Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Permanent Records Update 12.31.12

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LP - Peter Buck - Peter Buck  - Damaged Jackets - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YUP, you read that right - debut solo album from R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, released on the unflappable Mississippi Records!  

Definitely an "everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink" kind of record, ranging from dirgey, Cramps-ian garage rockers (yep, you read that right), to the chiming Byrds-ian jangle he's known for, to some - well - stranger, more experimental tunes. We were definitely NOT expecting this sort of record Msr. Buck - when we dropped the needle on this one, the rumblings that spewed forth from the speakers sounded like something off of Kid Congo's comeback tour 'de force LP "Dracula Boots" - seriously!

Featuring guest appearances by such luminaries as REM bassist Mike Mills, guitarist Lenny Kaye and Corin Tucker! Whoah!

These are already SOLD OUT at the source - OUR copies went on a LOOOOOOONG strange trip, only to arrive 2 months later with some unfortunate corner damage (nothing terrible, just wanted to warn you guys), so these are most likely the last copies available at this point - grab it now! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Cobwebbs - All Around - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Lost Race Records strikes back with this amazing full length by Cobwebbs! 

We spun the shiz outta the Cobwebbs single on Anti-Fade so when this long player turned up we were singing the praises of the Aussie gods once again.  "All Around" sets forth with the mid-tempo psych stylings of Spacemen 3 and continues to batter and berate hypnotic psych-garage r'n'r into fine feathered Aussie stompers. Cobwebbs concoct some tormented mashing of Kitchens Floor, TV Ghost, Pheromoans, Spectrum, Black Lips, Cosmonauts, and UV Race spat on the mirror then smashed to pieces.  Reverbed vocals antagonize over spindly effect-laden guitars and caveman rhythms furthering the murk and showcasing some infectious hooks.

Cobwebbs infuse their garage-y tunes with some mystery and just the right amount of washed out production making this full length a winner from start to finish.  There's a dark feeling lying just beneath the surface of these tunes giving this record a late night, desert highway vibe.  Plenty of fuzz, hooks for days, an underlying attitude and the mid-fi squalor and churn that we love around here insures this platter will be getting much love around these parts.

Also there are only 100 copies available to go round worldwide so do not snooze.
These will not be coming back.
Mega Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LP - OBN IIIs - OBN IIIS -180 Gram - Gatefold w/ Poster - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Check the levees - they might break under the crushing weight of the rock maelstrom that is this brand new OBN III's album! Thanks Tic Tac Totally for unleashing the beast once again.... (they also released OBN III's debut "The One and Only")

Make no mistake, the OBN III's are total white-knuckled, bloody lipped, leather jacket sporting riff machines! But hold tight there, airborne ranger... these guys are lovers AND fighters - Hi-octane rockers ("No Way To Rock and Roll" and "CCTV") collide head-to-head with moody burners like "Stick and Move" and "Nicky The Knife" - Heck, they even choogle a little on the ZZ-Top-esque "Left Hand Path".

These guys aren't reinventing the wheel fer chrissakes, just puttin a' new set of rims on 'em! It's Rock and Roll - LIGHTEN UP. For this self-titled affair, the boys seem to have tightened up a bit - reigned things in (as it were) and sharpened their songwriting chops, allowing for a more cohesive album than "The One and Only" - hence the "reintroduction" perhaps.

 Self-titling their second album as if to say - HEY. Here we are. The fucking OBN III's. Get it? Got it? GOOD. Pressed up on heavy duty 180gm vinyl, housed in a sweet gatefold and includes an 11x17 poster!

Oh, and it's RECOMMENDED too fer chrissakes! GET IT!

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LP - Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time (2012 Reissue) - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Hawkwind is quintessentially Permanent. Every single Permanent employee LOVES Hawkwind... and we're not the only ones.

Ask around... people with good taste agree, that Hawkwind are the Northern Lights of psychedelic space rock.

This is the final Hawkwind album to include the legendary LEMMY! We're not here to reinvent the wheel by writing more words on a classic let's just say it's RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED you get the picture.
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LP - Grouper - Cover The WIndows And The Walls - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Grouper's in-house label Yellow Electric has offered up a third pressing of her third album Cover The Windows And The Walls on black vinyl (though printed as RS47/GR-003).  The Root Strata label originally pressed this up back in 2007 and a repress in 2009 on black and white marble wax, but its been out of print and highly sought after ever since so it is nice to have this back around. Cover The Windows And The Walls is one of most accessible works by Grouper finding her delicate guitar passages that are blurred into dreamy ambient washes and her ethereal vocals hiding just underneath the surface of the music.

 Grouper makes hypnotic and compelling shoegaze-y ambient works with just enough structure that the songs warrant many a repeated listen as the melodies get lodged in your subconscious while they induce a trance like quality that is brimming with serenity.  A sad and ominous sensibility looms throughout the entire album, but an underlying beauty wins out in the overall.

Totally Recommended.

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7in - Nite Fields - Vacation - Import - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Brisbane's Nite Fields return with another stellar single on the formidable Lost Race Records imprint!

We loved the split single with Happy New Year, also on Lost Race Records, so much we grabbed a stack of this mega limited little platter.  Nite Fields are treading a similar territory to acts like Moon Duo and Hot & Cold beginning with the Suicide template and then dissecting things to their minimal essence bringing a unique spin on dark and floating synth driven night stalking melancholia.  Pepper in some 80's post punk, some My Bloody Valentine wall of warble, and a moaned tenor heaping on the gloom and you begin to get the picture of what Nite Fields are bringing to the table.

This single is limited to 150 hand numbered copies so act fast before these disappear to the shadow realm.  Super Recommended.

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7in - Reverend Louis Overstreet - There Is No Future In Gaining The World And Losing Your Soul - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Missisippi/Little Axe Records folks offer yet another fine platter of soul saving sonics.  On this outing we get two killer cuts from the legendary Reverend Louis Overstreet.  We absolutely adored the full length collection on Mississippi An Evening With Rev Louis Overstreet his sons and the congregation at St Lukes Powerhouse Church of God in Christ) and Reverend Overstreet has returned with his guitar and his bass drum and a full choir this time around to help usher in the most rockin' salvation heard on either side of the Mississippi.

 Originally self released in the 70's on Overstreet Records, "There Is No Future In Gaining The World And Losing Your Soul" finds the Reverend in top form after relocating to Portland; overflowing with spirit and providing some of the finest gospel blues we've ever heard.  Both cuts ride high the glory of goodness and infuse the spirit with a righteous joy.

As all things Mississippi / Little Axe related, these will not be around long so act accordingly and hop to it.  Powerfully Recommended.

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7in - JJ 180 - Talk Talk b/w Classroom - $7.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Alona's Dream continues their archival mission to document and "fill in" the lesser known cracks in the grand mural of music's history! This time they turn their sights on Santa Cruz punks JJ180, so pay attention!!!!

KIIIIIIIIILLLLLER single that deftly merges the (then) old sounds of sixties garagepunk and & the (then) new sounds of emerging punk ferocity. The band's cover of the Music Machine classic "Talk Talk"  RIPS and actually cranks up the frantic pulse of the original to dizzying speeds! The flip gives us an original tune "Classroom" that really shows you what punks could do when they could really PLAY. Wailing guitars and attitude a'la The Damned or The Dickies!

Packaged with the usual Alona's Dream bells and whistles - includes a 1" button, insert and photo and is housed in an eye-catching op-art sleeve! RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Pointed Sticks - Power Pop Santa b/w XMas Time Again - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Fun holiday single from these Vancouver punk legends! The Pointed Sticks have been around since the late seventies, rockin' their pop-fueled punk rock for precocious pogo-ers worldwide! They've been back for a while now - playing reunion gigs and whatnot (they still got it, FYI), but alas all good things come to an end and the Sticks are calling it quits for good in 2012, but not before they exhale one last gasp of holiday cheer

We juuuuuuuuust missed getting these before Christmastime, but in our opinion, it's never too late! (Wouldn't you rather listen to this than "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" for the one millionth time?) Both tunes are solid additions to the bands oeuvre, punchy and catchy, recorded expertly by the band at Paramount Recorders - what can we say? These guys are legends, influencing acts like The Babyshakes, Busy Signals, White Wires and more!

Power Pop Santa's comin' down your chimney, so you better watch out and you DEFINITELY better not cry! We're tellin' you why - it's cuz it's RECOMMENDED! Ho Ho Ho!