Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey Everybody,
This week we've got Jimmy Whispers' "Summer In Pain" LP on Moniker Records, some original sealed copies of Headstone "Still Looking" LP from 1974, some original copies of the Headstones (same band) single What People Say b/w Carry Me On, a new LP from Dead Farmers on RIP Society and plenty more filling up the bins!

Also both the Chicago and the Los Angeles shops are getting quality used LPs, 7ins and CDs in all the time so come on by either location and dig in, we're sure you'll find something you like.  A sampling of some of the used LPs showing up at both shops can be found in lists at the very bottom of this newsletter.

Record Store Day 2015 is right around the corner! 25 days and counting, keep yr eyes peeled for more info!

Thanks to all the crate diggers that came out to both shops for our massive $1 record sale!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Chicago Independent Labels Popup Shop at the Empty Bottle on Sunday!

The Chicago shop welcomes Honduras (NYC), Dances (NYC) and Vamos (Chicago) for a FREE in store performance on Wednesday, March 25th at 5PM.  Grab a friend and come on down!
Well well well… Looky who got interviewed by Blurt!  It's our good buddy Bill Roe of Trouble In Mind Records!
10 Questions For Bill Roe


Have you been snoozin'? Lucky for you, there's still time to wake up. Many of the still in-print Permanent Label Releases are nearly sold out!

7in - Exit - The Exit E.P. (Black Wax, Ltd 400) Still available due to warehouse find! Already down to less than 15 copies left documenting this ultra obscure late 70's Chicago punk band!

7in - Bad Axe - Coachman b/w Poor Man, Run (Ltd 300) A mere 15 copies left of the hard rockin' archival jammer from '73!

7in - Sneakers - Children Into People EP (Ltd 500) Early Perm release, CAVE side-project, 10 copies then it's OOP.

LP - Afflicted Man - I'm Off Me 'Ead (Official 2013 Reissue, Repress, Black Wax, Ltd 300) 22 copies of this acid fried punk record still lookin' for a good home.

LP - Basic Cable - I'm Good To Drive (Black Wax, Ltd 200) Tune in while you still can, 12 copies to go.

LP - Chicago Triangle - Emergence (Black Wax, Ltd 200) SMALL WAREHOUSE FIND! 15 copies, grab it quick!

LP - Heater - God and Hair (Regular Edition on Black Vinyl) Columbia Missouri's short lived DIY RNR summer jammer, less than 15 copies are still in the mix.

LP - Leather Slave - Leather Slave (Oxblood Wax, Ltd 100) Under 20 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl left, c'mon creeps, there's still time!

LP - MERX - 20000 Sq Ft Under The Sea (White Wax, Ltd 100) Only 20 copies on the Permanent exclusive color vinyl! Come up for air and grip a copy!

LP - Psyclones - Different Thinking People (Regular Black Vinyl) Just a few, as in 3, copies left. Get weird! Think different!

LP - Purling Hiss - Purling Hiss  (Regular Edition Black Vinyl) Fully printed jacket version is still with us thanks to a warehouse find! Only 20 copies left of this now classic Hiss debut by Mr. Mike Polizze! Screen printed tour edition stock is dwindling as well...


And just like every week, P-Rex Los Angeles DJs continue to FEED THE FREAKS!!!

Here's the general info on Feed The Freaks:
"Every Wednesday.  Black Boar - 1630 Colorado Blvd.  10-2am. Rock'n'Roll Partytime! With Lance Bummer and Special Guests. Drink specials. Excellent adventures, only.  Absolutely, no bogus journeys. Get down."


Running out of room, need to clear some space, going on the lam? Regardless of the reason, before you unload your unwanted records and digital media, please bring them to us for CASH or STORE CREDIT!  One man's trash is another man's treasure and we treasure all sorts of quote un-quote trash!  Before you donate your stuff or have a yard sale, drop us a line.  We'll probably pay more (without haggling) than you'll ever get at a garage sale and often times we'll buy it all in one shot.  It doesn't get much easier that!  So remember, when you wanna sell your stuff, SELL IT TO US!  Please and thank you!
P.S. We make house calls for collections.  Drop us a line to make an appointment.

Permanent Label is Portable!

Did you know, many Permanent Records Label Releases are now available for purchase as a digital download? Check out: Revolver, emusic, Google play, iTunes, Amazon.

Prefer streaming? Well good news, pretty much everything that has a “play” button on the internet now features many of our label release. Examples include: Spotify, Rhapsody, rdio, Deezer, and YouTube.


When you buy a record from Permanent Chicago by an artist playing at The Empty Bottle, we can get you on the Guest List (with a few exceptions).

Check the full list below and hit us up:



LP - Chicago Triangle - Emergence (Black Wax, Ltd 200)


"The Chicago Triangle are one of the city's most mysterious bands- for decades their 1977 lp was just a rumor, but Permanent Records found a copy and tracked the members down for an imminent vinyl reissue. They all grew up here (drummer Roberto Aguilera Jr moved from Texas in 1963, and singer /guitarist Jose Tarr Perez Inostroza arrived Puerto Rico in '65). And they got into music young: guitarist Dave Guereca played with his drummer brother, Felix; keyboardist Marvey M Esparza started accordion lessons at age 9, and Inostroza and Aguilera joined their first bands at 12 and 13. Aguilera met Esparza around 1970 and they started a group together in '75. Esparza was already a musical mentor to his neighbor Guereca; Aguilera knew Inostroza, nicknamed "Tarr Baby." Thus the Chicago Triangle were born, and soon they were gigging at proms, in clubs, at the Hubbard Street Murals, and on WCIU TV. The Triangle dropped their self titled debut LP on their own Dynamite label in 1977, and more than 500 people came to the release show at Annunciation Church on Wabansia. The album is a curious mix of ballads and whacked-out rock 'n' roll, with phased drums, Latin percussion, soaring vocals punky fuzz guitar. In 1978 the band recorded a 2nd album in Spanish for Rey Rubio (a popular Chicago DJ), but copies of it have proved even more elusive. The Chicago Triangle soon had to compete with disco (they got a disco ball and triangular PA speakers), but as Guereca put it "Disco Won." After the band split in 1981, Guereca switched to heavy rock; he currently plays in Felix, named after his deceased brother. Esparza has stayed busy with bands and a home studio. And Aguilera has been in several groups too, including the Juju Kings. Inostroza is the only member to leave Chicago; he played in Stryker in Florida, and after a car accident in 2008 moved to Michigan where he is still making music." - Plastic Crimewave of The Secret History Of Chicago Music

LP - Jimmy Whispers - Summer In Pain


LP - Jimmy Whispers - Summer In Pain - Colored Vinyl


"Who is this Jimmy Whispers," you'll ask yourself the first time you hear him, whether he's leaping out at you metaphorically from your speakers or leaping out at you literally from the stage during a live performance fraught with physicality and emotion.

It's a good question, who this guy is, and there's no easy answer. He's been called Chicago's "greatest new homegrown musical enigma" by the Tribune's Jessica Hopper, and a "weirdo loner" by himself. While both of those descriptions are correct, neither one's complete. He's an enigma, true, but one who sings directly from the heart about the broadest of human feelings: the need to love and be loved. Yes, he's a loner, but one who spends his free time organizing basketball tournaments to raise money for community nonprofits, and ends his concerts by mashing audience members together to slow dance to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World."

Jimmy Whispers is a walking, talking, singing, and dancing bundle of paradoxes. Greatest among them, perhaps, is his ability to transform the most seemingly basic melodies sketched out hastily with an electric organ on an iPhone voice message into such a profound racket, or how this dirty weirdo from Chicago managed to insinuate himself into the tradition of great American sentimental balladeers.

His music will make you laugh and cry and dance and, unless you're terminally jaded and hardhearted, it'll make you genuinely feel something. And no matter how many times you listen you'll keep asking yourself, for a multitude of reasons, "Who is this fucking guy?" - Moniker Records

LP - Headstone - Still Looking - Original 1974 Stock


$199.99 → BUY NOW LISTEN

"The opening seven minute title track is a killer journey through local underground guitar psych, and there's plenty more good stuff aboard including some more lyrical moves. Underrated LP, solid all through, better than many $1000 LPs. Great generic sleeve of eagle "still looking". The band also had three non-LP 45s which are pretty good." -Acid Archives

"Headstone consisted of three Fiynn brothers and a friend Torn Applegate who recorded this, their sole album at the Rome Recording Studios in Columbus Ohio in 1974…This album is full of fuzz and extended guitar solos and most of the tracks are well constructed with lots of tempo changes and well played with super swirling Hammond, hard drumming, hard riffing and lots of guitar effects."-

7in - Headstones - What People Say b/w Carry Me On


Another week at Permanent Records means more thrilling finds of original stock copies of rare rock from days gone by!  This time we're supplying OG copies of 70's heavy rock the Headstones What People Say b/w Carry Me On single on Rome Records outta Columbus, Ohio!  The a-side What People Say is a soul warming fuzzed up jam with desperate vocals, killer guitar work and a moaning organ and the b-side Carry Me On is a prime cut of 70's hard rock bone crunchin' with a gnarly guitar tone, sleazy solos, pulsing hippie bass grooves and is full of driving head nod attitude.  This one's a total ripper gang so grab 'em while the grabbin's good!

LP - Dead Farmers - Wasteland - Import


"Dead Farmers are a band near and dear to the heart of R.I.P. Society and in some ways a catalyst for the founding of the label. When first hearing Dead Farmers as a young person recently thrust into the Sydney music underground they made me reassess the validity of rock ‘n’ roll in the nu-rock new millenium. As we’re now again in a time where there’s plenty of party rock schmucks in the spotlight Dead Farmers are a group that makes me feel ok about having an affinity for rock music. This band is not concerned with being saviour of rock or any set-the-world-on-fire type notoriety, their music comes from a personal love and desire to play music in a way that’s oblivious to trend. It is a hard task explaining why this band is more vital or deserving of your time and money over the hordes of other groups in the vaguely defined spectrum of garage rock…. but they are.

Dead Farmers were the first group released on Melbourne’s Aarght record label and although the bands agenda has not really changed over the last 8 years (their palate certainly hasn’t expanded), they’ve developed a greater feel and ability to harness their economic approach to rock with a more potent and powerful result. Their second album, Wasteland was self recorded live to ½” tape, with a rough mix then sent to Mikey Young to improved upon. The album is free of reverb or other post-recording effects in an effort to present the music strictly on the merit of the songs and performance, an approach inspired by Australian no-frills rock groups AC/DC and from a more localised D-I-Y perspective Mikey’s former group Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

The band has a deep appreciation (as opposed to shallow, retro chic appreprication) of pre-punk 70s rock such as The Stones, Faces, Neil Young, Blue Cheer, the Saints, CCR and The Stooges via a take-charge, masters-of-your-own-universe Minuteman-esque ethos and work ethic. Although a strange lineage to throw them unto I can see parallels with Cosmic Psychos. Not that three young men that grew up together in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have anything to do with being ‘down on the farm’ but in the sense that the medium of punk-informed-rock is open to all character types. Heck I’d say is at it’s healthiest when played by those outside of the routinely marketed typical rock star figure." - RIP Society

LP - Low Life - Dogging - Import



"I think Low Life’s Dogging was promised back in 2012 but incurred some setbacks - I’m sure a large part of it was the passing of Brendon Annesley, whose Negative Guest List label was to release it originally - but it’s finally arrived two years later, brought to you jointly by R.I.P. Society and Disinfect Records. The record, dedicated wholly to Annesley, is biting, dark, and often self-flagellating, outdoing the punks and besting brainless revivalist goth acts in under half an hour. The A-side picks up where the great Sydney Darbs 7” (buy it) left off, keeping things taut and plenty aggressive: the nasty “Speed Ball” feeds right into “Down at the Dogs,” the latter folding in on itself to scream “YOU FUCKIN’ DOG!” before tearing back into form. The B-side starts with the scathing “DNA” and then things begin to slowly stretch out, beginning with the tense, sprawling “Dream Machine” followed by the almost wistful “Emmie.” The change-up works to the band’s advantage, swapping driving rhythms for heavy textures to keep things fresh, in turn allowing the acerbic closer “Friends” to hit twice as hard as it would otherwise. It’s a bonus that everything sounds great on here, undoubtedly a byproduct of the album’s extended gestation time. Dogging was every bit worth the wait, a provocative diatribe against sickening aspects of modern society that get swept under the rug. My favorite record to come out of Australia so far this year." -Goodbye Sunball blog

LP - Short Term Memory - Effect Of Excess - Original 1984 Stock


Dead stock original copies of this 1984 LP! Short Term Memory were a synth-wave band out of Kansas. Prior to “Effect Of Excess”, the band released two cassettes: “Every Head Needs Cleansing” and “Lost In Gundam”. All their output was released on their own Silly Poodle Music label with the help of local Kansas label Fresh Sounds Inc. (Mortal Micronotz, The Embarrasment, etc.). They appeared on a few compilations as well, but beyond this, nothing is known.

LP - Sonny Vincent And Spite - Spiteful


"Sonny Vincent’s skill has always been the ability to record soulful songs that had a backbone. Ever since his time in the Testors, he has rocked, focusing on blues based punk riffage, but almost all of his songs are tempered by a sort of Howlin’ Wolf earnestness. So, it’s fitting that for Spiteful he builds a “supergroup” of members who truck in a similar trade.

Featuring Vincent on vocals and guitar, Spiteful also includes Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on bass, Rat Scabies of The Damned on drums, and Steve Mackaye of the Stooges on sax. It’s not surprising that Vincent chose these guys as his dream team. But, what is surprising is how well these musicians work together.

Spite is undeniably a supergroup, but like the best supergroups, they don’t feel like a supergroup… they just feel like a group. Vincent’s bluesy guitar congeals instantly with Matlock’s rumbling bass. This is punk music, but it’s also in the vein of Electric Mud. Scabies drums as hard and as powerfully as he ever has, striking with force, but keeping a sort of swing in the music. Meanwhile, nobody sounds like Mackay. His boozy, blurry swirl is in the background if most songs and adds a late night NY swagger to the tunes. Slyly, “Thief of Words” opens with a classic Mackay cacophonous sax blast, ala side B of Fun House.

The foursome really seem to be on the same page here and exhibit why those early punk records are so indelible. At the forefront of these songs is a hard edge. Vincent snaps out hard, catchy riffs while the entire band slams along with energy, but not perfection. It makes the whole release combustible and invigorating. But, in addition to the lithe heaviness of these tunes, these is heart at the back end. On harder tracks like “Dog on the Subway,” Vincent spits out nastiness, but his grainy voice betrays a certain longing. Meanwhile, the band is deftly able to pull off the rare feat of the “punk ballad.” “Beg for love” is a love song about desperation and pride, and suffering because of it. But, while Vincent keeps his heart on his sleeve, he retains his tough-guy-with-feelings persona. It’s a tough thing to pull off and not many people beyond Joey R and Iggy P have been able to do it. Add Vincent to the list.

Spiteful is Vincent, Matlock, Scabies, and Mackay, exhibiting their core strengths. Because the members are all from the same lineage (a few further up in the line than others), it’s expected that they would release an album that salutes classic punk and Detroit rock like this. What’s not expected is how natural and powerful this album is. If only every supergroup could live up to its potential like this one." -

LP - Various Artists - Back From The Grave Vol. 9

Back In Stock!


"18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!!  Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 7 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 3 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, ETC!" - Crypt Records

LP - Various Artists - Back From The Grave Vol. 10

Back In Stock!


"18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!!  Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 6 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 2 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE AR- CELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, ETC!" - Crypt Records

LP - Tsunamis - Tsunamis


"At the beginning of the 2000s the boiling Santiago underground rock scene was emerging with bands such as The Ganjas, Yajaira and Guiso for naming a few, after a long time of grunge, pop and hip-hip ruling the streets, with the world saying goodbye to the brit-pop period and saluting the widely popular DJ’ing era. By that time the interest in the dark psychedelia and rock and roll remained intact in a group of people that knew what to do and what-not-to-do, and grew up with the power of a bad seed and with the energy of ravers and punks out in the streets. This echoed with othermade an echo on other rock retro acts of the 2000’s but never with the howling rage and he anxiety that was guiding the sons of the silent during the Chilean dictatorship. Tsunamis was formed in Santiago after the breaking up of the chilean shoegazers Solar and leaded by the charismatic “Goli” on the vocals, reminding us of Iggy Pop and Bobby Hecksher from The Warlocks. In some points the music burst from a clearly garage and punk influence, showing a powerful construction under mid-tones and piercing guitars, but the album also has psych rock ballads, as well as some nihilistic and blistering songs." - Bym

7in - Acid Call - Clap Ya Feet b/w Puerta


Our buds at BYM Records have unleashed another set of jammers from a couple of early purveyors of the Chilean psychedelic underground scene that we're always blathering on and on about here and we are freaking stoked to crank these up fer sure!  Get the background directly from the BYM folks:

"In the early days of the Chilean psych underground, two art students join forces to create a new musical project called ACID CALL. The band was formed in early 2007 by IGNACIO GATICA (aka BLOK) and MARTIN KAULEN (ex-WATCHOUT!) .The Duo combines influences like Silver Apples, Suicide, Young Jazz Rebels, Sun Ra, Add N to (X), Wu-Tang Clan and Santana, creating a hypnotic and repetitive sound using mixers, cheap keyboards and bass. During their brief career, the band did some gigs, generating lots of attention from the small circle of people who used to attend the shows. In this period, the New Chilean Psych Underground was emerging. Acid Call. Cindy Sisters, WatchOut!, La Hell Gang, The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, Holydrug Couple and Follakzoid, were part of a brilliant generation of bands deserving international attention. And finally, international exposure started. Terminal Boredom and WFMU were the first ones who fell in love with Acid Call. Sadly, their members started to be focused in another projects leaving the band in a period of undefined hibernation. Some recordings in digital format circulate just in circles related to the band members, but finally, a posthumous 7” is here. “Clap ya Feet” and “Puerta 7” are real testimonies of the real potential of this duo and also represent a unique moment in the history of the Chilean underground music." - BYM

These two tracks from Chile's Acid Call really are such a tease…  Hypnotic hand drums and a pulsing bass groove with inter spliced keyboard passages create a Tropicalia flavored dance-y vibe while the utterly alien infused vocals really spread on the weird here.  A truly magical little dose of psychedelic obscurity awaits all who enter here.  Here's hoping more material from this elusive duo can be sourced in the near future cuz this single is the shit!  Beyond Recommended.

7in - Thigh Master - Age Of Concern - Import


"Brisbane silly buggers Thigh Master are brimful of energy - probably why they need that Jane Fonda exercise - as they continue to pump out releases and play copious gigs. They have supported the likes of Ty Segall, Ariel Pink and The Clean in recent months (and in the case of the latter two - yesterday), a tour of Japan, gigs with Real Estate and The Coathangers and a slot on our Sonic Masala Festival imminent, and on top of their great Head of the Witch 7", they are ramping up to release newie Songs To Wipe Your Mouth To. The title track is somewhat glossed up for these slackers, yet otherwise it's business as usual, creating a singalong chorus amidst the whirring, whining cacophony. And yes it is out on head honcho Matt Ford's Tenth Court label, which is showing no signs of slowing down either." -" - Tenth Court


  • 3/25/2015 - 5 PM
    Honduras (NYC) // Dances(NYC) // Vamos (Chicago)


  • 7/18/2015 - 6:30 PM
    Melkbelly (Chicago)
*** ALL shows are FREE and ALL AGES unless noted otherwise ***