Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Year 2012 at Permanent: A Recap

Hello, and welcome to our annual Permanent Records recap. This post contains some highlights of what we released in the year 2012 and what the critics had to say about them.
We appreciate you taking a look below and considering these releases when you compile your Best-Of-2012 lists. If there is something that you missed, please let us know, and we'll be happy to get you music.
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Ty Segall / Feeling Of Love
Split Tour

"Segall’s inclusion “It’s a Problem” sounds like it could have fit excellently on his latest album “Goodbye Bread“, featuring his crunchy guitar onslaughts that burst into a rowdy and rollicking roll that will surely get your blood pumping. As for the Feeling of Love’s inclusion on the 7″, they sound just as rowdy in their own right. Lead by menacing synthesizers and sharp, driving guitars, this song erupts about three-quarters of the way through, shoving wild guitar shards down our throat which only makes for quite an exhilarating 7″ single." - Styrofoam Drone

"[Segall] brings a song (here, “It’s a Problem”) that most dudes who’d love to be in his position just can’t write, a quality ‘60s folk-rock burnout round with thoughtful arrangements and production, a piano that kicks in a wonderful rhythmic quality, and above-board guitar wheedlin’ that highlights his innate talents without showing them off.

France’s The Feeling of Love are not known for making bad or even average records… a VU-styled stomper called “I Could Be Better Than You But I Don’t Wanna Change.” Rickety Kiwi organ, confident strum, excellent trap work and cool vocals put this about the same place as most of this band’s output, which is in a zone of value." - Still Single

"A strong showing from both artists; which side you’ll prefer depends on the what kinds of drugs you do." - Get Bent!

Stream "It's A Problem / I Could Be Better Than You But I Don't Wanna Change

Once With Snot & Blood
LP (04/21/12)

"think lo-fi garage bent punk mixed with some minimal post punk angst and a bit of psych weirdness....  but listen for yerself...the POWS are not easily definable music, yet who cares when its so fun.... fans of seedy underground rock like the TESTORS, DEAD MOON, SCREAMERS, CHEATER SLICKS and/or PERE UBU will love the POWS....." - Tiny Grooves
"A scraggly garage-punk band from Columbia, Missouri, the Pows were active in the late 90s and early aughts—Cave drummer Rex McMurry was an original member, and Permanent owners Lance Barresi and Liz Tooley are big fans." - Gossip Wolf

"It’s the sound of a band that could have only existed in a fervent fanbase at a specific time and place but its isolation doesn't belie it vitality. The songs sting with life and an inherit weirdness that calls to mind Chrome, The Monks and will certainly appeal to fans of the frayed sensibilities of current slingers like Sic Alps." - Raven Sings The Blues
Stream "B/W"

LP (07/07/12)

"Merx is a group of Los Angeles (composed between other members of the Spits and Nothing People) and practice a head wave halfway between Suicide and Ennio Morricone influenced Clockcleaner, all led by a singer who sounds like Ian Curtis." - Service Reptile

"Merx's debut LP is comprised of looped synthetic drums, repetitively melodic bass and synth lines, and post-apocalyptic Morricone-esque guitar bits. Over the top, a very tall man in a Throbbing Gristle/Mickey Mouse/Grateful Dead parody tee speak/sings shouts/whoops like a baritone hybrid of Ian Curtis, Nick Cave, and Alan Vega." - Razorcake

"Merx are a menacing enigma—a tall, blonde, howling, sometime bespectacled lead singer who is one part Alan Vega, one part Ian Curtis, and the rest horror movie madman looks blankly forward, shaking and screaming, while the rest of the band plays with no acknowledgement of anyone else in the room." - L.A. Record
Stream "The Law"

Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV
LP (07/24/12)
"Transmissions From Telos: Vol. IV, consisting of four different improvised jams, is pure kinetic magic and proves Lumerians aren't a part of a band, but are really members of an acid guzzling, galaxy traveling spaceship." - Impose Magazine

"These are the serialised, future sounds of a post-apocalyptic world where a vibrant and sunny city did shuffle off this mortal coil - jettisoning into freeform orbit and freeing itself from a stale old world. Jive on Lumerians; youthfully and eternally. Jive on to a glamorous new, poker-faced groove." - Foxy Digitalis

"Flip it and things get bongier still with a monolithic bit of echoey cosmic synth frippery slicing out huge great yawning voids in your headspace. It’s fully astral, with only the slightest hints of melody to cling onto as they dive headlong into a psychedelic otherworld, eventually joined by distant drum grooves and wailing guitars which drift in and out disconcertingly over metallic grating drones before the rhythm section really starts getting its groove on. Once they do it’s reminiscent of Can once again, but after a while of that the grooves get overtaken by dark ambient static rumbles, which ease down to hisses and whooshes accompanied by metronomic two-note bass, which gradually gets enveloped by slowly developing Moondog-esque polyrhythms to finish. Impressive drug jams throughout." - Norman Records
Stream "Untitled 2"

LP (10/12/12)
".......combining the thrash of hardcore, the pummeling stomp of garage rock, the drone of krautrock and the free jazz skronk of the impulse/esp records masters......OBNOX has constructed / deconstructed the best NOISE ROCK ALBUMS OF THE YEAR....... " - Tiny Grooves

"Brought to us by Lamont “Bim” Thomas, current drummer of fellow garage noise tacticians Puffy Areolas, with Obnox he uses the project to step further beyond the realms of garage-punk to explore an almost free form style of jazz and psych." - Built On A Weak Spot

"Incredibly loud tunes out of Cleveland. Psychgaragepunknoise featuring thunderous percussion, squealing woodwinds, and wailing guitar that'll enter through your ears and rocket out your fucking asshole." - Ongakubaka

Stream "Kristy Greene"

2012 Releases from Permanent Records:
02/24/12 Ty Segall / Feeling Of Love Tour Split 7"
04/21/12 Pows Once With Snot & Blood RSD 2012 LP
07/07/12 Merx Merx LP
07/24/12 Lumerians Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV LP
10/12/12 Obnox Rojo LP