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Permanent Records Update 10.21.13

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2xLP - Earthless - From The Ages - $21.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YEEESSS!!!  P-Rex favorites Earthless have returned to our planet with this monster new communique' and we are beyond stoked!  The mighty Tee Pee Records had the fine fortune to unleash this double album of scorching space rock winners; we'll let them begin the guided journey that awaits:

" Award-winning San Diego power rock band EARTHLESS has completed work on its brand new album From the Ages.  The first new studio album from the globally celebrated trio since the release of 2007s critically acclaimed Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky, the LP was recorded in San Francisco with producer Phil Manley (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs, SubArachnoid Space).  An hour-long double LP, From the Ages will see an October 8 release date via Tee Pee Records.
Formed in 2001, EARTHLESS prides itself on creating energetic, utterly unique and free thinking instrumental music inspired by an eclectic mix of German krautrock and Japanese heavy blues-rock. The Californian trio has dedicated itself to mastery of the mind-bending jam session, evoking the spirits of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath in equal measure.  Named after a song title from vintage New York garage-psych band The Druids of Stonehenge, EARTHLESS‘ sound has been called “A sonic kaleidoscope of lava and lightning”, earning it the title of “California’s loudest band”.  The group delivers “one of the best live shows in all of modern, heavy rock,” leading to one reviewer stating that the band’s “epic shredding harkens back to the days were psychedelic rock had balls the size of grapefruits and wasn’t afraid to take its listeners on a ride for which they may never return.”
Each member of EARTHLESS has done time in many other bands. Drummer (and former pro skater) Mario Rubalcaba currently plays in the hardcore punk band OFF! and has also occupied the drum throne in Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes amongst many others. Bassist Mike Eginton played with Electric Nazarene and guitarist Isaiah Mitchell was most recently in Howlin’ Rain, has played with Nebula and Drunk Horse and also heads up the Bay Area band Golden Void.  In the end, EARTHLESS is the musical rock that grounds the three musicians and now, after more than half a decade since the release of their last studio LP, EARTHLESS has returned and is out to prove — through sheer rock power — why they are considered the cream of the modern day heavy psych scene. 

“We feel this is some of the strongest material that we have ever created and we cannot wait to get out there and share it with everyone in a live setting,” said the band when asked for comment.  From the Ages‘ sprawling, epic cover art was created by renowned rock music poster artist Alan Forbes (Queens of the Stone Age, SWANS, Black Crowes) while the record’s surreal inner design was brought to life by the band’s own Mike Eginton. "

We've been Earthless junkies here P-Rex HQ since "Sonic Prayer" dropped back in '05 and then they returned to sonically scalp us with the majesty that was 2007's "Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky" but holy hell we were not prepared for the enormity that is this new banger "From The Ages"!  Earthless offers up 4 side long tracks of pure wah-wah fuzz fried guitar splatter, mind bending drum patterns that are bursting with heavy hitting pummel and snake-bong bass grooves all coming together to create an epic listening experience.  Features killer cover art by Alan Forbes too!  "From The Ages" is sure to top some year end lists for sure and you know it comes with our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

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LP - Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue - La Musique Electronique Du Niger  - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

YES! We had this KILLER album from Mammane Sani when it was originally reissued a few months back. They sold out in the blink of an eye - before we could even get them into the update! Thankfully the fine, upstanding folks at Mississippi/Sahel Sounds have deemed this one worthy of a repress - read on:

"Extremely unusual organ solo performances from Niger recorded in 1978. Never before on vinyl.  Mammane Sani's unique style sounds somewhere close to a minimalist Krautrock record or maybe an undersea adventure soundtrack for a nature documentary.  We haven't heard anything from the African continent anything like this ever.  Real pleasant avante guarde music.  Liner notes in French by Chris Kirkley.  Beautiful printed locally hand made covers in the same style as Mississippi covers of the early days.  Limited one time edition of 500.  Co-release with Sahel Sounds."

This album is one of the rare slabs that really, truly entrances from the moment you drop the needle! Sparse, hypnotic & disarmingly alien sounding grooves - it's weird to hear African melodies & rhythms played thru an electronic instrument - particularly this early in the game. Sani utilizes the cold, processed & pre-programmed drum patterns to great effect - keeping it so simple that it almost sounds like a lost Sun Ra solo album or unheard album from the Sky Records discography. Just imagine if Suicide had it's origins in Nigeria instead of New York City - YEAH. Exactly. TRULY, truly jaw-dropping stuff. This bad-boy was limited to 300 copies originally & has now been repressed (in standard, printed LP jackets) in an edition of 1000 copies. That sounds like a lot, but TRUST US - you don't wanna miss out on this one. ESSENTIAL & RECOMMENDED LISTENING. Buy before you cry!

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LP - Fantastic Palace - Early Recordings/Hello The Mellow Man - $14.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

HOLD THE GODDAMN PHONE! This newly compiled reissue of two LONG OOP cassettes by New Jersey recording project Fantastic Palace is absolutely RULING the turntable right now!!! Mississippi/Social Music has blown our collective minds with this KILLER slab of circuit-fried, inner-space guitar odysseys! Grab yer oxygen tank & strap yerselves in - read the particulars courtesy of Yeti Mag co-editor & Missisippi cohort Mike McGonigal:

"Here we pair two early + very limited cassette releases of unexplainable instrumentals by FANTASTIC PALACE. It is utterly unique, and wonderful music! It sounds like happy time in the Chrome universe (or, conversely, like dark psychedelic soundtrack jams). To me, it's always sounded like circus music meets the Faust/ W├╝mme aesthetic. It totally would have been on the NWW list if it had been issued earlier. This stuff’s never been on vinyl before (though a later tape release by Ross, ‘Grandfather Paradox,’ garnered much acclaim when reissued last year). This is a joint release with Audio Dregs.
NOTE: Back in the early 1990s, I briefly had a record label with Shimmy Disc called See Eye. We only released a few things; the best was the Fantastic Palace side of the 'Chinny Chin Chin' record (which was culled from material that makes up side two of this LP). There was never any information released then as to who made these hypnotic four-track home recordings, but today we can reveal that it was all the work of noted visual artist Alexander Ross"

We had never heard these jams before this compilation & all we can say is HOLY HELL. Everything you hear on this album was recorded & performed by New Jersey native Alexander Ross who is absolutely blowing apart & reassembling the entire history of self-recorded guitar music.  There are moments here where we forgot we were listening to jams that are almost 30 years old - Ross' aesthetic is stuck out of time - we're simultaneously hearing Purling Hiss, King Blood, Boredoms, Chrome & the entirety of the Ralph & Clone Records discography. Dark, playful, cosmic & exhilarating! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE or you will be kicking yourself & scouring Ebay/Discogs to find the cheapest copy! It's THAT good.  Comes with a sweet 2-color insert too! COMEPLETELY backed 100% by the entire staff here at PRex - a KILLER record & contender for reissue of the year! RECOMMENDED.

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2xLP - Neo Boys - Sooner Or Later - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

At long last - the recordings of the holy grail of all Northwest punk bands finally see the light of day thanks to Mississippi & K Records! Calvin Johnson purportedly has been hunting these tapes down for the past 20 years! His detective work has paid off, as we now have this fantastic platter - check out the score on The Neo Boys here:

"At last! A comprehensive double LP featuring one of the most important bands of the Northwest punk scene - The Neo Boys.  Active for 5 years (1978 - 83) teenage sisters KT (bass) and Kim Kincaid (vocals), Pat Baum (drums) and guitarists Jennifer Labianco and Meg Hengtes created some of the most melodic, creative and daring punk music of the period and helped forge a place for women in the growing punk music scene.  Calvin Johnson has been working with band members to track down the missing tapes of their recordings through the rabbit hole of Northwest basements and closets, and after 20 years of effort, the results are this LP.  These recording span from 1977 - 1982, including the long out of print 1980 7" EP (released on Trap Records) and 1982 self released EP "Crumbling myths". Sooner or later also contains many early demos and live sessions that have never been released until now.  Includes liner notes.  A must for fans of the Wipers, Slits, Raincoats and Dead Moon."

CRAZY good tunes spanning the course of 2 LPs worth o' wax! The Neo Boys are riding that same line as many of their contemporaries like The Slits or Kleenex/Liliput, but tinted with the darker, ragged nihilism of the Northwest punk scene (Wipers/The Rats/Poison Idea). These ladies were elemental to the scene in the early Seventies, & in their short existence they laid the groundwork for that scene's female punk progeny by just setting up, playing & kicking ass. No songs about boys, no pretense, intelligent lyrics - these girls could play. The songs rule too, holding their own against the heavies of the day, so kudos to Calvin Johnson for sticking to his guns & getting this out there.  This 2xLP collection contains their single & EP plus a treasure trove of unheard demos & live tracks! ESSENTIAL for fans of the Great Northwest's punk scene, but a KILLER missing piece of the puzzle for American punk rock in general! RECOMMENDED!!!

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LP - Alvarius B - Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On - $23.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The legendary Abduction label scuttles out of their hole to plop Alvarius B's " Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On" lp on the unassuming masses and here's what they have to say on the matter:

"The album title pretty much says it all. A brain-splattered document of pre-Sun City Girls weirdness by Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop) from 1981-1983, consisting of raw, live and unfiltered home recordings on acoustic and electric guitar with effects, vocals, flute, harmonica, and other miscellaneous odd instruments. Extremely limited one-time pressing of 400 LP copies. "

"Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On" is 26 tacks of outsider alien blues and dain-bramaged acoustic strangulations by Alvarius B aka Alan Bishop of the unlike-any-others Sun City Girls.  These tracks blaze a mangled trail all their own and hint at the acid drenched ethno-freakery that the SCG was soon to unleash.  As with all things Abduction related this one comes as a one-time pressing of 400 so act fast amigos!  Supremely Recommended.

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LP - Musiccargo - Harmonie - Import - $22.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Calling all fans of Krautrock both old and new!  The Emotional Response label has released a doozy of an album by Dusseldorf's Musiccargo so listen up as the label fills in the gaps for ya:

"Emotional Response is delighted to release our second album of the year, with Dusseldorf duo Musiccargo’s beautiful masterpiece, Harmonie.

As one of the bands that inspired the creation of Emotional Response, this project has been literally years coming to fruition.    However, crafting an album of such delicate and heartfelt musicianship cannot be rushed, so to now have them on the roster is fitting.

With just 3 releases over an 8 year period this elusive duo are certainly in no hurry.    Their cult debut album, Hand In Hand, was so scarce outside of their native Dusseldorf, let alone Germany, personally imported copies were the only way to delve in to their contribution to their Cities musical cannon.

This sophomore album takes the Krautrock sound of their forebears, Neu!, La Dusseldorf, Cluster and Harmonia and welds it in to a modern cohesive whole.     A series of songs that play as a single piece rather than as individual tracks.   No crass concept album though, this is love of the craft of making music, the use of live instrumentation and of the studio as a central instrument, to create a pure sound they term “Adult Kraut”.

Like their friends and peers, Kreidler and Land of Light, there is no one defining piece, no hit, just an overall feeling, vibe, whatever you want to name it.    Take a trip in Harmonie."

If Berlin's Camera are the guerilla upstarts of modern Krautrock then Musiccargo are the tranquil more laid back revolutionaries quietly honing their craft tucked away in seclusion mastering studio techniques and fine tuning delicate motorik soundscapes.  Musiccargo take the template set by Neu! and Cluster and the gang and mold a sound that is all their own while touching on classic tropes along the journey.  With a hypnotic pulse, chirping birds, bristling guitars and breathy voices mingling in the ether Musiccargo's "Harmonie" is a fine clutch of tracks from beginning to end.  Soothing and intoxicating, engrossing and Recommended.

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2xLP - John Harrison / George Romero - Day Of The Dead OST  - $36.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

With all the amazing horror movie soundtracks getting remastered and reissued as of late and the fact the legendary Goblin just did its first US tour in 2013 we are freaking overjoyed to get this beefed up version of the Day Of The Dead soundtrack from the fine folks at Wax Works.  We're gonna let the Wax Works people fill you in on all the goodies inside this package:

"This release features, for the first time ever, every musical cue used in the film (over an hour’s worth of music). Our source material for this release were the original 1985 master tapes. The tapes were restored and re-mixed by composer John Harrison (Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, Tales From The Darkside) and mixing engineer Michael Farrow (music scoring engineer of The Big Lebowski, Cabin Fever, Hostel, Halloween, Where The Wild Things Are). The score was then re-mastered for vinyl by former White Zombie guitarist, J. Yuenger.

Day Of The Dead will be a 180 gram 2xLP limited release on Cream Yellow Marble vinyl (Sides A & B) and Military Green Marble vinyl (Sides C & D). All housed in a heavyweight old-school tip-on matte varnish gatefold jacket with spot UV gloss finish. 180 gram yellow amd green vinyl with a 11x22 poster."

"Day Of The Dead" was the third installment of George Romero's Dead Trilogy and this soundtrack and collection of musical cues has been put together with loving care and a keen eye to detail.  Pulsing synths, rhythmic bass bounce and glorious '80s electronic production gives these pieces all the subtly, dread and impending doom that only adds another layer to a classic horror movie.  For all of you diggin' the current crop of soundtrack-to-movies-that-don't-exist a la Umberto or Ensemble Economique and classic soundtrack composers like John Carpenter or Bernard Herrmann then cop this deluxe edition of "Day Of The Dead" and don't forget… AIM FOR THE HEAD!  Recommended.

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LP - Various Artists - Ghouls Night Out Vol 1 - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

GET READY TO RnR HALLOWEEN STYLE with "Ghouls Night Out Volume 1"!!!!!!!!  Jammed packed with 12 obscuro 50s/60s rock n roll hits sure to send chills down yer spine, this comp is just what you Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Sin Alley, and Desperate Rock n Roll junkies, like us, need this October.  Released by Simpletone Records and pressed up for maximum scariness in "Dying Stereo," Ghouls Night Out is sure to kickstart yer Halloween Party and keep everyone dancing and drinking all night long!!!!  Who doesn't need songs about zombies, werewolves, monsters, vampires and mummies to crank up all the way!  No need to hire a DJ with a comp this killer, and we mean killer!!!!  "Ghouls Night Out Vol. 1" is super limited and like the candy left over from treat or treating won't last long.  Don't miss out, cuz it's SCARILY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!  Need convincing, just check out the awesome tracklist below -

Gary "Spider" Web* –The Cave (Part 1)
Scotty Macgregor And His Spooks –I'm A Monster
Dick St. John With The Don Ralke Orchestra –Boogie Man (I Ain't Afraid Of You)
Vampire's Ball –Mann Drake
Thunderbirds, The (2) –Summertime
Gary "Spider" Web* –The Cave (Part 2)
Bobby Please And The Pleasers –The Monster
Playboys, The (18) –Whatizit ?
Carl Bonafede –Werewolf
Curtis And The Creepers –The Thing (Part 1)
Bent Bolt And The Nuts –The Mechanical Man
Executioners, The (2) –The Guillotine" - Simpletone Records

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LP - Various Artists - Ghouls Night Out Vol 2 - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

GET READY TO RnR HALLOWEEN STYLE with "Ghouls Night Out Volume 2"!!!!!!!!  Even more jammed packed than Volume 1 with 14 bangin' obscuro 50s/60s rock n roll hits sure to send chills down yer spine, this comp is just what you Crypt and Norton Records junkies, like us, need this fall.  Released by Simpletone Records and pressed up for maximum scariness in "Dying Stereo," Ghouls Night Out is sure to kickstart yer Halloween Party and keep everyone doing the monster mash all night long!!!!  Who doesn't need songs about zombies, werewolves, graveyards, vampires and boogiemen to crank up all the way!   Fuck YES!!!  "Ghouls Night Out Vol. 2" is super limited and like the candy left over from treat or treating won't last long.  Don't miss out, cuz it's SCARILY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!  Need convincing, just check out the killer tracklist below -

Caiola –Experiment In Terror                                    
Eastsiders, The –The Mummy Monkey                                    
Bily Snel –Queen Of Halloween                                    
Billy Demarco –Dracs Back                                    
Jimmy Dee (8) –Monster Hop                                    
Billy Riley* –Nightmare Mash                                    
Daringers, The –The Morgus Creep                                    
Lord Dent And His Invaders –Wolf Call                                    
Sonny Daye –Creature From Outer Space                                    
Al Elias –King Kong                                    
Hollywood Flames* –Frankensteins Den                                    
Savoys, The –Mortal Monster Man                                    
Joe Johnson (5) –Gila Monster                                    
Phantom Five, The –Graveyard" - Simpletone Records

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LP - Various Artists - Psychedelic Unknowns Vol 11 - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We're not sure where the first ten volumes of this comp went, but Volume 11 is melting our brains! Packed to the gills with Psych-heavies (for those who are paying attention) like Hamilton Streetcar, Jake Holmes & American Zoo - hell, the whole damn thing starts off with "Satori" from Flower Travellin' Band (listed here as "The Flower Travelling Band") possibly one of the most incendiary slices of heavy psych ever cut to tape! It's not all "raining hellfire" though - many of the cuts edge more towards the pop-psych or mod-tinged psych realm. The whole shebang closes with an absolutely AMAZING cut from 'Pinocchio & His Puppets' entitled "Fusion" that crams a tsunami's worth of guitar scree into 3.5 minutes! We can dig it! We love these kindsa comps, 'cuz there's invariably a few tracks that are deeper cuts that we'd venture to dig for - AMAZING. Not sure how long these'll stick around on wax, so don't miss your chance to jam this mutha! RECOMMENDED!

Side 1
1 The Flower Travelling Band - Satori (Enlightenment)
2 Jake Holmes - Leaves Never Break
3 The Scoundrels - Come Home With Me
4 The Music Fair - Councilman Jones
5 Children Of The Mushroom - You Can't Erase A Mirror
6 Things To Come - Come Alive
7 Iota - Within These Precincts
Side 2
1 Children Of The Mushroom - August Mademoiselle
2 Pleasure - Don't Take The Night Away
3 Preston - This World Is Closing In On Me
4 Hamilton Streetcar - Flash
5 The Glass Family - Guess I'll Let You Go
6 American Zoo - Mr. Brotherhood
7 Pinocchio & His Puppets - Fusion

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LP - Melvins - Live At Third Man Records - $12.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We grabbed a stack of the Melvins devastating live set at Third Man Records; get the full story directly from Third Man:

"Recorded Direct-To-Acetate by the double-drummer quartet on May 30th, 2013 in our Blue Room, this show shook pictures off the walls of Third Man headquarters and had the crowd begging for two things: a pair of earplugs, and for the night to never end. Buy it and spin at maximum volume to experience for yourself..."

Unhinged double drummer lunacy from the legendary Melvins is what one will find on "Live At Third Man Records" as well as another fine addition to any Melvins vinyl collection.  Act fast hombres!  Recommended.