be replayed. Negative Scanner’s s/t debut was recorded by the band themselves in their practice space, mixed by Mike Lust’s Phantom Mobile Unit & mastered by Australian legend Mikey Young (Total Control/Eddy Current Suppression Ring). The limited vinyl edition of the album is pressed on "clear smoke" vinyl & includes a download code.

RIYL: Nervosas, Marked Men, The Wipers, Siouxie & the Banshees, The Fall, Eddy Current Suppression Ring" - Trouble In Mind

LP - Toupee - Leg Toucher - Black Wax



"Representing Chicago’s robust network of outsider artists and house punks, Toupee spare no one from their sharpened, penetrating vision on Leg Toucher. From behind their masks, they lend observations to their listener. They offer heightened sensations that hide nothing. Toupee lurk beneath gentle and ferocious vocals and wicked sonic blowouts, piercing their listener with their glare.

Placing slow, soft frequencies against frantic, unchained crashes, Toupee carefully extract the supernatural from mundane life. This sublime sense results from a refusal to be silent while facing pain or decay, which are two key elements of the quartet’s alchemy. Toupee spin otherworldly punk tales from drowning rhythms and hidden current.

Dynamic, wide-ranging voices and propulsive, deliberate instrumental interplay amplify those heightened sensations. Intense stage energy translates into unexpected twists. Ghouls sing, as does innocent youth. Toupee bring their listener to fragile edges of glass, into sticky, swampy muck, and rapid transit. Leg Toucher will give you the chance to unmask those transformations in everyday life." - Moniker

LP - Tame Impala - Currents - Limited Colored Wax - 2xLP


"Much has changed since Tame Impala first emerged with an EP of dusty home recordings in 2008. By and large Kevin Parker’s approach to recording has not, though the sound coming out of his home studio has vastly expanded, as has the number of people anticipating the fruits of his labor. Tame Impala’s third album is titled Currents, and on it Parker addresses a blindingly colorful panorama of transition in the most audacious, adventurous fashion he’s yet to capture on record.

Dense with heady lyrical introspection, musically the most playful, bold and varied Tame Impala record to date, Currents is Parker putting down his weapons and embracing change as the only constant – sonically, thematically, and personally. Musically, Currents sounds like the work of a player on top of his game and having a blast, Parker indulging his whims and unafraid to dive down the rabbit hole after an idea.

Again operating as a one man studio band, Parker’s resultant record calls to mind contemporary hip hop production, Thriller, fried '70s funk, the irreverent playground Daft Punk presented on Discovery, swathes of future pop and emotional '80s balladry, all filtered through a thoroughly modern psychedelic third eye. A genre-bending soundscape fueled equally by curiosity as it is consciousness, it’s exhilarating new territory for Tame Impala.

Lyrically the record finds Parker in a very different place in 2015 to where he was seven years ago. Transitions in life, relationships, perspectives, mindsets – Currents maps Parker’s evolution through these and finds him a brand new person. In parts of both 2010’s Innerspeaker and 2012’s Lonerism Tame Impala sounded like a guy on the outer wanting in, now that he’s found himself on the inside Parker’s turned the spotlight in on himself. Stopping to reflect on the road behind, where he finds himself currently, and the road ahead, Currents spans a tumultuous time.

The first track from the record to be unveiled, "Let It Happen," is a perfectly encapsulating preview of what lies ahead. Coming in just short of eight minutes, "Let It Happen" traverses a swag of sonic terrain in its duration. The drums and Parker’s vocal introduction lull the listener with a sense of familiarity, until it all sweeps up into a cosmos once populated only by French robots, with insistent melody, broken machine loops, synthetic orchestration, surfing vocoder and a shredding guitar outro.

Typically, initial Tame Impala recordings saw Parker’s vocal hidden beneath a layer of psychedelic fuzz, drenched in reverb, lyrics ambiguous. Currents finds his voice front and center, so no bones are made about his intent. Sketched out in planes, cars, hotels and homes since the completion of Lonerism in 2012, pieced together over the later part of 2014 and early 2015 at home in Fremantle, Western Australia, Currents was written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Kevin Parker. Tame Impala presents Currents, a soundtrack to life’s turbulent flow." - Interscope

LP - Birth Defects - First 8 Mistakes


"Meet BIRTH DEFECTS, your new favorite garage rock band. No seriously, this band is basically the Justice League of garage rock. These dudes have a lot working in their favor—they've got PETEY DAMMIT from THEE OH SEES, former BLEACHED drummer JONATHAN SAFLEY, and have a new album produced by TY SEGALL being released on NATHAN WILLIAMS’ (WAVVES) record label, Ghost Ramp.”—Nosiey / Vice
Edition of 500 copies." - Ghost Ramp

LP - Buck Biloxi And The Fucks - Streets Of Rage


"Buck & the boys are back with a vengeance, and the new ‘Streets of Rage’ LP is going to cause quite a few dizzying episodes of pure punk euphoria so don’t even start to think you’ve heard it all yet. Culling all the burned-out, hate-fueled visceral verbiage from the streets into an impossibly catchy and dare we even say “poetic” benchmark of garbage spun into gold, ‘Streets of Rage’ kicks off with “Rock’n Roll Sucks Part 2” and just never lets loose of its grip around your neck/life until your record player is emitting the typical black smoke of overheated electronics. A slight uptick in fidelity won’t even begin to ruffle any feathers here, as the guitars-cum-food-processors tone is still hitting the spot every time, surely ushering in the next era of Buck Biloxi and the Fucks’ primitive pessimism, and establishing this New Orleans troupe as one of the modern era’s greats, stomping their way through a sea of pretenders. It doesn’t take long to realize the caliber of Mr. Biloxi’s moxie, his lyrics will be quoted for the next ten generations, and his attitude toward human existence will be the material of graduate level sociology courses, mark my words, and this insight doesn’t come cheap.

‘Streets of Rage’ might be the most punk record you’ve ever owned, or will the record OWN YOU? Either way, you lose, so don’t get those high hopes up anywhere where you can’t reach ‘em, because Buck Biloxi and the Fucks are going down in history with all the best losers in the game. –


Recommended If You Like: The Spits, Erazerhead, Saccharine Trust, Persuaders, Reatards, Henry Essence, Manateees" - Hozac

LP - Creeping Pink - Mirror Woods


"A fog of memories caught in the sun-flakes settling in the forest, a beautiful album indeed... [M]any glittering gems [are] woven into these tunes but one listen is not enough to see them all. Like trying to appreciate the silver strobing of ocean waves, they are different every time you glance at them. Better to watch their reflections on the ceiling and just soak it up. “It seems kind of rare that an album can create and sustain a mood, not to mention such an odd and unique vibe as this. A sing-song tale of a long, surreal journey through canopied pathways, tunnels and spiraling downwards through the earth’s maw…falling, falling, falling and suddenly you wake in your bed. Home-grown in aesthetic, Mirror Woods is a quilt of hues... The colors, albeit gorgeous, are cross-processed, like a polaroid of a cathedral’s most glorious stained glass window: off, slightly sour but just dripping with pop sentiment. This is not an experimental album for young chin-scratchers only, this is a pop record for anyone with a heart; this is a homage to love, to friends and family, to droll existence. Hold up a torch to the dark, make a spark. “Think United States of America meets Vangelis meets July meets Silver Apples in Arthur Russell’s New York apartment (what a family band portrait that would be).” - Castle Face

LP - Four Tet - Morning / Evening


"The new album. Produced by Kieran Hebden between August 2014 & February 2015. This music was created on a laptop computer using the Ableton Live software to control & mix VST synthesizers & manipulations of found audio recordings." - Temporary Residence

LP - Goldberg - Misty Flats - Reissue


 "BARRY THOMAS GOLDBERG was 23 in 1974, the year his Minneapolis power pop group, THE BATCH, split up. Rudderless, he set about recording solo album Misty Flats, and though few would hear it in its day, he hit on something very special indeed. Where The Batch were a harmony-drenched power pop band in the mold of Big Star and The Rubinoos, Misty Flats was an album of ecstatic desolation, an unhinged loner-folk gem that came from a unique place: "I wanted to make the first punk rock album, and if I'd recorded those songs with a band, maybe that's what it would've been," Goldberg says. The album was, instead, recorded in mono in a two-day recording binge on a two-track Ampex tape machine. It features just Goldberg and his friend MICHAEL YONKERS, author of the cult 1968 LP Microminiature Love, playing guitar, bass, harmonica, and vocals between them. In it, we hear echoes of Goldberg’s childhood in Las Vegas, where trips to the movies were surrogate babysitters for his single mother. “Hollywood" and "Stars In The Sand" dream of LA life, where "Pop And Ice" has a narrative straight from hard-edged '70s cinema about a drummer who’s drafted into the army. "Never Came To Stay" details his return to Minneapolis, where he remains to this day, working as an administrator for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Back in ’74, Yonkers had crushed several vertebrae at work and used his payoff to fund five albums: four of his own and Goldberg’s Misty Flats, which was pressed in a run of just 500." - Future Days / Light In The Attic

LP - Loop - Array 1


"The end of 2013 saw the reformation of one of the most revered and respected late 80’s UK alternative bands, Loop. The group, founded by Robert Hampson, hadn’t played together since the early-90’s but got together to curate a night at the legendary All Tomorrow’s Parties at Camber Sands. US dates followed in 2014 and they then got back in the studio to start recording.

The result is three brand new releases coming over the next year which see the band return to their hugely unique and era defining sound whilst sounding fresh and exciting. The first collection is Array 1, four tracks and 32 minutes of haunting, aggressive, beautiful noise. "Precession," "Aphelion," "Coma" and "Radial" are the first songs to be heard from their recording session done in Sub Station Studios in Rosyth in Scotland with the current line up of Robert Hampson (vocals/guitar), Hugo Morgan (bass), Wayne Maskell (drums) and Dan Boyd (guitar).

With only an early version of "Precession" having had any previous outing (at a show at the Garage in London at the end of 2014), this is the very first new music from the band since their third album, 1990’s lost classic A Gilded Eternity. The next tracks will be released in the Autumn in keeping with Loop's previous habit of putting out music in batches, Hampson describes it as “one project, with the same concept, delivered in bulletins.” - ATP Recordings

LP - Midnight - Into The Night - Reissue


"MIDNIGHT is one of those “shoulda/woulda/coulda” bands that might actually have made it—had their utter youthfulness not got in the way. Hailing from the ’burbs of Olympia Fields, Country Club Hills, and Chicago Heights, Illinois, DAVE HILLl (keys), SCOTT MARQUART (drums), FRANK ANASTOS (guitar, vox), and JOHN FLASTROM (bass) were all record-obsessed teenagers taking music lessons at Homewood’s Melody Mart in 1974. After meeting, they realized that Hill, Anastos and Falstrom went to Rich Central H.S. in Olympia Fields, while Marquart was just down the road at H-F High School in Flossmoor. That same year they formed Midnight, covering hot and heavy hard rock songs from the likes of Uriah Heep, James Gang and Sabbath (natch!)—but they evolved quickly, playing house parties and high schools around the south suburbs in ’75. By the following year, despite the teenaged years of their members, they were playing nightclubs and colleges in and around Chicago, while adding electrifying original songs to their repertoire. In the fall of 1977, still lacking either management or producer, the kids recorded their LP Into the Night at A-K Sound Recording Studio in Orland Park, IL—privately releasing it in early 1978 in a small edition, making it a majorly sought-after hard rock rarity today. Distributed themselves (and barely promoted), the LP certainly covers all the heavy bases with a wickedly raw mix, at times sounding like proto-doomers Pentagram, with the odd, occasional boogie number and power-ballad as well." - Drag City

LP - Nervosas - Nervosas


"Second self titled album (first for Dirtnap) from hard-touring Ohio dark-punks. An improvement on their (also awesome) first album in every way. The fast songs are meaner and more aggressive, the slower songs are more textured and atmospheric. Impeccable recording, truly impressive musicianship (not a compliment you’ll hear us at Dirtnap throw around very often) and songwriting inspiration to burn. This goes way, way beyond the “punk kids playing post punk” thing going around these days. Fits in perfectly on the darker end of the Dirtnap Records spectrum, alongside suck fine company as The Estranged, The Splits, Autistic Youth Truly an important and epic mind-bender of an album.   “There's always a reference. I had a guy wonder to me, once, whether we all didn't have big record collections so we'd know what to do; I told him if anything it was so we'd know what not to do, but that's not it either. It doesn't matter what your music brings to mind if that's all you're out to do- bring what's already out there to the mind of your listener. How cheap to exist as only reference, when you know that doing so will allow the gaps in your bargain facsimile to be filled in by your listeners' old favorites, playing on the jukebox of the mind while your pseudo-irony-dipped cassette reels around the boombox fountain. Shakespeare even said "There is nothing new'' quite a while before Superchunk ripped him off so why force it? We're all bound to similar sounds and states, a finite set of whatever rules we oh-so-inevitably choose, made infinite by the powers of imagination and music and love and hate etc. One foot in front of the other, then - one note, one step, one explosion and how that forces you to react to just that last and that possible next, how to prepare with only what we have in front of us, our minds and vicinities cleared by the resultant possibilities. We'd all play jazz for sure if we hadn't been ruined by TV. Our whole lives lived punk in some way, each of us in our own interpretation. Obviously the music follows. Arrangements tight; surroundings random. Chance occurrences held to our breasts, you'll never see the same seventeen minutes twice. Boys and girls, don't grow up, and don't ever figure it out. Nervosas are alright and so are you.” - Nervosas" - Dirtnap

LP - Radioactivity - Silent Kill


"Seems pretty safe to assume that almost no one doubted RADIOACTIVITY’s ability to follow up their 2013 Dirtnap debut with something equally stunning. Frontman and chief songwriter JEFF BURKE (THE MARKED MEN, THE REDS, THE POTENTIAL JOHNS) has certainly done more than enough to earn that kind of expectation and pressure. But Silent Kill, which finds Burke backed by Marked Men compatriot MARK RYAN and two-thirds of BAD SPORTS (DANIEL FRIED and GREGORY RUTHERFORD), does more than merely match the virtues of its self-titled predecessor.  Radioactivity's first LP was rightly hailed as a sort of sequel to The Marked Men's remarkable run through the first decade of the millennium, and while Silent Kill bears the unmistakable hallmarks of that band's tightly wound "Denton sound," Radioactivity can now lay claim to a sonic territory of their very own. Burke's distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of his vision has expanded, and now that the Burke/Ryan/Fried/Rutherford all-star team has had some time to cohere, Radioactivity can do all sorts of damage in less than thirty minutes.  Although the twelve songs on Silent Kill abide one strict rule--providing garage punk pleasure at all costs--Radioactivity bend that mandate in myriad ways. Breathless ragers like "Battered" and "No Alarm" are as fleet and raw as anything in the combined canon of Radioactivity's members, while mid-tempo heartbreakers "Way Out," "Connection" and "Where I Come From" find Burke and company opening up their sound to let in a little tenderness. And then there are songs like "Not Here" or "With You," which enact perfect unions of melody and kinetic energy. Admirers of Burke's legacy will be not only satisfied, but pleasantly surprised." - Dirtnap

LP - Ricked Wicky - King Heavy Metal


"King Heavy Metal, the second release from Robert Pollard’s self-described “supergroup” (tongue practically piercing his cheek with self-deprecating irony), is a hitherto undiscovered species of rainforest songbird capable of changing colors in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. At once prog-struck, collagist, technically impressive and melodically complex, King Heavy Metal lives up to and subverts its title over the course of its twelve songs. There’s stuff on here that wouldn’t be out of place on any post-Isolation Drills Guided By Voices album, stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on an alternate-universe mid-’70s Who album, and stuff that’s as lo-fi, booze-addled and sloppy as anything from “classic”-era GBV. Pollard’s determined to establish Ricked Wicky as more than just another solo or side project: it’s a proper, self-contained group with significant contributions, both instrumental and songwriting, from guitarist Nick Mitchell (long time GBV / Pollard stalwart Kevin March supplies drums). Mitchell sings lead on two songs here, both presumably written by him as well: “Imminent Fall From Grace” and “Weekend Worriers.” The latter is a kind of “A Salty Salute” update, with Pollard taking the anthemic first chorus, but Mitchell handling the rest of the vocals. Stranger, but in some ways more interesting, is Mitchell’s other contribution. “Imminent Fall From Grace” contains probably the most straightforward, earnest lyrics ever associated with a Pollard record—and yet, bizarrely, the song fits, and fits well, with the sort of no-fucks-given experimentation on display throughout King Heavy Metal. From the skewed-time-signature stomp (with periodic King Crimson-esque breakdowns) of “Come Into My Wigshop” to the voice-over montage intro to “Tomfoole Terrific” to the Sabbath-y riff fest (with added insane babbling chorus) of “Ogling Blarest,” the record hops from genre to genre (sometimes within the same song) with the giddy glee of a kid in a record shop. What makes King Heavy Metal different from pastiche-laden past efforts (like, say, I don’t know, Bee Thousand) is the level of technical mastery (high) and recording fidelity (high) and altered consciousness (very high) on display. Though Pollard contributes his own often-underrated guitar heroics, when Mitchell cuts loose with a solo—as he does on, for instance “Map and Key”—it’s like, “Who let Ritchie Blackmore into the studio?” The answer is probably Ritchie Blackmore let himself in the studio, because he’s Ritchie Blackmore, and has his own studio, but on “Map and Key” Mitchell’s blistering, melodic runs coil and twist around Pollard’s epically melancholic constructions with impressive brio. King Heavy Metal is not devoid of signature Pollard moments, like the power pop chug of the album’s opener “Jargon of Clones,” or the lo-fi balladry of “Too Strong for No One to See You,” but the emphasis here is on pushing limits. While not the weirdest record in Pollard’s discography, King Heavy Metal is a very rare bird indeed. Just listen." - GBV Inc

LP - Rubs - The Rubs Are Trash


"IT'S THE RUBS! We're mega stoked about this record guys. Joey Rub has made one hell of a record. If you're into stuff like The Real Kids you'll lose it over this. Just buy it dummy, i mean what are you gonna do? Buy a garbage IPA?" - Tall Pat Records

"Scrappy, scuzzy rock and rollers THE RUBS are made up of members of UH BONES, SKYMAUL, PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SYNDICATE and THE SUEVES…They bring a set of wet and wild, punk-tinged power-pop that'll rub you raw in all the wrong ways." - Empty Bottle

LP - Various Artists - More Ethiopian Soul And Groove - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol.3


"A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. The emotional blow was only matched by the brightness of this original and magnificent discovery. The Ethiopiques series directed by Francis Falcetto and edited by Buda Musique provides a comprehensive landscape of this subtle musical universe where local and western cultures do magnify each other. This new Ethiopian Urban Modern Music release follows the first Soul & Groove installment and keeps revealing some essential parts of the modern Ethiopian puzzle. An unequaled soul funk signature until today." - Heavenly Sweetness

7in - Ausmuteants - Mates Rates


"It has to be said, these boys are just on fire, there’s no way around it! With an incredible, agitated, and nervously energetic sound they’ve pounded into all their own, Ausmuteants are back with another massive slab of synth punk savagery you won’t be able to wash off with just one shower. After two pummeling LPs, another album full of demos, and a handful of stellar singles, all garnering the mouth-breathing praise they so wholly deserve, we’ve finally caught up with our release schedule and have shoved our bloody stump of a head into their sticky world, and we never wanna pull out. The two sizzling, neurotic, and probiotic cuts featured here don’t appear on any other releases, and are as vile, infectious and just as rabid as you needs require, crushing their formula into a powerful dust that erases your will to resist their impeccable Aussie charms.

The A-side’s irresistible anthem “Mate’s Rates” rides a riveting synth line that will surely go down in history as one of New Wave Theatre’s great lost performances by a band you didn’t catch the name from, and sometimes something this classic sounding doesn’t need anything else, just like a good steak. And if that wasn’t enough, Ausmuteants dig deep on the b-side for a cover of Martha & The Muffins’ bizarre 1980 new wave hit “Echo Beach” that just doesn’t let up until your grip on life has loosened to the point of submission. You really don’t even have much of a choice here, just stab & grab and kick back with an air of satisfaction until their next morsel of crude synth punk boils up to dangerous levels, rinse & repeat.


Recommended If You Like: DEVO, Los Reactors, The Cripples, Screamers, Nervous Gender, Teledrome, The Units, Lost Sounds, The UV Race" - Hozac

7in - Brown Spiders - It's Something To Do


"Pretoria, South Africa’s most dangerous arachnids are here to finally burst forth from their egg sac and right into your vulnerable arms and ears, as the debut 7” from our second South African export has hit the floor and is busy scrambling into your darkest corners. A prodding, sinister and disorienting riff hits you immediately just before that winding, repetitive and repulsive bass line stares you down, and before you know it, Jacco and Andreas (Make-Overs) have their claws at your throat with two cuts so thick with bad vibrations, you might just want to get yourself inoculated to prevent swelling on contact. You won’t have time to call up Dr. Moosa or any of your normal witch doctor contacts as this blackness and numbness will spread quickly, and just as soon as the main riff in “It’s Something To Do” unravels into a demonic roar, it’s probably too late to save any semblance of sanity.

 As a brackish minimalist counterpart to the more free-form sonic smashings of Make-Overs, Brown Spiders linger in the shadows, sharpening their pincers and retracing their horrific steps, carving their undulating chords into your wrists and ankles as you sleep. Building tension comes as second nature over these two rough numbers, just enough ominous thunder bellowing out between the soiled grooves to let you think you’re safe from those utterly murderous backup vocals. We’re beyond stoked to bring this dark and brutish-style thug crusher into the world, and we hope you will allow several listens before hiring a professional exterminator service. –


Recommended If You Like: Nones, A-Frames, Francis Harold & the Holograms, Homostupids, Make-Overs, Cherubs, The Intelligence" - Hozac

7in - Spray Paint / Exek - Tour Split EP


"Australian tour 7-inch featuring two exclusive tracks from Austin's SPRAY PAINT, and one by EXEK, a new Melbourne band that has label heads salivating over an album of more tunes that Noisey referred to as “ambient and synthy post punk not unlike PiL, Swell Maps or Beak.” Mastered by MIKEY YOUNG and pressed in a limited edition of 400 copies." - Homeless

7in - Wand - Machine Man - Black Wax


"Brand new seven inch single from Wand featuring two exclusive tracks. The A side, Machine Man, is a heavy and dark original which would’ve sounded right at home on their Golem LP. The B side, M.E., is a Tubeway Army cover which has been transformed into a heavy riff pummeler here. An essential piece of wax if ever there was one!" - In The Red

Tape - Mac Blackout - American Loser


A new and unhinged set of jams from Chicago's synth punk master mind, MAC BLACKOUT, who ya'll already know from Mickey, Functional Blackouts, etc!   GET READY TO CRANK UP YER BOOMBOX!!!!



  • 8/15/2015
    WATERY LOVE (In The Red/Richie)
    6:30 PM * ALL AGES
*** ALL shows are FREE and ALL AGES unless noted otherwise ***