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Permanent Records Update 4.30.13

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LP - Toupee - Dinner Parties - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

There is a Chicago quartet named Toupée that has been relentlessly creeping and effervescing in and around the local DIY basement, house, and warehouse space scene since sometime circa 2011 with the silent perseverance and unrelenting strength of a legless animated corpse. Make no mistake, Toupée's "Dinner Parties" has legs, and these legs are running them up and out of the basement with a force only Ash Williams' possessed sister could have hoped for in Evil Dead.

"Dinner Parties", originally released as "Dinner Party" in primordial form on the prolific home-town cassette label Teen River, has been recaptured following the inevitable refinement culled from of an onslaught of shows and a full-on re-recording job by Bert Bunker (mastered by Cooper Crain). Immediately from the album's opener you are reeled in by the phantasmal grip of the vocals that emanate a bizarrely other-dimensionally 50's from the future Julee Cruise croon cum Twin Peaks beautifully damaged by a powerful wail found in early Honey Bane that may deconstruct into a viciously sneeringly and gutturally crusty growl with absolutely no warning at different moments throughout the record. Sonically "Dinner Parties" is wondrously quilted together stitched from the dental floss of a Mars-ian no wave, darkly under-toned Bauhaus-ian gothyness, all wound tightly together somewhere in between the legendary art-rock of "Chairs Missing" and "154" era Wire.

This long-player documents the twenty-fifth release for the also Chicago based Rotted Tooth Recordings, rooted in documenting the pinnacle of genuinely weird, creepy, and creative art punks of all flavors in Chicago and beyond; far before even those paying attention take notice. Eventually when the people of the future come back to camp and begin to wonder what the hell was really going on in the Chicago music scene circa the early 2010's, we're pretty damn sure Toupée will receive a well deserved nod. RECOMMENDED!


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LP - Rollin Hunt - The Phoney (Limited White Vinyl) - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

"The Phoney" has been a labor of love for Rollin Hunt that's been toiled over nigh on 5 years and the sparkling production work and meticulous attention to detail has paid off majorly.  "The Phoney" is a truly unique sound and the start of a songwriter to definitely keep your eyes on.  Rollin Hunt creates melancholic beauty with the best of them that at times touches on early Peter Gabriel, 80's late night deep cut MTV space pop and even some of the more whimsical soundtrack work that Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh has done for the Wes Anderson flicks.

This Chicagoan has made his way out to LA in recent years and this full-bodied studio work is rife with heart tugging pop hooks that are 100% original.  We've been hearing echoes from the west coast that as Rollin is preparing for live outings his current backing band includes some heavy hitters from Brian Jonestown Massacre, which fits this outside the box pop auteur nicely.  This lush album of soft other world ditties flits in the twilight and harkens the dusk with track after track of Hunt's honey throated tales and it delivers one helluva wallop of sweet sadness and personal pop stylings.

Grandiose and subtle, serene and overwhelming, "The Phoney" careens like an ocean of alien emotion that beckons you in and carries you out to the unknown.  Super Recommended.

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LP - Counter Intuits - Sheets Of Hits - $11.99 - BUYbuy

Columbus, OH living LEGEND, Ron House is back with an all-new project, this time in collaboration with Times New Viking's Jared Phillips called Counter Intuits!

Those familiar with the discography and output of Ron House will surely have expectations of this one - House's shambolic and rambling lyrical delivery is a stream-of-consciousness poetry not unlike the free-flowing word-smithing of folks like Doc Dart or Jad Fair. Musically is where this gets interesting, Phillips and House both are entrenched in Columbus' long history sonic squalor and ALL the right buttons are being pushed here - Phillips is responsible for all the sounds here and the apple doesn't fall TOO far from the TNV tree, but Counter Intuits ramble on with a more sinister, DIY post-punk vibe - echoes of The Fall, Desperate Bicycles, Swell Maps and even Tronics poke their heads above the din. Make no mistake, even though Phillips wrote the music and House is just responsible for the words, the two mesh seamlessly, each one complimenting the other like a fine wine with dinner (or at least chocolate and peanut butter).

These's something very AUSTRALIAN sounding here, but it's Ron House we're talkin' about here - heck, practically all the bands gigging down under are using TJSA as a wellspring so FUGGEDDABOUTIT. Do we need to tell you that this thing is essential? Criminally limited to 500 copies all 'HOUSE'd in hand-pasted covers - what are you waiting for? Get this. GEEZ.

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4xLP Box- Flaming Lips - Zaireeka 4xLP Box Set - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $53.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


We can't believe our ears.  It took 14 years, but "Zaireeka" has finally been pressed to wax!  Permanent regulars know all about "Zaireeka".  Every Record Store Day prior to 2011 we conducted our own "Zaireeka" boom box experiment at the shop and projected the accompanying film as well.  By 2010, we had twelve CD players going and once and it was AMAZING!  We named our store cat Zaireeka for chrissakes.  That's how much we dig this album.  Needless to say, we're SUPER STOKED to finally own it on the almighty vinyl!

Let us repeat that this album is INCREDIBLE and that it comes with the HIGHEST OF RECOMMENDATIONS.  Pitchfork gave it a 0.0 - so you know it's gotta be one of the best albums EVER!
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LP - Skogen Brinner - 1st - Import - $27.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The latest on Subliminal Sounds is the debut by Sweden's Skogen Brinner and soon you'll be rockin out just like the cover, we promise!!!!

When you run Skogen Brinner through google translator you get "Forest Burns"!  That's a pretty bitchin' name no doubt.  And one that fully fits the hesher vibes these dudes are bringin' big time.  Scandinavia is just nailin' that 70's rawk sound like no others currently.  Skogen Brinner are right there in league with Graveyard and Witchcraft but they're mining more of the Blue Cheer, Groundhogs vibe with a healthy dose of Sabbath worship fully intact.  Skogen Brinner's killer riffs and hash oil grooves will have you noddin' your head and pumping your fist.  Dirty, druggy blues rock cranked up and played raw and rough, just the way we like it.  Recommended.

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LP - Tar Halos - Wine Hand - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SoCal demonic psych rock destroyers, Tar Halos, just released their second album (and first on Volar Records) titled "Wine Hand," and we can't help but turn this one up way loud and rattle the shop windows.  This is some spaced out dark psych rock sure to catch all of your ears, not just ours. 

We won't disagree with Volar's comparisons, especially to Spacemen 3, Chrome and Psychic Ills, but woah, that doesn't give the whole picture at all.  Deep in "Wine Hands" grooves, we also hear the seething unkempt psych fireballs of Monoshock, the space adventures of Hawkwind, the desert hallucinations of Destruction Unit and the off the wall experimental drones of Cave.   Does that grab yer attention?  It sure should, cuz even though "Wine Hand" came outta left field for us, we know we're gonna spin the shit outta this album.

More noisy, evil, heavy and space rockin' than your run of the mill psych rock band these days, Tar Halos certainly get our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.  HANDS DOWN.  Don't pass up this killer new band their new LP, you'll be sorry if you do. 

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LP - Androids Of Mu - Blood Robots - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Mississippi Records offshoot label, Water Wing Records usually handles the releases (and re-releases) of a more DIY/post-punk leaning and they've struck gold with this reissue of all-female post-punk band Androids Of Mu's lone album "Blood Robots", originally released on the awesomely named "Fuck Off Records" in 1979 !!!!

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. This record knocked our socks off right from track one!  Jittery and skittery post-punk (think Slits, Bush Tetras or Kleenex) infused with some synthy weirdness a'la Chrome or Quark, Strangeness-era Hawkwind... yeah.  Make no mistake, this is music to make you move - the rhythm section of "Bess" and "Cozmic" are locked in tight with just the right amount of primitive thump and corrosive thwack, jiving with palpable post-punk throb and the ever-present reggae rhythmic influence. The tunes are no slouch too - ragged, catchy and succinct earworms that have assimilated us into their android army and have us dancing in lock-step! Remastered for optimal audio fidelity and housed in a sweet tip-on sleeve too! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Various Artists - Perfect Like The Angels: Raw African-American Gospel - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Perfect Like The Angels is a private press / small regional label sourced gospel rarities compilation, culled directly from a handful of obscure spirit-filled 45s.  Unlike many gospel collections before, Perfect Like Angels is church music at its most outsider, joyous and DIY; these singles were often paid for church congregations and/or performers themselves.  That being said, the songs included here are pretty much impossible to get on your turntable until now.   So we should all thank Social Music for this helping of Sunday morning soul cleansing!!!!!!

This is an absolute necessity for fans of Mississippi and Numero Group, if not anyone who digs gospel music.   Whether it be the guitar meets group vocal numbers, the fiery sermon based soul scorchers or the more traditional hymns, every single one of these songs needs repeat listens.   Get a little churchin' now, all you private press collector folk, we know we are.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  AMEN!

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LP - Pere Ubu - Live At The Longhorn - $23.99 - BUYbuy

Holy Smokes!  The Nero's Neptune label has pressed up a 3 sided lp of live lunacy from Cleveland's mighty Pere Ubu at their demented best and we are totally freaking out over here we're so stoked on this one.

Recorded on April Fool's Day in 1978 at Jay's Longhorn in Minneapolis, "Live At The Longhorn" finds Pere Ubu showcasing much of the "Modern Dance" album material along with early classics Heart of Darkness, Cloud 149 and a brain bashing closer version of Final Solution.  This live set shows the group at its most relentless and cathartic.

How much art can you handle?  Pere Ubu doesn't really care cuz they're gonna slice through you like a laser with unyielding raw energy and disorienting paranoia rants no one to this day has come near to achieving the kind of baffling outsider brilliance these Cleveland art-punks were supplying in the late 70's.  This band has been hugely influential on many a band looking to go beyond the bounds of typical rock 'n' roll tropes and this live set is further proof Pere Ubu's undying dedication to originality!  Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Harafin So - Bollywood Inspired Film Music From Hausa Nigeria - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Dizzyingly manic and irresistibly rhythmic sounds from Northern Nigeria! The ever-reliable sub-imprint of Mississippi/Little Axe Records, 'Sahel Sounds' presents this compilation of tunes recorded by artists who recorded film music for "Kannywood" (also known as the city of Kano and the film mecca of Northern Nigeria), where many of the films are modeled in the 'Bollywood' tradition of interspersing elaborately choreographed dance routines into the narratives of films.

Hindi films made their way over to Nigeria in the 1960s and quickly grew in popularity - the plots were easily understood despite the language barrier and there was a perceived similarity between Muslim and Hausa culture both thematically and visually. The main attraction was the music, however and the influence of Bollywood cinema's distinct soundtrack runs thick in the nine tracks, which are rife with pulsing beats and squiggles, auto-tuned vocals and an amazing amalgam of African and Hindi melodies. Bump this one at your next swarée and watch the people get freaky! Limited to 1000 copies, so don't waste to much time dropping this one into your shopping cart! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Chrome Cranks - Moon In The Mountain - Import - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Chrome Cranks slithered back into existence early last year with a brand new LP, Ain't No Lies In Blood, their first in over 15 years.  And let's just say we here at the shop we're more than stoked to see the return of one of the meanest, swampiest, blues destroying noise punk bands of the 90s.  We could've been content if Peter Aaron and Co retired again quickly as they reunited, but holy shit, it's 2013 and we have another brand new Chrome Cranks lp to tell you about. 

So when it comes down to it, the Chrome Cranks deserve to sit next to your Scientists, Birthday Party, feedtime, Cheater Slicks and Sonic Youth records in your collection.  They concocted some of the most abrasive thuggish noise a garage band dared to make in their brief heyday.  And this record surely cements their place with the cult favorites, whilst showing they're not quite done wrecking your ears yet.  Combining the menace of Jesus Lizard with the noise trash rock of Pussy Galore, side B's five song demos recorded way back in 95 show the Cranks at their fiercest, rawest and most capable to taking over the world.  It's just too bad they disappeared two years later in 97.  Maybe the world wasn't ready for this kinda demented garage noise yet?

But fast forward to now and flip "Moon In The Mountain" over to the A Side and you here the Cranks starting up just where they left off, still full of rage, down tuned minor chords, spit and aggressive percussion, and just as killer as ever.  Few bands could manage to make a side long track like this work, but after all this is the Chrome Cranks were talking about.  This lp is a very limited European import / tour EP, so don't think twice, grab a copy now.


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LP - Fireworks - Lit Up! - Import - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

HOLY SHIT, it's about time someone starts reissuing some of the lost, out-of-print garage punk gems from mid 90s, back when we couldn't get enough of the Crypt / Sympathy / Rip Off Records releases in our hands.   And what an excellent choice, Fireworks' 1997 lp "Lit Up," one of the truly underappreciated of high points of the Darin Lin Wood's long unruly rock n roll career.  Much much thanks has to be showered on Spain's Bang! Records, who for the very first time are pressing this classic on wax!!!!

If you can name check the Cramps, Pussy Galore and the Scientists while describing a band, fuck yeah it's gonna be something we wanna listen to.   And we won't stop there, we'd add the Oblivians, the Gories and Gibson Bros to that list of comparisons, just to round up Fireworks place in the garage punk scene at the time.   Fronted by Darin Lin Wood who made a name for himself in Blacktop and 68 Comeback before starting his own band and featuring guitar firebrand James Arthur of the Legs, Feast of Snakes, Necessary Evils and CC Riders on guitar, this is some of the best high octane deranged, southern fried garage punk you can treat your ears to.  And now finally we can finally have "Lit Up" on our turntables, just where it always belonged. 

Dudes, don't miss out on this one a second time.  SUPREMELY RECOMMENDED.   A lost classic no longer!

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LP - Ghostface Killah - 12 Reasons To Die - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Soul Temple label releases the latest by Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah and it’s a roughneck saga of a life of crime. 

"12 Reasons To Die" is a narrative that plays out like a movie, and referencing Wu-Tang, Portishead and Ennio Morricone is about as succinct as you can get describing this epic vinyl adventure.  Ghostface Killah's flawless flow unfolds the tale and the music fills in the gaps as the story flies by in episodic noir. "12 Reasons To Die" features loads of guest appearances by Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and William Hart of the Delfonics rounding things out. The overall vibe is like a cinematic version of "36 Chambers" Wu Tang New York grit mixed with a Thom Bell production (i.e. Chi-lites, Stylistics, Delfonics, Philly Sound et al).  Funky and masterfully crafted, "12 Reasons To Die" is sure make some year end lists.

If you dig any of the above mentioned Wu Tang, Portishead, Ennio Moricone, Ghostface Killah's solo records and even David Axelrod records then add this to your cart, drop the needle and get ready for an epic tale of double crosses, drugs, thugs and murder.  Supremely Recommended.
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LP - Leslie's Motel - Dirty Sheets - Import - $25.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The lost recordings from Lousiville's best-kept secret are finally out! Originally reissued by Gear Fab on cd in 2009, Out-Sider Music puts it where it rightly belongs - ON WAX.  

Leslie's Motel came up in the same era that spawned superstars like Lynrd Skynrd and Allman Brothers Band when Southern Rock was all the rage! However, Leslie's Motel carved out their own niche by dialing down the "Dixie" and having a bit more soul and drive - we hear bits of the jammier moments from 'Abraxis'-era Santana and even funk bands like Mandrill or War! Dudes could PLAY, and there's a palpable edge to the tunes (and the recordings) that give "Dirty Sheets" it's mojo.

Hell, Blues Project drummer Roy Blumenfield thought the band was kick-ass enough to ASK them if he could join. Dang. It's really cool when a CRAZY good record comes along that we didn't expect would be this good that really blows us away - "Dirty Sheets" is it, man. If you love any of the aforementioned bands, Groundhogs, Blue Cheer or contemporary chooglers like Endless Boogie, Howlin' Rain or Mount Carmel then you NEED this in you life and on your turntable. RECOMMENDED.

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3xLP - Dump - I Can Hear Music - Import 3xLP - $32.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Yo La Tengo fans rejoice! The second album "I Can Hear Music" by bassist James McNew's solo-recording project, Dump has finally been issued on vinyl (and TRIPLE vinyl no-less!) The fine folks at German label Morr Music have had the album remastered and pressed up onto gorgeous vinyl for the discerning listener, i.e. you!

McNew really has a knack for getting right to the heart of a melody and the songs he writes (and chooses to cover) for Dump really hone into the integral part of a tune that really makes it succeed, whether it be a Sun Ra or Ultravox cover, or a killer original tune like "Liberty Spikes". We can dig it. YLT fans and fans of that era of tunesmith-ing from the mid-Nineties (Yo La Tengo, GBV, Sebadoh, Portastatic) will definitely be stoked on this one, but if you've never heard "I Can Hear Music", you're in for a real treat. RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Ethiopians - Freedom Train - Import - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Kingston Sounds has gathered up the cream of the crop of this legendary ska/rocksteady vocal group and pressed up this delightful collection. 

This collection shines from track to track cuz these songs are all just freaking fantastic feel good tunes.  "Freedom Train" is the perfect soundtrack for lazy Sunday morning.  With hits like Train To Skaville, Everything Crash and Slave Call plus 11 more stunning rocksteady tunes to get you groovin', you best be sure to be at the station when the "Freedom Train" comes through your town.  Hugely Recommended
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LP - Voivod - War And Pain - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Time to thank the metal gods once again!  The War On Music label has brought back to life one the early 80's master works of heavy metal, that is, Voivod's 1984 debut "War And Pain" and we are plenty pleased to say the least. 

"War And Pain" was originally released on Metal Blade Records in 1984 and is now reissued on War On Music for 2013!  If you dug the yarns we spun about Voivod's "To The Death 84" LP, their breathtaking demo recording that slayed most proper releases from the same year then grab this one immediately.  This Canadian act took trash metal and re-imagined it into its own sci-fi juiced up post-apocalyptic lunacy.  "War And Pain" is a landmark album of early 80's heavy metal, one that belongs in every record collection, it is high octane fury played a blistering speeds and fine tuned precision while still having plenty of raw unhinged mania that proves how energetic and enthusiastic this group was.

If you like classic 80's thrash that's also a little bit bananas then cop yourself a copy of "War And Pain", crank it up and enter a world of violence and destruction.  Ludicrously Recommended.

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LP - Vince And His Lost Delegation - Vince And His Lost Delegation - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SDZ Records is bringin' the goods once again with this issuing of the devastating Vince And His Lost Delegation LP !!!!!

SDZ has released wonderful records by the likes of The Rebel, Cheveu, Plasto Beton, The Liminanas, The Mantles, Drosofile and Dan Melchior to name but a few and this latest blast of psychedelic garage mania by Vince And His Lost Delegation is yet another earth scorcher to add to their fine catalog and your fantastic collection.  Longtime label cohort Vince Posadzki has teamed up with some of the Aqua Nebula Oscillator duders to create some hip swinging psychedelic Trogg stomp r'n'r that blends 60's style kelaidoscope swirlers with savage fuzz burn whimsy.  Vince And His Lost Delegation are supplying the fun loving spook-tastic swamp swagger that Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds have been laying out but with their own French twist added to the booty moving formula.

This platter is drenched in reverb and echo and these 6 cuts will have you groovin' with the best of 'em.  Pop this bad boy on the turntable and let loose the positivity.  Acid pop garage soul searing winners one and all is what this album is bringin' to the table so grab it while the grabbing is good.  Hugely Recommended.

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LP - Jonas Reinhardt - Mask Of The Maker - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

SF dance stalwart Jonas Reinhardt returns to reveal one of the group's most delectable output thus far.

We never know quite how to follow up the descriptions provided by Not Not Fun -- they're fucking storytellers as publicists! And the story they are telling here is no mythic tale, it's the meaty truth straight from the horse's mouth. We've been big supporters of Jonas Reinhardt over the years and feel Mask of the Maker is indeed some kind of "cosmos-slaloming electro-opus" beamed down from the galactic dance-iverse. Heavy drums, hooky synths and some breeze atmospheres all make for one vibed out record and we certainly recommend this for all those dancing lunatics out there slipping around on beer drenched floors till the morning light says it's time to go home (or at least to the after-after party). Boogie down!

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LP - Bill Fay - Time Of The Last Persecution - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The 4 Men With Beards label follows their thrilling reissue of Bill Fay's first album in a logical progression by, you guessed it… reissuing Bill Fay's second album for Deram: 1971's "Time Of The Last Persecution". 

It is nice to see Bill Fay's return to making music and to see his early recordings getting a second life for a whole new generation of listeners.  We were over the moon when Bill Fay's first album got reissued and now we can fill out our collections with this lovely second album.  "Time Of The Last Persecution" is a much darker and bleak affair than his first offering but that just makes us love even more.  Fay's sophisticated song writing lends itself to these morose tunes influenced by the books Daniel and Revelation from the Bible, not exactly light reading.

This fragile and tragic second album is equally as essential as Fay's self-titled debut and it most certainly comes with our highest of Recommendations.
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LP - Church Whip - Psychedelic Nightmare - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Vinyl Rites births Church Whip's "Psychedelic Nightmare" LP into existence and it's an unholy cause for celebration !!!

Church Whip are bringin' it dark and gnarly and we can get behind that.  Merchandise bassist swaggers up to the front man position in Church Whip and the collective let loose searing d-beat hardcore punk like a napalm mixture of Discharge, GISM and LSD (the band, but okay sure the drug too…) the likes of which haven't been heard done this well in some time.  Hailing from Tampa, FL this group is part of a tight local scene that is as incestuous as it is supportive all their folks myriad projects and interests.

This here particular group of tunes is gonna rip your throat out like Dalton from Roadhouse, which is to say it is Hugely Recommended.

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LP - Hussy - Pagan Hiss - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

After wowing us with their first two albums, Madison, Wisconsin's favorite rock n roll agitators The Hussy are back with a brand new LP, Pagan Hiss, chock full of psych punk jams to lead the youth of America astray.

The Hussy formula is simple, drums + guitar + one girl + one guy + a fucking powder keg of energy ready to seriously explode all over yer speakers.  Yet it's stripped down approach is what makes their psyched out garage punk so visceral and immediate.  No bullshit flourishes, no prolonged songs.  Live fast / die young weirdo outsider punk written and recorded in a druggy haze.  Trashy loud and totally fun, fans of the garage punk from the White Stripes to the Reatards, on through Thee Headcoatees to the Ponys will absolutely need Pagan Hiss.  The Hussy sound even more concise and wild and ready to party then before, so you know this new one's SUPER RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Gunter Schickert - Uberfallig - Import - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Bureau B find yet another mind blower from the Sky label to give the reissue reworking with 1979's "Uberfalling" from outsider auteur Gunter Schickert.

"Uberfallig" which translates to "Overdue" is about an apt title one could come up with for this utterly one of a kind record.  As mentioned above this one has been long overdue for the reissue treatment, but no longer is that a problem cuz the folks over at Bureau B got you covered and then some.  The most startling thing about this record is the fact that this record contains absolutely NO SYNTHESIZERS, which is quite surprising given that Schickert hails from the Berlin electronic scene and the year it was released.  Instead Schickert's forward thinking compositions utilize highly skilled guitar playing, live drums, otherworldly vocals, plenty of field recordings and some masterful studio know-how to create hypnotic psychedelic experimental works of rhythm and nuanced texture.  If you dig any of the early works of Can, Neu!, Faust and the German Krautrock scene at all don't sleep this 1979 release is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Considered to be one of the early DIY style projects, Gunter Schickert's "Uberfallig" is a thrilling journey of minimalist repetition that unveils something new with each repeated listen.  An original cop of this came through the shop recently and believe us it fetches high bucks indeed so grab this nice price reissue and discover your new favorite record!  Savagely Recommended.

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LP - Various Artists - Guitar Mood 2 - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Do you dig guitars?  Do you also dig international musicks?  Well, have we got the LP for you!  "Guitar Mood 2" is a killer comp of international guitar songs for the ages!  Records like these deserve their own volume of Incredibly Strange Music!  If you dig Exotica, Surf, and Turkish psych, you're gonna love "Guitar Mood 2". 

This is the perfect soundtrack for your next high highfalutin' dinner party.  If yr guest don't dig, kick 'em to the curb.  Recommended!

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2xLP - Microphones - Song Islands (First Time on Vinyl!) - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

This double LP collects all the singles and rarities from 1998 to 2002 from the Microphones before founding member Phil Elverum decided to morph the group into Mount Eerie (i.e. the title of the final Microphones album).  Elverum's in house label P.W. Elverum And Sun has lovingly pressed up a deluxe double album with heavy gatefold tip-on jackets, a fold out poster, a vellum obi strip and download card of all 21 songs.  Mastered by the legendary John Golden, "Song Islands" is a fantastic collection of ghostly Northwestern lo-fi indie folk and a high quality replacement for that sure to be brutalized CD copy you've been spinning but not putting back in its jewel case.  You know who you are.  Originally released on CD by the almighty K Records in 2002, Microphones complete singles collection is now finally available on vinyl all in one place.  Recommended.

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LP - Os Mutantes - The Sixth Finger - Singles, Rarities and Outtakes 65-68 - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

A perennial shop favorite and universally loved by just about everybody we've ever met, Os Mutantes have left a lasting legacy not only in the Brazilian music community, but the music community at large. Their first four albums are, arguably - unfuckwithable, and when we heard there was a collection of rarities, outtakes and singles entitled "The Sixth Finger", we were gasping for air!

KIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLER compilation - many of the alternate versions of album cuts like 'Panis et Circense' and 'Ando Meio Desligado' are extended, different and weirder than the album versions and the outakes are freakin' BANANAS (the synthesizer on 'Balada do louco' from 1972 is a smile-inducing stunner!). The amount of unique and unreleased material makes this a no-brainer for fans, but if you've never heard Os Mutantes (and if not, WE CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OS MUTANTES), this would be an amazing place to start! Awesomely weird and sinister cover shot if the band in their "mutant" disguises too!


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LP - Patron Saints - Fohhoh Bohob - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Beautiful sounding and looking reissue of this private press psych record from '69, recorded by three over-enthused (but talented) teenagers in the suburbs of New York! The Patron Saints recorded, produced and released "Fohhoh Bohob" all by themselves in an impossibly rare original edition of 100 copies (GULP), but reissued here by Time Lag records!!!!!

Really impressive endeavor considering and a KILLER album. It makes us chuckle to think of three New York teens doing their best to imitate British artists like The Kinks or The Beatles and end up sounding like Moby Grape or (more specifically the Skip Spence solo record). The folk-rock influence comes from a more dandy/baroque pop place, than a garage rock perspective. Delicate arrangements and a touch more progressive (the good kind of progressive) than we'd originally thought. GREAT stuff, remastered lovingly - this thing sounds AMAZING and warm (probably BETTER than the original) and packaged in a faithful recreation of the original paste-on sleeve - and JUST to make it even SWEETER, this limited (to 1000) reissue comes with a recreation of the construction-paper-bound libretto insert and includes a bonus 7-inch of tracks recorded at the same time as the album, but left off due to time constraints.

It's AMAZING reissue that comes unabashedly RECOMMENDED, so get it!

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LP - Las Ardillas - Las Ardillas (Tour Only Version - Random Color Wax) - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We had no idea what chaos would ensue when we invited Las Ardillas and Los Vigilantes to play the Chicago shop in April; it was pure unbridled garage rock n roll fun, straight from the heart of Puerto Rico's riotous music scene.  And let's just say Las Ardillas know how to do it up right.  So of course we grabbed a handful of their self-titled / out-of-print LPs to share with you.

Las Ardillas are set to take the continental US by storm (with a little help from new label home Slovenly Records), so you better be ready to go drink for drink with these rambunctious Puerto Rican rock n rollers.  Amped up on early punk (Testors, Crime, Saints), Las Ardillas swagger though a quick set of blown out power chords, early rock n roll rhythms and garage punk shenanigans not seen around these parts since the Rip Offs or the early Black Lips LPs.   Sure to get you dancing around and learning Spanish so you can sing along with their rowdy garage rock anthems all day and all night long.

Fans of Davilla 666 and Los Vigilantes don't have to be sold on these guys, but those of you need a shot of Reatards, Black Time or Guitar Wolf mayhem in your life would do no better than to pick up this randomly colored self-titled LP from Las Ardillas.   Repeat parties will be your reward.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Stoic Violence - Stoic Violence - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Katorga Works and Video Disease labels have teamed up to release this blistering work of audio devastation from Stoic Violence.

Though hailing from southern California, "Stoic Violence" would fit in fine with acts like 9 Shocks Terror and the cut throat attitude of the Cleveland 90's HC scene.  This sucker is cut at 45RPM and it rips by in a blur of ferocity and aggression.  Blink and you'll miss it.  It also comes with an old school style fold out poster of these dudes up against a brick wall all leather jackets and no bullshit.  The lead off track is called Fight Them All and that seems to be the general theme here, so if you've been digging those Crazy Spirit and Hank Wood and the Hammerheads then grab this self titled lp by an absolutely feral punk act currently stomping its own warpath.

Short, fast, loud and Recommended.

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LP - Straightjacket Nation - Live On PBS - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The No Patience Records folks have ponied up and vinyl-ized this long sought after cassette of hardcore intensity from Straightjacket Nation!!!

When these dudes aren't getting their "weird" on in acts like UV Race, Total Control, East Link and Dick Diver they are busy blasting out foul-powered hardcore brutality in Straightjacket Nation.  This long out of print ultra limited cassette from back in 2007 finds SN in all its live glory: unhinged, cathartic, menacing and relentless.  Violent, hate surged punk fury that comes on like a blitzkrieg and takes no prisoners is what Straightjacket Nation excel at and this live platter is testament to the ferociousness of this Aussie powerhouse.  Totally Recommended.

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LP - Woolen Men - Dog Years - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Arriving on the heels of their self titled debut lp on Woodsist Records, the Woolen Men have culled another batch of warm analog pop nuggets together in the form of a new lp entitled "Dog Years."  Comprised of songs from out-of-print tape releases and long gone EPs (on Eggy Records, Gnar Tapes 'n Shit, and Apes Tapes), "Dog Years" showcase the band at their most catchy, fun and DIY moments.   Hints of the Bats, Woods, Kurt Vile, Modern Lovers and Dead Moon all burst through their sunshiny hook laden fuzz rock.  Maybe they hit the trebly sweet spot between the Flying Nun and K Records, or maybe it's more like a hazy combo of White Fence, the Wipers and REM.

But all we know is that we're glad they decided to give these lo-fi anthems a proper home on vinyl.  Only 500 were pressed, hand screened and numbered like the do it yerself band that they are.  No contemplation allowed, this one's gonna fly off the shelves.

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LP - Amps For Christ / Winters In Osaka With Eric Wood - Split - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Chicago based label Dismantle Records stopped by the shop and dropped this doozey of a split noise LP on our asses.

The Amps For Christ give us Plurality Of Worlds which consists of 3 cuts of blistering guitar drone, squealing tape manipulation and generally unnerving droning buzzes of fractured electronics and psychedelic darkness.  Flip this thing over and Winters In Osaka and Man Is The Bastard's Eric Wood have teamed up to unleash a side long work entitled Vorkuta that is a slow and dense pitch black drone piece with heinous grunts and screams over top further adding to the suffocating unease. The Absurd Exposition, Dismantle, Endtyme and Selfish Satan labels have combined forces to offer up 200 copies of awesomely dark sonics and we've but few to go 'round so act fast noiseniks and droneheads.  Super Recommended.
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7in - Larry Winther And His Mummies - Live At Pony Express Pizza Parlour - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Larry Winther must need some cigarette money, 'cuz he's unearthed some OG deadstock copies of this AWESOME and rare Mummies single released on Planet Pimp back in 1992, printed up some new covers and sent 'em out into the world for folks to enjoy once again! Side A features a live version of "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" recorded in the Pony Express Pizza Parlour on April 13, 1989 and contains some of the greatest band/crowd interactions ever caught on tape - the crowd musta been WILD that night! Side B has a live cover of the classic Sixties garage tune by The Vandals (no, not that one) called "I Saw Her In A Mustang" (as heard on the groundbreaking Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 1 compilation) which is incorrectly credited to Msr. Winther on the labels. This is unequivocally a MUST-OWN for garagepunk fanatics and an essential piece of the exhaustive Mummies discography! RECOMMENDED, but don't snooze - no telling how many of these are out there!

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7in - Far Corners - Sanity Suck - $6.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Rising from the ashes of the late great Sympathy For The Record Industry thrashers, Mr. Airplane Man, and the Turpentine Brothers (Alive / Alien Snatch) comes brand new heavy hitting band, Far Corners, who just released a killer blown out rock n roll single on Volar Records, entitled "Sanity Suck."   Noisy melodic post punk damaged garage rock that reminds us of their former bands as well as the Wipers, Action Swingers, Spider Fever, Simply Saucer and X (Australia) all thrown into a blender than amplified for maximum distortion, volume and fun.  This is the third single for Far Corners, so we hope it's time for get their four track ready for a full length, cuz we want more than this short taste.   But hey we'll take what we can get from this veteran New Mexican rockers, they certainly know how to knock our socks off.  HEAVILY RECOMMENDED.

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7in - Perspex Flesh - Ona - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another battle cry of Clevo worship outta the Video Disease Records camp and this time from across the pond UK act Perspex Flesh !!!

Perspex Flesh are bringing enraged hardcore punk that sounds like the perfect combination of Dwid(Integrity) and The Human Furnace (Ringworm) fronting a Tony Erba group (9 Shocks Terror/H-100s) but with a sprig of UK originals Vorhees peppered in to the mix.  If the buzzing of a fly at the beginning of the record is any indication of the garbage dump sonics that are about to land a hard one across your jaw, then be prepared for 4 cuts of maniacal hardcore nihilism that are gonna leave you bleeding and begging for mercy.  Fans of Poison Idea and Darvocets et al take notice immediately.  Recommended.

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7in - Mac Blackout - American Loser b/w Automatic Lover - Blue Vinyl - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Ex-Daily Void, Functional Blackouts and Mickey rabble-rouser, Mac Blackout strikes again, this time with another solo 45 entitled "American Loser."  Part of Jukebox Records monthly series of singles to help you fill up that ol' trusty Wurlitzer you have in yer living room, Mac Blackout's new single is also a teaser for a full length due out this summer on Bat Shit Records.  Two killer synth punk jams done up right (think Lost Sounds / Human Eye / Screamers) with some extraterrestrial psyched out effects (a la Gary War) and plenty o' hooks to earworm deep into yer brain.  Can't tell if the ultra catchy A side anthem "American Loser" is better than the Dee D. Jackson disco turned new wave / space punk cover "Automatic Lover," but you'll just have to grab a copy and flip it over a couple of times and decide for yourself.  As with any project Mac Blackout is associated with, this jam is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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7in - Uh Bones - Only You EP - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another killer single from Chicago's Randy Records?  Fuck YES.  And this time from none other than the up-and-coming local garage rockers Uh Bones!

This is a band you're gonna hear nothing but good things about down the road cuz they're off to a killer start.  On "Only You" the band finds the pocket between garage and punk and they just hit the road running.  With plenty of love for the classics from Shadows Of The Knight to the Sonics mixed in the more explosive antics of the Mummies, Marked Men and the Night Kings, Uh Bones knocks down this four pack of soul drenched / organ flared / fuzzed up garage rock like it ain't no big deal.  But we assure you it is.  If this is a taste of what's to come, you better watch out Ty Segall.   DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.

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7in - La Luz - Call Me In The Day b/w Easy Baby - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Pastoral girl-group influenced pop music from La Luz, released on Mississippi Records sub-label, Water Wing Records!

Crisp production and reverb'd guitars cascading across the face of these tunes. "Call Me In The Day" sounds like a lost Philles Records track, while the flip "Easy Baby" rocks gentle with a melancholy pop twist. RECOMMENDED!

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7in - Urinals - Urinals EP / Another EP / Sex (2013 Reissues, Complete Singles Package Deal) - $24.99 - BUYbuy


As the needle hits the wax, Urinals were a band that was somehow able to reproduce their primitive energy through their recordings. With scant knowledge of their instruments, Los Angele’s Urinals were able to get an amazing amount of mileage out of a few rudimentary notes and chords to make up these classic tracks in their all too short recording career. Somehow repetitive yet brief, simple yet intellectual, the Urinals’ minimalist deconstructions of guitar/bass/drum tropes can be heard by both their contemporaries and by ensuing generations.



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Tape - Matchess - Seraphastra - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


We've long touted the excellence bar none of Chicago space spelunkers Verma and E+, well one of the key ingredients to both groups' Saturn ring rider sonics is synth/keyboard player Whitney Johnson and Matchess is her newish solo project and, you know what? We could go on and on about the slow burn synthesis that hypnotizes and the blurred guitar passages that shimmer with shoegazy majesty and don't even get us started on Whitney's glorious voice… Seriously if you like all the amazing dark and minimal wave/kosmische releases that we're always blubbering on about do yourself a favor and grab this ultra limited solid-gold release of space pulsers.  "Seraphastra" is not gonna leave your tape deck for a loooooooooooong time, we guarantee it.  Just simply divine from start to finish; here's hoping a vinyl version is on the horizon.  There are only 50 to go round so you best be quick on the draw buckaroos!  Essential and Recommended.

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Tape - Zig Zags - 10-12 - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Limited to 250 and Sold Out At The Source

Rad jamz from one of our current fave bands, The Zig Zags! These dudes have been burning up the west coast with their hot licks and their limited 7-inch releases - we absolutely loved the 7-inch on Mexican Summer as well as the second one on Tubesteak Tuesday! These guys know their way around a sleazy riff and are pulling from all the right sources, nicking bits'n'pieces from the Damned, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Motorhead and more.

If there's two things we can say with certainty is that #1: here at Permanent Records, we love The Zig Zags and #2: this time WILL not be around for long, so get it NOW! This shit sounds like a handlebar moustache wearing a Die Kreuzen shirt! RECOMMENDED!
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Tape - Eets Feats/Catholic Spray - Split - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

It's a garage punk face off between France's Catholic Spray and Texas' Eets Feats in the form of a split tape, brought to yous all by the fine folks at Ayeayeaye Tapes Escapes.  Who wins this battle royale?  Curremt kings of the French weirdo psych garage scene, Catholic Spray, who just released their second killer LP, "Earth Slime", previously recommended here in our update? Or Austin dark surf noise punks Eets Feats, who have a couple of reputable 7 inches (one on Rotted Tooth no less) and a cassette release to their name?   We think everyone!!!!  Both these bands have their own unique bratty garage punk snarl going on and for less than the cost of a six pack, you can grab a handful of party starting jams to get your boombox crankin'!    Yes we wanna give this tape the highest of RECOMMENDATIONS!

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Tape - Harsh Nayyar - Argo Nunya - $5.99 - BUYbuy

We scored a tiny batch of this cassette of audio terrorism from Harsh Nayyar.  Apparently sharing members with P-Rex faves Sewn Leather, Harsh Nayyar are providing their own bizzaro electro noise thumpers and as often is the case with great music, the louder you crank this beast the better it sounds!  Released by the esoteric Ascetic House Collective.