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Permanent Records Update 10.14.13

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LP - Oozing Wound - Retrash - Limited Screen Printed Edition - $18.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Thrill Jockey nabs another cream-of-the-crop band from Chicago's underground with the latest from ripping power trio Oozing Wound, who also happen to be some of the most righteous dudes we know.  We'll let the Thrill Jockey folks fill you in on the sordid details, bring a band-aid:

"Oozing Wound is Zack Weil (guitar, vocals), Kevin Cribbin (bass), and Kyle Reynolds (drums), young men that have established themselves in the volatile Chicago underground in a short time, playing in Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH, Bad Drugs, and countless other groups that have populated packed, sweaty basements and lofts throughout the city. Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, their debut album, Retrash, is made for people who have no faith in melody and happiness, and no resistance to heavy riffage. This is music by and for people with a desire to slay.
The band channels their inner 15 year old, offering little distinction between comedy and antagonism. As Weil puts it, Oozing Wound is defined by, “loud fucking guitars and screaming and shit. We don’t sing, and we don’t write big choruses. Anything like that gets checked by the wayside because, fuck it, it’s not us.”

The songs on Retrash use humor to defend against and explore the anger, paranoia, and destruction that characterize life in the modern era. The line between hysterical and histrionic is tread with little regard for anything at all. “See you later, alligator” Weil howls in “Welcome to the Spaceship, Motherfucker,” as he channels a fever dream of the Biblical Joseph after discovering Mary’s pregnancy. “No more faker, doppelganger/No more false child of mine.” At the core of every song is a riff, or collection of riffs: from the ur-thrash of the gut-punching opener “Everyone I Hate Should Be Killed” to the sludgy noise of “New York Bands,” Retrash is a blast of pure energy put forth with simplicity and fury.

Retrash was recorded at Electrical Audio and Studio Chicago in two 12-hour sessions by their friend Matt Russell, and follows the Vape and Pillage cassette on Reynolds’ own Rotted Tooth Recordings. These recordings were not made for laptop speakers or ear buds, and are meant to be played as loud as possible."

Hail And Kill, Metal Up Your Ass, Bang Your Head… Metal Health Will Drive You Mad!!!!  Oozing Wound are bringin' unhinged go-fuck-yerself thrash/sludge jams with speed, precision and no fucks given.  Shower shmower, grow your hair and go commit a crime.  Get High. Fuck. Destroy!!!!  Crank this beast up and leave all hope behind. Act fast cuz this limited screen-printed cover version is surely to disappear instantly! Ree-gahtdamn-diculously Recommended.

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LP - Cave - Threace - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cave is back and better than ever, so hold onto yer hats and get ready for the mind melting that is "Threace"!!!!!!  

"The third in a string of awesome full-length adventures from Chicago’s CAVE is Threace—an album that appeals on all levels: animal, abstract and alien, and all at once; one multi-colored-circa-2013 grab-bang. Threace is a real “back to the lab” kind of album for CAVE —with a few more guitars and a few less keyboards on board, the band is energized and ready to try things in a new way. All CAVE music grabs at your ears and the soft tissue within, and yet this time, it’s just so much more super-crystalline, bottom-booting and all-spacious than ever before. Recorded on a 1" 8-track Scully machine that may or may not have spent some quality burnin’ time at Muscle Shoals, Threace was half-planned and half-jammed using different mic placements, building up from a basic set of as few mics as possible. Then, they got out the razor blade and used it to cut tape (and realities) together into a metro-musical albumen that’s only started to flower in this world. Known for playing with rolling funk minimalism; Threace finds the band inhabiting their cut-up aesthetic with tremendous ease and fewer reference points than before. They access new depths of meditative stasis, and then torpedo the dream and turn on a dime to ride the riffs again. It’s no wonder that they spent such quality time on the sounds, because the writing now has the close fit of a second skin. From exotica to erotica to rock ‘n yuh, the songs are lived in, with their own running logic and muscle memory. Now the music plays the band. On Threace, CAVE have gained access to their unconscious mind, and we hope they never find their way out again."

Anytime a new Cave album arrives at the shop is always a good day, but man oh man is "Threace" a ripper!!!!  Nobody plays dialed in, kraut bent psych rock with such precision and hypnotizing effect as local Chicago bros, Cave, do. Maybe we're biased (they are P-Rex label alums after all) but seriously if you dig anything experimental / krautrock / psych, you need to put "Threace" on yer turntable NOW.   Hey dudes, we're not going ramble on and on about how you need this album (we could, we really could), but we'll just say THIS ONE'S HUGELY RECOMMENDED and leave it at that!!!!!!!

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LP - High Speed And Afflicted Man - Get Stoned Ezy - Reissue - Import - $25.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH SHIT! "Get Stoned Ezy" is HERE. We are so stoked. As you might have guessed we are HUUUUGE Afflicted Man fans here at the shop (we reissued "I'm Off Me 'Ead" fer chrissakes!) and the very sight of 'Get Stoned Ezy' in our record racks has us doing backflips! Reissued with love from the heavies o'er at Guerssen Records - here's the low-down on this low-brow, psych-punk JAMMER:

"In 1982, the mysterious Steve Hall, a self- proclaimed hippie- punk who had previously released a couple of D.I.Y basement- punk albums with his band Afflicted Man, recorded one of the most obscure, underrated and KILLER heavy- psych albums of all time. Credited to High Speed and Afflicted Man, Get Stoned Ezy consists of three long tracks of late 60s / early 70s influenced psychedelic hard- rock. A fuzz- wah assault of epic proportions in the style of other guitar- damage Gods like Human Instinct, Wicked Lady, Hendrix, High Rise, Sabbath, Stooges, etc, all played with a real acid- punk attitude.

We present the first ever legit reissue of this lost masterpiece, licensed by Steve Hall.
Remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes by Chris Stigliano (Black To Comm) and rare pictures.

"High energy post- Stooges, wah- guitar brain- melt of the highest/lowest order. One of the great lost albums of the 80's. Fucking essential." 

Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo / Wooden Shjips) What is Steve Hall? He's the pinnacle of psych! Chris Stigliano (Forced Exposure / Black To Comm) Too freaked out for punks, too punked out for freaks, 'Get Stoned Ezy' is a bloodbath of pedal stomping carnage - Tom Lax (Siltblog)"

If the testimonial from Siltbreeze head-honcho Tom Lax isn't enuff for you, then TAKE IT FROM US - "Get Stoned Ezy" is one of the greatest (and misunderstood in it's time) psych-punk records EVER MADE.  Weird that by looking to the past, Steve Hall was too far ahead of his time for 1982! This is straight up Ron Asheton circa 'Funhouse'/Hendrix/Wino circa 'Obsessed' guitar scree! Hell "Sun Sun" (which occupies ALL of Side Two) could easily be mistaken for a Butthole Surfers outtake! IT'S JUST THAT GOOD.  WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? BUY THIS NOW. Hell, buy two 'cuz you're guaranteed to wear out your first copy! OG's of this bad-mutha are SCARCE, so don't count on finding one at as reasonable a price as this. RECOMMENDED times INFINITY.

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LP - J.T. IV - Cosmic Lightning - 2013 Repress - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

THIRD pressing of this now-classic collection of a true Chicago underground artist's musical maelstrom! JT IV "Cosmic Lightning"! Read the rumblings spewing forth from Galactic Zoo/Drag City the parties (again) responsible for making (cosmic) lightning strike for a third time:

"Like a flash, ‘Cosmic Lightning’ is back among us. The sounds of J.T. IV were barely heard to begin with, and the 2000 or so that the label made back in 2008 - 2009 didn’t sate the public appetite, so here we are again.

For the official third version of the album (the second Galactic Zoo Disks / Drag City pressing), further research from Robert Manis (the sonic voyager who brought us Death, as well as J.T. IV) has led to the cover artwork being changed and, additionally, the enclosed DVD contains the entirety of John Henry Timmis IV’s 1985 splatter-core opus, ‘Cannibal Orgy’. Additionally, a new insert has been created out of additional archival materials, including a brief excerpt from his as-yet unpublished memoir, ‘From The Inside’, and the cover sleeve for the ‘Cannibal Orgy’ VHS tape.
Timmis was a damaged young man who’d survived a fractured childhood and a period of institution during his teenaged years. After attending New Trier High School on Chicago’s North Shore, he hung around the big town and taught himself how to play guitar. Within a couple years, he’d adopted the name J.T. IV, under which he recorded and pressed a 7” single entitled ‘Waiting For The CTA’. The A-side was lifted wholesale from an early Velvets song, but infused with a new wildness in J.T. IV’s hands.

A couple of years after that, J.T. IV had a second single to offer, entitled ‘Destructo Rock’. Most of these records were given away in the hopes of attracting listeners to his very occasional shows, but nothing came of it, and few of these records have survived.  In the mid-80s, Timmis directed his energies towards the writing of his memoir and the production of ‘Cannibal Orgy’ before returning to rock with what would be his final 45, released under the name Frankenstein. A compilation of his recorded output soon followed, but the original ‘Cosmic Lightning’ LP was mastered in a higher pitch than the songs were originally recorded.
A film that the Guinness Book Of World Records regards as the longest in history (‘The Cure For Insomnia’) was produced in association with local multimedia artist Lee Groban, along with a pornographic film called ‘The Love Quest’. By 1988, Timmis was gone; moved to Ohio, never to be heard from again. He passed away in 2002, after a long struggle with drugs and alcohol.
John Timmis wasn’t a punk, but his music was clearly energized by the punk and glam movements - specifically Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, and David Bowie, of whose music he was a great fan. His approach to rock and roll was clearly coming from the outside; his extremely rare performances were self-promoting events, none like real rock shows, more along the lines of make-believe parties. He certainly wasn’t a part of any music community in Chicago, but he was a legend in his own mind, which is why his music is so unique, even after all the years. ‘Cosmic Lightning’ is just about all that’s left of the bolt of madness that was J.T. IV - and it rocks."

“Alien prince silk earworm glowing in the streets. The lost prophet returns! Pen and reel revealing the lost rock opera. J.T. IV the unsung rock god. The Midwest messiah. The sounds of warm honey and Quaaludes. Feeds all. No adult supervision required!” - Ty Segall

Even if you bought this COMPLETELY ESSENTIAL album when it was first issued a few years back, the addition of the 'Cannibal Orgy' dvd and the new collection of inserts makes us itching to buy this one. AGAIN.  Have you heard "Death Trip"? NO? Get this NOW and you can thank us later. RECOMMENDED!!!!

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LP - Todd Tamanend Clark - New Gods - Aardvark Through Zymurgy - Import - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

OUTSIDER ROCK / PRIVATE PRESS / PSYCH JUNKIES TAKE NOTE, cuz Burka For Everybody has just reissued the super obscuro, lysergic holy grail  "Aardvark Through Zymurgy" from Todd Tamanend's intergalactic rock band, New Gods.   The chances of seeing OG copy of this experimental rock gem are almost ZERO, so let's just say we're more than stoked to have this one in stock. 

"Future events project their shade back from the past. Todd Tamanend Clark released this record in 1977, in the middle of the punk explosion, totally against the stream. Clark, who had Indian blood, released a record where not only talent, but an overwhelming personality, collapse into an inter-dimensional event. This LP contains the sounds that would have recorded an hypothetical band starring Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin and Jim Steranko if they were fans of the Stooges, first synthesizer sounds, Pere Ubu, MC5, Syd Barrett and Sun Ra." - Burka For Everybody

Seriously we see lots of private press records get the reissue treatment these days and not every one lives up to hype (or the collectors' frenzy), but Todd Tamanend Clark's / New Gods' LP "Aardvark Through Zymurgy" more than does!!!!  None other than Julian Cope has ranted and raved about it's weirdo psych glory (, and his is an opinion we highly regard.   Parts of "Aardvark Through Zymurgy" feed off the psych rock impulses of Simply Saucer and early Hawkwind.  Other parts fall deep into the analog synth experiments of the kraut giants, Cluster and Harmonia.  And sometimes it's an all out prog/gloom/garage/avantgarde mashup unlike anything we've quite heard before (Count Five, King Crimson and Stockhausen at band practice together?).   But all of it done with a flying in the face of convention attitude benefitting the very PUNK year of '77 that Todd Tamanend Clark pressed this record up.  Fans of weirdo, outsider, psych and unruly rock from Michael Yonkers, Bil Vermette, Pink Fairies, Rocket From The Tombs, the Residents, the Gizmos, Silver Apples and George Brigman ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS ALBUM.  You thought those deadstock singles from Todd Tamanend Clark were killer?  Just wait til you hear the New Gods is their full on, mutant rock glory!!!!!   Don't sleep on yer chance to grab "Aardvark Through Zymurgy" cuz this repress is gonna sell out immediately (why only 300 copies?).  AND IT'S SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!!!  One of the best and strangest reissues of 2013 hands down!

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LP - Oscillation - From Tomorrow - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Shut the front door!  We collectively lost our shit over the last Oscillation record "Veils" and this new set of jams is pushing the dubbed kosmische majesty to even further reaches.  Get the skinny from All Time Low/Hands In The Dark Records who collabed to bring you these killer sounds:

"The Oscillation's third album ""From Tomorrow"" is an attempt to find some kind of new mental and spiritual zones, away from the psychological effects of the modern urban landscape, and the curious emptiness of the digital social world that we are forced to inhabit. The introversion of these bleak and unsettling conditions are reflected back as music with all the ambiguous emotions of hope, despair, aggression, indolence and narcoleptic bliss. These are the preconditions for the sonic world presented on ""From Tomorrow"". This is music that on one side has been chewed by the teeth of insanity and spat out into a strange landscape, whilst the other is basking in the warmth of a mysterious inner sun. This state of affairs if mirrored by the cover artwork which was created by film maker Julian Hand.  This dystopian psychobabble aside, it is perhaps fitting to reference the musical otherness of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the absurdist punk attitude of The Stranglers ('The Raven' and 'Men In Black' eras), the garage dementia of Helios Creed with the odd snarl of 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'."

"From Tomorrow" is top notch space rock done with ease and class.  A similar vibe to the more recent Lumerians releases coming out as of late but with The Oscillation's unique modern kosmische tones.  Sick rhythms, narrative guitar lines, delayed snare cracks and flanged to infinity space age goodness make up this latest offering from the Oscillation.  Stunningly Recommended.

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LP - Medico Doktor Vibes - Liter Thru Dorker Vibes - $26.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Companion Records unloads a KILLER reissue of one of the most elusive and legendary private press records known to man - the mindbending 'Medico Doktor Vibes' (a.k.a. Bill Russell) called "Liter Thru Dorker Vibes". PREPARE YOURSELVES. Hoo boy - read on:

"The first licensed reissue of Médico Doktor Vibes' mysterious Liter Thru Dorker Vibes LP from 1979 is now available. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to offer this singular recording. Five hundred exact repro copies were pressed at RTI with crisp, heavy, old-style tip-in jackets produced by Stoughton. Turns out these seven songs are Guyanese-American artist Bill Russell's only recordings. Bill had 100 vinyl copies pressed up in 1979 on his own Bi-Russell Records label, promoted it modestly and locally, and it went nowhere. Thirty-some years later, in a kind of message in a bottle-type scenario, one of those copies ended up at the Oakland Coliseum Flea Market and found its way into our hands. Inspired by army pals who were recording and releasing music without any label backing, Russell bought a Fender Telecaster and a Korg Mini and recorded Liter Thru Dorker Vibes in a makeshift home studio in South Central L.A. in just a few short sessions. When asked about his influences he insta-mentioned Santana and then added Hendrix, Sly Stone, Jobim, along with some New Orleans jazz stuff as well. For fun we'll go ahead and recommend this to any fan of Suicide, Cymande, Steve Reich, Nadi Qamar, Otis G. Johnson, Lord Invader, Bruce Haack, TJ Hustler, T-Rex, Heitkotter, Edward Larry Gordon, Madrigal, or The Mind Expanders."

WOW. Where to begin with this one? As the description says - picture the unholy union of Sly Stone, Timmy Thomas, Witch (the Zam-rock band), Jackie Mittoo, Bruce Haack, and Suicide with Bill Russell as some sort of musical Dr. Moreau, gene-splicing all these things which do not belong together into beautifully imperfect masterpieces. Yeah. No joke.  The second track sounds like it could be a Phil Cohran outtake! We're just stunned by this one... it's the kind of record you want to believe you'll uncover sifting thru a dirty flea market - that diamond in the wild just waiting to be found. Kudos to Companion for re-launching this one into our collective consciousness and back onto our turntables! RECOMMENDED? You betcha.

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2xLP - Body - Christs, Redeemers 2xLP - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The mighty Thrill Jockey Records unveils the latest from Portland-via-Providence devastators The Body and holy shit it is terrifyingly heavy and weird and wonderful.  Learn more from the fine minds over at Thrill Jockey:

 "It has been said by more than a few intrepid listeners that The Body is the most brutal band on the planet. With ravishing grimness and impenetrable walls of noise, the duo of Chip King and Lee Buford create music that goes beyond what is normally considered harsh and violent, advocating a doctrine of misanthropy to those brave enough to take the plunge. Since their recording career began in earnest in 2004, The Body has expanded the definition of what it means to be a metal band, incorporating elements of noise, avant-garde composition, and experimental electronic music into their crushing doom and searing black metal foundation. Christs, Redeemers, the duo’s latest transmission of loathing and revulsion, finds King and Buford pushing even further into the horrifying unknown.

Christs, Redeemers conjures this atmosphere of foreboding and isolation sonically, lyrically, and visually. The album opens with washes of sound and one forlorn voice penetrating the ether before launching into the brutal, ghostly dirge of “To Attempt Openness,” featuring frequent collaborators the Assembly of Light Choir. Unexpected bursts of noise, generated by guitars and electronics, puncture any sense of comfort or complacency and eerie samples float from the ether. King and Buford masterfully use the spectral space between the sounds to create almost unimaginable tension, employing silence as effectively as they do cacophony. This restraint, the knowledge of when to punish with volume and when to punish with the absence thereof, bestows the moments of fury with gravity.

King’s screams are the centerpiece of the band’s aesthetic: panic-stricken and distraught, constantly on the verge of breaking. His lyrics are no less unhinged. On the album’s colossal closer “Bearer of Bad Tidings,” he shrieks “Life worthless and devoid of any meaning…all the world a grave.” Buford’s drums act as both a stabilizer and instigator of the madness, at times pushing the proceedings further into oblivion and others providing a lifeline for the listener as the guitars and electronics deliberately push you toward the brink.
The album was recorded at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI, where The Body has recorded all previous album releases. During the recording process King and Buford play the double role of players and auteurs, bringing in a diverse group of collaborators, from the aformentioned Assembly of Light Choir to noise musician Work/Death and Ryan Seaton of Callers, to realize their hell scapes. They will be touring the US extensively in the fall."

The Body has been on a roll with masterful release after masterful release and "Christs, Redeemers" is yet another notch in their belt of experimental art damaged savage doom chaos and we here at Permanent Records can't get enough.  This monster is sure to make some year-end lists so you know it comes with our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

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LP - Velcro Lewis Group - Open The Sky - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Chicago's one and only Velcro Lewis Group returns on the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond label so open your ears to "Open The Sky" cuz this shiz is a true testimonial!  Get the full story directly from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond:

"Funk rock occultists, The Velcro Lewis Group bring the harmonies of Motown, the groove of Stax, the drugs of Hawkwind, and the drive of Bohannon to their own LSD-laced barbecue of sound.
Led by blind frontman, Velcro Lewis--along with 5-octave range singing drummer Hawk Colman, soul-injected guitarist Travers Gauntt, groove-hammering bassist Halden Spoonwood, and sonic menace Lawrence Peters on electric washboard and bass vocals--The Velcro Lewis Group seamlessly create ass-kicking future-funk rock n' roll. All aboard the spaceship Impala."

In a league all their own,Velcro Lewis Group's psychedelic gospel funk garage jams are spirit lifters and life affirming while always providing the freaky deaky booty shaking good times.  You bet yer ass that's electric washboard!!!  Wrap yourself in velvet, throw back a shot of yack and hop aboard this soul train cousin….   Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Heldon - Interface - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

AMAZING looking and sounding reissue of this classic album from Heldon (aka sonic auteur Richard Pinhas) entitled "Interface", reissued by our odds-on winner for reissue label of the year, Superior Viaduct! Read on:

"Richard Pinhas is an artistic iconoclast. A French intellectual as likely to collaborate with Magma as the radical philosopher Gilles Deleuze, Pinhas released seven albums under the Heldon moniker in the 1970s that flaunt the mastery of progressive rock and early electronics while still being thoroughly avant-garde. The genre-expanding innovation of his ’70s output is best encapsulated on Interface, the group’s sixth album (and second with the stripped-down trio featuring drummer Francois Auger and keyboardist Patrick Gauthier). Interface is a sonic tour de force where Heldon avoids every logical category vis-à-vis infinite climaxes and rhythmic explorations that sound impossibly futuristic. As with much of the Pinhas’ music from this period, Interface is heavily influenced by the guitar treatments of Robert Fripp (King Crimson), especially those in collaboration with Brian Eno. More experimental than virtuosic, Pinhas applies feedback and a jazz-like looseness to create otherworldly soundscapes. Interface is loud, dark and unrelenting with a maximal approach to minimalism that would go on to inform the cold wave scene in the late ’70s. Few recordings are as menacing, although certainly Miles Davis’ Dark Magus and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music come to mind. It is Heldon’s most crystalline work, building to the epic crescendo of the title track. Many fans consider this to be their masterpiece, but more importantly, Interface is a record that will continue to unfold for centuries to come."

Get ready for one of the most intense listens you will ever hear! PRex staffer Bill sez this album sounds like "an anxiety attack recorded to wax" and we're inclined to agree! "Interface" is unrelenting and completely RECOMMENDED. Plus it has a sexy lizard-lady on the front - WHOAH! Get this one STAT!

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2xLP - Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats - Mind Control  - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats' "Mind Control" gets a domestic release from the legendary Metal Blade Records!  Read on for the full scoop:

"Within the blood soaked grooves of Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats' third album Mind Control you will hear shocking tales of bizarre desert ceremonies, religious brainwashing and drug inspired mass slaughter. Imagine the original Alice Cooper band jamming in a cell with early Black Sabbath and the Stooges, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into their fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem. However, this enticing act of musical manipulation is merely the icing upon a very sick cake.

Mind Control is a concept album with a theme that makes the acts and intentions of the likes of Charles Manson and Jim Jones seem like petty crimes. What makes Mind Control scarier than most albums is that it doesn’t seem as sinister on the surface as it really is deep down, within the core of its black acid-drenched world of pain and torture.

There is no escaping the chained-to-the brain hooks and melodies of first single from the album, “Poison Apple,“ but this is merely a trailer for the real hellish delights to be bestowed upon the earth. The infectious energy surges and pulverizing grooves of “Mind Crawler,” tell the tale of a man on a mission who has fled from “Mount Abraxas” after mercilessly murdering all the members of his cult. He rides his motorcycle through the gates of hell and hijacks the weak minds of yet more foolish disciples to join him in his desert hideaway. This is when the real fun and terror truly begins.
Recorded at the legendary Chapel Studios over an autumnal full moon using the finest western electrical technology, engineer Jim Spencer (Bert Jansch, Robert Wyatt) has captured perfectly the bands live sound of saturated fuzz, mind-bending riffs and 60s vocal harmonies. A wider range of influences can be heard from both music and cinema, but their founding principle of presenting light and darkness still remains. Simple and ragged in all its low life glory, Mind Control is the ultimate expose of killer cult madness and mind manipulation.

This limited edition gatefold 2LP-set of Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats' Mind Control from Metal Blade Records is pressed on opaque red colored vinyl with printed insert. Limited to only 1000 copies!" - Metal Blade Records

If you dig 70's hesher rock a la Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Captain Beyond or any of the newer bands mining that vibe like Witchcraft, Ghost B.C., Graveyard, Dead Meadow or Electric Wizard than let go of your free will and let Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats indoctrinate you to the cult with "Mind Control".  Heavy fuzzed out jams that harken back to a sleazier, hairier time.  Heavily Recommended.

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LP - Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - Striiide - Import - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Great Pop Supplement's side-label 'Deep Distance' focuses on the more esoteric nature of their musical tastes and the latest release from Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura is pushing all sorts of envelopes over here! GPS has the low-down so pay attention:

"If previous volumes of the Deep Distance series of LPs thus far, zoned in on more electronic themed aspects of cosmic kraut goodness, then this next release takes the label way more out there into Amon Duul-esque freeform blow out territory.

“Striiide” is the 2nd full length from fire and brimstone Manchester free rock collective Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, following the killer debut set on Golden Lab Records which Foxy Digitalis dubbed “The essential British psych release of 2012” amongst a clutch of equally salivating reviews. Welcoming new players including Electrelane’s Ros Murray to the fold, “Striiide” sees the band exploring deeper into the realms of cacophonic ecstasy. The group wilfully eschews dynamics in favour of a relentless guitar army crescendo where the skies aren’t just scraped, they are ripped apart, forging a fast track conduit to the cosmos.

Created in one bombed, sweaty evening with all the spontaneity of a forest fire, the 2 side long jams hit like some call to arms to those for whom the term “psychedelic” has been pillaged and maltreated by an enemy that has no idea what it really means to GET HIGH.

A pressing of 300 only, pretty much nailed on to follow the labels’ previous output and sell out rapid style, and dressed in appropriately crazed revolutionary artwork courtesy of transrealist Science Fiction legend, author, mathematician, computer scientist and now painter; Rudy Rucker.
"...a more Japanese psych-worshipping Sunburned or even Acid Mothers Temple w/a heady ‘garage’ edge... collapsing universe rhythms barely supporting dazzling guitar ascensions that are somewhere between Matthew Bower’s classic Skullflower form and your favourite Dead C run-out groove. Excellent." David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

"Very gorgeous free rock improvs... in the style of Albany's Burnt Hills, but perhaps with a little less cheeb involved." Byron Coley and Thurston Moore, Bull Tongue, Arthur Magazine
"This is some of the most intense, not-giving-a-fuck, freestyle psychedelic rock put to tape this year. Just as Fungal Abyss was ruling the tape realm with their psylocybin behemoths in 2011, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura are ready to take over the wheel with their freight train of overdriven sound" Weed Temple"

'Striide' is definitely an intense listen - fits right in with yer Acid Mother's Temple freak-outs, yer Afflicted Man guitar odysseys and even cuts close to the driving free-form of High Rise's crumbling cacophany! WE LOVE IT! The two sidelong tracks don't let up, taking your ears on a trip, maaan. Get loose and throw this one on for a real cool time nawmean? RECOMMENDED, but we also recommend you act fast, 'cuz 300 copies is like a blink of an eye these days, you dig?

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LP - Vision Fortune - Night Jukes  - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The hot-as-shit Cardinal Fuzz label out of the UK has done the whole world a favor and pressed up Vision Fortune's cassette-only release "Night Jukes" onto wax (where it belongs!) - Cardinal Fuzz have peered into their crystal balls and have foretold the future, so read on:

"Hot on the heels of the recently sold out debut album—Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune, Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present the vinyl reissue of Night Jukes by VISION FORTUNE. Previously only available as a cassette only edition on the Italian Beach Babes label, Night Jukes gets a well deserved release onto vinyl. Vision Fortune can take a single idea and run with it, each track becoming a hypnotic meditation of repeato-rock discipline. Taking elements of raga, middle eastern vibes and kraut, Vision Fortune reprocess these into something altogether more ritualistic and uniquely woozy as they guide you through a feverish suite of exotic, undulating grooves. Presented in a reverse board sleeve and cut at 45rpm."

These guys are seriously on a roll! If you were fortunate enough to snag a copy of their OOP LP "Mas Fiestas con el Gruppo Vision Fortune" on Great Pop Supplement then you know what the score is - intense, hypnotic and repetitive grooves that ooze into your earholes like the sweatiest of peyote-fueled bad trips.  If these guys played on a bill with Cave, we think we'd probably lose our goddamn minds! Not sure how many of these are floating around and the Cardinal Fuzz stuff seems to come and go pretty quickly, so we'd recommend snagging this one ASAP before they disappear in a puff of hooka smoke! RECOMMENDED!

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LP - Primitive Motion - Worlds Floating By - Import - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The fine folks at Bedroom Suck Records adds another amazing title to its stunning catalog with "Worlds Floating By" by Brisbane act Primitive Motion and it's a doozy.  Get the full story directly from the label:

"Primitive Motion is the lovely finger-paint scrawl of Brisbane residents Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig. Together they conjure repetitive waves of dream/float pop using an array of cheap keyboards and machine-made beats woven with echo-drenched vocals, brass, wind instruments and off-kilter drumming. The music of Primitive Motion is suspended in time at the blissful confluence of kosmiche Kraut rock and post-punk DIY. Reset your clocks to Primitive Motion.
After releasing a string of 7s, cassettes and cdr-s on US label Soft Abuse, Australian cassette imprint A Guide to Saints, and Craig’s own Kindling label; Worlds Floating By is PM’s first long player."

Bedroom Suck Records has been filling up our shelves with amazing releases by acts like Bitch Prefect, Blank Realm, Kitchen's Floor, Boomgates, Per Purpose and Slug Guts  to name but a few.  And you best make some room for yet another amazing Bedroom Suck release cuz this new Primitive Motion lp is downright breathtaking.  Playing out like some sun drenched mixture of Peaking Lights, Beach House, Joy Division and New Order, Primitive Motion unleash one of most aptly titled albums we've heard in quite awhile.  "Worlds Floating By" is a spot on description of what one will find in these blissed out grooves.  Modern day kosmicshe that is both sparse and immediate while the tracks also being complete universes unto themselves giving the attentive listener many layers to explore a narcotic hypnotic beauty.  As perfect a soundtrack for a sunny cool breeze as it is the blackest of midnights.  It is also stupefyingly Recommended.