Monday, May 13, 2013

Permanent Records Update 5.13.13

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Permanent Records Pizza Slipmat - $7.99 - BUYbuy

How you like your pie?  New York style or Chicago style?  How about Permanent Records style!  What ever way you prefer you can now plop your favorite topping on this boss pizza slipmat!  Stay chessy my friends!

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Book - Enjoy The Experience - Homemade Records 1958-1992 w/ Bonus 7in - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $66.99 - BUYbuy

Let us begin by stating "Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992" ESSENTIAL and a TRUE PLEASURE TO VIEW AND READ! We haven't been this stoked on a vinyl related volume of literature since Patrick Lundborg's massively revamped and expanded "Acid Archives" which, for the uninitiated, featured hundreds of rare and damn near impossible to find LPs from the '60s and '70. Do not bat an eye at the price-tag on this one, we consider it a damn near priceless and endlessly fascinating work.



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LP - Various Artists - Je Suis Punk - The Very Best Of European Punksploitation - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Super limited new compilation of "fake punk" bands from all-over Europe (France and Belgium primarily + one from Germany). Get ready to pogo your pants off!!!!!!!

What is "fake punk", you ask? Basically there was a deluge of bands that either formed, were created by majors, or revised their sound in the wake of punk rock's explosion on the scene in the late Seventies cashing in on the "new wave". This stuff is killer and usually ends up sounding just as good if not BETTER than the real "punks" out there - ever hear the Pack LP? How's about FU2? Both 'fake punk' bands that made AMAZING albums free from the constraints of the "scene" and what was expected from it.  These are most likely 15 bands you've never heard of that all had at least ONE hit in 'em - all handily compiled here! Dig in! Pressed up on punky pink vinyl too - RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Various Artists - Jean Luc Godard - Bandes Originales 1959-1980 2xLP - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Spanning some of Godard's most famous film work from 1959 to 1980, this collection runs the spectrum of Ya Ya, smokey jazz ensembles and moody classical score music. This collection includes an insert detailing the film the music originally appeared in and who composed it.  With amazing passages from Martial Solal, Michel LeGrand, Georges Delerue, Paul Misraki, Antoine Duhamel, Chantal Goya, Claude Channes and Gabriel Yared this compilation is a unique musical journey and absolute ear pleaser.  The cover features a picture of one of Godard's many muses and leading ladies, the rather fetching Anna Karina. This collection comes housed in sleeves with pasted on front and back covers and hand stamped spines.  This mega limited edition is a ONE TIME PRESSING so act fast as these will not be coming back.  Majestically Recommended.

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LP - Various Artists - Six Feet Under - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Big Wedge Records in association with Mississippi Records have compiled a must-own lp collection of early rock, country and rockabilly obscurities entitled "Six Feet Under."  And as you might guess from the name, this comp is chock full of whiskey soaked, sordid rippers sure to make music fans of all types jump at the chance to throw this one down on their turntable. 

Collections like "Six Feet Under" are more than necessary cuz otherwise we'd have no way to hear these nearly lost, super collectable, unheard gems from artists like Johnny Fortune, Mystery Trio, Ramblin' Rebels and oh so many more.   Fans of Sun Records, Wanda Jackson, Hasil Adkins, Link Wray, the aforementioned Lee Hazlewood and those Songs The Cramps Taught Us comps, as well as any fans of true down and dirty Americana, will absolutely fall in love with this collection.  We sure have.  "Six Feet Under" is just the touch of backwoods twang and moonshine jolt that'll make any day seem brighter. 

And we definitely all see more songs about ghosts, misery, trains, graveyards and heartbreak in our collections.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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LP - Mikal Cronin - Mcii - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

It's no secret that we're BIG Mikal Cronin fans over here at P-Rex  - the Moonhearts records never stray to far from our turntable and his self-titled album from 2011 on Trouble In Mind... WELL... that's a whole other story. Genius? Perfection? Well GET READY folks for Cronin's follow-up to that self-titled affair - "MCII" on indie powerhouse label Merge Records!!!!!!!!

"MCII" makes the logical jump for the pop blueprint Cronin's laid out for himself; BIGGER. Poppier. Catchier. The fidelity overall is better, allowing the melodies some flex-time here - recorded in the same spot as his first album (Bauer Mansion with Bay-Area sonic guru Eric Bauer), but with a lil' more time to get it right. Cronin has a REAL knack for a catchy ditty, and stylistically it's just as diverse as his debut, but the songs flow together a bit more seamlessly; rockers like "Shout It Out" and "See It My Way" sit effortlessly beside delicate tunes like "Piano Mantra" and "Peace Of Mind" in a way the reflects a real growth and maturity as a songwriter and musician. But we're not gonna get too hoity-toity over here,"MCII" is a pop record at it's core - and a really great one at that.

This one is destined to be the soundtrack to our summer - get this one. RECOMMENDED.

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12in - Disappears - Kone EP - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Yup, yup! We got the new 12 inch from Chicago dark garage krautrock purveyours Disappears, a self released endeavor and it is nothing short of jaw dropping! Things start out slow and eerie with some ghostly guitar quivering in the smoke then the drums lay down a steady rhythm that begins to build the tension as a subsonic bass throbs in and out of the blackness.  Repetiton galore creates a swirling atmosphere before the guitars drop in proper with a skeletal chug and the vocals start to mix in an echoed croon.  Some choice effects weave throughout the steady repeating refrain and the track draws the listener into deep chasms of consciousness as it unfurls back into shivering guitar miasma.   

Kone plays out like a symmetric journey that lands as gently as it took off with some night flight delight in the middle.  Flip this EP over and you are treated to another new cut Kontakt, a more straight forward affair than Kone but just as thrilling.  A muscular undulating bassline drives the track as the guitars guide the listener into rich expanses that bend and twist for a good 5 minutes.  The end of side 2 finds Kone getting a rework in the form of Kone (Edit) that ends in a lock groove so you can just not stop listening to this if you see fit.  All in all Disappers have concocted some bizarre mixture if Joy Divison and Television on a cough syrup midnight stroll or Talking Heads covering Neu!  These gents just keep getting more and more interesting with each new release and they steadily are carving out their own niche.  Not to be missed!  Comes with a download too!  Extremely Recommended.

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LP - Human Eye - 4: Into Unknown - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, Human Eye is back with another super freakout slab of grimy garage psych direct from the dark soul of the Motor City, where rock n roll is always done up right.  Tim Vulgar and Co are unleashing this newest monster, "4: Into The Unknown" via the ever reliable Goner Records, so get ready for some high volume fun!!!!!!!

Human Eye continue to be a vital part of the garage punk scene everywhere they set foot, and on their fourth and newest album, they've honed their chops, turned up the menace, volume and production, and may have created their most epic acid fried / spaced out psychedelic nightmare yet.  Whether you're sucked in through the garage burning guitar solos, the propulsive funk bass, the interstellar keys, the blown out wall-of-sound production, or Timmy Vulgar's madman soul-drenched vocals, you can't deny Human Eye have concocted a sound all their own.

 Human Eye's spaced out mash up of Johnny Thunders, KISS, Flower Travellin' Band, Hawkwind, Chrome, Testors, Motown garage and soul, and KBD punk just plain has no equal-- now, past or even future, dare we say.  You're definitely gonna want to take this trip "Into The Unknown".  SEVERELY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!

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LP - Expo 70 - Virtually From The Unknown - $18.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Sonic Meditations label has long been issuing the choicest records of drone-y psychedelia for years and their latest is a full band blow out of cosmic space rock ready to knock your socks off. 

Oh Yeah!  "Virtually From The Unknown finds Expo 70 in severe command of white hot psychedelic scorchers that rock as much as they usher the listener into the deepest accesses of their mind.  Whenever Expo 70 decides to bust out the drum kit, things always get a little batty.  And on their latest offering, a live set, this band hurls layer upon layer of groovey space blast lunacy at full volume.  You can hear the intricacies involved as the group hurtles forth as an unstoppable force, bobbing and weaving like a unit, dark heaviness, wailing free for all guitar majesty and skittering lock tight rhythm section are what you'll find here.  These 3 extended jams are top notch head nod blisterers, get on board brothers and sisters as Expo 70 leads the way through the coolest cosmos yet to be discovered.  Severely Recommended.

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LP - Anonymous - Inside The Shadow - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Newly minted label Machu Picchu LTD has reissued one of the holy grail Acid Archives private press rariies - Anonymous' "Inside The Shadow"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's sometimes hard to fathom how many TOTALLY EXCELLENT bands existed in the Sixties/Seventies that never got their (much deserved) shot at the proverbial "big time" - hell, many acts covered in Patrick Lundborg's celebrated book "The Acid Archives" came out of the gate seemingly fully formed, staring you in the face with their melodic perfection. Anonymous formed out of the ashes of Indianapolis psych-pop act "Sir Winston and The Commons", adopting a more harmony laden, folk-infused (and slightly "progressive") sound influenced by The Byrds and also the rising stars of British acts like Fairport Convention and Fleetwood Mac, creating something that had the jangle and bite of a McGuinn/Crosby/Clark composition ("Pick Up and Run") infused with the flowing-scarfed mystery and melodic virtuosity of 'da Mac. We keep spinning this one over and over and have yet to find a fault - a stunning reissue worthy of the newly shed light.

Lovingly remastered audio and artwork makes this the best looking and sounding version, possibly EVER. This one is a MUST OWN, so take off them shaaaaaades and step 'inside the shadow', maaaaan. Heartiest of RECOMMENDEDATIONS for this one!

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LP - Gene Clark - Two Sides To Every Story - Reissue - $26.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

BEE-YOO-TI-FUL looking and sounding reissue of this last great 1977 solo album from former Byrds front-man Gene Clark! "Two Sides To Every Story" was rescued from obscurity by newly minted reissue label High Moon Records, and we couldn't be happier!

We've lauded the crap out of Clark's solo efforts (all of which have recently been reissued by Sundazed and 4 Men With Beards - do you have those yet? GET THEM.) and we're THROUGH THE MOON that the last piece of the puzzle has finally been laid! "Two Sides To Every Story"
finds the happy medium of Clark's folk/psych/pop leanings found on albums like "No Other" and "White Light" and his fusion of country and rock on his albums with co-conspirator Doug Dillard as "Dillard and Clark", with a warm, comfortable sound and a stellar selection of compositions. Songs like "Sister Moon", "Silent Crusade" and "Hear The Wind" stand toe-to-toe with ANY GC songs from his more celebrated albums. Clark's never been in finer voice - it's heartworn timbre sidles up next to the listener, puts it's arm around you and gives you a comforting embrace. Sadly this would be Clark's last truly solid effort (and his only record for RSO), and he wouldn't make another solo record for another 10 years. That album -1987's "Firebyrd" - suffered from unfortunate production and even poorer distribution, crippling the tunes that were struggling to be heard as it was, and his two late-Eighties collaborative records with singer Carla Olson - while containing some stunning Clark originals, were so poorly distributed and released on tiny labels it's like they never even existed in the first place.

So grab this one now before it's gone again - you won't regret it! Lovingly remastered and reissued on 180gm vinyl with a HUGE and amazing booklet w/ some never-before seen photos! RECOMMENDED x ONE MILLION! 

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12in - Sleaze - Tecktonik Girls & Other Hits - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Total Punk finally makes the jump into the long playing format with the debut 12 inch from Twin Cities trash punks, The Sleaze (not to be confused with TV Smith's pre-Adverts band).  "Tecktonik Girls and Other Hits" follows a series of highly regarded, rambunctious, severely limited and punk as fuck singles (Smoking Fuckin Cigs, Crush, Called You Once and Weird Truck), so it's a cause for celebration to finally have a heavy dose of one of the best misanthropic punk groups around. 

Kinda like teleporting some of the most deranged punks of the early scene into 2013 (think Gizmos, the Pagans and/or the Testors), the Sleaze rocket through some of the best rowdy, blackout drunk, budget punk rock heard around these parts since Supercharger was sittin on our turntables.  Sure you can reference Killed By Death, or late 70s punk or some Midwestern no name trash rock bands that only the real collector snobs know about, but the Sleaze aren't faking it, they've discovered rock n roll and ruined it all over again.  LOUD, SNARLING, BLOWN OUT BELLIGERANT PUNK ROCK, like it was meant to be played.   File "Tecktonik Girls and Other Hits" next to yer Carbonas, LivFastDie, Foster Care, Rip Offs and the Spaceshits lps in your collection.  DUDES THIS ONE'S HELLA RECOMMENDED.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU CRANK IT UP ALL THE WAY.

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LP - Dan Melchior - The Heron (Doesn’t Care When The Woman Stamps Her Boot) - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We're more than stoked, to say the least, to get this batch of ultra limited handmade Dan Melchior records from the Limited Appeal Records label!!!!!

You will not find the cheeky garage blister of Mr. Melchior's earlier output here, not in the slightest.  What you will find is some alien compositions of bizzaro sonics which feature spoken word oddities from his wife Letha Rodman, deconstructed experimental sound collages, looped and delayed vocals, straight up feedback interludes and wonked out alien un-rock.  We've been spinning this collection of bad acid trip cartoon music over and over round the shops and hell, if it don't get weirder and weirder with each new listen.  This shit is fantastically unique and comes with our most enthusiastic Recommendation. 

If you like weirdo outsider experimental music then this record was made for you!!!

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LP - Beaches - She Beats - Import - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

KILLER new album from this Aussie quintet! Beaches was formed in 2008 after casual jam sessions between friends led to some undeniable musical chemistry. "She Beats" is their second full length (an EP was released on Mexican Summer in 2010) and their first for Aussie indie label Chapter Music (also home to the excellent OZ bands Twerps and Dick Diver) !!!!!!!

Beaches take the popular "girl group" sound of late (we're talkin' yer Vivian Girls, yer Best Coast, etc) and turns it on it's head by injecting it with a dash of shoegaze, motorik krautrock and some ear-wormy pop jangle that has juuuuuuust the right amount of avant and bite to elevate it above the rest. We think comparisons to the more "rockin" moments of bands like Stereolab, Slowdive or Lush would also be not too far off base! These ladies also have some serious star-power behind the boards as well - none other than German music legend and Neu!/Harmonia mastermind Michael Rother producing a couple of tunes! Holy crap!

A REALLY solid album that caught us off guard! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Taco Leg - Taco Leg - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

After spinning the Printed Gold single on Richie Records to death last year we finally received this long awaited full length album by Perth outfit Taco Leg on the always great Baltimore based Fan Death Records!!!!!!!

We've been blathering on and on about all the amazing music coming from Australia lately (we know, we know, we sound like a broken record) and well looky here, we got another warm and fuzzy brewing with this debut full length from Taco Leg.  One of the things we love about Taco Leg is that being waaaaaay over in Perth, they are bringing their own unique brand to the stellar tunes coming from down under, free of influence from the eastern acts currently burning up the scene.  Akin to acts like Hygiene, Fang, the Messthetics sound and even some K-Records jangle mixed into their stripped down sound of guitar driven primo downer pop, Taco Leg are making simple yet exciting sounds full of youthful exuberance with just the right amount of naivet√©.  Preposterously Recommended.

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LP - Bats - By Night 2013 Reissue - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $15.99- BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


HOLY OFFICIAL FLYING NUN REISSUES BATMAN!!! We were so incredibly stoked in 2011 when Flying Nun began their long-awaited label re-issue campaign with a reissue of The Bats' debut LP "Daddy's Highway". Flying Nun has since teamed up with State-side's Captured Tracks to continue faithfully reissuing long sought after and near-impossible to find Flying Nun releases.  Here we have The Bat's first ever release dating back to 1984, the "By Night" EP, repressed for Record Store Day!!!!!!!

When we wrote up "Daddy's Highway", we mentioned: "Daddy's Highway" is a crystalline example of what would define the Kiwi-sound; jangling guitars, haunting and slightly melancholy melodies, shimmering harmonies, and catchy as fuck tunes that are instantly hummable and undeniably lovely. We very well could have swapped "By Night" for "Daddy's Highway" and the statement would still hold true without reservation. Now is your chance, don't miss this very fortunate opportunity. RECOMMENDED, YOU KNOW THIS!

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LP - Various Artists - Todo Muere Volume 3 - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another fine release from the discerning ears at Sacred Bones Records!

It must be so much fun putting together these Sacred Bones RSD comps!  Every year we get another killer batch of unreleased/exclusive tracks from the forefront of the Sacred Bones roster and 2013 is yet another bang up job.  We see label mates reworking each other's material, left field cover versions and absolutely stunning one-off's from one of today's most forward thinking labels.  If you missed this one on Record Store Day or are just becoming familiar with the glory that is Sacred Bones Records then do yourself a favor and get to know some amazing groups with this stellar collection.  Recommended.

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LP - Moon Duo - Circles Remixed - RSD 2013 Exclusive - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Another fine release from the discerning ears at Sacred Bones Records!

We're bona fide Moon Duo dorks here at Permanent Records so we went big when ordering this awesome remix comp of their latest "Circles."  Well we tend to get a bit carried away sometimes, so we still have a few copies kickin' around the shops if you missed it on Record Store Day.  We've marked it down and have copies ready to roll.  And well there's some choice bands doing some choice remixes of one of our favorite bands, so it's a no brainer.  Recommended.

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LP - Mind! - Stunde Null - Import - $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Mind!'s in house Not On Label Records with some added support from Odio Sonoro, Nooirax Producciones, The Bloody Dirty Sanchez, Subterranea ‎, Soviet, and El Lio Es Gordo ‎have released this spacerock epic of an album.  "Stunde Null" is the debut long player from Algeciras, Spain's Mind! and what a way to get things started.  "Stunde Null" is a lush slow burning cosmic collection of well crafted and supremely paced psychedelic spacerock.  You'll find some hints of Hawkwind, a dash of Dead Meadow's foggy grooves, and even some Pink Floyd guitar stylings throughout.  We're really digging how well the songs are paced, never rushing to get to the apex, instead building slowly with deep undulations and cosmic swells that sure-handedly unfurl into glorious lush transgressions of interstellar hypnosis and smile inducing waves of calm clear serenity.  "STUNDE NULL" is nearly half instrumental but when the vocals do present themselves they find their place in the haze and totally add to the overall aesthetic this group is providing.  Really great stuff gang! This LP contains a CD copy of the entire record and it comes with our highest of Recommendations!

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LP - Microphones - Don't Wake Me Up - 2013 Reissue - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The P.W. Elverum Ans Sun label continues forth with their Microphones reissue series and after the thrilling introduction of the "Song Islands" singles collection recently they are back with the Microphones debut album "Don't Wake Me Up".  Originally released in 1999 on K Records, "Don’t Wake Me Up" has been out of print on vinyl for a long loooong time, so its nice to see this indie fave gettin' the vinyl re-treatment.  The Microphones' lo-fi noise pop and droned out pop melodies are but in their infancy here, but the album flows with a uniformity and fluidness that gives the album general cohesiveness adding the linear flow from track to track.  All in all, "Don't Wake Me Up" is fine outing of shoegaze indie rock that has held up over time and gone on to be quite influential.  Grab this high quality reissue and begin the love affair over again.  Comes housed in fancy gatefold sleeve with wrap around velum obi strip!  It also comes with our highest Recommendation.

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LP - Robedoor - Primal Sphere - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

It's been a hot minute since we've heard from the mighty Robedoor, but anytime they show up they more than welcome round these parts.  And holy hell, this new platter is a caustic outsider banger of scuzzoid drones, robot breakdance, festering synth belches, apocalyptic ass movers and sci-fi scythe slices.  "Primal Sphere" is dealing in some seriously dark "movie villain" theme music that's dubbed out deviant beats, ectoplasmic electro exorcisms and shambolic future muzik for the wasteland dance battle and late nite altered states.  Robedoor has always etched out its own unique sound and with "Primal Sphere" they've further upped the ante for down and dirty modern industrial music.  Ri-gawt-damn-diculously Recommended.

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LP - Ekin Fil - Ekin Fil - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Ekin Fil's gauzy guitar based ambient tales slowly unfurl in the vein of Roy Montgomery and Loren Connors while her washed out vocals bring to mind the woozy shoegaze of Grouper and the textured dread of Tiny Vipers.  This self tilted album is one of those amazing ambient records that somehow fits all moods, it is fine for a sundown lie in the grass as it is fitting for a rainy day of staring out the window, a sun drenched weed toke road trip or deep winter all day snow that blocks out the sun.  Dark and trance inducing tracks of melancholic hypnosis is what one will find of Elkin Fin's latest record and if she keeps up this kind of quality forthcoming records are going to highly anticipated pieces of wax around here.  Mega Recommended.
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12in - Real Numbers - Only Two Can Play - $8.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Three Dimensional Record is unveiling the latest 12 inch ep from Twin Cities jangle poppers, the Real Numbers, entitled "Only Two Can Play." 

The Real Numbers have dialed in just the right balance of UK DIY rock, power pop and Flying Nun jangle that'll for sure have you humming along in a sec.  Their new ep "Only Two Can Play" is chock full of trebly bubblegum melodies that fans of the Bats, Television Personalities, Snapper and the Vaselines like us are always on the lookout for.   Well-crafted trebly pop fun like this doesn't come around often enough, so don't miss out on this killer/very very limited ep from the Real Numbers.  SUPREMELY RECOMMENDED.

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LP - Cab 20 - Holy Denim Faded Vibrations - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

"Holy Denim Faded Vibations" is white-hot red blooded American Rock 'n' Roll to the core!  California's Cab 20 crank up raw high enery rawk that sears and blisters but has the bluesy foundation to also supply the roll.  Jean jacket sonics at its finest is what Cab 20 are bringin' and this hot shit r'n'r platter is brought to you by the fine folks at Mock Records.  If that name rings a bell its cuz they put out that killer debut single by The Spyrals and this is yet another fist pumper to add to the catalog.  Earnest jams laid down in the vein of Rocket From The Crypt, Night Marchers, Hellacopters or Fu Manchu is what Cab 20 are bringing to the table and they have trimmed all the fat and left only the cream of the crop with these 10 tracks of pure rock.  Recommended.

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LP - George Brigman - Jungle Rot - $16.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YEEESSS!!!  The Obscure Oxide label has gone and reissued this legendary album of punk blues: "Jungle Rot" by George Brigman!!!!!! 

We've long hailed "Microminiature Love" by Michael Yonkers as one of Permanent's all time faves and if you dig that one then this will be right up your alley.  Fans of the Bonehead Crunchers comps take note as well, George Brigman's unsung outsider masterpiece is one for the ages.  Gobs and gobs of fuzzed out distorto blues that just bleed with honesty and hard earned authenticity is what Brigman is bringing and his blistering psychedelic punk is as pure as it gets.  You can hear the long hair and feel the dirt under the fingernails as blazing guitar clatter spikes your eardrum like a prison shank hell bent on revenge and escape.  If you dig blown out bizarro gutter jams with layer upon layer of fuzz and a frenzied voice baring his soul then cop this Baltimore born rip-roaring classic now.  Absolutely Essential and Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Colours - Colours - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We scored a batch of Houston act Colours (cheeky UK spelling) self-titled EP from the lovely folks at Free Loving Anarchists.  This Ep consists of four cuts of dreamy shoegaze haze pop in the vein of My Bloddy Valentine, Royal Baths, Hot Guts or even City Center.   Walls of vacuum cleaner guitar atmospheres, a steady back beat and reverbed vocals mixing in the textures combine to make catchy melodies that spiral through the sky and wash over the listener like warm waves of light and cloud puff bliss.  This was released back in 2010 but we just got hipped to it recently and have been diggin' it so much we just had to share it with youalls.  Better late than never right?  Oh yeah, it's also Mega Recommended.

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2x7in - Obnox - Canabible Ohio - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen


Obnox strikes again!!! Hell fucking yeah!!!!  This new joint from Ohio's most ferocious blown out punk / soul master is a double 7 inch, entitled "Canabible Ohio" released via Slovenly Records!!!!!!!

Quickly following his killer EPs from earlier this year, "Smoke Woody Haze" and "Ragin In The Sun", Bim "Obnox" Thomas' newest EP is a rollicking journey through pop music as only the Puffy Areolas / Bassholes / This Moment In Black History drummer/guitarist/noise maker extraordinaire could concoct.  If you're not sold on soul/dub/punk of "Deep In The Dusk" which is quintessential Obnox blown-out rock n roll fun and features a Magnetix sample, you're gonna totally love the rest of the EP's four songs which feature covers of Gaunt, Urinals, King James Version and the fuckin' McCoys' "Hang On Sloopy!!!"   WTF, so totally awesome.  We here at the shop are fans of anything Obnox presses to wax, and this, our friends, is the Obnox at his best and possibly most adventurous.  So we needn't say this is SUPER RECOMMENDED.

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7in - Radar Eyes - Dreaming Of Ghosts - Flexi Single - $5.99 - BUYbuy

Local label / zine / podcast moguls Notes And Bolts jumped into the Record Store Day fray this year with a flexi single from Chicago's own Radar Eyes, entitled "Dreaming Of Ghosts."  And now with the dust settled from that extremely busy and fun day, we were able to score a few of the remaining copies left over from Notes And Bolts, yes!!!

We'll grab any hazy garage rock goodness we can get from Radar Eyes, and this flexi single is no exception.   "Dreaming Of Ghosts" picks right up where their self-titled Hozac Records LP left off, smack dab in the fuzzed up sweet spot of noisy garage psych that'll get fans of Spacemen 3, Loop, Disappears, the Ponys and Deerhunter more than stoked.  Grab one while you still can, 150 is a small number for a single so killer.  RECOMMENDED TIMES A MILLION!!!!!!!

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7in - Strube Jackson - Just A Dream - $6.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Strube Jackson's debut single has two ultra catchy tracks of synth pop heart melters that'll be getting plenty of repeat spins.  A-side "Just A Dream" is a Nitzer Ebb-ish body mover with blurred androgynous vocals, a dance-y drum machine and swelling melodic synthesizer passages.  Flip this lovely little single over and you'll find "Surrender" a New Order worshipping number of ecstatic proportions that will bring a huge smile your face.  Grab this killer single quick like and be ready to rule the dance floor.  Recommended.

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7in - Coachwhips/Intelligence Vs Karate Party - Split - $5.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

DUDES. We were able to score some OG 2005 copies of this loooooong OOP split 7-inch from Oh Sees frontman John Dywer's former band, the almighty Coachwhips!!!!!!!  And the split is with none other than The Intelligence and Karate Party!  Yes, Lars from Intelligence playing with Chris of Karate Party.  Fuck Yes. 

You can't even find any Coachwhips records (used or new) anymore, so having two more tracks from John Dywer's pre-Oh Sees noise punk outfit is like Christmas in May.  And the fact that the b side of this single is three tracks from an Intelligence vs Karate Party studio fight to the death couldn't make us happier.  Three absolutely must own bands on one 7 inch.   It's amaze-balls!!!!!  Grab this one quick, cuz it's gonna vanish quicker than you can read this.

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7in - George Brigman and Split - Blowin Smoke (Autographed Original 1977 Pressing) - $9.99 - BUYbuy

Got another batch of this amazing single of original 1977 stock in! We nearly wet ourselves when the "Jungle Rot" LP got reissued earlier in 2013 so to get these 2 raw killer jams back is a mega bonus!

Killer lead guitar parts are all over the A-side of George Brigman's 1977 single Blowin' Smoke. The single was comped on the sweet Cherrystones Word comp alongside some killer psych/punk tracks by Dead Moon, Chrome, Brainbox, Deviants, and more. We (dumb us) just realized that Brigman reissued the single in 2007 as a 30th Anniversary Edition. This edition includes the original pressing on Solid Records of the single in an all new hand-numbered sleeve (which it never had originally). The sleeve is autographed by Brigman to boot. The B-side Drifting is a decent meandering, instrumental psych jam, but Blowin' Smoke will blow your mind.

There were only 500 of these left in '07 and we couldn't imagine there'd be many more left in '09, yet lo and behold miraculously a few copies are mercifully still available in 2013, but even if there were an infinite amount of these in the world, we'd recommend picking one up.

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7in - George Brigman And Split - Silent Bones - Original 1985 Pressing - $9.99 - BUYbuy

More Brigman madness here!  Both the "Jungle Rot" LP and the "Blowin' Smoke" single are essential George Brigman must owns.  And now we scored yet another brain melting single from George Brigman and Split.  Bona Fide Records has original 1985 stock of the esoteric "Silent Bones" EP.   George Brigman and Split are supplying 5 tracks that lay out sleazy heavy blues rock that sound like Pentagram outtakes and strange instrumental jams that sound like hippied-out Chrome and Minutemen/Firehose or the early 80's SST roster.  The two cuts with vocals feature Wayne Hastings glam tinged howl while all cuts are sportin' Brigman's signature guitar sorcery, locked-in rhythms and some damn fine bass noodling.  If you dig the outsider jams of the Bonehead Crunchers comps, the Clone Records stuff or Michael Yonkers then you best add this to your collection as another single like this you won't hear anytime soon.  Recommended.

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Tape - Purling Hiss - A Little Off Center (Live At WFMU) - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

FUUUUCK YEEEAAA-YEAH!!!!  The Fan Death Records crew lets the gate swing wide open and sic's the Hiss on yer ass with this vicious live document from WFMU. 

"A Little Off Center (Live At WFMU)" finds Purling Hiss displaying their prowess in the live context.  Comprising cuts from the debut LP "Purling Hiss" on Permanent, "Hissteria" on Richie, "Public Service Announcement" LP on Woodsist, and the "Lounge Lizards EP" on Mexican Summer, this little ripper of a live cassette shows a band that has spent some time on America's highways crisscrossing all directions and honing their live set assault.  The vocals are a bit more in the mix and not covered in trademark reverb, but it only adds to the virility and essence of "being there" like any great live record does.  "A Little Off Center (Live At WFMU)" is sure to sear your ears and batter your brains with each repeated listen and we're certain our copies will be getting constant rotation in the shop deck.  Ol' Hendrix woulda been proud, Polizze and company shred frets and launch feedback squalor the likes of Monterey Pop Festival only stopping short of setting his guitar aflame as sacrifice to the rock gods!  Mega Recommended.

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MAG - Yeti - Number 13 + 7in - $14.99 - BUYbuy

The Mississippi Records/Social Music folks have finally unveiled its latest installment of the always drool worthy Yeti music/culture magazine. 

We've been long time fans of the Yeti Magazines around Permanent and we wait with bated breath for each new issue to surface.  Number 13 is the second issue to feature a limited and exclusive 7 inch single as opposed to the earlier CD comp they used to come with.  This one features tracks from Moon Duo, Karen Dalton, Trypes and Great Unwashed!!!  What a team up!  The contents of the magazine are equally as thrilling with amazing editorials, interviews and plenty of breath taking art filling its nearly 200 pages.  We can't wait to get our copy home, snuggle up in the ol' bean bag get reading about all the amazing things the Yeti folks are supplying.  So put down yer iphones for krise sakes and revisit the wondrous world of the written word!  Hugely Recommended.

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Nuts! - Number 11 - $4.99 - BUYbuy

We just got the latest issue of Nuts! 

The Nuts! zine is always chock fulla badass  interviews, columns and reviews of the latest shiz goin' down for wherever these folks are currently calling home.  Issue 11 finds the gang livin' it up in NYC and supplying us with tales of terror and adventure from the likes of Hank Wood and The Hammerheads, La Misma and Deformity as well as some scene reports and original artwork.  This news print fold out newspaper style zine is fiercely DIY and always comes sporting eye popping artwork and old school layouts.  It also comes with our hearty Recommendation.