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Permanent Records Update 1.21.13

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LP - Follakzoid - II - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - Follakzoid - II - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We are overjoyed to finally get another round of Follakzoid here at Permanent cuz we absolutely loved their previous EP.  Thanks goes to Sacred Bones again for a second helping of excellent Chilean psych rock.

As we mentioned before we adored the Follakzoid EP from 2011 and this here new fangled long player is a surging burst of forward thinking.  Divine effects dive in and out of clouds and valleys, motorik grooves fuel the pulse, bubbling synths embolden the spirit and an echoed vocal rides in the wake. 

More krautrock and psychedelic vibes permeate the overall make up of Follakzoid "II" and we are digging it in a major way fer sure.  It has a dose of Wooden Shjips, a tab of Lumerians, a hit of the Oscillation and a ten strip of Cave and Verma.  If it's south of the Equator do they call it 2:40?  Rip a pinner and head for the horizon as this monster LP of tone dialed guitar groove guides the glowing glide.  Enjoy the ride! 

Mega Recommended.

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LP - Holydrug Couple - Noctuary - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - Holydrug Couple - Noctuary - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Batter up!  Another dose of Chilean psyche from the rock solid Sacred Bones institute in the form of the Holydrug Couple's "Noctuary". 

"Noctuary" finds the Holydrug Couple honing their skills and upping their game, unafraid to venture into fresh territories.  They are opening up and expanding their sound.  This dreamy sing-song collection of tunes has hints of Stereolab space pad chill factor, 60's sunshine pop mid-tempo skip-to-ma-loo and an airy quality that swings through the fog.  Noctuary has a laid back Dungen vibe, with masterfully recorded "vintage" sound, glimmering tones and fuzzed out guitar trickery. 

The fact that they have song titled "Paisley" is very fitting; that is actually what this album sounds like: Paisley.  If you dug the MMOSS LP on Trouble In Mind, then this woodland creature should be a loyal pet. Slo-mo gentle wind psychedelia that lets the song write itself, never forced, never rushed, just ease on down the rainbow is what you'll find though out this cloudland magic carpet ride and we are not lookin' to stop this ride any time soon. 

So take our hand and climb aboard as the Holydrug Couple leads us to the land of light.  Ultra Recommended.

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LP - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Reverse Shark Attack (2013 Reissue) - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Reverse Shark Attack (2013 Reissue) - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Our pal Ty Segall is hotter than a freshly unloaded pistol right now and 2013 treats us to not one, but TWO reissues from the man's (recent) archives! In The Red Recordings has done the hungry hordes of vinyl hounds a service by reissuing the s/t album from Segall's budget rockin' party band, The Traditional Fools and his collaborative LP "Reverse Shark Attack" with long-time musical foil Mikal Cronin.

Anyone should know by now that we are HUUUUGE fans of BOTH these guys - Segall's been a regular on our staff's top-tenner's since he started makin' records and Cronin's s/t album on Trouble In Mind is (dare we say) a modern classic! We had a grip on this one first time 'round when it was on the excellent Kill Shaman label and we just about spun it to death here in the shop! Side A is a dastardly seven song cycle coated in beach grit and moldy fuzz (and closes with a killer cover of Pink Floyd's "Take Up Thy Stethescope And Walk"), but Side B is where things get interesting. "Reverse Shark Attack" is a sidelong epic that is a rollercoaster-ride of all-things musical that these guys had dipped their toes into up to this point; garage, punk, surf, psych, pop - and (in our humble opinions) was a turning point for both artists, opening up new sonic worlds for them both to explore. It seems like an easy out to dismiss 'Reverse Shark Attack', but you have to consider it in context; Ty's game-changer album "Lemons" had just been released and was tearing up the underground, and Cronin's band Moonhearts had just released some cassettes and a few singles up to that point - neither artist had made as thrillingly bold a musical statement as 'Reverse Shark Attack". Yet.

We all know what has followed for both these fellas, but it makes us wonder where these dudes would be like if this album had never happened? Would we have "Melted"? Would Cronin's s/t album had even happened? These are all questions. Regardless of the answer - we DO have 'Reverse Shark Attack' and now we have it AGAIN to spin over and over and over 'till our boards need waxin' RECOMMENDED? You betcha, bro.

check out Ty and Co.'s KILLER take on the opening track "I Wear Black" at a PRex Chicago instore (SANS microphones!):

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LP - Traditional Fools - Traditional Fools (2013 Reissue) - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
CD - Traditional Fools - Traditional Fools (2013 Reissue) - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Our pal Ty Segall is hotter than a freshly unloaded pistol right now and 2013 treats us to not one, but TWO reissues from the man's (recent) archives! In The Red Recordings has done the hungry hordes of vinyl hounds a service by reissuing the s/t album from Segall's budget rockin' party band, The Traditional Fools and his collaborative LP "Reverse Shark Attack" with long-time musical foil Mikal Cronin.

This record from the Traditional Fools is one of the most fun trashy garage punk records you can get your hands on.  Ty and his cohorts banging out punk bangers that would make Billy Childish and the Mummies proud.  So FUCK YEAH, we're stoked the Traditional Fools LP is back on vinyl (and for the first time on CD).  Fuzzy, loud and fast like the best of them, Traditional Fools' one and only LP is that burst of sunshine and day drinking rock n roll riotousness that you'll spin so many times the grooves will wear out. (Maybe the reason for the repress?)

Originals are hard to come by, but the need for crate digging is gone. In The Red is giving everyone who missed out the first time around a chance to grab what is perhaps one of the best modern garage punk albums (the kind we always wanna listen to).  It's just as addicting as the Moonhearts and the Epsilons were, and as classic as those Gories, Oblivians, Reatards and Rip Offs LPs.  Seriously, no joke.  This is so good, Ty could've quit after this album and we would've been timelessly impressed.  Needless to say we're also EXTREMELY glad he did not. 

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LP - Mugstar - Axis - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Strap in folks and prepare for lift off, cuz Mugstar's got a new rocket of an lp you gotta get your hands on!!!!

We've been long time certified Mugstar heads round here and been awaiting this album with much anticipation.  Mugstar are like an automatic here at Permanent, "Lime" was a head spinner,  that split with Carlton Melton took our breath away, the "Serra (Distant Sun I / Distant Sun II)" EP was a motorik tease of droned bliss and their split with Oneida ensued in many an arm wrestling match to decide which side to play.  Here we are barely into 2013 and the stars of the mug are bringing the heavy stoner space jams in fine style.  Fucking tribal pummel, heady repeating riffs, galaxy splitting effects, oscillating swirls of synth heaven and massive psychedelic explosions of sound are burning white hot out of Axis' grooves and we just keep turning this shit up louder!  What? We can't hear you... we're long gone on a headbanging tour of the cosmos, we've long stopped listening to human voice, totally blocked for maximum enjoyment of this fist pumping space rock masterpiece.  Fall out of life with bong in hand and head for the riff filled land... Mugstar will leave ya chuffed and begging for more of the HIGH quality space race power sonic assaults. 

Stellar outing all the way through.  If you have even a passing interest in the above mentioned Oneida, Neu!, Loop, Stereolab, Wooden Shjips, Bardo Pondo and Hawkwind, then stop what your doing and cop this beast now cuz it is pure psychedelic WIN! 

Deliriously Recommended.

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2xLP - Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay 2xLP - $34.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Originally released late in 2012 by Neurot Recordings on CD, the fine folks at Relapse Records have stepped up to the plate and given this amazing album the vinyl treatment.

"Honor Found In Decay" was one of the best records to come out in 2012 and Neurosis' first since "Given To The Rising" back in 2007.  This Bay Area institute has been composing uncompromising heavy works of art since the late 80's, a band that pushed themselves and the boundaries of what punk/metal could be.  "Honor Found In Decay" finds the group in top form brandishing their patented/often copied style of trance inducing drumming, monsterous guitars, eerie samples and otherworldly electronics fusing everything into a take-no-prisoners wall of power.

Touching on themes from past works, "Honor Found In Decay" sees the group employing the epic pace of "Times Of Grace", the ambient scour of "The Sun That Never Sets" and "The Eye of Every Storm" and the tribal pummel of "Through Silver In Blood" making this record a studied and finely crafted piece of art, one that promises many exciting returns. We are so mega stoked to get a new Neurosis album and "Honor Found In Decay" is a crushing piece from start to finish. 

Super Recommended.

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LP - Bed Wettin Bad Boys - Ready For Boredom - Import - $17.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

P-Rex goes way back with the Bed Wettin Bad Boys, after all they played our birthday bash along with Royal Headache at the Hideout in the not so distant fall of 2011.  After that night's hangovers, we pieced together shards of memories from the shows--drinks, smokes, more drinks, drunken photos, hanging out on the patio til who knows when and two amazing sets of unhinged in our face Aussie rock goodness.  Royal Headache had dropped their hefty debut lp on us already, but we woke up next morning wondering when we'd finally get that epic post punk noised up rock album we yearned for from Bed Wettin Bad Boys.  Well the wait is over, and it was fucking worth it. Following finding their footing on two very fine singlesm, "Ready For Boredom" is their "Let It Be" (no not THAT album, the Replacements'), an angsty tour de force from a young band with a bright (or bored and drunk) future.  

RIP Society Records has killed it again with "Ready For Boredom" (not surprisingly considering their recent run on albums). You can imagine BBWB playing shows with Eddy Current, UV Race, or Cobbwebs, but they have a power chord melodic crunch that owes its origins as much to their peers as the greats like the Saints, Husker Du, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Superchunk, Archers of Loaf and/or the Grifters.  

Shambling catchy rock n roll with all the punk mess you need from a trio that was once named Sydney's Number One Party Band.  YES! And Yes, it's as killer as you might imagine.  But don't imagine too long, Ready For Boredom is gonna go quick.  


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LP - Lost Domain - An Unnatural Act - Import - $17.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Reissue of this album of unholy, gutteral blues noise ("Bloise"?) from 1990, courtesy of Brisbanian maniacs The Lost Domain! "An Unnatural Act" was a cassette-only release under the band's original moniker of 'The Invisible Empire', and for the uninitiated, Lost Domain roll about in a deconstructed guitar-scree that is weighted down by nearly-there rhythmic blues ragas that self-destruct into something akin to free jazz as they poke their heads above the din.

Imagine Skullflower swapping spit with Keiji Heino and John Fahey while listening to old blues 78's being broadcast from a radio station from outer space - sounds like fun to us! This trio of guitar improvisors (Simon Ellaby, David MacKinnon and Dina Bojic) clearly are looking towards (and forwards from) the work Fahey started on albums like 'Requia' and 'The Yellow Princess' and then giving it the middle-fucking-finger as they launch into the stratosphere. Sophisticated pig-fuckery is what this album is... and we love it. If these guys were on a bill with Dead C and The Gordons I don't think our brains could take it! (re)Released into the world by the fine folks at Negative Guest List - continuing the beautifully twisted legacy of Brendan Annesley into 2013 and (we hope) beyond!

Do we even need to say it? OK, fine - RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Contrepoison - Until Next Morning - $22.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Grab a pair of shades and some clove cigs and listen up as the almighty Avant! peeps wanna hip you up to the sinister strut of Contrepoison's new lp "Until Next Morning."

Man o' man, Avant! has been steadily releasing killer records for some time now.  They've brought us the likes of Cccandy, Cult Of Youth, Scorpion Violente and the devestation of the Funk Police, so when we popped the top on the Contrepoison EP we knew we were in for a treat.  And sure enough, straight out the gate, "Until Next Morning" is giving us goose bumps with its juicy pump, slithering synthesizers and muffled moans of desperation.  Four cuts of gothy new wave/cold wave industrial pop rife Ian Curtis-ian vocal yearning and catchy keyboard dread drum machine march are what one will find on this total tease of an EP. 

We definitely were left wanting more, so until we get more we'll be spinning this thing on repeat for infinity.  Mega Recommended.

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LP - A.M. - Black Night Burning - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Trensmat Records brings us a scorching dose of guitar fury from A.M. and you P-Rex faithful need to take note....this is epic!!!

"Black Night Burning" is absolutely tremendous.  Searing noisey guitar drones, hypnotic walls of pulsing atmospheres and loop upon loop upon loop make up this purple platter of New Zealand squalor.  Akin to Skullflower, Sunroof!, Gate, or Dead C, A.M. makes hard scrabble ear splitting sonics, but these works venture into a much darker territory that plays out like a prison booze fermented by the moonlight; a dangerous concoction to ingest but one that fully fucks you up.  There a few moments of respite in the form of the rolling bass line of "All My Signs" that lulls out the end of side A, but rest assured, flip this over and the garbled guitar mantras begin anew with the pharmacological stress of "Dom. Bliss" secretly covering you in waves of melodic static. 

You may have some blurry memories of what you got up to after the duration of "Black Night Burning" but you'll be glad you took the trip.  The kind of haunting noise that seems to wrap around you like a paramedics blanket is what you'll find in copious amounts on "Black Night Burning" and it'll leave a funny feeling of caution but you'll want get in this accident again real soon. 

After all any record that lists a vacuum cleaner as an instrument is Permanently Recommended.

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2xLP - Various Artists - Not So Quiet On The Western Front - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Alternative Tentacles's collection of the early 80s nothern Californian hardcore punk scene, "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" is an absolute essential record, period. 

This collection of sordid sonics showcasing the madness happening in early 80's Northern California hardcore punk scene is the quintessential document of that particular geographic region and the sounds being made there.  Holy shit balls! The tracklisting alone is enough to get us drooling.  Some of the better knowns like Dead Kennedys, Flipper, and Fang make some serious appearances, then when you really start digging in and exploring this thing these crazy little gems start to show themselves.  Shit like 5th Column, Impatient Youth, Demented Youth, Domino Theory and Vicious Circle are just the tip of the iceberg of the angst filled anthems that await the listener on this classic comp. 

Like the "Busted At OZ" (Chicago), "Flex Your Head" (DC), "Decline Of The Western Civilization" (LA) and "This Is Boston Not LA" (Boston) comps were the defining soundtracks of their respective locales, Not So Quiet On The Western Front is the definitive document of Northern California punk rock in all its anti-Reagan glory.  The only weird thing here is seeing the term MP3 associated with any of this stuff, man we live in weird awesome times...

Essential and Recommended.

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LP - Catholic Discipline - Underground Babylon - $12.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

HOLY MOLY! Artifix has dedicated themselves to preserving the legacy of OG California punk rock and have dropped some serious releases (Bags, Circle One, Kaos, Deadbeats), but none so eye-brow furrowing as this comp of live tracks from under-documented post punk band Catholic Discipline, released on CD in 2003, but freshly minted on vinyl RIGHT HERE.

Definitely a star-studded lineup - Catholic Discipline's mouth watering appearances in "The Decline Of Western Civilization" only added fuel to the fire of the band's lack of recorded output, imploding in 1980 before they could get it together into a studio recording situation. The band kicks and sputters near-atonally, driven by the drumming of Craig Lee (who impossibly finds a way to fit in rhythms that shouldn't work into the framework of each tune) and the words of punk poet and Slash Magazine founder Claue Bessy.

If The Screamers or Nervous Gender had been a more 'rock-oriented-band' they may have sounded a lot like this - they were angry, antagonistic and passionate, leading to the purposeful disorientation of the audience thru the band's performance (only accentuated by the band's disorientation of playing instruments that they weren't necessarily proficient in.) An amazing document with unfortunately disparate sound quality, but the very fact this document exists is cause enough for celebration. The first pressing is limited to 1000 copies on "altar boy anus pink vinyl", so don't snooze! RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Blind Willie McTell - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vol. 1 - $15.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Third Man Records, in conjunction with Document, is re-releasing (and for the first time on vinyl) some of the blues classics, such as this essential collection of Blind Willie McTell's early Victor and Columbia 78s.  Only available on cd previously and with the orignals locked away in the collections of the most enthusiastic (and lucky) record diggers, these important and influential sides from Atlanta's best know blues guitarist finally get to reach the masses.  Part of a series that'll extend to four volumes of Blind WIllie's material, Third Man wants you to know your roots and this is quite the thrilling history lesson.

Blind WIllie McTell prolifically recorded for multiple labels under various names and though never had a bonafide hit nevertheless left an indelible mark on folk, blues and rock music.  Influencing everyone from Dylan to the Allman Brothers, McTell's fluid syncopated guitar picking and slide playing as well as his haunting vocals remain in a class all their own.  He deserves to be filed away with the similar and more well known blues masters such as Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Big Bill Broonzy.  Because quite frankly, this collection is some of the best southern country folk blues you can get your hands on.  

According to Third Man / Document: "Each recording, taken from the Document vaults, has been revisited and painstakingly sound restored whilst taking great care to preserve the integrity of original the recordings found on these incredibly rare and historic items. Many being only one known copy to have survived." - and we can get behind that!  Fans of Mississippi, Arhoolie and (of course) Folkways can safely grab any these represses without trepidation!   So grab your copy quick, reissues this necessary don't gather dust on the shelves.  Recommended. 

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LP - Charley Patton - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vol. 1 - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Charley Patton has long been considered the father of the Delta Blues.  A man of sleight build, Patton's gravel box voice sounds like the voice of 3 men; an instantly recognizable voice, one that made Charley Patton a celebrity of the Southern Delta Blues tradition.  A tradition that he helped steer and foster.  One of the Blues earliest artists to be recorded, Patton's recorded work dates back to the 20's and this amazingly compiled collection of his earliest work is the first installment in an ongoing series by the venerable Third Man Records label. 

This collection includes such monster classics as Mississippi Boweavil Blues, Pony Blues, A Spoonful Blues and Prayer Of Death parts 1 and 2 as well as many many more fine examples of the American Blues tradition that would soon blow up to make stars of many an up-and-coming bluesman and provide the template for rock 'n' roll.  If you're a fan of the amazing records from the Mississippi Records camp or the Arhoolie and Folkways labels then this high quality collection will set nicely on the shelf next those Fred McDowell, Mance Lipscomb, Blind Willie McTell and Mississippi Sheiks LPs.  The latter two also just got the Third Man treatment with chronological collections of their fantastic back catalogs.  This Charley Patton collection is a vital document of American history and culture, so you know it is Mightily Recommended.

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LP - Mississippi Sheiks - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vol. 1 - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Landmark blues recordings from The Mississippi Sheiks, reissued on Jack White's Third Man Records in conjunction with renowned blues archival label 'Document Records' - the first of an apparent five volume series documenting The Sheiks recorded works in chronological order. The Sheiks were an interesting band - the first family string band (their revolving lineup mainly consisted of members of the Chatmon family) to cross boundaries and appeal to a wider audience selling multi-millions of copies of their landmark hits "Sitting On Top Of The World" and "Stop and Listen Blues", later covered by the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, The Dead and more! Marked by unusually skilled and virtuosic guitar playing (courtesy of Walter Vinson), The Sheiks' dark songs covered a wide range of topics, including body odor, racial tension, the sexual leanings of country gals, depression, and the funereal mood.

According to Document: "Each recording, taken from the Document vaults, has been revisited and painstakingly sound restored whilst taking great care to preserve the integrity of original the recordings found on these incredibly rare and historic items. Many being only one known copy to have survived." - we can get behind that! Fans of Mississippi, Arhoolie and (of course) Folkways can safely grab these without trepidation! We're a fan already and cannot wait for the next volume in the series! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Velvet Underground And Nico - Scepter Studios Acetate - $18.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Polydor Records finally gives the Norman Dolph acetate a proper release !!!! Never thought we'd see this day come.

So the story goes a collector bought this acetate for 75¢ at a flea market and flipped it on ebay for several thousand dollars!  A couple of bootleg versions have circulated through the years, but this edition, a leftover from Record Store Day, is the real deal.  Several of these tracks did in fact make it on to the original album, but as different mixes so grab this lovely little platter of alternate mixes of one of the quintessential albums of the 60s. 

This thing will fit nicely on the shelf next to the rest of your VU collection.  Really Recommended.

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LP - The Parasites Of The Western World - The Parasites Of The Western World - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Fans of sci-fi punk, stoner, outsider between-the-cracks private press, synth / kraut rock rarities should take note of the De Stijl folks latest release, The Parasites Of The Western World.

If a record has Chrome and Eno influences, or at the very least a similar set of influences, we're sold from the get go.  And both are pretty major touchstones on The Parasites Of The Western World.  We'd feel like we were underselling this record if we didn't at least mention the Chrome-y flange-laden guitar sound of the opening cut, "MO" or the ambient Eno-y-ness of the last song on the A-side, "Funeral For A Mouse".  
This record is really eclectic and it has it's Floyd / Lennon / Hawkwind moments, but it's pretty friggin' great all the way through.  Fans of the out there psych / krautrock and/or the aforementioned groups will kick themselves if they don't pick one of these up while the one-time pressing of 1000 copies are still around.  
A cool-ass poster and a repro lyric sheet insert are totally included.  Recommended!

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LP - Verma - Exu - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Attention Spaceship Earth! Verma has touched down in Chicago and self released a freaking fantastic new album of space infused motorik pulse emitters from the dark side of the moon.

Blending some Cave style lock tight rhythms, the hypnotic synth washes of The Oscillation and some breathy female vox, Verma have conjured up a late night slow burn record of sultry sci-fi sonics that will be making some year end lists round here for sure. Verma has been steadily upping the ante around the Chicago underground for a few years now and after a coupla thrilling tapes, they've finally unleashed these 6 songs of unparalleled atmospheric free floating dark psychedelia.

This is a mega limitied pressing of 200 copies so act accordingly and snatch this 'un up immeadiately! Severely Recommended.

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7in - Ty Segall - Would You Be My Love - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

BRAND NEW single from our main man Ty Segall courtesy of his current label, Chicago's own Drag City!

"Would You Be My Love" is definitely a head-boppin', grungey-garage hand jiver that Ty is undeniably the best at right now. It's a killer tune from his epic current masterpiece "Twins" that glides by and is over before you know it. 

The exclusive non-LP B-side "For Those Who Weep" greets us on the flip and is a gentle, harmony-soaked, acoustic-laden number that sneakily nicks a melody from a Buffalo Springfield tune, with syrupy vocals and chillingly abstract lyrics and - charmingly enough... a whistle solo. Nicely done. RECOMMENDED.

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7in - Men - Electric b/w Water Babies - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Sacred Bones drops the latest slab of blown out pop calamities by NYC's Men, this time a brand new single, Electric.

American made working class R 'n' R is what the Men are minting these days and this single is two more quality whoppers to add to their ever morphing back catalog.  The Men are harnessing some mashed up combo of Husker Du via The Marked Men with blistering fried production that would fit right in next to Superchunk or rest of the Merge roster for that matter. 

Just a little taste from the forthcoming record due later in 2013 is what you get here and two finer tracks couldn't be asked for.  This will have to tide you over til the LP shows up and the Men begin their reign of world domination.  Recommended.

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7in - Raw Prawn - None Left - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

RIP Society is back with a bang in 2013 with the debut 7-inch from Raw Prawn! A Sydney underground "supergroup" of sorts with members of Holy Balm and Whores in their ranks, Raw Prawn have got the goods and RIP Society are here to spread 'em!

The record kicks off with "None Left", a strummy VU-inflected charmer with flashes of Sudden (of would that be "Sudden flashes"?) peppering the chorus. Side B kicks the door down with "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", a troglodyte head-bopper not unlike fellow Aussie's UV Race, while "Stitched Up" stings our faces with washes of danger-punk vibes! Another killer release to add to RIP's already stellar canon - keep your ears on Raw Prawn... we expect good things... RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Ghastly Spats - We're Breaking Through The Hymen - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

With the malcontent humor and the bone crushing antics of Big Black or Butthole Surfers, Ghastly Spats are gonna rip your world in two with their debut noise mongering ep, Breaking Through the Hymen.  Not for the feint of heart or those who don't like to get kicked in the head with a fresh slab of noise soaked drone punk, these Aussie pranksters are giving the feedback addicts world round a run for their filthy money.  We've been hearing rumblings about the Ghastly Spats for some time, and now a rotten batch of their EP has arrived stateside to make you wretch like a long fun night of drinking.  Terminal Boredom gave us the heads up on "Breaking Through the Hymen", so read on to get their always trustworthy take on this unruly batch of grooves:

Once you break through the little red sticker on the spindle hole of the EP (yes, you read that right…), you'll never be the same, and thank god for that.  This is the scuzzy dirtbag gutter wallowing punk crust your turntable will need all year.   Like Unholy Two and Degreaser getting in a high-as-shit knife fight over a Red Krayola record , or Royal Trux at their most outlandish, Ghastly Spats fell through the blackhole of rock 'n roll here on "Breaking Through the Hymen".   This is hypnotic, yet menacing insanity in the free form of noise punk that'll make you vomit with joy.  As well as the previously mentioned reference points, they wander out barefoot in the same broken glass covered urban wilderness as Slug Guts, Teeth Mountain, Impractical Cockpit, Obnox, and Liqourball, but way more dirgey and frothing at the mouth sick.

Yep, the Centers For Disease Control might put a warning label on Ghastly Spats, but we'd give it the big RECOMMENDED!!!

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7in - Ausmuteants - Daylight Robbery - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

One-man synth (garage)punk from Melbourne! Ausmuteants' mid-fi assault on our shores begins with this 7-inch from the hilariously named "Heinous Anus" Records and contains four synth-drenched bangers that have our ears perked and our toes tapping! "Daylight Robbery" and "Spit On The Cat" infest side A and both are doomy, apocalyptic synth-stranglers that call to mind heavies like the Screamers and The Spits.

Side B rages on with "Red-Bellied Black Snake" which sounds like it could be a lost tune from modern Memphis future-punks, Lost Sounds! "Bloody Rip Off" mixes it up a bit with some fresh post-punk sax, like the X-Ray Spex jamming with Pere Ubu! Not sure of the pressing size on this one, but we're guessing 300-500 tops, so get this now or pay later! Lie back and let Ausmuteants unroll their typhoid soaked blanket for you to relax on. You won't regret it! RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Sprot - Summer of Sprot EP - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Wormwood Grasshopper Records?  Huh? 
Yep this is gonna be some ultra weirdness right here. 

Brisbane duo Sprot, are delivering two sidelong cuts of wonked-out deconstructed clatter pop nutters.  The a-side has a discernible "melody" provided by what sounds like a tuba leading the world's most psychedelic marching band as drums bob and weave around any actual time structure and blaring electronics and mangled guitars fill out the sonic din.  Pop on over to the b-side and give up hope all ye that enter here... Sprot descends into full on white noise ear blast a la Futurians, Dead C or Hospitals. 

"Summer Of Sprot" EP is a total head wreck of teeth chattering patience testing endurance that would make Mr. Horribly Charred Infant and Mr. Anus of the Happy Flowers damn proud to say the least.  We fucking love ear damaging gooberific noise platters of all shapes and sizes so you know this bad boy of an EP is beyond Recommended.

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7in - Sulphur Lights - Little Pills - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

A (from what we can discern) self-released effort from this Brisbane trio of budget-rockin' malcontents! Awash will lo-fi tape hiss and reverb'd guitars to infinity, these party-packers are likely to get the party started at any show they play (and are likely to give two fucks if they do or don't). "Little Pills" is a Headcoatee'd garage smasher with a barely competent guitar solo that rips thru the din. Follow that up with the Hasil Adkin's inspired "Sulphur Stomp" and you got yerself a killer A-Side right 'dere.

The flip unloads "Hat and Beard", a toe-tappin' garage-surf number that's equal parts King Khan and BBQ Show sing-along and (early) Black Lips' savage abandon! Killer single - let's have some more! Not sure of the pressing size, but from the looks of it - it can't be too many, so grab them cakes quick-like! RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Scientists - EP - $8.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The second Scientists EP gets the "full-launch" reissue treatment from U.K. label Agitated Records! We say "full-launch" 'cuz this baby was reissued for Record Store Day 2012 in a limited run of 500 copies on red wax, but is BACK on bad-as-fuck BLACK wax.

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Absolutely ESSENTIAL punk rock of the Aussie variety and worthy of every minute of your time! This is the first incarnation of the band, who hadn't yet embraced the swampy, dark hoodoo vibe later evident on tunes like "Swampland" and "We Had Love" - this is sugar-coated, hot-loaded rock and roll a'la Flamin' Groovies, Modern Lovers, Easybeats and Rolling Stones with undeniable hooks and choruses - all four tunes are classics; "Last Night", "Pissed On Another Planet", It's For Real" and "Bet Ya Lyin (Slink City Lee)" will creep into your mind and lock it into a musical vice grip so tight you'll nary find a way to get free!

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Tape - Lumerians - The Weaning And The Dreaming - $6.99 - BUYbuy
Limited to 200 silver pen numbered copies

Shit yeah! We snatched up some copies of the TOUR ONLY cassette the Lumerians are carting around with them as they hit the road.  Released by the fabulous freaks at Sanity Muffin, "The Weaning And The Dreaming" finds the Lumerians in ultra experimental mode. 

Forget the insectoid crystal planet motorik groove pulses of "Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV" on Permanent, forget the sensuous space-kraut pin-stripers of "Transmalinnia" on Knitting Factory cuz on this outing Lumerians are exploring the furthest reaches of their broad stretching sonic abilities and coming up with one of the weirdest tapes we've heard in some time.  Apparently the gang got together, laid down some improvised kookiness and then flipped the tape to play in reverse and recorded more instrumental jams over top of the backwards stuff (try to keep up here). 

Strange clicks and warped dark ambiance collide with backwards swoops and dense swaths of downer drones to create an unsettling blur of foggy disturbances.  The b-side is the a-side in reverse causing all the original backwards stuff to play forward (you still with us?) revealing more to this cosmic oddity that is like the sonic equivalent of a blurred and distorted image reflected in mylar: mutated yet familiar. 

The Weaning And The Dreaming is an expansive psychedelic ouroboros that reveals greater depths of mysticism with each new listen.  Totally Recommended.

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Tape - Meddling Kids - Meddling Kids - $4.99 - BUYbuy

The Meddling Kids play lightning fast hate fueled outsider hardcore assault with an absolutely unhinged vocalist.  Temper-tantrum breakdowns for the circle pit in hell.

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Tape - Verma - Coltan - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Edition Of 100 - Newish Chicago based label, Notes and Bolts, dubbed up a stack of tapes of the latest from Chicago's Verma.

Wow! Verma are exploring some new territory on Coltan, moving into darker realms and expanding their sound to experimental stretches of extended tones and a slow and even swagger. We dug the shit outta of the Exu album, self released earlier in 2012, and now to get another helping of Verma, much less one so different, is truly a treat. Keep your eyes on this act cuz they way they are stretching out and trying new sounds we guarantee they will be adding even more amazing release to their steadily growing catalog of work.

Super Recommended.