Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Permanent Records Update 7.1.14

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LP - Jack Ruby - Jack Ruby - $19.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

FINALLY legendary and mysterious no-wave art punks Jack Ruby get their full length debut on wax after three decades of virtually being forgotten thanks to Feeding Tube Records!!!!!  We're jumping for joy and so is Byron Coley, so let's get the story straight from the source -

"Back when Thurston and I were working on our book about the New York No Wave scene, a key mystery we hoped to unravel was the one surrounding the band Jack Ruby. I knew George Scott had been in the band, along with Chris Gray, but we were never able to nail down any hard info. Lydia Lunch and Rudolph Grey both had blazing memories of their weirdness, originality and power, but no one could turn up anything solid. Time passed, the book came out and -- chuffed by the fact we'd name-checked the band in the book -- some of the participants began to emerge. Weasel Walter got his hands on a great tape of material which he released on CD (most of which is reprised here), and bits and pieces of the band's story continued to roll out. They'd actually formed in 1973 with Boris Policeband on electric viola and Randy Cohen on Serge synthesizer. The two pretty much constant members were guitarist Gray and singer Robin Hall. They'd done a demo for Epic. The original band never played live, etc., kind of crazy. Then a batch of old tapes was found in Pennsylvania. We sent them to Don Fleming who transferred and catalogued them for us, and we were totally blown away by what he was uncovering. 'Hit and Run' and 'Mayonnaise' are the original line-up recorded in a small Times Square Studio. Boris left after that and they recorded the Epic session as a trio. That's 'Bored Stiff,' 'Bad Teeth,' and 'Sleep Cure.' The other songs were recorded by the later, performing version of the band with Chris and George and another (all but anonymous) person or two. They played five live shows, featuring crawling dolls, buzzing dildos and the cracked Rocket From The Tombs sort of sound they'd evolved. The last one was in November '77 at Max's with Vivienne Dick's then-boyfriend, Stephen Barth on vocals. And the shit may be lo-fi at times, but it is genuinely fucked and a real pleasure to hear nonetheless." --Byron Coley; Edition of 600. Includes download code with purchase. Volume Two coming soon." - Feeding Tube Records

WOW, talk about a band ahead of its time.  Jack Ruby borrowed the feedback damage from the Velvets, started fucking up RnR around the same time (and the same ways) as Electric Eels, X_X and Rocket From The Tombs, brought synthesizers into punk before the Screamers and was creating/destroying the "no wave" sound of DNA / Mars before most of the kids even discovered their first Ramones lp.  UgExplode Records did issue a comp cd before, and Saturday Records did issue a "Hit And Run" single a few years ago, but "Jack Ruby" is the definitive statement from this noise caked destructo, running-off-the-rails band of NYC misfits.   Songs like "Bored Stiff" "Bad Teeth" "Mayonnaise" and of course "Hit And Run" were life changing anthems for those few people who heard them live back in the 70s, and those fans count as some of the most important musicians in the late 70s/early 80s art rock / punk scenes.   And well now they can be yer anti-rock anthems too.  FURIOUSLY RECOMMENED!!!!!!  And super limited.  No sleeping!!!!!!!

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LP - Colored Balls - Heavy Metal Kid - Reissue - $24.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

After the BLAZING HOT reissue of "Ball Power" that Sing Sing unleashed unto the world in 2012, we're treated to YET ANOTHER taste of of Aussie proto-punk, heavy rocker Lobby Lloyde's genius, this time courtesy of Aussie label Desperate Records! They're Desperate - get used to it… and read on!:

"1974’s Heavy Metal Kid is a true proto-punk slab of dynamite, right up there with similar recordings by the likes of the MC5 and the Pink Fairies. Featuring a mix of growling punkers (the title track, 'Private Eye'), '50s rockers (a cover of '(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care,' 'Need Your Love'), hi-energy boogie ('Do It', 'Dance To The Music'), cosmic rock ('Back To You,' 'Metal Feathers') and even a ballad in there, it's an eclectic mix held together by its outlaw sense of purpose. Along with , Ball Power, Heavy Metal Kid is THEE sound of the great Sharpie stomp of 1970s Melbourne. This edition on Desperate is fully licensed from LOBBY LLOYDE’s estate, expertly remastered by Aztec Records' GIL MATTHEWS from the original tapes (it sounds amazing) and comes housed in an exact replica of the original gatefold sleeve with a heavy-duty tip-on cover, as well as an insert with lyrics and decorative obi strip. It's pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl. In other words: this limited edition is the one to get."

YESSSSSSSSIRREE! "Heavy Metal Kid" is a bodacious slab of wax, fusing 50's style R'n'R, hard rock, blazing proto-punk & heady psych-jamming as well as some seriously killer guitar strangling from Mr. Lloyde himself! "Heavy Metal Kid" is a more varied & lush affair than 'Ball Power' with Lloyde & Co. sounding more akin to The Deviants or early Alice Cooper at times, letting the songs stretch outside the box a bit (more conceptual?) with weirder arrangements, strings & even a kid's choir! This album is a beast & you need it in your life RIGHT NOW. Don't hesitate - get this one now before it disappears! This reissue is a killer version too - pressed up on luscious 180gm vinyl & housed in a gorgeous tip-on gatefold jacket & includes an insert! RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LP - Pentaject Corporation - Pentaject Has A Better Way - $11.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

We scored a very small batch of this ultra-limited reissue of one of the more obscure early 80's Chicago post-punk/outsider acts Pentaject Corporation.  This was originally released in 1981 and the band has now repressed in an edition of 100.  After the break up of a group called The Bugs, Bob Brink and John Nelles founded Pentaject Corporation, named after Brink's fathers company of the same name.  Lyrical content was inspired by the company's business of rubber injection molding and the tunes consist of lo-fi recordings of guitar, drums and echoed vocals.  We're hearing hints of Ralph Records leanings, UK DIY cassette culture vibes, some Hardcore Devo, Urinals, 100 Flowers, Flying Lizards,  Electric Eels, deconstructed experimental r'n'r and some truly original sounds made from a duo that seemed to work in isolation.  The tracks are skeletal, angular, herky jerky and idiosyncratic oddities about rubber and rubber manufacturing lending even more to the truly outsider quality of the sounds found within these grooves.  Pentaject Corporation self-released several cassettes and a 7in single that is long out of print and highly collectible. Information on this group is next to nil on the internet and what little we do know was provided directly from the band themselves.   So act fast, cuz this was pressed in such a small quantity that this is surely to be as sought after as the original.  Super Recommended.

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LP - Goblin - Suspiria (Import, AMS/Cinevox issue) - $29.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen
Back In Stock!!!

If you like Itlaian Giallo Cinema as much as we do, and we're sure you do, then be sure to grab these choice soundtracks.  Dario Argento, aka the Itlaian Hitchcock has been putting out heart pounding, eye-covering slasher flicks for a loooooong time now and we just got a fresh batch of reissues of the soundtracks to some of Argento's greatest movies.  The lion's share of these soundtracks are scored by the legendary Italian prog provocateurs Goblin as well as another by the one and only Ennio Morricone!  From the trembling violin of "4 Flies On Grey Velvet" to the buzzing fuzz bass of "Profondo Rosso" (Deep Red) and the sinister synths of "Suspira", these records provide more than enough eerie sounds and funky grooves to please any discerning collection.

"Probably the most scary soundtrack Goblin has ever written (don’t listen to it when the lights are down!); it seems that the score was composed before the film was ready, so that director Dario Argento had to make some changes to the movie script, in order to have the music perfectly suited!
This legendary soundtrack combines elements of music and sound scary effects going far beyond traditional background scoring, becoming an integral part of the film. As critics say nowadays, SUSPIRIA music “is so perfectly integrated into the film, fares less well as a stand-alone item. All that pounding, howling, thumbing, and wheezing is enough to send chills down your spine even without the movie images (it is the perfect imaginary soundtrack), but not all of it could be called a pleasant listening experience (unless your idea of pleasant is having your nerves set on edge)”." - Cinevox/BTF/AMS

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Tape - Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin - $4.99 - BUYbuy - LISTEN listen

Well lookie what we have here - a BRAND NEW Oh Sees album - just in time for summer! "Floating Coffin" is the band's fifteenth proper studio album (if you count the four records under the OCS moniker) since 2003, this time on Dwyer's own Castle Face imprint! Fans of the band will find much to love about "Floating Coffin" - Dwyer and Co.'s patented manic Krautrock'cum'psych'cum'garage goulash is in full effect. However, the band seems to recognize the futility of trying to top a masterpiece like 'Putrifiers II", and instead sidesteps it by creating an album just as good, but with a suite of tunes that crackle with a touch more finesse. Whereas "Putrifiers II" was a caveman club to the back of yer 'ead, "Floating Coffin" glides past and effortlessly shivs you with the business end of a sharpened toothbrush. You don't even notice you're bleeding until it's too late.  Tunes like "I Come From The Mountain" and "Sweet Helicopter" sit close to their wheelhouse but bite with sharper teeth, while songs like 'Maze Fancier' and 'Strawberries One and Two' bubble and scrape with the skeletal groove of Can or Neu! Then you get a weird as fuck song like "Night Crawler" with it's sinister synth that beds the tune in a blanket of crispy fried electronics, while the band dirges forth o'er top like Tubeway Army disguised as a doom band.  It's safe to say we're all big Oh Sees fans over here, so this one was hotly anticipated and it does not disappoint. Plus BIG UPS for the creepiest artwork so far from a band that has it's fair share of creepy fucking album covers. Pull up a chair, take a toke or three and blast this one until you're suitably embalmed and lying in yer own "Floating Coffin". REC-O-FUCKING-MENDED.