Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Permanent Records Update 12.3.12

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LP - Flipper - Gone Fishin - Sleeve Only - $1.99 - BUYbuy

I love Flipper!  Ever since I first bought "Gone Fishin" I've wanted to cut along the dotted lines on the jacket to make my own Flipper tour van...but alas, the collector geek in me could never bring itself to destroy the jacket to do so.  And I never found an empty jacket in all my years of record digging...until NOW.

Not only did I discover one for myself, I discovered a handful to share will y'all.  If you haven't already cut it up, leave your "Gone Fishin" jacket intact and buy one of these empties - for the paltry sum of two clams and have your cake and eat it too!  Flipper loves you and wants you to have these things in your life.  After all, the original Subterranean Records insert specifically states: "Cut 'n fold cover makes gnarly full-color stand-ups of the Fishy Four, their equipment, & infamous truck".  The instructions are easy to follow and the results are RAD.  Get some beer and some scissors and play dolls.

Can we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a jacket with no record?  Sure we can.  If you don't already own this record, get it too (not to mention "Generic" and the rest of the Flipper discography up through 1987 or so).

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LP - Various Artists - Beat Factory - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Although this solid post-punk / indie pop compilation LP features 8 different bands, it could have potentially been the work of just a few individuals in various incestuous formations. Case in point: The Crusade and The Inside Out both feature guys named Dean Opseth and Dave Cunningham and a member of The Inside Out and Carousel Of Death, Tim Hensley, has a couple of solo numbers included to boot. Aside from a few other legit-sounding names the rest of the band members have pseudoyms like Bwana and Daddy O. The "bands" included here are called The Crusade, The Inside Out, Carousel Of Death, The Funkstop, Tim Hensley, The Chiggers, In Color, and Ulcer (my personal favorite). The Inside Out sounds a bit like a less annoying They Might Be Giants. Carousel Of Death have a cool minimal baroque rock vibe, with plenty of echo and throb, especially on "Graveyard Of Horror". The Chiggers are a fun rockabilly throwback group. Ulcer's tracks ("Big Butt" and "Slummin") are both crass, repetitive, and by far the weirdest on the record. "Slummin" almost sounds like a oddball Jello Biafra side-project. The Funkstop is, you guessed it, funky - in a wonky, if slightly cheesy 80s disco rap kinda way. In Color are obviously anglophiles, as is Tim Hensley. Although there's quite a bit of text on the back of the jacket, not much of it is pertinent info - mostly just ridiculous hype / drivel. Also, as far as I can tell information is nowhere to be found online concerning any of these bands. Fans of mystery records and an eclectic mix of early 80s rock will find a lot to love here. But don't just take our word for it, the Postpunk 80s Underground blog called it "another really cool compilation and highly recommended".

Track listing:.
1.THE CRUSADE - hope
2.TIM HENSLEY - the dating game
3.CAROUSEL OF DEATH - death waltz
4.THE INSIDE OUT - look around you
5.ULCER - big butt
6.CAROUSEL OF DEATH - death spectre
7.THE INSIDE OUT - words fade away
8.THE INSIDE OUT - what can i do
9.CAROUSEL OF DEATH - graveyard of horror
10.THE CHIGGERS - rockabilly bob
11.ULCER - slummin
12.FUNKSTOP - skullman
13.IN COLOR - water droplets
14.CAROUSEL OF DEATH - black candle [ remix ]
15.THE CHIGGERS - Lil' tugboat
16.TIM HENSLEY - your new flame

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LP - Glitter Wizard - Hunting Gatherers - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Our tight bros over at Captcha have dropped one mutha' of an album - this new banger from Glitter Wizard entitled "Hunting Gatherers" had us donning loincloths in solidarity by the time the last cut faded out!

There's DEFINITELY some serious (shirtless) leather vest wearin', full-bore cock rock happening here, but this time around the WIZARDs have evolved a touch towards the "hemp-ier" side of Seventies rock - the track "Sunlit Wolves" has a real "field hippy" vibe to it, flute and all, while "Mötorider" kicks out the jamz in a very real "Ace Of Spades" meets "Raw Power" sorta way. We can almost smell the exhaust!

Ex-Monoshock-er Doug Pearson is in the fold, so you know Glitter Wizard has a real affinity for the "hard stuff" (i.e. Hawkwind, Sabbath, Blue Cheer, et all) and there's plenty of time-warped riffage gettin' sprayed forth outta these grooves, straight outta the dungeon and into your ears - prepare thyself mortals! This scaly-backed beast of a record comes housed in a gorgeous full color gatefold, includes a download code and double-sided screen printed insert (suitable for framing!) RECOMMENDED, but don't forget your spellbook and hundred-sided die!

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LP - Tweak Bird - Undercover Crops - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Look out the Bird brothers are back!  They've been crisscrossing the nation with the Melvins and Big Business and steadily honing their chops. Their latest outing on this Volcom Entertainment issued mini-album, "Underccover Crops", they are bringing a hefty might.  As just a duo of baritone guitar and drums these dudes are making one helluva ruckus.  Blues drenched muscular noise rawk that would fit just right on the Melvins/Big Biz bill, but these cats have HUGE hooks which when sprinkled into this loud and brash rock music adds some damn fine moments of pop majesty.  Their dual vocal delivery reels you in and then the music hits you over the head, and then you realize... what the hell? I just got mugged by music!

Infusing such heavy sounds with this much melody is no small feat, so have a whirl, you'll be glad you did. Recorded and produced by Toshi Kasai (Big Business) and Dale Crover (Melvins), "Undercover Crops" comes Heavily Recommended.
Where them trees at?

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LP - Beaters - Fishage - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

There's a reason to visit San Diego other than the beach and the sun, and that's the slew of great new rock 'n roll bands that happen to be exploding outta of the scene there, and Volar Records might just be the hub around all that activity.  You'll wanna watch out when they've got a new release in the works, especially if it happens to be from the Beaters.

Born from the fragments of various San Diego garage bands (The Sess, Ale Mania), the Beaters are ready to punch you in the face with their hyperactive debut long player, "Fishage". Equal parts no wave, wiry post punk and agitated noise punk, Fishage is as shocking / refreshing as jumping face first into the Pacific Ocean. 

The Beaters nail down art bent post punk like no band has in quite a few years.  Over-caffienated and menacing, "Fishage", combines elements of A Certain Ratio, Gang of Four, Wire and DNA into a gothic frenzy of noise / industrial inspired punk that seems more suited to the dive loft scene of Brooklyn than that of the Sunshine State.

Like a warped scratched up copy of NO NEW YORK, the Beaters' new LP effortlessly smashes punk, new wave and dance into one new wall of propulsive feedback coated party jams highly suggested for those late night drives around town bar hopping.  Icy cold yet sweaty fun, fans of contemporary acts Ex Models, Liars, Les Savy Fav, Q and Not U and anything angular and dark will dig "Fishage".  The Beaters even give the Damned the post punk treatment on the new lp, a cover that really gets us rocking.

As with anything on Volar, the new one from the Beaters is SUPER RECOMMENDED.

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LP - John Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat and Bone - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Blues Explosion were one of the most dynamic hard hitting indie bands of the 90s, and one of the best live shows in rock n roll history during their heyday.   Their string of killer albums for Crypt and Matador remain some of P-Rex's favorite albums from our youth, so we were bursting at the seams when we heard the news that they reformed and started playing shows again.  Would there be another album by the once glorious noisy blues punkers?  We didn't think so, but hey, you gotta have faith.  John Spencer and Co are BAAAAACCCKKKKK and with a VENEGANCE.

Their new long player Meat and Bone is just as the title says, one helluva a full course meal of raw blues damaged garage punk by the band that defined the genre.   This new slab of wax stands up just as tall as their self titled debut, "Orange" and "Extra Width" as one of the band's most in yer face, definitive statements of rock n roll fury.  You better thank the folks over at Mom and Pop Records making this new lp a reality.

Not since the Stones has a band taken the blues to the next level like John Spencer Blues Explosion.  Some of the most groovy baselines, searing blues licks and tightest drumming ever powder kegged into one maximum burst of high octane gutbucket garage exploding punk spitting blues rock you'll ever hear.

Fuck off George Thorogood, John Spencer wants you dead.

"Meat and Bone" is one of the unexpected pleasures of the year from a band we can't say enough nice things about.  All of you, THAT MEANS YOU, obsessed with garage rock and noisy punk, you definitely need a plate full of "Meat and Bone".  Yep the Blues Explosion are back and here to stay.  Somebody had to fill the void left by the Gories, Royal Trux, the Drags and the Compulsive Gamblers, and that hole could only be filled by John Spencer and Co.

Everything is alright in the world if we gotta a new slab from the Blues Explosion on our turntable again.  WAY RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Shoes - One In Versailles (2012 Reissue) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Numero Records continues to astound in 2012, dropping this batch of late-comers at the tail-end of the year... Zion, IL's favorite sons: SHOES - Remastered and reissued! We're talkin' "One In Versailles", the unreleased album "Bazooka", "Present Tense Demos" and their 1977 power-pop classic "Black Vinyl Shoes". If Numero were here right now, I think we'd give 'em a kiss on the lips!

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDES. This is probably the holiest of Holy Powerpop Grails!

Talked about in hushed whispers and traded for years on the cassette scene, One In Versailles" stands alone as the first and purest statement from Shoes - a fully formed masterpiece that still has the power to bewitch and amaze! Delicate harmonies, soft chords and stunningly full fidelity, despite being recorded by the band at home, this is the mainline for Midwest power pop!

Faithfully remastered and reproduced by the fanatics at Numero Group with paste-on sleeves and facsimiles of the OG inserts! Absolutely ESSENTIAL in our books - have a listen and we're sure you'll take a SHINE to SHOES. Eh? Eh? RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Asta Kask - Med Is I Magen - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Time to bust out the leather jackets and bullet belts!  The formidable Prank Records has been cranking out high quality punk rock for years and this here re-issue version of classic Swedish punk is yet another winner in their already brimming roster of releases. 

Astra Kask deliver a walloping set of catchy quick tempo-ed punk scorchers. "Med Is I Magan" is 8 cuts of 80's mohawk rants similar to the UK Clay Records roster and the above mentioned politically minded Stiff Little Fingers with super tight musicainship, furious performances, battle cry guitars, bouncy bass lines, machine gun drumming, a strained and gruff vocalist who is backed by screamed gang vocals all combining to create some classic fist pumping punk rock glory.

If you dig the golden era sounds of Discharge, G.B.H., and The Lurkers then cop this platter of rage immediately cuz it's gonna decimate your turntable.  Hugely Recommended.

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LP - Vegetarian Cannibals - Before The Fact - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Cass Records has dug up quite a punk rock wallop in this Vegetarian Cannibals record.  Who you say?  Perhaps only the best underground punk band Michigan has ever given birth to, a band that even got Jack White to wanna pick up a guitar and start a band.  We didn't know much about this band either, but, wow, we're glad Cass decided to press up this unruly rapid-fire DIY punk from the Motor City.

"Before the Fact" is the only document from the mysteriously influential band, Vegetarian Cannibals, and finally we get to hear it in all its rambuctious no-fi glory (instead of the dubbed over and over again tape copies, which is how most people got to hear this album.)

We also think those old Killed By Death comps missed out by not including the Vegetarian Cannibals.  Imagine combing the fury of Black Flag with the stupid punk of the Gizmos, and recording the subsequent genius songs by some drunk teens into a half broken boombox on some boring Saturday afternoon, and that is the Vegetarian Cannibals.

Part Stooges garage fire, part Desperate Bicycles DIY fuck you attitude and maybe even more snotty and angry than the Dead Kennedys ever were.  They didn't give a fuck, they just had a band to have a band.  "Before the Fact" might just be as punk as it gets,  Vegetarian Cannibals didn't even bother recording in a studio, or even dub more than a few copies of their opus. Thanks to Cass, now we can relive those angsty days growing up in the burbs with nothing to do. 

Grab this one quite, cause they didn't press many more copies than the tape original. 


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7in - Buffalo Tooth - Only Son b/w Head Trip - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We scored a batch of this killer new single on Archer's Guild Records.  Our buds at Captcha hipped us to this San Fran power trio, featuring members of Poor Sons and Glitter Wizard, and we sure are glad they did cuz this single is a ripper.

Buffalo Tooth is bringing the old school no-nonsense 70s rock with all three members taking on vocal duties.  This shiz is thick and raw with plenty of bottom end countering the fuzzed out bluesy guitar licks flying off the fret board that is all held together by a steady groove from the drums.  Buffalo Tooth know how to make rock and roll that swings, music that'll make you thrust your fist in the air and scream at the heavens.

We're talking Blue Cheer, Led Zep, Humble Pie, you know the classic stuff that always sounds better the louder you crank it, so take it to the limit and blast this sucker to infinity!

Mega Recommended.

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7in - A Giant Dog - Dammit Pomegranate - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

BRAND new A Giant Dog single from the maniacs at TicTacTotally! AGD hail from Austin, TX and feature all-around Austin band-guy Orville Neeley and some of his fellow OBN III's, so you know it's gonna be rad.

We dug the crap out of AGD's debut album "Fight" from earlier in 2012, so new material from the group is mighty welcome! Take part Hi-octane Garage-swagger and mix it with a dash of Motor City soul a'la Detroit Cobras (lead singer Sabrina has a heck of a set of pipes and her harmonies with guitarist, Andrew, melt together like sweet molasses!) Killer 2-sider! RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Ranch Ghost - Nahla - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We might just wanna rename Nashville as the GARAGE ROCK CITY USA, and throw out all the Country Music signage.  The primal stomp never stops thundering outta of Nashville, and we're sure the good string of garage rippers is gonna continue on forever with the addition of Ranch Ghost to their scene.  Picking up where the Turbo Fruits, Cheap Time, Paperhead, Ex Cult and the countless other young bands of Tennessee (Nashville and Memphis both) have left off, Ranch Ghost has one frenzied pounder of a garage rock single in "Nahla", yer gonna spin this one all the way into next year, we promise. 

Ranch Ghost swirls in all the right ingredients for a killer garage single: a little Nuggets worship, some Stones soaked riffs, jangly power-chord fireworks, a pummeling drunken beat and plenty of rock n roll attitude.  Despite only one previous single as experience, we're pretty sure Ranch Ghost has recorded one of the best garage punk 45s of the year.

Holy shit, we cannot wait for more mayhem from these kids (an LP, maybe?).   Black Lips watch out, you got some up and comers headed straight your way.

Fans of anything Goner, In The Red, Crypt or Sympathy Record Style, this is your new favorite jam.  We promise.  We won't send anything your way that's not UTMOST RECOMMENDED.  But you know that already.

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7in - Useless Eaters / Nu Sensae - City of Light / Sleeping Blouse - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Volcom Entertainment has pressed up 1000 hand-numbered copies on blue wax featuring 2 of today's thrilling punk bands giving up the goods.  Useless Eaters usher out another cut of angular mid tempo strut with "City Of Lights" and Nu Sensae dish out another brain melting disturbance jam with "Sleeping Blouse".  Useless Eaters have been on quite a roll in 2012 with countless singles coming out seemingly every month and this here split is a slower tempo-ed affair showcasing their versatility and upping the game for garage rock USA.  Vancouver B.C.'s Nu Sensae continue to dominate anyone who steps to 'em with their art damaged mutant grunge punk they've perfected over the years and this outing is yet another flannel wrapped box cutter slash of energy.  

Oh yeah, this bad boy comes with a download for all you earbud weirdos.
Definitely Recommended.

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7in - Ray Woolf And The Avengers - Little Things That Happen - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

AMAZING unreleased New Zealand freakbeat reissued (issued?) by Detroit label Cass Records (run by Dirtbombs drummer and Third-Man Records executive Ben Blackwell).

 "Little Things That Happen" is a stone-groover with a heavy sway in the vein of Cream or, yes Sabbath (maybe if they were mods) and is a guaranteed dance-floor-filler, while the Who cover is faithfully re-created, but with a touch more sonic CRUNCH!

Awesome single that comes with a nice set of liners! RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Great British Heroes - Eric Miller - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

KILLER punk raer reissues keep pooping out of the woodwork lately what with Sing Sing and Last Laugh setting the standard for how it should be done (in both selection and presentation) - right here we have a TRUE U.K. Punk RAGER, bro-heims... the lone single from Great British Heroes (later known simply as G.B.H. - no, not THAT G.B.H!!!)

Despite NOT being that G.B.H. we were thinking it was, this is some killer late-Seventies proto-street punk - tha A-Side "Eric Miller' sounds like something straight out of The Mad's oeuvre, while the B-Side "I Don't Give A Damn" is a '77 punker that proves that attitude goes a long way!

Great f'ing single made especially for PUNX ONLY, but recommended for everybody! GET IT.