Monday, June 23, 2014

Permanent Records Update 6.23.14

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LP - Parka Bruthuz UK - ^H - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We've been blowin' through those Pentaject Corporation LPs lately and since we got them directly from the band it's no surprise really that those folks hipped us to this mysterious Chicago duo that features a member of Pentaject. 

Parka Bruthuz is a collaborative effort between two individuals with wildly exciting musical tastes.  This music is utterly unique; totally far-out weirdness while simultaneously super catchy.  Strange synth-pop fuses with psyched out guitar effects, pulsing beats, sexy bass lines, looped oddities and some eerie almost whispered vocals to create some truly original sounds.   Circuit bent electro industrial funk that is lush, hypnotic and cool as a cucumber!

It's really hard to compare Parka Bruthuz to other groups but if you dig stuff like Can, Bowie/Eno years, ONO, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cheveu, Gonjasufi, Smalts or Residents/Ralph Records then you should definitely check out Parka Bruthuz pronto.  Some truly fried weirdo outsider tunes for the strangest of trips.  "^H" is Parka Bruthuz second album originally released in 2010.  Massively Recommended.

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LP - Dentists - Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now (Black vinyl) - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Holy Cow!  The lovely ones over at Trouble In Mind have gone and reissued a loooooong overdue U.K. pop masterpiece.  Get the full story direct from the label babes:

"Trouble In Mind is honored to be reissuing this remastered version of U.K. band The Dentists’ debut album from 1985, “Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now” - available for the first time on vinyl since its original issue!
The Dentists emerged from the infamous “Medway” scene that had already spawned The Prisoners and Billy Childish’s band, The Milkshakes - whose raw sound and stage craft played a crucial role in molding the band’s ferocity.
The Dentists set themselves apart early on, not content with only drawing upon the sixties for inspiration, they looked to current bands like The Smiths and R.E.M. as kindered congwriting spirits, but as guitarist Bob Collin’s says, ”we thought they were getting the sound all wrong”. After releasing their debut single in 1985, the band quickly followed it up with this stunner of a long-player, fusing the aggression of British post-punk with the burgeoning jangle of the eighties underground rock scene and the band’s core, paisley-tinted influences of The Beatles, Love and The Byrds.
This 2013 edition of “Some People Are On The Pitch...” has been lovingly remastered from the original tapes by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service and pressed onto 150gm vinyl and housed in a near-faithful re-creation of the original jacket. Long live The Dentists!"

Brush-brush-brush… brush-brush-brush…ggrrrrr MAD DOG!  Hee Hee!!!  Around every turn the Trouble in Mind label continues to blow our collective minds here and this new reissue of the Dentists debut is yet further proof of the quality TiM is sportin'.  This remastered edition is the first domestic pressing ever and the first time it's been in print on vinyl since its original release in 1985!  They've hand delivered this amazing reissue for a whole new generation of listeners and for that we thank them wholeheartedly!  Our bottom libbups are in our labbups! Recommended three times a day along with flossing!

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LP - Frantix - My Dads A Fuckin Alcoholic - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Incredibly SWEET and absolutely necessary anthology of Denver, Colorado punk pioneers Frantix recorded output! Alternative Tentacles have done the world a favor by collecting the tunes here, so crack a sixer and kick back a pint of what AT's pouring:

"Aurora’s Frantix transfixed the early 1980s Colorado punk scene with their unique sound and chaotic live show, releasing just two 7-inch EPs before evolving into the equally renowned grunge band The Fluid, Sub Pop’s first non-Seattle signing who helped lead the label’s grunge invasion of the mainstream. The group’s complete recorded works—both EPs plus rare, unreleased and great-sounding demo and live material—are collected here, most tracks appearing on vinyl for the first time ever. Though many people mistakenly believe that Mudhoney’s well-known version of “My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic” is an original, this is the true KBD classic! The mix of Ricky Kulwicki’s unstoppable, lava-flow guitar, Matt Bischoff’s droning, carpet-bombing bass, Davey Stewart’s train-wreck drums, and Marc Deaton’s teenage-zombie vocals is downright legendary. Frantix were never just hardcore, and one can hear it on their very first recordings from 1980: beneath the songs’ amphetamine stutter and sonic tachycardia are strands of rock ’n’ roll DNA belonging to Johnny Thunders and Keith Richards. “Dancin’ to Punk” and “FM Ear” are smeared with lipstick traces of the Modern Lovers. The classic “My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic,” equal parts Black Flag and Flipper with a touch of the New York Dolls, sports a simple but unforgettable bass riff and sing-along chorus and was a local favorite that grew to national underground prominence after its original release. Frantix shared the stage with national acts and punk legends like Black Flag, TSOL, Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys." - Alternative Tentacles

Most will know their KBD Vol. 6 "hit" 'My Dad's a Fuckin' Alcoholic', but the remainder of the tunes are worth a listen or twelve! Earworms like "FM Ear", "Dancin' To Punk" and "My Dad's Dead" (lotsa daddy issues in play here - ha!) will stick in your brainhole for weeks after! Given Denver's proximity to California, it's no surprise to hear the influence of Seventies/Eighties San Fran and Los Angeles punk on the band's sound, with echoes of Flipper, Black Flag, The Weirdos, The Dicks (Cali-version) all rearing their heads; damaged, feral and ugly.

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LP - Radar Men From The Moon - Strange Wave Galore - Import - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Netherlandish spacerockonauts have returned in their silver machine with another brilliant batch of sonic assaults.  Once again brought to you by the fine folks at Fuzz Club Records, Radar Men From The Moon unleash seven cuts of searing cosmic heaviness on "Strange Wave Galore" and we have been spinning it non-stop round the shops.  We were over the moon for Radar Men From The Moon's "Echo Forever" and now they've upped their game and return to the fold with another killer album of instrumental space rock insanity.  Blazing guitars, burly bass tones, spiraling electronics all held together by a pusling motorik beat makes for a thrilling journey to the outer reaches of furthest galaxies to say the least.  So paddle out and hop on board the "Strange Wave Galore"; you'll be glad you did.  If you dig the far out sounds of White Hills, Cave, Hawkwind, Telescopes, Oneida and Mugstar then grab a copy of "Strange Wave Galore" pronto!  Pressed up on beautiful black and white splattered wax and ready to blast off these are sure to be gone very very quickly so get to the gettin'.  Savagely Recommended.

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LP - Robert Turman - Three Parts - Import - $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

The Cejero Records folks have pressed up a beauty of a release with this never before available material from P-Rex fave Robert Turman.  Here's what the label is supplying:

“Now the previously unreleased material recorded in El Cajon, California, 1991 is ready for release via Denmark’s Cejero. The three pieces are among Turman’s most hypnotic and sparse recordings. Layers of mystical tones wind in and out of each other in off-center patterns, creating a simple, yet spatial and truly unique atmosphere. No one but Robert Turman could have created this music.” – Cejero

We lost our minds over previous Turman release "Way Down" reissued by both Dais and Burka For Everybody and now to get another installment of Robert Turman's unique minimal synth workings is a total joy round these parts.  "Three Parts" is just that, three tracks titled only by the time of their duration that slither and glide into ethereal dark washes of intertwining harmonic hypnosis.  And although all tracks are beatless, they still flutter and pulse with churning repetitive rhythms supplied by arpeggiating overlapping keywork while laser-like drones quibble overtop.  Any and all fans of Bitchin Bajas, Terry Riley, Klaus Schulze, Chris Carter and Cabaret Voltaire take notice!  Super Recommended.

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LP - Tobacco - Ultima II Massage - Yellow Vinyl 2xLP - $17.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Ghostly International welcomes Tobacco back to the fold with "Ultima II Massage" and here's what their saying about this special occasion:

"On his third album, TOBACCO, the Pennsylvania snake-synth-charmer deepens his approach to aural depravity. At 17 tracks, Ultima is stacked with beautifully perverse hits - from the sickly sticky Eruption, to the wobbly demon swaggerer Face Breakout, to the distorted punk spazz of Dipsmack, to the apocalyptic sepia ambience of Spitlord. You may hear disembodied bits of Boards of Canada, early Def Jam records, and Gary Numan, or maybe just public-access TV and bad VHS dubs of '80s horror flicks. Or the sun exploding and everything you've ever loved melting.
"This might be my most purposely difficult album yet," he says, "but I promise if you let it in, it can fuck you up."
Ultima II Massage. No happy ending."

It's been a hot minute since Tobacco last tweaked our brain his signature weirdness and "Ultima II Massage" shows that he's lost none of his patentedly unique je ne sais quoi.  These 17 tracks are 45 minutes of digital smears, video game glitch dance party, vocoder invocations, scotch guard huff fest and given the chance this album will permanently alter yer dome.  Do It!

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LP - Gas Rag - Beats Off - $13.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Beach Impediment Records wrangled the unruly beasts in Gas Rag into recording a full length, named "Beats Off" and if you blink you might just miss it.  So read on:

"The anarcho-prostitutes of Chicago's GAS RAG return with the "BEATS OFF" LP, featuring 11 more tracks of the hardcore punk that you dingles have come to know them for. Following up the "HUMAN RIGHTS" EP (and their demo "Six Track EP") that lit up all the interwebs and print media rags with a plethora of praise and hate from all kinds of bloggers, "music journalists," and other assorted dimwits; the gang is back with their first 12" that continues to pay homage to their Midwestern homeland whilst sending warm regards to the distant land of Scandinavia all the while churning out a special brand of aggressive rock. This is a platter full of frantic yet tasteful riffs, a savage vocal delivery, and professionally executed pre-teen drumming - producing an end result that will inevitably aid in the listener's self destructive course of choice. Try not to freak the fuck out."

"Beats Off" is one frantic / violent slab of crust / d beat inspired lightspeed punk mayhem, packing 11 songs in under 11 minutes.   Which seems like more of an EP, but we sure don't wanna quibble with these guys.  After all we'll probably just flip this one at least three times every listen.  Fans of local punks, Culo and Sea Of Shit, as well as Profane Existence / Maximum RnR junkies, and those into hardcore punk, powerviolence and thrashcore need some Gas Rag now.  This shit is sick, extremely brutal and WAY FUCKING RECOMMEDED!!!!!!!!  Just don't buy this lp for yer mom!

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LP - Dark Matter - Dark Matter - $15.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

BRAND NEW album from New Zealand scene veteran (and former member of The Terminals, Victor Dimisich Band & Vacuum) Stephen Cogle! Released on long-time NZ-flag bearer Siltbreeze Records - heed the words of LAX:

"Hold the tidings, reconnoiterers. This is a new set of songs from Stephen Cogle of Vacuum, The Victor Dimisich Band and The Terminals. Dark Matter stands with contemporaries The Renderers and The Puddle in exemplifying a “late” style of New Zealand post-punk—more concrete, more distilled.
Cogle’s vocal flourish stills reminds one of Roxy Music—a band that, recall, is only ten years older than Cogle’s earliest projects. The continued relevance of an ensemble like Dark Matter over Roxy Music can only be attributed to the richness of the musical moment that birthed it. Trusted names like Cogle, John Christoffels, John Billows, Joanne Billesdon, Nicole Moffat and Michael Daly continue into the 21st century in new combinations with new aspects to notice. But more than just an update on the Christchurch Sound, Dark Matter plays with punk nostalgia to craft an overwhelmingly romantic (with a lowercase r) pop record.
Too cat-like to be reflective, totally immersed in the garage rock impetus, their flat, gothic psychedelia is equal parts Chills, Television Personalities and Scientists, with the intimacy of Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos or Small World Experience. With a breadth of material fitting to the subject of “getting older,” Dark Matter is perhaps the most finessed document of Cogle’s vision yet."

While we hesitate to call this a more "mature" outing than The Terminals or Victor Dimisich Band, as both were from a more learned or "intellectual" perspective (at least lyrically), but there's definitely an air of stately reserve about this self-titled affair. The Roxy Music comparison is apt, particularly in Cogle's vocal delivery, but many of the songs jangle & sway heavy in the air like those mid-tempo Roxy burners.  We're diggin it hard. It's on Siltbreeze, so it's pretty much a no-brainer that you need this. RECOMMENDED to the maxxx.

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7in - Neil Norman - Phaser Laser b/w With You My Love - Original Stock - $9.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Garage and mutant rock junkies take note cuz we've scored ANOTHER KILLER BATCH OF ORIGINAL DEADSTOCK SINGLES, this time from LA's Neil Norman.  And trust us yer gonna need to grab both "Phaser Laser b/w With You My Love" and "Wild Boys b/w Tits From Mars" ASAP.   But for a little backstory of Mr Norman, Pure Pop UK has us covered -
"The son of GNP Crescendo founder, Gene Norman, Neil was given proverbial free reign over the empire that Pushin’ Too Hard built. And what’s the first thing he goes and does, but pal & partner up with Kim Fowley! Boy oh boy…kids today!
After recording his first single, Phaser Laser, an epic of damaged Alice Cooper rock/horror and suggested violence, Neil decided to give the king of Canter’s Deli a try at penning some tunes. As always, Kim wrote about what he knew. Fresh off the heels of recording as Jimmy Jukebox, Kim fired back with ‘Wild Boys’ - a fairly typical, Fowley-esque, grope-trope of perpetually erect males wreaking havoc across a vulnerable, all-female city-scape that is rocketed to the stratosphere via Neil’s fine, Punky, lead fuzz break.
And it’s in the upper atmosphere we stay for the instrumental b-side, Tits From Mars. Stinking all over of residual Barrett fumes or possibly presaging the coming of Simply Saucer, ‘Tits’ is an oppressive, Mandrax messterpiece. Instellar Overdive’ meets The Nazz Are Blue according to one learned scholar of such things." -

"Phaser Laser" just might be that missing link between Sky Saxon's unruly band of Seeds and Alice Cooper's glammed out damage.  Equal parts art bent garage and scuzzy Sunset trash rock, fans of Simply Saucer, Chocolate Watch Band, Electric Prunes and George Brigman and the like need to start getting stoked now.  We didn't even know this single existed til we got our hands on some.  "Phaser Laser" got comped on "Sklash- Rare Tracks From The Psychedelic Area" in the early 80s, but that is the one and only time these tracks have ever popped up.  And we certainly don't know why, cuz both songs on this 45 are early LA psych / proto punk rippers!!!! These songs shoulda made Neil Norman a household name, but at least now you can grab a NEW copy of this way hard to find single.  Don't sleep on it.  RECOMMENDED LIKE A MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!